• Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
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  • ツYconiczBTW
    ツYconiczBTW 2 months ago


  • ツYconiczBTW
    ツYconiczBTW 2 months ago


  • Marzio Stefanutto
    Marzio Stefanutto 3 months ago +1


  • Wolfy_Lazyness_ UwU
    Wolfy_Lazyness_ UwU 3 months ago

    Idk I like mk x lynx

  • YoungDrose
    YoungDrose 3 months ago

    Of course this is how Minecraft RU-cliprs come to be.

  • jayelin lawrence
    jayelin lawrence 3 months ago +2

    Best vids ever

  • MrBboys
    MrBboys 3 months ago

    Bande crevare

  • Rock Be
    Rock Be 3 months ago

    Lel Kelly I meant

  • Rock Be
    Rock Be 3 months ago

    Like the video and subscribe to fortnite season

  • Rock Be
    Rock Be 3 months ago

    Master king is good but should not told her that they kissed

  • Rock Be
    Rock Be 3 months ago

    Lynx is bad asssss

  • 4ktre. fat
    4ktre. fat 3 months ago

    Can I get a skin my name is tymaster888

  • badatpvp
    badatpvp 3 months ago

    RIP trap at 13:20 what did that trap ever do to you

  • Daniel Oviedo
    Daniel Oviedo 4 months ago +1

    Boi give me your borreto

    MN10GAMES 4 months ago

    Fortnite is dead now I play minecraft!

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore 4 months ago

    You are cute

  • AirAaronGames
    AirAaronGames 4 months ago +1

    Judging on these battles happening I wonder how good the characters are in a normal match

  • SprintSapling UGC
    SprintSapling UGC 4 months ago

    It’s funny that lynx has a mask that looks evil😂🤣

  • Brandon Van dusen
    Brandon Van dusen 4 months ago


  • Ljlion 1 yt
    Ljlion 1 yt 5 months ago

    3:50 that hurt my ears lol

  • J F
    J F 5 months ago

    Lol the voice acting sounds terrible no offense tho good vid

  • Jalon Robertson
    Jalon Robertson 5 months ago

    Master key kinda has an ascent like carbide

  • AnHiLaTor GoDzYTxX
    AnHiLaTor GoDzYTxX 5 months ago

    I wish I could join as my black Knight and be evil in there lobby 😭but love your vids❤

  • Billy Woods
    Billy Woods 5 months ago

    Good spot for the potato aim spray.

  • A Human
    A Human 5 months ago +1

    A human is confused on how that mask power thingy whatever something works? I'm entirely fine if nobody understands what I'm saying Cuz I can be like the most confusing not actually a human thingy whatever in existence.

  • Jenny Lim
    Jenny Lim 5 months ago


  • Killmonger257 Lor
    Killmonger257 Lor 5 months ago

    I love you Little Kelly so much do you make good videos keep up the good work

  • BAXTER 123
    BAXTER 123 5 months ago

    hey L.K. can I CV pls get a shout out
    also where do u get all ur voices r they people in playground, squad and duo fills or just computer generated
    it would be great if u answer thanks
    p.s. love the short films keep it going

  • Exotic_edittzz
    Exotic_edittzz 5 months ago +1

    i have all 4 of those skins lynx bandellte master key and blackheart

    • A Human
      A Human 5 months ago

      I have two of them. Or maybe three. I don't have the bandellette

  • SUB_ BOT7
    SUB_ BOT7 5 months ago

    I honestly think lynx’s suit should get destroyed in battle and she becomes good.

    • A Human
      A Human 5 months ago

      Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh I don't has a yt channel?

    • SUB_ BOT7
      SUB_ BOT7 5 months ago


    • A Human
      A Human 5 months ago

      Who is u talking 2?

    • SUB_ BOT7
      SUB_ BOT7 5 months ago

      Why did I just sub to you?

    • A Human
      A Human 5 months ago


  • Matthew Boulter
    Matthew Boulter 5 months ago


  • Jessica Dash
    Jessica Dash 5 months ago

    Who plays fortnite

  • Cynthia Smith
    Cynthia Smith 5 months ago

    I love this video ❤️😋

  • orki
    orki 5 months ago +1


  • Prof. Comic
    Prof. Comic 5 months ago

    You should have an og skin in a video

  • Prof. Comic
    Prof. Comic 5 months ago


  • DodicaJeKralj 69king
    DodicaJeKralj 69king 6 months ago

    i dont like lynx voice i like the other lynx voice

  • Something
    Something 6 months ago

    9:07 😂

  • SprintSapling UGC
    SprintSapling UGC 6 months ago +2

    1 like = 1 level up for bandellete

    XxDELFROxX 6 months ago +2

    I've said this once and I will say it again... lynx sounds underage YIKES

    • A Human
      A Human 5 months ago

      I beg 2 differ much?

    • The drifter
      The drifter 5 months ago

      Yep girl boss baby confirmed

  • The last Pro
    The last Pro 6 months ago

    Why is lynx evil she’s a super hero

  • Renai Attard
    Renai Attard 6 months ago

    is key master raptor with a diffnet shin because it sounded like raptor a little bit

  • head hunter 656
    head hunter 656 6 months ago +2

    Master key " lynx can we handle this maturely
    Lynx " ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anoushka Clarkson
    Anoushka Clarkson 6 months ago

    Why was the lamer cooked the loot will be no more nooooooo

  • Angelica Muñoz
    Angelica Muñoz 6 months ago

    Change lynx to be good plz

  • Phillip Hicks
    Phillip Hicks 6 months ago

    Good video!

  • Michael Toni Easterling

    Raptor yeah I'm going to draw a loot llama and yeah the only thing it would be all the food that you like

  • kenneth mejia
    kenneth mejia 6 months ago

    It's good

  • Dead Pc
    Dead Pc 6 months ago

    Master Key X Bandelette = Masterelette

  • Werewolf_ s16
    Werewolf_ s16 6 months ago

    Play more dragons

    JUICY JUICE 6 months ago

    Why was the scar skin switching so much haha good vid tho!

  • Mr SMILE
    Mr SMILE 6 months ago

    ATTENTION LITTLE KELLY. My 5year old (NAME :OBI-LEE) loves your content, constantly glued to the television and wanted to say hi and he would love a shout out. But as he is 5 and not allowed the internet yet (kinda) I have had to pass this on. Would make his day. Many thanks. Dad

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley 6 months ago

    What ever happened to drift and calamity

    • Suzy Grego
      Suzy Grego 5 months ago

      I know right what ever happened

  • Prodriver Y&Ygaming
    Prodriver Y&Ygaming 6 months ago

    what about omega he isn't in any video's but he's the OG villain

  • Nakeiha Jackson
    Nakeiha Jackson 6 months ago

    Little Kelly are you a awesomene fighter

  • Dahomi350
    Dahomi350 6 months ago

    tell raptor that i haven't ate a burrito in two years

  • Jayden ability
    Jayden ability 6 months ago

    Please shout me out this raptor vs John wick who should win

  • Joe Sebbag
    Joe Sebbag 6 months ago

    I'm confused... This is Little Kelly's channel correct? I was pretty sure she would be in it. Or she's voicing bandolette, someones straining their voice pretty hard to act her.

  • Joe Sebbag
    Joe Sebbag 6 months ago +1

    Are you british? You don't the "T" in... Well anything.

  • jamie benoliel
    jamie benoliel 6 months ago

    hi we played shell shockers together