Water & Dust Resistant PC Case - WHO NEEDS THIS??

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
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    Why on earth would you ever need to spray your PC case down with water? BECAUSE YOU CAN!
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Comments • 4 346

  • BearGang
    BearGang 14 hours ago

    Idk why they stop making this case I still want one but can’t find it

  • TSM Hfsfj And others
    TSM Hfsfj And others 18 hours ago

    Do a scrap wars

  • Raven359 Nightcore Anime

    No linus proof xD

  • Kyle Witter
    Kyle Witter Day ago

    Don’t feel too bad, Brandon. We’ve all fucked up the audio on video shoots

  • A Productions
    A Productions Day ago

    0:42 lilerly

  • Tabib Hasan
    Tabib Hasan 2 days ago

    Linus looks *smaller* than the case on the thumbnail lol

  • Sebastian Worthington

    Lol no segway

  • Lomo 450
    Lomo 450 2 days ago

    Guess this thing wont get a RL Virus....

  • Gregory Maine
    Gregory Maine 2 days ago

    Who needs this? CNC operators, that's who. Especially those who run water jet tables or wood cutting routers.

  • Itzz Cryptic
    Itzz Cryptic 3 days ago

    The guy on the left has a very nice voice

  • PricyToaster
    PricyToaster 3 days ago

    Imagine putting a water cooled system inside of a water proof case

  • PartiallyNumb
    PartiallyNumb 3 days ago

    I hope this was the last time you left him unsupervised

  • derp kv2
    derp kv2 3 days ago

    Will it stop my computer from getting a virus

  • Chemon Charles
    Chemon Charles 4 days ago

    The amount of anxiety I get from these videos...

  • CrazyPenguin playz
    CrazyPenguin playz 5 days ago

    Linus look at your head at 11:32 your head moved like a bird hahahahahahahaha hahaha;)

  • Alexandru BOSS RO
    Alexandru BOSS RO 6 days ago

    Thanks, now i can play on my pc outside

  • Arty Eman
    Arty Eman 6 days ago

    "Black monstrosity"

  • Diarrheaman
    Diarrheaman 6 days ago

    Black monstrosity? Racism o v e r l o a d

  • Lytheus
    Lytheus 7 days ago

    0:51 not gonna lie you had me in the first half, thought it was gonna be the sponsor spiel

  • ph4nt0m
    ph4nt0m 7 days ago

    So the point of a case like this isn't to use at home. Its more on spec to have in an exploration vehicle, or to use for missionary type work. Its made so you don't have to think about any of that crap almost ever. Need a bunch of horse power in the middle of africa? Maybe on one of those library boats and you have it go out to clients for a school thing with VM's and shit? This is the case you need.

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can 7 days ago

    i need this, ive murdered my vr computer twice because i dont have a spot i can possibly put it and plug everything in besides a good splash zone for all kinds of things, considering drinking and computers dont really mix.... and my case has a huge hole in the top, theres no safe zone, once you spill anything, even a tiny bit on it, its game over... the fan powdercoats the interior in a matter of seconds..... it really does suck, i need a decent case WITHOUT a huge top fan at the very least if im going to invest in repair. its not like im rich or anything, im pretty broke, thats the frustrating part, but i cant do without vr once in awhile.

  • Dani Czegy
    Dani Czegy 7 days ago

    10:35 PAUL SWIFT HERE?

  • Omega Speed
    Omega Speed 8 days ago

    Why don’t you unbox the anidees ai al xxl pc case

  • Jasper Schwinghammer

    Just googled for this case 30 minutes before finding the LTT video on it again. Thanks :).

  • Eflo
    Eflo 10 days ago

    I need a dust proof (or as close to it as can be) enclosure for a PC. I want to build a shop computer to run a plasma cutter but I don't want to ruin it with magnetic metal dust. The link did not take me to the case unfortunately.

  • About14babys 2
    About14babys 2 10 days ago +2

    That’s not the case with this one
    No one

    Literally not a soul

    Linus: hahahahaha

  • Cole Kurtenbach
    Cole Kurtenbach 10 days ago

    *Linus jokes about Brandon*
    Oh, ouch. At least he's being nice.
    *Title card joke about Linus*

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain 11 days ago +1

    In Delhi, with the amount of dust in the atmosphere, this would be perfect. The water resistance is less useful but not arbitrary.

  • Swagger
    Swagger 12 days ago

    I think this would be good for something like a server?

  • I BAIZ I
    I BAIZ I 16 days ago

    why not just putting it in the washer machine

  • murat birol
    murat birol 16 days ago

    Subtitles are hilarious, who did that ahahahaha

  • WalruZ0
    WalruZ0 17 days ago

    ive actually spilled juice on my pc more than once and the power button stopped working. right up my alley

  • BasicallyVenom
    BasicallyVenom 18 days ago

    Water cool it

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 18 days ago

    Making something Linus proof would require it have anti gravity propulsion and be able to survive a nuclear blast at ground zero

  • Darian Amin
    Darian Amin 18 days ago +1

    Dust resistant and water resistant

  • bart van der lek
    bart van der lek 21 day ago +1

    lol in the back accident free days 16 xD 11:39

  • Adialex
    Adialex 22 days ago

    Ed sheeran works with Linus now 2:00

  • The 411
    The 411 23 days ago

    It was dry and dust free till opened up while PC was running 😬👍

  • weird diy antenna
    weird diy antenna 24 days ago

    If you add wheels and strong airflow fans it becomes a vacuum cleaner

  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers 24 days ago

    Who the hell needs this

  • arvadawelder
    arvadawelder 24 days ago

    Linus is it drop resistant, was that damage from shipping?

  • Logan Ayers
    Logan Ayers 24 days ago

    18 seconds in and he already made a terrible pun :()

  • Squid Liq
    Squid Liq 24 days ago

    "This black monstrosity"

  • Epic Mickey
    Epic Mickey 26 days ago

    Why do you need cooling bro? Just hose it down!

  • Valra Bellkeys
    Valra Bellkeys 27 days ago

    I actually need this.

  • Jay lay
    Jay lay 28 days ago +1

    really cool case when I play games in my pool

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf Month ago

    0:12 kys

  • IndigoRage
    IndigoRage Month ago

    Might be a good case for a PC on a yacht - if it wasn't so huge. I supposed with a network KVM this would be alright in the engine room, tucked behind a genset.

  • Vankata BG GDV
    Vankata BG GDV Month ago

    this pc is quieter than mine

  • MGTOW BrotherHood
    MGTOW BrotherHood Month ago

    Is this gluten free

  • Zain Nawazani
    Zain Nawazani Month ago

    Anyone else see that weird short at 11:22

  • Dhairya Verma
    Dhairya Verma Month ago +3

    So, basically it's a BBC (Big Black Case)😂

  • Jerry
    Jerry Month ago

    Aqua man

  • Veselin Milenov
    Veselin Milenov Month ago

    Sandals and socks XD

  • Exploit Entertainment

    This is useful for IT guys in iraq or somewhere near this place with much dust in the air.

  • gamescrufi
    gamescrufi Month ago

    Case review sponsor another case

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch Month ago

    Easter egg: lmg on monitor

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch Month ago +2

    Sadly they couldn’t do it linus proof

  • Panama 001
    Panama 001 Month ago +3

    Me: Searches case on amazon
    Me again: Doesnt find it
    Also me: *cries*
    Nvm, me: Finds it
    Also, nvm me: *Cries because it costs 500$*

  • Siffle
    Siffle Month ago

    0:23 BBC

  • Felix Nilsson
    Felix Nilsson Month ago

    I havent drank anything for more than 10 hours, all of this talk about water in the video and comments have made me thirsty

  • fancykat
    fancykat Month ago

    I find it funny how a video about a case is sponsored by a case

  • ChanZain
    ChanZain Month ago

    if you talk for long terms, dust will cover all the motherboard in way or another, this test is not even make any sense? its just more commercial than reality...

  • David Prescott
    David Prescott Month ago +1

    An advert for a case in a case review. Fantastic.

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks Month ago

    One scenario is a server build in a restaurant where it will sit beneath a desk on a floor that must be mopped by employees who are less than careful around buisness property.

  • lazy mations
    lazy mations Month ago

    Probably good for important servers

  • FnDTX
    FnDTX Month ago

    Linus...Socks with sandals? º¿º ...That's a No, No! lol ;-)

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    cheaper then a halon fire suppression system lol

  • Elias Eliades
    Elias Eliades Month ago +1

    10:16 How to clean correctly the outside of your pc

  • killbunny
    killbunny Month ago

    Phil Swift stole from Jake at 10:37