Stephen Curry vs Seth Curry BEST Brothers Moments & Highlights from 2019 NBA West Finals!

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Check out the best moments and highlights from brothers duel between Stephen Curry & Seth Curry | Western Conference Finals WCF | 2019 NBA Playoffs
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Comments • 342

  • max 21
    max 21 Day ago +5

    That 3 from curry was better than the 3 curry made

    • max 21
      max 21 5 hours ago

      No no Curry is better than the other two Curry’s

    • Jada Clemmons
      Jada Clemmons 7 hours ago

      Nah curry had a way better 3 than Curry,duh

    • Overkillz2 2
      Overkillz2 2 23 hours ago +1

      Nah, Curry definitely had the better 3 than Curry, bro.

  • Crecielmae Gamilong

    look seth and steph so caring for each other
    blessed their parents because they have a children like them.

  • Justina Abrau
    Justina Abrau Day ago +1

    Seth looks like dell and steph looks like sonya

  • Maher Rahman
    Maher Rahman 2 days ago +1

    What's the black stuff on steph's hand? And who's older, Steph or Seth?😕

    • 925lexi
      925lexi Day ago

      That looks like tape on Steph's hand. Steph is older than Seth.

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago +1

    curry vs curry
    [everyone liked that]

  • Rylie Thomas
    Rylie Thomas 2 days ago

    kinda trash that their parents didn’t cheer for either of them.

  • Zhune Xoxo
    Zhune Xoxo 2 days ago


  • Jeremy Duldulao
    Jeremy Duldulao 3 days ago

    3:49 wtf what was that shot?

    • Zaiko
      Zaiko 9 hours ago

      His legs lmaoo

  • malessa hill
    malessa hill 3 days ago


  • paris kinsey
    paris kinsey 3 days ago +1

    Their parents should of worned half golden state Half Portland

  • nay nay
    nay nay 3 days ago

    did anyone notice the ball hit klay's head on 11:12?

  • Fade forceGT
    Fade forceGT 3 days ago +1

    Its like flash and kid flash are fighting to fast

  • TimeStampzR Us
    TimeStampzR Us 3 days ago +2

    5:29 When both ya kids got the Curry3-Pt gene in they DNA lol

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions 4 days ago

    Somebody needs to trade for Seth and put 1 on 1 time in with him. Get him in the weight room to get stronger and let him go through a thousand shots a day. Then give him starter minutes and let him shoot even when he misses let him keep shooting like Kerr does Curry.

  • Killeryat25 King
    Killeryat25 King 5 days ago

    That cool

  • Laythan Lawrence
    Laythan Lawrence 5 days ago +2

    Curry" well someone had to lose" 🔥

  • George DENN
    George DENN 5 days ago

    Why is steph always slapping other niggas on they ass, His bro, Van Vleet and Zo.

  • Demaria Hughes
    Demaria Hughes 6 days ago

    1:00 that’s not steph that’s Trent fuller

  • Byron Mejia
    Byron Mejia 7 days ago +5

    Deli curry: Steph you were always my favorite son

  • Davion Caicedo
    Davion Caicedo 8 days ago

    They had Stephen curry do all the work ⛹ 🏀

  • Coke County Sheriffs Office CCSO

    Lol just like brothers

  • ItZ_ Robin
    ItZ_ Robin 9 days ago +1

    If u pause 9:05 *HOW IS THAT NOT A FILE?!?*

    • ItZ_ Robin
      ItZ_ Robin 4 days ago

      Yes there is its basketball.

    • Dxngerdulbin
      Dxngerdulbin 4 days ago

      Because there are no files in the game

  • Amiel Honra
    Amiel Honra 9 days ago +16

    Seth Curry: Hey Brother what’s the food later
    Stephen Curry: Are We Really Gonna Talk About This in The Game?

  • miguel bryan
    miguel bryan 15 days ago

    the brothers king !

  • miguel bryan
    miguel bryan 15 days ago

    10:36 stephan curry king !

  • miguel bryan
    miguel bryan 15 days ago

    8:18 seth curry king !

  • miguel bryan
    miguel bryan 15 days ago

    6:56 Seth Curry KING !

  • Ryan Moon
    Ryan Moon 19 days ago


  • Rusty
    Rusty 24 days ago +171

    Steph: “You know what’s an awesome jersey number? Thirty!”
    Seth: “You know what’s better than thirty? Thirty *one*

  • Jhonrey Bagnol
    Jhonrey Bagnol 25 days ago

    Curry is best than curry 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Nice Guy 85
    Mr. Nice Guy 85 25 days ago +20

    Me washing dishes (just listening the tv on the living room): "Curry for three! curry nailed it!"..who the curry is that?!

  • cmontalvo194
    cmontalvo194 25 days ago

    We definitely know who’s the better curry brother

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony 26 days ago

    Seth definitely should have got more touches

  • gerald gealon
    gerald gealon 26 days ago


    TTV MYMOMBEATSME 27 days ago +6

    We all never realized how good Seth actually is

  • Jose Labrador
    Jose Labrador 27 days ago

    I will give him the spot light for Seth

  • Jose Labrador
    Jose Labrador 27 days ago

    I will give him the spot light for Seth

  • Jose Labrador
    Jose Labrador 27 days ago

    Steph is not a good brother

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 27 days ago

    What a pair of ugly idiots

  • William  Washington
    William Washington 27 days ago

    I really wanted to see seth shine more

  • Saifeadeen Majid
    Saifeadeen Majid 27 days ago

    Curry is so Trash

  • next_soccer_legend beast


  • Paul King
    Paul King 27 days ago


  • REE Sdot
    REE Sdot 27 days ago +3

    Seth needs more minutes

  • Beacon Games
    Beacon Games 27 days ago

    I’d be pissed if my parents were both repping my brothers team

    • SaQuanna Hill
      SaQuanna Hill 6 days ago

      Beacon Games they were going for both, their jerseys had warriors on one side and the blazers on the other

  • Flozy
    Flozy 27 days ago +4

    Nahh but lets be honest seth did pretty good

    DANE AIRE DONATO 27 days ago


  • Gunho Chung
    Gunho Chung 27 days ago

    Curry is good at 3 points but i think Curry is better than his father Curry but i think Curry is the best

  • Roberto Ibanez de Garayo

    blazers blew a 0-0 series

  • Tobias Richardson
    Tobias Richardson 27 days ago

    Seth averaged 23 minutes per game that series. Idk where yall are saying Seth sat.

    • John Magsasaka
      John Magsasaka 27 days ago

      yeah you're right, the only problem is Lillard was so overhyped

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito 27 days ago

    Seth Curry is garbage. They could have won Game 4 if he scored more than 1 point

  • Let's Go Heat 82
    Let's Go Heat 82 27 days ago

    I really was pulling for lil bro. Simple fact he used to play for GS they cut him sent him to GLeauge where he balled out. And he has game. Just is over shadowed by big bro. SETH plays good d on him from knowing his tendencies.

  • Rick Cata
    Rick Cata 27 days ago

  • Ken Florido
    Ken Florido 27 days ago

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  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 27 days ago +7

    If i put myself into seth's shoes . I'll be like a proud at the same time jealous brother . still proud but jealous

  • Johnathon Schmidt
    Johnathon Schmidt 27 days ago

    Really a time to be alive.something really special to watch too bonded brothers being able what they do an still dedicate to make it where their at today good shit we should be honored for today's athletes. Big bro gets beat by lil bro someday just takes a some time keep getting better Seth

  • Filbert Luna Maranca
    Filbert Luna Maranca 27 days ago

    Curry Bros.

  • iPadTube777
    iPadTube777 27 days ago +1

    *They forget about Mark Gasol (Raptors) vs Pau Gasol* (BUCKS)

    • iPadTube777
      iPadTube777 27 days ago

      Chris Parker yes, but still there’s another brother in the conference finals :)

    • Chris Parker
      Chris Parker 27 days ago +1

      iPadTube777 but Pau is out right?

  • Maco Ting
    Maco Ting 27 days ago

    Winner winner chicken curry!

  • roxE-
    roxE- 27 days ago

    Seth curry not so good

  • Nuuausala Ropati
    Nuuausala Ropati 27 days ago

    It would be nice if Curry bros play together so Steth can hav a ring too n build their own dynasty at the same team....

  • Jose Villar
    Jose Villar 27 days ago

    Miss match it should be cj and curry. Cj is more on scoring in this series

  • 308328928
    308328928 27 days ago

    Steph is like: Hey, I have the same shoes

  • Jeb Unson
    Jeb Unson 27 days ago +1

    Blazers shouldve given Seth Curry more playing time

  • Iyzel Hodge
    Iyzel Hodge 27 days ago

    steph and seth pretty much play the same its just curry is more in control of his possessions because he sees the ball more. all seth needs is stephs consistency when making plays and he could def get in the spotlight.

  • 10 Million Subs For Old Tfue

    Make fun of him, but Seth deserved the ball more

  • JD
    JD 27 days ago +9

    You can tell Seth has great potential too, work on his finishing and he'll be deadly in his own right.

  • Carl Lee
    Carl Lee 27 days ago

    Insert "hold my beer joke " here

  • frank abagnale jr
    frank abagnale jr 27 days ago

    If steph had a hotter wife ,he probably be better than Michael Jordan

  • Silix Baker
    Silix Baker 27 days ago

    What about pau Gasol and Marc Gasol (Raptors vs Bucks)

  • Miscellaneous Mind
    Miscellaneous Mind 27 days ago +7

    C'mon Seth. Make your own name and push your family to the next level.

  • Robbie Davis
    Robbie Davis 27 days ago +2

    Seth is the better defender. More exposure. Experience. Team and coaching. He can be just as good as Steph. Gg

    • yo mom. stinks
      yo mom. stinks 27 days ago

      @Robbie Davis white widow and ill be waiting unil he show steph fucking cooked his brother swept them buddy what you smoking lmao

    • Robbie Davis
      Robbie Davis 27 days ago +1

      yo mom. stinks so you’re telling me. That if Seth received the same coaching. Same exposure. Experience and surround staff ect. That he couldn’t just as good as Steph? What are you smoking bro? Hook me up.

    • yo mom. stinks
      yo mom. stinks 27 days ago


  • Robbie Davis
    Robbie Davis 27 days ago +10

    I really hope Seth shines next year. Just to give him a ring. Steph should vouch for him to go GSW. Lol 2 brother. 1 team. Epic.

    • prestozable
      prestozable 27 days ago +2

      They tried to sign him once and Seth turned it down, didn't want to be in Steph's shadow

    • Tino Sénam Acolatse
      Tino Sénam Acolatse 27 days ago +1

      They got him once upon a time and did wave him quickly. I hope GSW gets him back...

  • VTBUnitedLeague
    VTBUnitedLeague 27 days ago

    Best Dunks of the Season

  • Brawl Stars【馬來貘】


  • Michael Newton
    Michael Newton 27 days ago

    Lillard had time to pump fake on that last possession

  • Marsey Land
    Marsey Land 27 days ago

    Sub to fade bros

  • Miss VickieO.2yu
    Miss VickieO.2yu 27 days ago +2

    Goes to show what & how Dell taught them growing up & he & his wife should be so proud of their boys 😍💕💕💕 Loved their whole playoffs together

  • Spencer Jeffcoat
    Spencer Jeffcoat 27 days ago

    There not the only brothers what about Marc and pau gasol

  • Raleigh Randolph
    Raleigh Randolph 28 days ago +137

    I dont even like portland but everytime Seth had the ball, I was wishing the best for him because he's a Curry.

    • Aviantar
      Aviantar 2 days ago

      portlands better now

    • Raging Gab
      Raging Gab 19 days ago +5

      Super Vegito then how does he get this far in a playoffs team? He’s a good shooter stop dissing because his brother is an all time great😂

    • Super Vegito
      Super Vegito 27 days ago +1

      He was probably adopted. He played like he was in D League

  • Ghost EndGame
    Ghost EndGame 28 days ago

    this is so cool :D

  • Chong Hau Han
    Chong Hau Han 28 days ago

    5:02 wasnt that a travel

  • Dakota Eads
    Dakota Eads 28 days ago

    Seth shot better than Steph this year from 3 is the funny part. Both are amazing three point shooters. One is all around amazing and the other is your great 3 and D player.

  • Atoms Matter
    Atoms Matter 28 days ago

    BREAKING NEWS: Seth Curry will be traded to Houston Rockets for James Rockets will have a chance to get a championship next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Silver
    Adam Silver 28 days ago

    It wasn't a duel. It was a one man show

  • Abelio Vinx
    Abelio Vinx 28 days ago +1

    Seth curry: bruh, this is not you whenever we play before. Come on.
    Steph curry: I need to do this bruh, I am doing this as what my salary tells me

  • Abelio Vinx
    Abelio Vinx 28 days ago +1

    Dell Curry: I am bored of watching this conference finals, the result is obvious.
    Mrs. Curry: yah you're right. I'll just play ML on my phone.

  • Monet Harris
    Monet Harris 28 days ago +2

    That was cool, but the reporters/interviewers annoyed me. They didn't hype a friendly competition, it seemed like the questions were divisive.

    • damarcus hode
      damarcus hode 28 days ago

      Right with Doris Burke was asking their parents all these unnecessary questions like can you eat can you sleep like it not a match the fucking death it's a basketball game between two brothers for fuck sake

  • Dariyan B
    Dariyan B 28 days ago

    Seth is possibly the worst NBA player I’ve seen outside of Evan Turner and like Andris Biedrins

  • John Sebastian
    John Sebastian 28 days ago +134

    Dell Curry right here livin' Lavar Ball's dream.

    • Jermaine Artis
      Jermaine Artis 27 days ago +1

      AKV V what he was trying to do was create his own brand without going through the current industry streams. Kind of like when Bill Cosby wanted to have his own major network.

    • AKV V
      AKV V 27 days ago +1

      Jermaine Artis why what is lavar trying to do??

    • Jermaine Artis
      Jermaine Artis 27 days ago

      Ha ha ha!!! 😂😂😂😂 and doing it with class!! But still, respect to lavar ball for attempting something new as a black man in a white mans industry. Now the next one knows it can be done and can do it better.

    • iPadTube777
      iPadTube777 27 days ago +1

      The holidays are, Jrue Holiday in pelicans, Justin Holiday in bulls, Aaron Holiday in Pacers. *3 Bros in NBA Team*

    • Nathan Dennis
      Nathan Dennis 27 days ago


  • Bzy Beast
    Bzy Beast 28 days ago

    This was just a distraction. Without it the blazers actually win a game. Clippers did much better

  • G Jordan
    G Jordan 28 days ago +1

    It was a sweep not a duel

  • Permian Based
    Permian Based 28 days ago

    One has an MKULTRA chip shoved up his ass and the other is all Natty

  • Roger Martinez
    Roger Martinez 28 days ago +5

    This is why I believe that talented people are born gifted, Seth and Steph.....same mom, same dad, same genes, probably same training and look. Props for both of them to be playing at the highest level and congrats to their parents

    • RytolPiab
      RytolPiab Day ago

      I'm sure if they adopted a another kid, and he grew to be over 6ft tall he would of also been in the NBA. I think their dad being in the NBA helped them progress faster other kids.

  • Rex Besana
    Rex Besana 28 days ago +1

    I see frustration in Seth’s eyes bcos he doesn’t get any ball unlike his bro. His teammates simply ignore him even when he’s wide open.

    • Jun Hao
      Jun Hao 27 days ago

      Tobias Richardson He is on fire only in some games he needs consistency to prove himself

    • Tobias Richardson
      Tobias Richardson 27 days ago

      @Jun Hao he shot the ball 6 times. The offense doesnt revolve around Seth. It goes thru Lillard and McCollum.

    • Jun Hao
      Jun Hao 28 days ago

      Rex Besana when they gave him time 30+ minutes and finish only with 5 points?

  • DR Ve
    DR Ve 28 days ago +14

    A teammate of Curry’s father is still playing tho - Vince Carter

    • Tech4Life !!
      Tech4Life !! 27 days ago

      Oh? Uncle Vince? Yeah he is GOOD.

    • JD
      JD 27 days ago +1

      Really? Damn that's sick how old is he rn? And is he still any good?

  • 黃隆祺
    黃隆祺 28 days ago

    Gasol brothers in the ECF

  • [Banned User]
    [Banned User] 28 days ago

    S Curry < S Curry