I STOLE a SKELETON HORSE in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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  • Cloud Wolf
    Cloud Wolf 6 hours ago

    Poor Kitty cat

  • kensey ann
    kensey ann 6 hours ago

    If you have not done it then maybe try eating cookies...

    ALI BEAST Day ago +1


  • Diamond Stewart
    Diamond Stewart Day ago

    Why do you have cats

  • Lucas Playz
    Lucas Playz 2 days ago

    Breed a zombie

  • aurora the aurous
    aurora the aurous 2 days ago

    Horse name, slow buddy

  • Dalila Hernández
    Dalila Hernández 2 days ago


  • Avery Ringstrom
    Avery Ringstrom 3 days ago

    Dan: Im gonna use my huge brain
    Also Dan: *Begins to punch tree with hands despite having an OP axe*

  • Avery Ringstrom
    Avery Ringstrom 3 days ago

    Dan: Since I can't seem to get it to thunder ima do something else today
    Minecraft gods: *Hold my beer*

  • FiringPlays
    FiringPlays 3 days ago


  • Hailey Radcliffe
    Hailey Radcliffe 3 days ago +1

    Dan: "I need a Fox, Man!"

    Me: "what the hell is a fox man"

  • Haywood Manciel
    Haywood Manciel 3 days ago

    But didn't he use an enchanted golden apple when he fought the guardians

  • Haywood Manciel
    Haywood Manciel 3 days ago

    If you take his armor of you can still hit him directly without hurting him and he will be a skeleton horse

  • Pakot Bence
    Pakot Bence 4 days ago

    how you got prisoner back cuz u killed him?

  • Xuankai Chen
    Xuankai Chen 4 days ago

    why don't you try glistening melon

  • logan playz
    logan playz 4 days ago

    Why didnt you use the witch hut🤔🤨

  • Mrs N Nation
    Mrs N Nation 5 days ago

    That happened to me before

  • Dragon Freak Gaming
    Dragon Freak Gaming 5 days ago

    Can you eat the berries? If so then that's what he's missing

  • Jameson Erdmann
    Jameson Erdmann 6 days ago

    dan looking 4 egg
    me: check jacksepticeyes ocean.

  • zoya yang
    zoya yang 7 days ago


  • zoya yang
    zoya yang 7 days ago

    Dan! ,I think I know who it was! it could of bean the cat on the top of your castle 😩😩😩😩😔😔😔😔😭😭😭

  • Angel Kazziel
    Angel Kazziel 7 days ago

    The cake was a lie

  • morethenhm
    morethenhm 7 days ago

    Hi Dan

  • ender slayer
    ender slayer 7 days ago

    Why does slow horse have diamond amour but sir buddy has gold

  • Kids TV
    Kids TV 8 days ago


  • landen Emerson
    landen Emerson 8 days ago

    you need to do polerbear

  • xXCheetahXx
    xXCheetahXx 8 days ago

    me: hasn’t watched Dan in 5 years
    glow up
    dad now
    no blue hair

  • allyson fishman
    allyson fishman 8 days ago

    Skinny jrs. Dad died

  • Manette Van Rooyen
    Manette Van Rooyen 9 days ago

    dan it is alytra

  • K 9 1.0
    K 9 1.0 9 days ago

    Call your skeleton horse dinnerbone

    • ender slayer
      ender slayer 7 days ago

      Really where did you get that from PewDiePie

  • KA Juareko
    KA Juareko 10 days ago

    one day after my birthday lol

  • OoSomeDayBaby
    OoSomeDayBaby 10 days ago

    Dan if you wanted a fox you could’ve taken that baby home

  • Zannette Roberts
    Zannette Roberts 10 days ago +1

    Dan: the last thing i need to eat is a n enchanted golden apple
    Honey bottle: hello i am a food to

  • Nikki Nugent
    Nikki Nugent 11 days ago

    Your brown and your hacker

  • JofPlayz-Minecraft and More

    DanTDM:I never bred sheeps before
    *Also Dan*: *had a sheep farm*

  • Drago Plays
    Drago Plays 11 days ago

    Nothing is hardcore!!!

  • Matti-Ragnas Cushing Udden

    dan thinking he hasint bred sheep me bru how did you get those clouds huh

  • Ryan Millman
    Ryan Millman 11 days ago

    The cat that died was the dad to the one dan killed during the raid

  • Ryan Millman
    Ryan Millman 11 days ago

    The skeleton thing is a skeleton trap and it is actually rare

  • Marc Lawrence Imaysay
    Marc Lawrence Imaysay 11 days ago

    With hay

  • Marc Lawrence Imaysay
    Marc Lawrence Imaysay 11 days ago

    Breed llamas

  • Ja BRO8
    Ja BRO8 12 days ago +2

    Dan: “I have definitely not bred sheep before”
    Also Dan: had a sheep farm

  • Candy Huynh
    Candy Huynh 12 days ago +1

    Dan you can make a enchanted golden apple with a red apple in the middle of a crafting table and blocks of golds around!

  • Hazari9
    Hazari9 12 days ago

    U need to breed polar bears!!

  • Hover-up is me
    Hover-up is me 12 days ago

    Dan:I never said that slow horse was a male, i tried to turn HIM into a skeleton

  • Game Discovorer Channel

    you need to hit him with the trident directly not by it being struck by another mob!!!

  • big kingd0m
    big kingd0m 12 days ago

    Me: never sees a rare mob
    Dan:sees a sceleton horse struck by lightning
    Me: doupt

  • sebastian cyrus cabacaba

    Dan should name the baby horse "Dark Horse"

  • Xavier MCKOY
    Xavier MCKOY 13 days ago

    I never said that slow horse was a male

    Dantdm:today (he) is going to breed

  • Sunny Raward
    Sunny Raward 13 days ago


  • Taaron Ewart
    Taaron Ewart 14 days ago

    U should invite a friend on your hardcore series

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 days ago

    Name the dogs Grim , Mrs. Grim , and Grim Jr

  • Char Lene
    Char Lene 15 days ago

    Z!ckck j kk kick k ovijifjodijcijdmckxmckdkcodc

  • LOL Games
    LOL Games 15 days ago

    You should get a Pet parrot and Fox:(

  • rocker infinite
    rocker infinite 15 days ago

    You need a spider eye idot

  • Super Mario Riley
    Super Mario Riley 16 days ago

    you dont need a saddle to tame skeleton horse

  • The Killer
    The Killer 16 days ago

    Need to breed parrots

  • Piatabuchy Idagbo
    Piatabuchy Idagbo 16 days ago +1

    Dan you used sheep to make your CLOUD. So you bred sheep😡😡😡🤬

  • judith vik
    judith vik 16 days ago

    What about punkenpie

  • that ghost
    that ghost 16 days ago

    rip cat😢😭😿😿😿😿😿😿😿