Best of Hevesh5 (9)

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • Here is the 9th Best of Hevesh5 showcasing my best domino tricks from the past year! 😊
    wanna binge watch my previous Best of Hevesh5's? go for it:
    Can't believe I've been making domino videos for 10 years! That's half of my life!! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched and supported. I've had such a blast making these domino videos that past decade, and I can't wait to create even more :D
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    Hey! I'm #Hevesh5 and I am a professional #Domino Artist. I design and build intricate domino setups and chain reactions for your entertainment and for commercial projects. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more domino videos :) I upload new videos every SATURDAY at 1pm EST!
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  • Hevesh5
    Hevesh5  3 months ago +63

    what was your favorite domino trick?! leave a timestamp below :)
    'twas another great year! 😊 thanks for sticking around, and omg I've been making RU-clip videos for a DECADE... WHATTT?! I'm old haha. but very young at the same time xD this is weird. wow like i've actually been making domino videos for over half my life now that's so wild. so grateful for all of you. the domino community is the best

    • Supreme Trampoline
      Supreme Trampoline 2 months ago

      Omg hi plz reply

    • Monotone Yay
      Monotone Yay 3 months ago

      So you're on a science magazine and have several videos about yourself now, huh? It's so weird seeing somebody I've watched for years become big

    • sun ray
      sun ray 3 months ago

    • Unbeatable Pig on Fortnite RL
      Unbeatable Pig on Fortnite RL 3 months ago

      When I started watching your videos my parents wouldn’t let me make domino videos, you were my inspiration. They said I couldn’t until I was 13. I was eleven at the time and suffering from ADD,ADHD, Hypotonia, and Depression. Thanks to you my depression is gone. Thank you

    • Mr_ Frible
      Mr_ Frible 3 months ago

      Introduced my dad to you with 0:17 his response was " HOW?"

  • Papyrus Undertale plays

    0:24 best

  • Papyrus Undertale plays

    I commented while was drinking 7up free 😂😏👌

  • Ana Cleide
    Ana Cleide Day ago

    Muito bom ver esses videos tô viciada nos vídeos dos dominós

  • Markiyan Hapyak
    Markiyan Hapyak 4 days ago

    😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 💣 💥 💣 💥 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲!!

  • Chelsey Abee
    Chelsey Abee 7 days ago


  • Khalil Ahmad
    Khalil Ahmad 8 days ago

    Can you give some dominos please

  • Danny Barros
    Danny Barros 11 days ago +1

    Faz um do free fire

    M SINGH CHANNEL 12 days ago

    Its incredible

  • Мария Фомина
    Мария Фомина 14 days ago +1

    Super video!!!'👍👍👍

  • Tin Tức Và Âm Nhạc


  • Paul Cantu
    Paul Cantu 22 days ago

    I just found your RU-clip channel I like it this is so cool and awesome and the best thing ever and this is so good and I cannot wait for more all new videos from you thank you very much you are so cool and awesome you are the best and you rock 😊😀

  • Zer0
    Zer0 28 days ago +1

    Oops *forgot to press record*

  • Susie Hopper
    Susie Hopper 28 days ago +1


  • عالم الطبخ cooking world

    الله يعطيك الصحة حبيبتي 🌺👍👍👍👍🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹

  • Lera Love
    Lera Love Month ago +1

    Тут есть русские? 🤣

  • Benjamin Feldman
    Benjamin Feldman Month ago

    Dazzling. Marvelous display of intelligence and strategy.

  • Thereal_ Edgardo
    Thereal_ Edgardo Month ago

    How long does it take yo clean all of this up

  • MuSiC BeAtS
    MuSiC BeAtS Month ago

    This video is just insane

  • Eden Deja
    Eden Deja Month ago +1

    ‘Best of havesh’ includes every video

  • Jennifer Maglanque
    Jennifer Maglanque Month ago

    wow thats amazing video i like it

  • Sederick Wright
    Sederick Wright Month ago

    My son loves you could you do a video with my son please?

  • Alexandra Prassas
    Alexandra Prassas Month ago

    Hi! I love your videos! What brand of dominoes do you use? I'd like to get some that work well on carpet for my classroom.

  • 케이도미노K-Domino

    wow~~ what a nice movie!!!

  • Kurt Tejada
    Kurt Tejada 2 months ago


  • Cade Wiley
    Cade Wiley 2 months ago

    lol what a mess after the fact

  • The Author of Pain
    The Author of Pain 2 months ago

    Wondering who placed it all 😂😂

  • hao Nguyễn anh
    hao Nguyễn anh 2 months ago +1

    Let me post your videos on youtube

  • Derek Diffley
    Derek Diffley 2 months ago

    These nuts ha gade haha

  • Eman V2
    Eman V2 2 months ago

    Awesome 👏 work keep doing what you do

  • manu kumar
    manu kumar 2 months ago

    I wonder the pain to clean them all

  • Velislav Garkov
    Velislav Garkov 2 months ago

    Can you do a Pewdiepie vs T series video? If someone sees this, please copy this message and spread it !!!!

  • Dom Hauser
    Dom Hauser 2 months ago

    What kind of dominos do you use

  • Jonathan Guzman
    Jonathan Guzman 2 months ago

    Where do you buy your dominos?

  • HTF Puffy AmiYumi
    HTF Puffy AmiYumi 2 months ago

    0:51. Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker form.

  • Sara Swinerton
    Sara Swinerton 2 months ago

    This is so cool

  • Margaret Cook
    Margaret Cook 2 months ago

    Your vids are the best

  • Andy Crawley
    Andy Crawley 3 months ago

    Lily, I have to say that you've come such a long way in those 10 years you've been doing this, your videos never fail to impress. I only found your channel purely by chance 6 years ago, however to this day I'm so glad I did! 😊

  • RORY 100000
    RORY 100000 3 months ago

    First hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

  • RORY 100000
    RORY 100000 3 months ago

    0 ...............................10000000000000000000000I love your videos

  • khas tomi
    khas tomi 3 months ago

    0:11 is it real?

  • B-Domino Hewitt
    B-Domino Hewitt 3 months ago

    You should have a meet and greet

  • B-Domino Hewitt
    B-Domino Hewitt 3 months ago

    Make a all towers then field then line

  • B-Domino Hewitt
    B-Domino Hewitt 3 months ago

    You are a legend

  • XXKlunkXX ;
    XXKlunkXX ; 3 months ago

    ωσω ι ℓσνє ∂σмιиσєѕ!!!

  • Chloe Ammons
    Chloe Ammons 3 months ago

    We were learning about you in school today. Your amazing!

  • pazha malai
    pazha malai 3 months ago

    Super video hard work super excited

  • Stan Epping
    Stan Epping 3 months ago +1

    Where did you buy your dominos?

  • Rosie lulu Lea
    Rosie lulu Lea 3 months ago

    YOU ARE AMAZING 😮😊😲 there’s only one word that comes to my mind WOW 😯

  • J. Lewis
    J. Lewis 3 months ago

    Congrats on your anniversary!

  • Rando Plants
    Rando Plants 3 months ago

    Rad! I love watching domino art, but didn't realize there was anyone with a channel dedicated to it. Very cool!

  • The_ Noob_Gamer
    The_ Noob_Gamer 3 months ago

    Puta como llegue aki?

  • Armante Raymond Pierre
    Armante Raymond Pierre 3 months ago

    2:01 You are the coolest person I ever watched

  • Armante Raymond Pierre
    Armante Raymond Pierre 3 months ago

    Ccccccoooooolllllll! 😀😙🙂😉😍😚😍😂😍😊🤗😙😁😘😀😗🙂🤣😁😙😋☺️😉😋😁😁😃🙂😊😂☺️😃😁😙😃☺️😚😂☺️😃😉😀😚😂🤣☺️😙😁☺️🤣😁😙😃😋🙂😃😂😚😂🙂😃😚😂😚🙂😙😁🙂😃😎😊😊😙😆😀😎🙂😁😉😎😎😃😎😁😃☺️😚😂😁😙😃😎😚😂😁😉😎😂😚😃😎😁😆😃🙂😂😚

  • moiboi cheese
    moiboi cheese 3 months ago

    We all love you Hevesh5 I hope you get more money you are the best builder
    You inspire me and you make me happy. I want to be just like you when I’m older.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 3 months ago

    anyone here from snapchat?

  • Lt Slamander
    Lt Slamander 3 months ago

    You should have done “sub to pewdiepie”

  • Maxwell Jamison
    Maxwell Jamison 3 months ago

    Is it me or did people forget that dominoes were originally for a board game?

  • Jmaz Zee
    Jmaz Zee 3 months ago

    Just was your 60 second doc on Snapchat, congrats! I’ve loved your channel for a while so that took me by suprise!

  • CraftyKrafter Crafts
    CraftyKrafter Crafts 3 months ago

    Also, congrats on your 10th anniversary.

  • CraftyKrafter Crafts
    CraftyKrafter Crafts 3 months ago

    Awesome video. Keep up the great work, cause it seems to pay off as your favorite hobby and not some soul-crushing hard-labor job. You also got on Scholastic’s Science World magazine.

  • Samir Fcb
    Samir Fcb 3 months ago

    good Hevesh5

  • cry baby
    cry baby 3 months ago +1

    I bet my life could fall apart faster than any of these domino structures could

  • Spoon icon
    Spoon icon 3 months ago +1

    came here from a science world...

  • Ricardo's Dominoes
    Ricardo's Dominoes 3 months ago

    honestly mesmerising haha, always so colourful too!

  • daantjegaming
    daantjegaming 3 months ago

    where do you buy all those domino's

  • Alena Makshanova
    Alena Makshanova 3 months ago


  • 李冰
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  • DeadPool kid
    DeadPool kid 3 months ago

    After all of that work all right guys clean up and do it all over again hours of time spent

  • Anna Russon
    Anna Russon 3 months ago

    My science class did an assignment about you for the Science World magazine

    SUPER BUGATTI 3 months ago

    So satisfying

  • futurestoryteller
    futurestoryteller 3 months ago

    I hope it is not patronizing to say that you are _adorable!_
    That was my second thought, my first thought was "What, how!?"

  • fatimar amerat
    fatimar amerat 3 months ago

    The only thing I found bad about this video was that the clips weren't finished. But still it was good

  • Hay Bae
    Hay Bae 3 months ago

    I saw you on my scholastic/science world article today and it was really cool and I just had to check you out

  • nab 6215
    nab 6215 3 months ago

    Beautiful. You have some marvelous tricks!

  • blue blaze
    blue blaze 3 months ago

    When I get older I might do dominoes

  • blue blaze
    blue blaze 3 months ago

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  • blue blaze
    blue blaze 3 months ago

    I gonna make a game channel

  • Cléa Tricone Gsegner
    Cléa Tricone Gsegner 3 months ago +1

    'like si tu trouve l intrus ,😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    GALEXIA 3 months ago

    Love This Channel Havesh5 Rocks Subscribed

  • Sofia Megna
    Sofia Megna 3 months ago

    Sei bravissima ♥️

  • MJT 19872k69
    MJT 19872k69 3 months ago

    Congrats on 10 year's hope you have 10 more

  • chase dipman
    chase dipman 3 months ago

    you should sell your domino's

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 3 months ago

    Where can I get those kinds of dominoes?
    All the ones I purchase are terrible...

  • shayaan tube HD
    shayaan tube HD 3 months ago

    Your soooooooo talented

  • BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]
    BurrShotHam711 [Jenna] 3 months ago

    Happy 10th anniversary Lily!!! well done! =)

  • Hannah liptrot
    Hannah liptrot 3 months ago

    When will you be doing the next domino deep dive?

  • Márton Vinkó
    Márton Vinkó 3 months ago


  • Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin

    Love It!

  • dankskills
    dankskills 3 months ago

    Imagine recording this and this pops up

    **your phone is out of storage**

  • Rose James
    Rose James 3 months ago

    I love your videos! So creative and whimsical. You rock!

  • Sandra Loera
    Sandra Loera 3 months ago

    Do a fortnite one please

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    Micajo Domino 3 months ago

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    Jose Faustino 3 months ago

    I celebrate my 3rd anniversary at my dominos at feb 2

  • Kailey Ross
    Kailey Ross 3 months ago

    Did you guys do the Puppy Bowl dominos?

    • Kailey Ross
      Kailey Ross 3 months ago

      Hevesh5 Yeah they were real. I didn’t think it was you because it’s wasn’t as exciting as it is when you do it. It should be on Animal Planet’s website somewhere

    • Hevesh5
      Hevesh5  3 months ago

      nope, but were they real dominoes? where can I watch this? they contacted me to do this a while ago but I couldn't do it unfortunately

  • Ramenツ
    Ramenツ 3 months ago


  • goldy Khanna
    goldy Khanna 3 months ago

    Wow😮😮😮😮 great

  • Ashesh Dubey
    Ashesh Dubey 3 months ago

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