Top100 9900k in the Antec Torque ft. Gigabyte 2080ti

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Case:
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Comments • 89

  • Arab Gaming
    Arab Gaming 3 months ago +1

    make a full aorus waterforce build in the Antec Torque . that will be insane
    aorus z390 waterforce
    aorus rtx 2080i waterforce
    aorus ddr4 ram

    this is a dreamy build for any one

  • Foreign
    Foreign 3 months ago

    Do i can mount gpu vertically ?

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson 4 months ago

    Nice build

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 5 months ago

    REINHART REINHART REINHART (Jay got me seeing something in this case I can't un-see)

  • j j
    j j 5 months ago

    When did you purchase your i9 wandering if there was a good batch at certain dates because most places have sold out as soon as they get them in,should be easy to narrow down. I purchased one as well in mid november

  • George D
    George D 5 months ago

    10:47 Don't worry Wendell, you've always had 100 charisma points imo. :D

  • A Physics Professor
    A Physics Professor 5 months ago


  • OldNDirty
    OldNDirty 5 months ago

    I want to see you running dual 2080Ti with 9900k with a 750W PSU. Please share the video with us!

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 5 months ago

    INTEL are going to get kicked into orbit when the new 7nm chips come out from AMD, That case is like part of a motorcycle you know where the engine is.

  • Hawk1291
    Hawk1291 5 months ago

    Intro song name artist?

  • AdaaDK
    AdaaDK 5 months ago

    My experience with gigabyte is pretty bad, i had 3 boards die (x58), and 1 gpus fans die (GTX570 SOC), while i know of at least 1 person who had same experience on an RX480 gigabyte card and a B350 gigabyte board. So overall i wouldnt trust my money to gigabyte´s products, no matter how pretty they are, and they diff got some nice RGB setups for their boards. but i am a 99,99%+ stabillity guy, i dont care much for bling, cheap fast and reliable is what i am all about for my PC hardware.

  • TapDancingOnYoFace
    TapDancingOnYoFace 5 months ago

    Please make a video on MessageSignaledInterrupts and what you did exactly on this PC in regards to it. Thanks

  • Raí Biason Toffoletto
    Raí Biason Toffoletto 5 months ago

    How about controlling RBG on Linux?? haven't seen any real solution from hardware makers... so careful when saying Linux support is great.

  • hillppari
    hillppari 5 months ago

    Would have been faster with older Z170 - Z370 boards.

  • Dazza Direct
    Dazza Direct 5 months ago +1

    Anyone else think that case looks like ED209 ?

  • SouthOfHessen
    SouthOfHessen 5 months ago

    i dont need it but i want it regardless of its flaws!

  • Daniel Spies
    Daniel Spies 5 months ago

    Are you guys going to comment on the latest encryption laws introduced in Australia?

  • Pingwuan
    Pingwuan 5 months ago

    SWANKY My dude yah! Finally someone else uses that word.

  • musinclind37
    musinclind37 5 months ago

    Since this case is open air, its not a good comparison for the hotter running 9900k in a closed cabinet case. Same goes for the gpu. Both CPU and GPU are not not smart buys because they are way too expensive! Case looks good, although all internal parts will probably become dust collectors.

  • Robbin Milatz
    Robbin Milatz 5 months ago

    Wendell if your memory has Samsung B-dies, you can just copy the entire timing table from other kits, even faster ones. And undervolt it at the same time. Copying the secondary and tertiary tables as well makes it boot. There are formulas for every timing available which should give you the fastest RAM out there. I don't even think those B-dies are binned at this point in time. Should be fun to buy the cheapest B-die kit (those are really cheap!) and put the fastest timings and speeds in there. I believe it is possible. My friend upgraded his 3200CL17 G-skill kit to a 4200CL17 kit and even tightening the timings even further. That while he undervolted the memory....
    The build looks awesome. It looks exactly like a 'case' for someone who doesn't want to encase their priced possesion. Thanks for the video!

  • Ed ash
    Ed ash 5 months ago +1

    All this new tech, lets ask about OLD tech...
    I have a wish to be fulfilled..
    Its pretty simple...but I dont have the equipment..
    Iv found it harder and harder to run/view videos under Windows...win10 was doing pretty good, then YT was turning into Lipsync the last couple months.
    Its getting rather stupid that the requirements to watch Videos in windows is so high..mostly because the CPU does the work.
    What is the lowest hardware requirements, under Win10 and Linux, to do DVD/BR/and watch videos on the net???
    Just a small hint here..
    Creaters on YT are creating 4k video, compressing to 1080/60...Which forces Y"T to use higher bandwidth.. 30fps is fine most times..and vid's loaded at 1080/60 generally do good.. its the conversion..from 4k..Go watch Linus, he does it. and Bandwidth hit over 100k..

  • artifactingreality
    artifactingreality 5 months ago

    please do an Introduction to Message-Signaled Interrupts that is not a wall of text talking about the registry.

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter 5 months ago

    "This is a build anybody can do".....LOL

  • Djay Hiryuu
    Djay Hiryuu 5 months ago

    Just got my 9900k and still installing windows (on asus z390-f strix ) 16g 3866 mhgz on a EK-Phoenix 360

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 5 months ago +1

    Did all the comments about this being a tilted cougar conquer case get buried?

    • Steamy Pickleslip
      Steamy Pickleslip 5 months ago

      Jobin Maghdoori Thank you for the quick rundown. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

    • Jobin Maghdoori
      Jobin Maghdoori 5 months ago +1

      I got both the Cougar Conquer case as well as the Antec Torque case. The Antec Torque case has better airflow and cable management options than the Cougar conquer case. The Torque case does not rely on the glass panels for stability. found that the Conquer case had more space for harddrives and take up less space than the Torque case. Overall, the Torque case is the better case and they are different in shape as well.

  • J Ruud
    J Ruud 5 months ago

    What is that keyboard model?

  • Ahab Wolf
    Ahab Wolf 5 months ago

    Would the lifespan of the fans be a concern with them all being on a tilt like that? I usually try to make sure my case is good and level for those spinning parts.

  • Topside08
    Topside08 5 months ago

    Didn't Gigabyte also show off some ram at the last event are they going to be the first manufacture to make every DIY component but the CPU

  • Stranger
    Stranger 5 months ago

    Wooo cardboard cases !! When all money went on buying pc parts. xD

  • MrTurboTash
    MrTurboTash 5 months ago

    11:37 i9 on budget. Riiiiiiight maybe we can put some negative points into that venn diagram

  • Stalewind Farto1078
    Stalewind Farto1078 5 months ago

    My first machine (1989) had a pretty swanky cardboard box.
    I was just out of the Navy and the thought of spending more than was needed to make games play never entered my mind.
    Things change; and I lied, it was a pretty crappy cardboard box.

  • Matthew McSparren
    Matthew McSparren 5 months ago

    Cool build. Its nice to see some Antec products being used. I used them all the time like almost 20 years ago lol

  • Matt Christie
    Matt Christie 5 months ago

    Awesome build Wendell! I'll bet when the EVGA Z390 DARK comes out, you'll be able to OC much higher than the Gigabyte board, on both the CPU and the RAM.

  • bobhumplick
    bobhumplick 5 months ago +1

    memory has always had an effect on intel. its just more about latency than raw clocks

  • Jule Rulez
    Jule Rulez 5 months ago

    Oh we became so fancy....

  • 1998goodboy
    1998goodboy 5 months ago

    HEYHEY its fine, making this youtube channel added like 10 points to your charisma haha

  • Pabula
    Pabula 5 months ago

    Thanks for the wendel, im having issues with the z390 aorus master with the fan control, specially because the CPU temperature reported on the bios is much lower than the CPU Pakaage or Core Max from HWinfo 592, and the motherboard does report fine on windows, i see temps with in reason of your testing, hardware unboxed and gamer nexus, but its like the bios cpu temperature is binded to another sensor, and makes the bios fan control useless given that it will not react to the correct current temperature, have you seen this behavior on yours?

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth 5 months ago +1

    Released just as rumors about ryzen 3 out...

  • Kiker88
    Kiker88 5 months ago +2

    Sasnet made a performance and privacy .iso of Windows 10. It's updated to RS3. Auto update is disabled. I use it on allot of friends computers when I wipe their systems.

  • Sharad ahmed
    Sharad ahmed 5 months ago

    Can we do vertical gpu in this case ?

  • texasdee slinglead
    texasdee slinglead 5 months ago +9

    Hold up ! I don't care about parts . I want to know in detail how you optimized windows as you mentioned.

  • Jace Panda
    Jace Panda 5 months ago

    how about a how to fix chrome after windows 10 update breaks it

  • jim tait
    jim tait 5 months ago

    Love the case but tbh I'll build one like it before I shell out nearly 400 to have half of it missing.
    Great vid as always 👌

  • QuickQuips
    QuickQuips 5 months ago +1

    That case looks like Eva 2. And the debloat deserves its own video. I did find a script on github that looks promising.

  • kbc8090
    kbc8090 5 months ago +121

    Would love an all out Windows 10 Optimization guide from you!

    • Tactical Center
      Tactical Center 4 months ago

      +Canny 7x I was able to get it without issues. But it's not like it's easy to get for the non geek. So you got a point. Ms is trying to make it very difficult for people to get.

    • Canny 7x
      Canny 7x 4 months ago

      +Tactical CenterTo my understanding LTSB, or LTSC, isn't available to non-Enterprise Users.

    • Jobs Jobbed
      Jobs Jobbed 5 months ago

      Yes. This... definitely this!

    • Tactical Center
      Tactical Center 5 months ago

      Thanks, i do remember reading that somewhere now that you mention it. appreciate it!

    • Klingon00
      Klingon00 5 months ago +1

      +Tactical Center LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) became known as LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) and is essentially just a different name for the same branch meant for enterprise users who can't tolerate frequent updates. Update frequency are only every 2 to 3 years for up to 10 years. This name change aligns it with the Semi-Annual Channel naming convention that Microsoft is recommending for most enterprise customers.

  • ritual301
    ritual301 5 months ago +6

    This might be a bit of a stupid question, but is dust not really a concern with a case that is as open as this one?

    • chris blanchard
      chris blanchard 5 months ago

      +moo Nothing is immune to dust in my apartment. I can dust and clean my Corsair Crystal 570 three times a week and It would still be dusty all the time. I've literally thought about building an open air PC on a board so I could just dual wield canned air. This case has me rethinking that.

    • moo
      moo 5 months ago +2

      It's also easier to blow out

  • Andrew Joy
    Andrew Joy 5 months ago +5

    If the Zen2 rumours are true thats an awesome swan song for intel.
    BUILD A ROME WORKSTATION IN IT!!!!!!! With 4 Mi60s in it !

  • Shiny_Gliscor
    Shiny_Gliscor 5 months ago +27

    Is there video where you elaborate on the windows optimization you mentioned at the beginning of the video and if not do you plan on doing one?

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 months ago

    Nice work, Wendell!
    It would be great if you upload a 9900k overclocking guide with the Gigabyte board. I have a 9900k that will do 5GHz with stock voltage, but the temperatures are way too high with a h100i V2. Any less than 1.4v and she's as stable as a three legged donkey! (Build: Lian Li o11 Dynamic, 6 Corsair ll120 fans, Top Mounted h100i V2 (Noctua fans), Gigabyte Z390 Ultra)

  • A O
    A O 5 months ago +12

    #ripeveryone if Wendell gets into extreme overclocking lol

  • Eve Voxx
    Eve Voxx 5 months ago +3

    the front fans are literally only in it for the rgb

  • Aswin Gopal
    Aswin Gopal 5 months ago +36

    How to debloat windows 10? Pls help

    • Ali Abdallah
      Ali Abdallah 5 months ago +1

      Step 1: don't use Windows 10
      Step 2: read step 1 goddamnit!

    • L
      L 5 months ago

      Just run Spybot Anti-Beacon.

    • Zignas Ihmasmas
      Zignas Ihmasmas 5 months ago +2

      No. Get windows 10 enterprise LTSC version. Thank me later

    • FDMtech
      FDMtech 5 months ago

      Search for "github windows 10 debload"

  • The Bezzopulus
    The Bezzopulus 5 months ago +16

    A link to background process killing and the version of windows would be killer.. Or a least some hints.

    • L
      L 5 months ago

      Just download and run Spybot Anti-Beacon.

  • Overclock Brazil
    Overclock Brazil 5 months ago

    I've following you since ever! Cheers from Brazil mate!

  • Siim Kuusik
    Siim Kuusik 5 months ago

    Showing some love to the insane power from Estonia 🇪🇪

  • Brutaltronics
    Brutaltronics 5 months ago

    case review.

  • Malgys
    Malgys 5 months ago

    No 9700k review?

  • Stephan Fourie
    Stephan Fourie 5 months ago +54

    Where can I get the version of Windows without the bloat ?

    • Hooopa
      Hooopa 5 months ago +1

      Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

    • john doe
      john doe 5 months ago

      Get the China version

    • Stephan Fourie
      Stephan Fourie 5 months ago +1

      +The Eiszeitmann Funny....

    • L
      L 5 months ago

      Start with Spybot Anti-Beacon to get the speed back, which is how I got Windows 10 running on a first gen i5, and then work out what else to remove.

    • The Eiszeitmann
      The Eiszeitmann 5 months ago +17

  • Mitchell Cassetta
    Mitchell Cassetta 5 months ago