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  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
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Comments • 42

  • Crosontz lps
    Crosontz lps 5 days ago

    STOP reading the comments and relax!

  • Morena G.
    Morena G. 3 months ago +1

    New Subscriber!!! Love these moon/could ones. Especially the live one you have on right now. It’s up in the sky, beautiful full moon! & the clouds(look like you are going through them)w/the city’s lights below....that’s the one that had me become a new fan! Thank you! These are amazingly beautiful! Keep them coming! 🙌🏽😍☝🏽♥️✌🏽

  • jamie huntinghawk
    jamie huntinghawk 5 months ago

    I need dis shizzz for the rest of my life I NEED SLEEEP but ty this calms me ❤️❤️🥰💫💫🌑🌑

  • Shqiprim lulaj
    Shqiprim lulaj 5 months ago


  • Shams Almusawi
    Shams Almusawi 6 months ago

    Thank you Soooooooo much this helped me put my younger brothers to sleep. You're a life saver!!!!

  • Schanza Bukhari
    Schanza Bukhari 6 months ago

    Is anyone else wondering why there's darkness instead of moon light on the sea before the moon? Lovely music btw, ty.


    Awsome Music !

  • Terri McClellan Saba Distributor ACE Skinny 5000

    ❤️Jason, You are a Precious GIFT from God. ❤️ I never meditated before, or did guided meditations or even listened to relaxation music until a great friend told me about you. ✨My Life has forever been changed & now I share with Everyone about you. ✨ I just send them your RU-clip link to Subscribe. I love you very much.

  • Soothing Instrumental M&W

    Wonderful. I Just had a great Time Playing my Piano and recording. Thank you.

  • airprorai league
    airprorai league 6 months ago

    Really sleepy music

  • airprorai league
    airprorai league 6 months ago

    This has helped me to fall asleep more quicker for school and work

  • دايخ في زمن بايخ

    كلشي مفتهت بالتعليقات Thank you

  • checkle1
    checkle1 6 months ago

    I've tried listening to this type of music while sleeping, for a week straight, and I got the worst nightmares.

    • checkle1
      checkle1 6 months ago

      +Don Neary oh then maybe my secret ninja forces join in and really messes them both up and Yoda feels the forces and enters my dream to stop me because we're being so loud he can't sleep either! We figured it out. Thanks! Lol I'm not much of an aura or "forces" person.

    • Don Neary
      Don Neary 6 months ago

      Checkle1...Possibly the nightmares are the work of the negative energy forces within you, fighting for survival against this powerful new positive energy source now entering your subconscious. Please give it some more time.

  • Jill Young
    Jill Young 6 months ago

    Beautiful. Perfect as there’s a full moon tonight! This is just what I needed after a busy day! Thank you Jason. 🙏🏻♥️

  • Raviraj Kanabar
    Raviraj Kanabar 6 months ago

    Fantastic jason!
    Thank you for this
    Love and blessings

  • mario luiz burda
    mario luiz burda 6 months ago +1

    thank you

  • Daniel Solorio
    Daniel Solorio 6 months ago +1

    This is so peaceful, thank you sir

  • Chris Teney
    Chris Teney 6 months ago +7

    Breezy night in mid November my music to a restless night of on going thoughts,soothing my restless soul wind and music of the night, for tomorrow brings a new day of new thoughts,I pray for encouragement to withhold many days to lift my spirits up. I wish you well to whomever reading this.

    • Raviraj Kanabar
      Raviraj Kanabar 6 months ago

      Thank you
      Best wishes and peace to you

  • Cathrine Waring
    Cathrine Waring 6 months ago +1

    Most relaxing ever! Thank you.

  • Kathryn Willette
    Kathryn Willette 6 months ago

    This came up again as I’m getting ready to go to sleep before a busy day of travel tomorrow. I could listen to this all day and night! Do you have a relaxing, non-stop music video that I could play during the day?

  • Sue Harmon
    Sue Harmon 6 months ago +3

    Going to be another wonderful night. Thank you jason

  • Sue Harmon
    Sue Harmon 6 months ago

    Saved this for tonight. I am sure it's another wonderful one. Good night everyone.

  • Eileen Barker
    Eileen Barker 6 months ago +1

    Hi my star🌟🙏 Very relaxing and calming 🦋🦋 Gratitude to the Guardian Angels 👼🙏
    Thoughts to those having North Oz and states of Carolina my prayers love and blessings 🙏🙅‍♀️❤️
    Bless all with much love 🙅‍♀️❤️ Star family rainbows love hugs and blessings with gratitude 🙏🌈 🌟🙅‍♀️💖💖💖

  • Drifting Clouds
    Drifting Clouds 6 months ago +2

    magical moonlight ! thank you for this beautiful video. Really looks great

  • Kathryn Willette
    Kathryn Willette 6 months ago +4

    Update: I was out like a light! Thank you, Jason, for this beautiful meditation music!

  • Charlotte Roman
    Charlotte Roman 6 months ago +2

    ThAnkyou Jason Stephenson for always soothing the soul with your AMAZING & BËÃÚŤÏFŮĹ MUSIC 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Sarita Pai
    Sarita Pai 6 months ago +4

    Very nice thanks again brother jason love and peace to u 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹from Bharat

  • Miguel castill Castillion
    Miguel castill Castillion 6 months ago +1

    Thank you

  • Bats Records
    Bats Records 6 months ago +1

    great ! thumbs up

  • Connie Pe
    Connie Pe 6 months ago +13

    Another calming music before sleep is a beautiful gift from a beautiful soul. A warm thanks to you Mr. Jason. LOVE and PEACE to EVERYONE!!!😍❤💖🌻🌻😚😚

  • Reese Rupprecht
    Reese Rupprecht 6 months ago +15

    A good nights rest is always needed before a monday

  • soaringtractor
    soaringtractor 6 months ago


    GLORIA MORENO 6 months ago

    Lindo video y la musica y me gusto y lo disfruto mucho Dios Te Bendiga siempre Jason por compartir este canal muchos Exitos para ti

  • Jo m
    Jo m 6 months ago +3

    Thanks Jason peace to you and to all of those who love you and your video that are so helpful to those who find it hard to sleep.

  • Subliminal Sweets
    Subliminal Sweets 6 months ago +1

    Good Night

  • Kathryn Willette
    Kathryn Willette 6 months ago +8

    I am too! I just saw this come up, and I’m listening before sleep. It’s very beautiful music! I’ll let you know if it helped!

  • Garrison Brumblay
    Garrison Brumblay 6 months ago +7

    Thank you Jason please make similar videos like this soon I love it good night from Clarksville Tennessee