What Happens at Acting Auditions!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2016
  • HEY GUYS I'M BACK (; I hope you enjoy this new video on "What Happens at Acting Auditions!" I discuss what goes down at agency auditions, film auditions, theater auditions and open calls! I hope you enjoy (:
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  • Xxmacygacha Xx
    Xxmacygacha Xx Day ago

    We’re do you find auditons?

  • Mango Movies
    Mango Movies Month ago +1

    I usually get self tapes and I’m going into my first actual audition tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Life with M&M
    Life with M&M 2 months ago

    This Saturday is my audition at conetitcett and I am scared idk what to do do I make a script what will they ask?

  • dawn
    dawn 4 months ago +3

    I have wanted to act since about a year ago, my mother has discouraged me & I can't stop thinking about acting, my heart aches to think she doesn't support me. A friend gave me a name of a casting agency, but my mother didn't research it, I feel very sad about it. I'm not sure what to do.

    • Lauren J
      Lauren J 2 days ago

      dawn Do community theatre! Show your mom that you’re serious about it🤗

  • Galaxy Cat Acting Queen
    Galaxy Cat Acting Queen 4 months ago +4

    I'm having an audition for a school play 16th September and I'm so so nervous, it's my first time and I'm quite shy and don't speak much in class so I'm like ehhhhhhh..TwT me so scared 😖

  • Elizajoy Bryant
    Elizajoy Bryant 4 months ago +1

    What movies / shows are you in?

  • Red Cherry Blossom
    Red Cherry Blossom 6 months ago +3

    I have my first audition tomorrow and I scared and nervous but im Excited!!! YAY!

    • Red Cherry Blossom
      Red Cherry Blossom 5 months ago

      @XxCookiePlayzzxX Thx!

    • XxCookiePlayzzxX
      XxCookiePlayzzxX 5 months ago +1

      Red Cherry Blossom OMG CONGRATS!!!

    • Red Cherry Blossom
      Red Cherry Blossom 5 months ago +1

      @XxCookiePlayzzxX its was for finding talent and I GOT A CALLBACK AND GOT ACCEPTED

    • XxCookiePlayzzxX
      XxCookiePlayzzxX 5 months ago

      Did you get it?? If so congrats and what show/movie/commercial did you do?

  • Callie
    Callie 6 months ago

    Do you have to pay to audition?

  • ImJust Chanelle
    ImJust Chanelle 7 months ago +1

    Love you

  • Hayley Grimes
    Hayley Grimes 7 months ago +3

    Haha. The acting bug is for real! I was there a few weeks ago!

  • Tigerlily 5
    Tigerlily 5 8 months ago +2

    How do you get an agent?

    • axriia
      axriia 5 months ago

      Type in local agencies

  • Prachi Jain
    Prachi Jain 9 months ago +1

    How do u choose the right monologue

  • Bailey Hogue
    Bailey Hogue 10 months ago +4

    I’ve got a couple auditions coming up and I’ve never seriously acted before. I’m scared I’ll get too nervous and forget everything or I’ll do something wrong. Any tips?

  • Mevine Ven
    Mevine Ven 10 months ago

    Sexy voice baby sitting 😃

  • The Golden Child
    The Golden Child 10 months ago +8

    I got an audition for Disney channel
    I’m auditioning on Wednesday wish me luck!!

  • Bella Shahkar
    Bella Shahkar 11 months ago +1

    I have an audition on 23rd of March! I’m so scared!!! Any tips?

    • The Golden Child
      The Golden Child 10 months ago

      It was a huge scam they make you pay 2,000 just to have your name on file
      My mom is going to get me a real agent for trustworthy auditions

    • Bella Shahkar
      Bella Shahkar 10 months ago

      Mimi Rose how did it go?

    • Bella Shahkar
      Bella Shahkar 10 months ago

      Mimi Rose thank you!

    • The Golden Child
      The Golden Child 10 months ago +1

      Yes!! Before do some tongue twisterS

    • The Golden Child
      The Golden Child 10 months ago +1

      Bella Shahkar I have one on March 20 for Disney

  • tough shiz
    tough shiz 11 months ago +1

    Honestly you are such an inspiration. I love how you express everything and you help people out with things that you are doing.

  • Ella Wilkinson
    Ella Wilkinson 11 months ago

    Hey! Sry I’m new to this channel but I was wondering if u have ever gotten a part in a movie,tv show, film,theatre and more?

  • GG GothicKiller
    GG GothicKiller Year ago +1

    Sorry, I'm late. But they didn't include resume on the list, would I still bring one?

  • Byoscar X
    Byoscar X Year ago +1

    How does audition work? Like what kind of script are we supposed to read?

  • Ella The Angel
    Ella The Angel Year ago

    im auditioning for disney :P

  • Depressed Pie
    Depressed Pie Year ago +1

    I get the Audition bit but I don’t get a agent/manager bit

  • A.D.C s' comics
    A.D.C s' comics Year ago +2

    I want to addition cause thas my dream snes I was a 5 yera old kid (that was 8 or 9 years ago)

  • Dara Baird
    Dara Baird Year ago

    Thank you for this video, it was very informative, I am 15, and I really want to go into acting. (My life goal is to be in some superhero movie or show) My dad is a director so I think that’s going to help me a little... I just switched to a school with the best theater program in the city, and I’m very excited. I am also doing an evaluation for an agency soon and I’m freaking out. Anyone have any advise?

  • Marceli Couto
    Marceli Couto Year ago +1

    I have been watching so many of ur videos I’m 12 and I’m going to auditions in 2 days I’m so excited ur videos really help :)

  • Wolfpack 72
    Wolfpack 72 Year ago +1

    I have an audition tomorrow I hope it goes well

  • Kathy Lee
    Kathy Lee Year ago +1

    Are you on any tv shows?

  • KiDs 4evEr
    KiDs 4evEr Year ago +28

    *angency* : *Hey rebekah You Got The AUDITION Come To the Office*
    *Rebekah* : *yeahhh*

  • babey frann
    babey frann Year ago +1

    Wait so I HAVE to take acting classes ?? Because I got a callback but I want to already be in a show!! PLEASE HELP!

      KAYDEN MERRITT 11 months ago

      Yes. Of course you need to take classes if you are acting for real jobs.

  • a s h l e y
    a s h l e y Year ago +1

    I HAVE AN AUDITION FOR MY AGENCY TODAY ;-; *im scareddddddddd*

  • Nina Welsh
    Nina Welsh Year ago +1

    If you are part of an agency, can you go to open casting calls,etc (things without them)?

  • ImBlushin
    ImBlushin Year ago

    I have always wanted to be an actress...I get scared in the camera but great without it..

  • ItsDxniel
    ItsDxniel Year ago +1

    I'm Scared If I'm Not Gonna Get My TV Audition What Should I Do?

  • Giraffey11 YT
    Giraffey11 YT Year ago

    Can you post a video on how to get over stage fright?
    I’m an actor who is new to acting. I’ve always loved acting, and I’ve been in a musical, and I LOVE IT. The only thing is.. I’m just really nervous. I’m going to be auditioning for a group/team for acting and singing soon. I’m prepared, I’m just worried I’ll get nervous and mess up. Do you think you could help?

  • Efficient Rainbowz
    Efficient Rainbowz Year ago +1

    I have my first acting audition tomorrow!
    Any tips?

  • Stephanie White
    Stephanie White Year ago

    i have an audition in may. i’m not scared of like doing it in front of people i’m just scared people are gonna laugh or make fun of me or something.

  • Stephanie Pienaar

    How whas your first adishon

  • AGCookie Dolls
    AGCookie Dolls Year ago

    One time Barbizon called my mom and asked for me. We didn’t even have an agent. But we said no. That was two years ago and I have an audition tomorrow for Nickelodeon/Disney Channel !

  • Annie and Emma
    Annie and Emma Year ago +1

    this made me feel so much better for my audition!! i was so nervous like a month before the audition (idek why) and i watched this video a lot! and as soon as i stepped into the place where i was auditioning i was not nervous at all. and i got a callback that night to come the next day! and about 2 weeks after the callbacks i got a email that i got a part and im so happy! so thank you!

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love Year ago

    Thanks for the advice!

  • sherry-gay thompson
    sherry-gay thompson Year ago +1

    Why do you talk like that and i dont mean something good

  • Jordan Schafer
    Jordan Schafer Year ago +1

    When you show up to a theater/play audition will they give you a script to do?

  • cayleigh
    cayleigh Year ago +7

    how do I convince my mom to allow me to pursue acting bc I’ve always had a passion for it but she is not supportive and it makes me so sad

    • Paris The Princess
      Paris The Princess 10 months ago +2

      Often when you lean yourself towards things everything else will follow. Jump right in! Then maybe she will see how good and professional you are and hopefully join in a bit.

  • __
    __ Year ago

    thank you

  • SoccerGirlSquad !!!
    SoccerGirlSquad !!! Year ago +1

    Can you make a video about good monologues to use for certain types of actors? ❤️🎉👍🏻

  • Isa Rules
    Isa Rules 2 years ago

    It’s two years late but you did this video on my birthday. BTW I have my first addition on Sunday and have been watching a whole bunch of your videos.

  • nazareen unicorns
    nazareen unicorns 2 years ago

    I want to be a actress just like you but I have speech problems😔😢😥😞😒😰😟😖😖

  • DiliPickle Sunshine
    DiliPickle Sunshine 2 years ago

    I️ am auditioning for my school musical Beauty and the beast and this video really helped me calm down

  • wherearetheavocados
    wherearetheavocados 2 years ago +7

    i want to audition for stranger things season 3 so badly!!!

      KAYDEN MERRITT 11 months ago

      You should try to build your self up as an actor if you’re really serious about it. If you just wanna be in stranger things............I don’t blame you it’s a good show.

    • Marceli Couto
      Marceli Couto Year ago

      just somebody yesssss hun get em!!

    • __
      __ Year ago +3

      xlex. lxna Harley Nix ENOUGH. WITH. THIS. Stranger Things is NOT having open auditions! They have said so themselves that they will be choosing from Hollywood and are not even checking on youtube, viral videos, etc. I recommend trying the Disney channel to get to Hollywood, and maybe you will be able to be in stranger things season 4 or 5.

  • Juliet A. Loft G.
    Juliet A. Loft G. 2 years ago +1

    Do open casting calls give you a script in the audition room?

  • Gracie Bethhh
    Gracie Bethhh 2 years ago

    i’m so scared for my audition bc my first audition is In a week

  • Nadira Osman
    Nadira Osman 2 years ago

    Sounds like you really love to act! Hope you one day get a role I’m a movie

  • the famliy talks
    the famliy talks 2 years ago +1

    thank u soooo much i have my musical theatre play

  • Olivia Dunn
    Olivia Dunn 2 years ago

    Do you get a script before the audition or at the audition

    • cadence💕
      cadence💕 8 months ago

      @Olivia Dunn there are booked ones where you get given the script beforehand, and there are cold reading auditions where you get given the monologue/script there ;)

    • Olivia Dunn
      Olivia Dunn 2 years ago

      Rebekah's World what do you mean. Do you let the director know ur going to audition

    • Rebekah's World
      Rebekah's World 2 years ago

      Olivia Dunn depends

  • Horseok.
    Horseok. 2 years ago +3

    i want to be a 10 yr. actress but im afraid to approach my parents and ur channel really helps me

    • Hannah Smith
      Hannah Smith 5 months ago

      To make u feel better my best friend found an acting thing for me and I couldn't find it so I texted my mom cuz I didn't want to get up so I texted her and my friend helped me sign up while my mom was sleeping and I didn't think that I was gonna get the email and I got the email to audition my mom still doesn't know wonder how much trouble I'ma be in welp wouldn't be the first time I disappointed her

    • Hayley Grimes
      Hayley Grimes 7 months ago

      Tell them! I know its scary, but you should still tell them! It is a lot of fun!

    • get lit 24\7
      get lit 24\7 2 years ago


    • Rebekah's World
      Rebekah's World 2 years ago

      Alfreda Onyeukwu hi! me to! i’ve been thing of becoming and actresss and i don’t really know how to confront my parents and tell them. i fell like they’ll just say no. so do you have advice? ANYBODY?!?

  • Ehsue Kaw
    Ehsue Kaw 2 years ago

    Hi thank you for sharing the auditions tips. I found they are very helpful. I just knew your channel two weeks ago. All your videos I watched were awesome and helped me preparing my acting. Coming week I have a short film auditions. Your tips help me a lot. Thanks. I got a script.

  • LIADance
    LIADance 2 years ago

    Could you act out all these kinds of auditions?

  • a girl
    a girl 2 years ago +1

    thank you for all of the videos and advise you have gave me and all of your other subscribers and BTW I can relate to you I have performed in the West End LONDON and it was overwhelming THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE ADVISE YOU GIVE US!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 2 years ago

    I'd like to know about your acting background: How many auditions have you been on? How many paid acting jobs have you done? What type of acting training do you have? Do you have an agent? Have you done any commercials? Any TV?