My New Roommate - Brother Nature

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • My New Roommate - Brother Nature | Sunday Vlog #9
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Comments • 4 759

  • Arantza
    Arantza Month ago +5450

    The last part made me so emotional because i was for it all

  • Onwardrain843
    Onwardrain843 3 days ago

    Didn't even realise been watching for this long lmao

  • Jackson Warren
    Jackson Warren 3 days ago

    Song at 2:28?

    MISTICAL 3 days ago

    rice=asian james charles lol

    MISTICAL 3 days ago

    rice lookin hot

  • LT. KIWI
    LT. KIWI 5 days ago

    Yo who's the chick at 2:44 ???

  • Melios
    Melios 6 days ago

    Your a good guy man congraz on 5 mil

  • !voteWolfToonsYT
    !voteWolfToonsYT 8 days ago

    What’s gravy in the navy little babies

  • Ngeeats wJ
    Ngeeats wJ 9 days ago


  • banana
    banana 9 days ago

    xd it was actully sunday but not easter

  • indie rose
    indie rose 9 days ago

    literally cried at the montage ugh i’m so happy for u 😭

  • Krypticolz
    Krypticolz 11 days ago

    Fuck a wedding ring I bought her a necklace

  • Evangelos
    Evangelos 13 days ago

    Shit I forgot about Loose Change, when’s season 2 coming?

  • Antonio Barrera
    Antonio Barrera 13 days ago

    Was she naked here? 3:12😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dylan Nieves
    Dylan Nieves 13 days ago

    Juice on a buggy

  • Colin Murphy
    Colin Murphy 15 days ago


  • LifeAsCindyy
    LifeAsCindyy 15 days ago

    The montage was so cute I can't!! It's been a huge journey I can't believe I watched all of those till now it's crazy, so many videos!!

  • Neokeith
    Neokeith 15 days ago

    So crazy faze banks and marshmallow at 2:53

  • Zachary DeForest
    Zachary DeForest 15 days ago

    bro I remember when you first came back to RU-clip and how hyped I was and I remember all of that

  • BH5 Mods
    BH5 Mods 16 days ago

    this mans life is a movie

  • chris follmer
    chris follmer 16 days ago

    Banks is dope

  • Steezy Laboratories
    Steezy Laboratories 16 days ago

    Omg It’s Brother Nature! 😍❤️

  • revenge
    revenge 16 days ago

    Faze up.

  • Collin Clement
    Collin Clement 16 days ago

    I forgot about brother nature, lmao time fly

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders 16 days ago

    your the best man

  • rockingwithben
    rockingwithben 16 days ago

    views are up. lol its 1.3mil and not 5/5/2019 i think not

  • Nav Singh
    Nav Singh 17 days ago

    Durtyyyyyy dom

  • Alyssa Quintanilla
    Alyssa Quintanilla 17 days ago

    i’m so proud of you 😓❤️

  • Daniel Padilla
    Daniel Padilla 18 days ago

    Damn a chicken really livin better than me

  • Bise HD
    Bise HD 18 days ago

    Can’t believe these clips at the end were from 2017, it seems like it was just months ago

  • EmilyAnn Griner
    EmilyAnn Griner 19 days ago

    i love you

  • Camren Cowan
    Camren Cowan 19 days ago

    shoulda threw sum ny shi in there homie

  • Justin vdSt
    Justin vdSt 19 days ago

  • RAfael MUnhequete
    RAfael MUnhequete 20 days ago +2

    This video got me on my feelings😂🙃

  • Orange Pedro
    Orange Pedro 20 days ago

    I love this brother nature is the homie on some shit

  • Lala lala
    Lala lala 20 days ago

    Why did I cry at the end parts wtf omg I love you guys man

  • Jeff
    Jeff 20 days ago

    Only Ogs know “what’s gravy in the navy you squid rat fucks!”

  • AllensBills
    AllensBills 20 days ago

    shits emotional dude. Ive been around since the FaZe Clan interview videos with you and Tommy. Keep on thriving Ricky

  • Kaleb Rhoades
    Kaleb Rhoades 20 days ago

    the last part gave me chills cuz i remember watching him from when faze just started shits wack to think of how far all of faze has came

  • Dyl Bren
    Dyl Bren 20 days ago +4

    Banks I think you are now officially my favourite RU-clip bro love it this video has won me over

  • Ben Perez
    Ben Perez 20 days ago

    Dude I was thinking when all the old videos came on I did not reason how long I have been subbed before all this to when u guys played video games shit it has been along time and I hope you still keep growing

  • Jaedyn Productions
    Jaedyn Productions 20 days ago

    I honestly felt the ending so much because I feel like I lived all of that with them. 😥

  • PDX_ITSyaBOYblue
    PDX_ITSyaBOYblue 21 day ago

    Faze up!

  • suichi uchiha
    suichi uchiha 21 day ago
    it’s endgame , hit the link and press play.
    welcome 😎

  • Deandre Dugazon
    Deandre Dugazon 21 day ago

    Tbh I wanna join FaZe and how do you make that happen I heard that you need to send Clips to you guys

  • Michael Adorno
    Michael Adorno 21 day ago

    Where Are all the michael

  • Yaser Mais
    Yaser Mais 21 day ago +1

    I think I saw a Lebanese flag because I am Lebanese

  • Alix H
    Alix H 22 days ago

    I’ve been watching you for a long time now banks and see you go through some shit but your the truest and most inspiring person on RU-clip congrats on 5 mil you deserve a lot more

  • Alanna Bateman
    Alanna Bateman 22 days ago

    What’s gravy in the navy

  • BlackHawk 100
    BlackHawk 100 22 days ago

    What gravy in the navy, little babies

  • Casey Kilcourse
    Casey Kilcourse 22 days ago

    We all got u banks faze up

  • Toyd_
    Toyd_ 22 days ago

    Such a great video, well done for all of your accomplishments. I hope to be as successful as you one day. :]

  • Bruno Leal
    Bruno Leal 22 days ago

    You look like youre on fucking drugs every video and thumbnail lmao

  • E
    E 22 days ago

    Whats the song called at 2:16?

  • kopes28
    kopes28 22 days ago +1

    Doesnt feel like half that footage is almost 2 years old...... Time is flying by, I still remember the NY days man. Shit is so nostalgic. Been watching all of FaZe clan since they started.

    PATEK BAE 22 days ago

    @fazebanks Yeo banks I’m cool af with martez house and he is gonna hook me up with yours neighbors crib for a photo shoot but im trynna Pull up to a cloutgang party HMU on ig if you down to let me ⚡️🔮

  • Letterman
    Letterman 23 days ago


  • Ahmad Al Samhan
    Ahmad Al Samhan 23 days ago +1

    What's gravy in the navy little babies

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 23 days ago

    I like how he added clips cuz he didn’t have anything to record

  • eric harris
    eric harris 23 days ago +4

    The last segment showing the over time made me so happy this video deserves way more acknowledgement and deserves 10x more likes

  • Michaeldonato Yt
    Michaeldonato Yt 23 days ago

    I liked this vid w my penis

  • Kristina Mcdowell
    Kristina Mcdowell 23 days ago

    I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️💯

  • Master Plays0212
    Master Plays0212 23 days ago +1

    What’s gravy in the navy little babies?

    ROCKTEKOMB ッ 23 days ago

    Banks is the GOAT

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit 23 days ago +2

    *Whats Gravy In The Navy Little Babies*

  • Jorgealex 144
    Jorgealex 144 23 days ago

    Now it's the time to pull your pants down

  • DanPanKing
    DanPanKing 23 days ago


  • Suns jt
    Suns jt 23 days ago

    Faze banks Sunday boysss who’s ready

  • Peyton Manners
    Peyton Manners 23 days ago

    Where’s the Sunday video

  • OutRage
    OutRage 23 days ago

    Ur the best

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 23 days ago +1

    banks no vlog this week

  • Yrn Beejay
    Yrn Beejay 23 days ago

    Can you please please drop some more faze champion merch it sole out before i could buy it

  • KvngNeptvne
    KvngNeptvne 23 days ago

    I thought faze still played video games ...

  • sofie
    sofie 23 days ago +5

    omg banks ily so much I've been here since the very beginning the video clips had me smiling the whole time from how much you've grown and its just so amazing and crazy

  • Kaiaxs
    Kaiaxs 23 days ago

    Teawap is a shit editor

  • Kaiaxs
    Kaiaxs 23 days ago

    Y’all saw durte dom?

  • Adan Vargas
    Adan Vargas 23 days ago

    Did you get herpes at Coachella

  • Ninja Shyper
    Ninja Shyper 23 days ago

    Do I still hate barley house

  • Im IluShi
    Im IluShi 23 days ago

    Imo this guy look like a monkey

  • Knas
    Knas 23 days ago

    im poor

  • Anthony Fraser
    Anthony Fraser 23 days ago

    Banks u started from the bottom know you have 5 million subscribers hope you get to 10 million subscribers and you r the best RU-clipr in the world plus your the goat of RU-clip and I been subscribe to your channel for a very very long time keep doing what you doing banks and ps team 10 sucks

  • patrick larsen
    patrick larsen 24 days ago

    been here since early new york, and i´m still here. love your vids, and sorry for the bad english, i´m norwegian haha

  • Rhys
    Rhys 24 days ago

    If I knew Juice was gonna be in it I WPUKF OF WATCHED 6 DAYS EARLIER...

  • Lama N
    Lama N 24 days ago

    The first part of the video was straight up a music video!!

  • Gino Malkin
    Gino Malkin 24 days ago +1

    banks what do u do if the club doesn't allow hats ?

  • Dick Richard
    Dick Richard 24 days ago

    Congrats bro

  • Cortney Hall
    Cortney Hall 24 days ago

    I’d love to party with both of them!

  • hacker 360
    hacker 360 24 days ago

    Nice bro you are an great guy love u

  • Sneak
    Sneak 24 days ago

    10 mil by the end of summer

  • Goober and Buddy
    Goober and Buddy 24 days ago +2

    Good ol banks. Whadda guy

  • Samuelito
    Samuelito 24 days ago +5

    You know you made it, when you walk outside and just see Juice Wrld on a four wheeler cruising 💯😂

  • Celeste Monsevais
    Celeste Monsevais 24 days ago +1

    I almost cried omg

  • ChickenLover 1
    ChickenLover 1 24 days ago +2

    Whats crazy about the ending was I remember every single thing he put on there :’)

  • Mokoo Playsmusic
    Mokoo Playsmusic 24 days ago

    congrats For 5 million!!! yahooooooooooooooooo Sick!!!!

  • Razer7598
    Razer7598 24 days ago

    Faze nature

  • Jxse.16
    Jxse.16 24 days ago

    Well deserved bro👌💯

  • Niveau
    Niveau 24 days ago

    Hey Banks, a german RU-clip told shit in a music video about alissa pls fuck this kid Up!! His channel is :King Olli
    He is an perverse Asshole and no one like him!!!

  • christopher barrales
    christopher barrales 24 days ago

    I piped the fucken shit out of that like button

  • Hack Storm
    Hack Storm 24 days ago

    I thank u for reminding me of the og days

  • R E D H A D E S
    R E D H A D E S 24 days ago

    Real bros know Banks been through everything and back and he still the G.O.A.T !! Love you Banks