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Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You (ukulele cover) | Reneé Dominique

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • Another super requested song from ya'll on Twitter! Hope you like it!
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  • Nightcore Universal
    Nightcore Universal 17 hours ago

    She's the best one i've ever heard to sing! Mabuhay Pilipinas!

  • lindsay lambert
    lindsay lambert 20 hours ago +1

    This is my fav cover of this song. thank you.

  • adam joesoef
    adam joesoef 21 hour ago

    Damn good

  • Cheyann
    Cheyann Day ago

    My boyfriend dedicated this song to me ❤️

  • beat serve
    beat serve Day ago

    Wow pinay ka pla galing

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn Day ago


  • Risha Mae Glomar

    2019? Like this if u think she deserves millions subscribers.

  • Erika Alvarado
    Erika Alvarado 2 days ago

    Para ti Amor de mi Vida. Mi hermoso bebé. Pronto estarás conmigo y seremos muy felices. Mi corazón. Mi benito hermoso

    MUHAMAD IRVAN 2 days ago +1

    Love you

  • Sarah-Lou 'My Journey To A Smile'

    You are amazing. Please bring out a CD soon

  • Kennie Cruz
    Kennie Cruz 2 days ago

    everyday ko pini-play to! im so inloveeee ♥♥♥

  • Seán O'Dea
    Seán O'Dea 2 days ago

    what key are you singing in?? i’m planning on performing this song but the original is too low and other versions are too high but this one is like the perfect level. also this is absolutely beautiful

  • Fania Geralda
    Fania Geralda 2 days ago

    Love u from 🇮🇩

  • darlingyeol
    darlingyeol 3 days ago

    ommo! her voice is so lovely ♡♡♡

  • harry egar
    harry egar 3 days ago +2

    I'm new your subscriber.
    Love from indonesia🇮🇩

  • Alex McGehee
    Alex McGehee 3 days ago +1

    you are incredible! I LOVE this! Peace and love!

  • mumaymhei
    mumaymhei 3 days ago

    Love d voice, love d sound, love d rendition💞💞💞

  • Jen J.L.
    Jen J.L. 4 days ago

    atee, please do a cover of “she keeps me warm” hehe i think it would go amazing because of your voice!

  • Duda Ribeiro
    Duda Ribeiro 4 days ago

    Id never though a ukulele could heal my soul

  • Madison Rodriguez
    Madison Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Why do you look so cold?! Your beautiful, warm voice should help. 🙃

  • iwano A
    iwano A 4 days ago

    Sounds in heaven

  • potato bangtan
    potato bangtan 4 days ago +2

    just see this on my recommendation I love this omgggg 💜💜💜

  • bengu anjay
    bengu anjay 5 days ago

    Love your cover 😍😍😍

  • Trà My Nguyễn
    Trà My Nguyễn 5 days ago +1

    so cute

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 5 days ago

    Why so afraid of the camera

  • TiaraLili Bia
    TiaraLili Bia 5 days ago

    Just finished reading Sons of Eden(Filhos do Éden) and this song is stuck on my brain.

  • Ceren Kelen
    Ceren Kelen 5 days ago

    I cant take my ears off of you

  • Imam Mubarak
    Imam Mubarak 5 days ago

    i love it..

  • Endless Waltz
    Endless Waltz 6 days ago +13

    You made me is the best drug ever...anyone and everyone wants a little taste and will sell and be anything for it...

  • Guillermo Zepeda
    Guillermo Zepeda 6 days ago

    Sad its not on spotify

  • Abs !
    Abs ! 6 days ago +1

    This song always reminds me of ten things I hate about you

  • Mayuri Dutta
    Mayuri Dutta 6 days ago

    How to make such a video with no voice

  • Hà Lê
    Hà Lê 6 days ago

    I love it 😍 Please just upload on Spotify 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Nina Cho
    Nina Cho 7 days ago

    Love your voice so much!! I’m wondering how do you record outdoors. Sounds so clear🤔

  • Sa Ya
    Sa Ya 7 days ago

    Her voice so sweet 😍😍

  • Friederike Tönsmann

    j'aime beaucoup 💖💖💖💖


    Cover this "akin ka nalang" by morissette

  • Keii Lah
    Keii Lah 8 days ago

    Reneé, your voice is what I listen to when I wake up and snooze in the morning.. ♥
    So much love for you & your enchanted voice 😘

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G 9 days ago +3

    I just freaking love your voice

  • Heng Sreyka
    Heng Sreyka 9 days ago

    Still listen this song 😍😍😍

  • Maria I
    Maria I 9 days ago

    My daughter is having her one and only miracle baby in July....what a perfect love song between a mother and her baby daughter!

  • Chumlanthung Ezung
    Chumlanthung Ezung 9 days ago +4

    Frankie Vallie would be so proud❤

  • wulan Sartika
    wulan Sartika 10 days ago

    Where do you come from???

  • wulan Sartika
    wulan Sartika 10 days ago

    You come from??

  • Sofi Cuesta
    Sofi Cuesta 11 days ago +14

    My boyfriend and I love this cover of yours. Thank you very much for your talent, you made us connect in a different way with this song.

  • Eden Torres
    Eden Torres 11 days ago +14

    you kinda sound like lana del ray? wtf i love it

  • Ivan Mendoza
    Ivan Mendoza 11 days ago

    All that's left is Rain and a Cup of hot coffee. And if i'm being lucky, maybe a girl to enjoy them with.

  • Levi
    Levi 11 days ago

    Plzz do ..just a friend to you-meghan trainor

  • Yuda Hermawan
    Yuda Hermawan 11 days ago

    sexy voice

  • Vietsub TEAM Hanzo
    Vietsub TEAM Hanzo 12 days ago +20

    I heard this song in a bar last night. Taste like wine. And i love wine

  • Flam
    Flam 12 days ago +4

    Can you cover Crystal Village by Pete Yorn? I love that song, please try it.
    Thank you, :)

  • Dulce Maria
    Dulce Maria 12 days ago +1

    I love this song so much 😍
    Bring me peace

  • Regina Trinca
    Regina Trinca 12 days ago

    Que voz mais doce!!

  • Hola _20
    Hola _20 12 days ago


  • Hani Honey
    Hani Honey 12 days ago


  • T A H N G A L A N G
    T A H N G A L A N G 13 days ago

    Oh my god

  • dap_dap_stuff
    dap_dap_stuff 13 days ago

    I want to be like you.

  • Debalina De
    Debalina De 13 days ago


  • Antonette Amparo
    Antonette Amparo 14 days ago

    I so love your music❤️ I listen to your songs everyday. And I watched you grew beautiful🥰 I am very proud of what you have been as you shared stage with Jason Mraz!🥰 You go girl!

  • cyrille cruz
    cyrille cruz 14 days ago

    Okay, subscribed! And hit that like button. You got me after less than a minute. 👍❤

  • Madi Marlin
    Madi Marlin 15 days ago

    You voice is beautiful! Can you do Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen? Or some other songs by Queen?

  • Medolo Bebetoc
    Medolo Bebetoc 15 days ago


  • Klazzik77
    Klazzik77 16 days ago

    Focus is so far...

  • Sarah Yap
    Sarah Yap 16 days ago

    Such a soulful voice ❤

  • Reeya PT
    Reeya PT 17 days ago

    Love this!!!!!

  • sodadoda lota
    sodadoda lota 17 days ago

    omg, I'm in love

  • Natalia Feitoza
    Natalia Feitoza 17 days ago

    Linda canção

  • Rath Panharith
    Rath Panharith 17 days ago

    I'm so glad I found this

  • Askhar Yudistira Pribadi

    Hi @Reneé Dominique..I'm just recently subs, but if it's okay I wonder if you could remake this video cuz this was a very beautiful cover and I'm just soo curious now how much more beauty you could bring into this song now..thq 😊

  • adrian lagonegro
    adrian lagonegro 18 days ago

  • Andor Fanjul López
    Andor Fanjul López 18 days ago

    You could do a Starman cover

  • Emy Supertramp
    Emy Supertramp 18 days ago

    Thanks for this little taste of heaven 😉 keep doing music !

  • Green Devil Runner
    Green Devil Runner 18 days ago

    This song is just *too good to be true*

  • 뚜루룹뚜뚜
    뚜루룹뚜뚜 19 days ago

    I love you baby

  • Friendly Irojo
    Friendly Irojo 19 days ago

    Goodluck po sa collabaration nyo po kay Jayzon Mraz😊👌👌👌@renee dominique

  • dheys de guzman
    dheys de guzman 19 days ago +20

    Finally im excited for your concert tour with Jason Mraz god bless on your journey i hope for all the best in your career

  • Jet Genanda
    Jet Genanda 20 days ago

    what a wonderful voice ... you're so gifted

  • Mariana Lane
    Mariana Lane 21 day ago +2

    I want you to know. That I subscribed for a. you talented and wonderful voice. And b . Because of that lil shuffle at the end hehehe.
    Much love and light!!💕

  • Sally Rocco
    Sally Rocco 21 day ago

    So cute

  • Angela Maria Diaz Gallo

    how she playing with that sleeve

  • sabina robida
    sabina robida 21 day ago

    Sing at my wedding pls

  • Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp

    Love your music from Thailand:)

  • joan gonzales
    joan gonzales 22 days ago +3

    🎶🎵🎼I love you baby
    Trust in me when I say🎶🎵
    This is an awesome ukelele cover. Loved it.

  • Manuel Suarez
    Manuel Suarez 22 days ago


  • Ma Nems John
    Ma Nems John 22 days ago

    Pls do happy together

    JCP JCP 22 days ago

    Por que estás tan lejos de la cámara?????😢

  • Jhescell Bautista
    Jhescell Bautista 23 days ago


  • Clamcee Lou
    Clamcee Lou 23 days ago

    it fed my ears

  • cecilio decolongon
    cecilio decolongon 24 days ago

    Ed sheeran song pls or take me on by aha.

  • Maia Eldridge
    Maia Eldridge 24 days ago

    You have such a sweet voice.

  • Billy Goat Mathias
    Billy Goat Mathias 24 days ago +1

    Record with the camera closer to you.

  • jeff
    jeff 24 days ago

    Spotify plsss

  • Marky Winters
    Marky Winters 24 days ago

    renee dominque ateeeee.... ateee good luck po sa duet nyo HEHEHEHEH

  • manikdesign
    manikdesign 24 days ago

    This is recorded in a studio and lip synced why does everyone think this is amazing

    • milk and honey
      milk and honey 24 days ago +1

      because it is amazing?? pretty much every song is recorded in a studio. that doesn’t change a thing about the song

  • Lea May Fuenzalida
    Lea May Fuenzalida 27 days ago

    what a great voice, so relaxing

  • salmon sushi
    salmon sushi 28 days ago +1

    i need this on spotify😍

  • Thea Vane
    Thea Vane 29 days ago

    What’s the strumming pattern???

  • ดรีม ดรีม


  • Kayeziah Toledo
    Kayeziah Toledo Month ago

    Ate, can you do a cover of the song "Bato sa Buhangin"? I think bagay po yon sa boses nyo💗 And it's my fave song from my fave movie, "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral"

  • Ando Amira
    Ando Amira Month ago +1

    never get enough of it :) i come back almost everyday . love you renee