Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question if should you be drinking water when you eat food. The thought is when you drink too much water, it will dilute the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and is going to weaken the ability to digest food. The purpose of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is to trigger the enzymes to primarily help digest protein, absorb minerals, and kill off microbes.
    If you are going to drink water on your meal, add apple cider vinegar to help you keep the pH where it needs to be. Avoid adding calcium carbonate or drinking alkaline water to the meal because it will dilute it. But then, what’s more important is what you are eating or the quality of food you are consuming, and don’t force yourself to drink a lot of water especially when you ate protein because potentially, it can also dilute the HCL and weaken the ability to break down protein. If you are doing a salad with a meal or combining it with protein, you may find that you are thirstier at the end of the meal because a lot of the fiber attracts water and it gels up in the colon, so the body will tell you to drink a little more.
    If you have a weak digestive system or your stomach isn’t that strong with a good enough acid, don’t go drink too much water, and start to build it up with betaine hydrochloride, apple cider vinegar, or apple cider vinegar pills.
    Eric Berg, DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of "The New Body Type Guide" and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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  • Jimmy Bumgardner
    Jimmy Bumgardner 7 days ago

    Had my gallbladder removed years ago. Never had any problems, but now that I am 68 and some of the videos I have watched. I recognize that I have some of the symptom because of no gallbladder. What should I take and or eat to help.

  • soldier of tough love

    I highly suggest Barbara O'Neill "sunshine and rest" And you'll not drink before during or after meals.

  • me tube
    me tube 13 days ago

    Wash it down or you can choke & pass out. Believe me it's no fun passing out from choking on your food. As you age it gets more difficult to swallow. And if you exercise & fast alot you can choke on small sips of water too.

  • Persha Sh
    Persha Sh 13 days ago

    I have electricity allergy what should i do???

    • Worship
      Worship 12 days ago

      Persha Sh, you better call Saul.

  • Vitika Arora
    Vitika Arora 13 days ago +1

    Sir my eyes are drastically sinkingg in ...i feel pain in facial muscles and cheeks are also sinking in...i really need ur help..bcz no dr. Is able to understand wht it face has started lookinh like hell ..plz help me out

    • Ninja69
      Ninja69 12 days ago

      Vitika Arora what made it start?

  • Clay
    Clay 13 days ago

    i get fat when i drink lots of water with my food, so i drink water with my food all the time.
    i assume that means it's healthy if you do so. remember, we aren't supposed to 'leak' calories. in nature, we're supposed to absorb the maximum amount of calories from the meals we eat. for that same reason i'm a proponent of eating a little bit of fruits that are in season. every once in a while if you gain fat AND muscle, it's probably a sign that you're body is storing some stuff for rainy days.
    and when are you able to store up for rainy days? when you're happily over flowing with resources!
    don't be scared of gaining weight. it's natural if you stay below 20% bodyfat. you can always lean down during the winter!

  • Clark Robertson
    Clark Robertson 14 days ago +2

    This question really reflects just how much intelligence/common sense has declined over the past decade

  • Josef Kevin Lucero de Godoi

    ... I used a very expensive demo water ionizer for a week... after 4 days I was cramping severely and quit drinking the water on day 5... after 2 days the cramping was all but gone... very painful few days... ACV all the way...

  • Lee Holmes
    Lee Holmes 15 days ago

    Lol test the waters...I see what you did there

  • energiser303
    energiser303 16 days ago

    How about water in protein shakes

  • Rodney Jones defending the faith.

    You need to eat before one o’clock. I would be laying in the corner in a fetal position if I had to wait that long to eat.

  • ams 15292
    ams 15292 17 days ago

    That's why there is Coca Cola.

  • Pablo
    Pablo 18 days ago

    You make me happy, thinking that there are american honest doctors! You are an example of excellent physician!

  • alyssa alaimo
    alyssa alaimo 18 days ago

    Carbonated water ?

  • Hristo Raychinov
    Hristo Raychinov 20 days ago +10

    Dr. Berg please make video should u breath or not while fasting.

    • Chaudhary Jayesh
      Chaudhary Jayesh 15 days ago +2

      Hristo Raychinov my digestive juices diluted reading ur cmnt😂 😂 😂

  • Anthony scott
    Anthony scott 20 days ago +2

    Drinking water with meals is very important it helps break down food and help's soften stoles and adds digestion 👍

  • SkyDaLimit925
    SkyDaLimit925 20 days ago

    Thanks dr Berg I wanted to know the answer for this for a while now . When you browse the net you get yes and no’s .

  • Israel Moreno
    Israel Moreno 23 days ago +1

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon 23 days ago

    did you just contradict yourself. I drink about 4 glasses of water every meal not including iced tea juice or milk shake and I feel ok.

  • Suresh Sylar
    Suresh Sylar 24 days ago +2

    For the past 2 years i drink 2 hours before and after my meal, and i have seen major improvement in my health. I rarely get sick these days, even when someone near me is sick I am not affected at all. My next step is to completely stop sugar and focus on intermittent fasting, which is quite difficult in my country with their main dish consist of rice and noodles.

  • RipVanWinkle7
    RipVanWinkle7 25 days ago

    Thanks Dr. I’m a Dr too, I can explain my patients this. Thank you so much.

  • PrInCeSsuk8
    PrInCeSsuk8 25 days ago

    Only sip water don't gulp bad for your liver

    • Eddie Salas
      Eddie Salas 23 days ago

      So your saying that drinking water is unhealthy for you? Are you dumb?

  • PrInCeSsuk8
    PrInCeSsuk8 25 days ago

    Drink water 15mins before a meal

  • RoyalPizzaKing
    RoyalPizzaKing 25 days ago

    of course not! Water is for trees !!!

  • Victoria Calvert
    Victoria Calvert 25 days ago

    Dr. Berg. Please address hiatal hernias and acid reflux

  • Pamela Shinmar
    Pamela Shinmar 26 days ago

    Drinking water with meals makes me feel full. Drinking two 2 hours be for a meal doesnt make me feel full. Thanks

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 26 days ago

    Why not drink lemon water with a meal? Lemon is acidic and tastes better than apple cider vinegar and water.

  • onlygood stuff
    onlygood stuff 26 days ago

    Please. But why not Alkaline Water? Thanks.

  • Rizwan Chad
    Rizwan Chad 27 days ago

    Dr are you well?

  • Roop Singh
    Roop Singh 27 days ago +1

    In Ayurveda, water should be drunk 30 min before and an hour after food. That’s the rule

  • vaxen805
    vaxen805 27 days ago

    ACV with water DOES WORK. DO IT!

  • YhwhKhaiMostHigh
    YhwhKhaiMostHigh 27 days ago +1

    I always drink water or tea w/ acv with my meal.

  • Nobuhle Thusi
    Nobuhle Thusi 28 days ago

    Thank you Dr Berg

  • Eze Thomas
    Eze Thomas 28 days ago

    What about Chinese that only drink warm or hot water instead of cold? I swapped to hot water half an hour after and quit cold drinks and soda forever after my trip to China

  • aqualuv99
    aqualuv99 28 days ago

    I was told not to drink ice cold water. Chinese people drink lemon water

  • M Chan
    M Chan 28 days ago

    Can I drink Coke Zero instead of real-sugar-coke to lose weight? Does Coke Zero triggers insulin?

    • Lubov Glover
      Lubov Glover 20 days ago

      I wouldn't drink any pop whats so ever! It is hard at first but is so worth it. You will see those pouds shedding off so fast once you stop drinking anything but water. Gatorade and other sports drinks are the worst too, too much sugar!

    • Lubov Glover
      Lubov Glover 20 days ago

      Yes, fake sugar and the 0cal sweeteners still trigger the same dopamine receptors in our brain and make us craving for more sugar. I read a research somewhere that 0cal sweeteners actually make you insulin resistant and you become diabetic and gain fat more and more. The so popular stevia for example is "natural" but if you read the ingredients it is mixed with other ingredients that are not!

  • Casmige
    Casmige 28 days ago

    Digestion actually doesn’t take place so much in the stomach.
    The stomach, like a washing machine, simply bathes the food in digestive accoutrements....And yes some what sterilizes the food in the HCl environment.
    Digestion is primarily done in the small intestine....Although it is often said that digestion begins in the mouth as well with proper mastication.

  • Michael Becker
    Michael Becker 28 days ago

    What about soups? Are they healthy?

  • astralvenus
    astralvenus 28 days ago

    I drink water like a cat! Avoid it at all cost when eating bc if I drink water or anything cold the food just sits in my stomach and hrs will go by, I get hungry and I still feel the food in the back of my throat.

  • Virgil Reyes
    Virgil Reyes 28 days ago +1

    "Test the waters" puns! I love it!

  • Joe Al
    Joe Al 28 days ago

    How to get more acid? I've been having acid reflux for like six months and keep burping after eating simple foods.
    Thanks so much Dr. 🤝🏻

  • Melki Hassa
    Melki Hassa 28 days ago +2

    Thank you, Dr. Eric Berg, for your guidance on this lifestyle. I have lost significant amounts of weight comfortably and rejuvenated my skin. It's such an enjoyable experience it's amazing. Again thank you :)

  • Shadow On the Sun
    Shadow On the Sun 28 days ago +4

    Uhhh!!!!! The sound of him taking the cap off the marker 😬😬

  • No Name
    No Name 28 days ago

    *Always drink water or something with your food. What goes in must come out, yes? You like dry or semi wet bowel movements? Choice is yours.

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas 29 days ago

    Doctor, I have read that acid works better when diluted. But that doesn't clarify if we need water or not during meals. Water during meals should be helpful or otherwise due to other reasons, which I expect you to elaborate on.

  • Mehmet Ince
    Mehmet Ince 29 days ago

    Hello People. Pleas help me. My english is so bad, no good. Eat with water? or Eat with no water? Thanks my Friends

  • YB E
    YB E 29 days ago

    Soda water definitely alkalizes the stomach, I always wind up with reflux after drinking it.

  • kav sch
    kav sch 29 days ago

    Do a show on "chaga" tea.... dark bitter water... yummy...

  • Tariq Ahmad
    Tariq Ahmad 29 days ago

    Love ur videos Dr berg. Please throw some light on why i m allergic to butter and cooked tomatoes. It gives me kinda flu or jammed nose . Please consider my question.thanks.

  • Vic M.
    Vic M. 29 days ago

    Red wine with meals , helps to absorb nutrients. I never consume ice cold beverages with food.

  • Krish hades
    Krish hades 29 days ago

    i drink lemon water during my really helps my digestion

  • Space Alien Jesus
    Space Alien Jesus 29 days ago +1

    Test the waters..
    I saw what you did there..

  • Annette Fowler
    Annette Fowler 29 days ago


  • JP Bushcraft and survival reviews

    What if you have too much acid should you drink more water?

  • Juggalot33ny
    Juggalot33ny 29 days ago +1

    "So basically you're just going to have to test the waters" 🤣

  • daisy3690
    daisy3690 29 days ago


  • #godwill rise
    #godwill rise 29 days ago

    What kind of fat do you eat?

  • Musud Aslami
    Musud Aslami 29 days ago

    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  • iVlogBuzz
    iVlogBuzz 29 days ago

    Does ACV kill microbes that cause inflammation in joints etc?

  • Marcus Livingston
    Marcus Livingston 29 days ago

    Dr.Berg what about aloe vera juice before your meal?

  • Qussai
    Qussai 29 days ago

    Yeah I also drink apple cider vinegar when I get bored, it kills my boredom. I heard it's good for your car, you won't need to pump gas or change your oil. 👌

  • Big Kahona
    Big Kahona 29 days ago

    Green tea is amazing while eating

  • super Joshi
    super Joshi 29 days ago +2

    In India we are very careful about drinking water during meal. But its ok to drink buttermilk.

  • Sam Gregorian
    Sam Gregorian 29 days ago +1


  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 29 days ago

    Hot liquid is better.

  • Sergio Pereira
    Sergio Pereira 29 days ago +1

    From the UK, amazing Dr. Berg you definitely changed my life and saved me a lot of money, who needs supplements . All the best.

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 29 days ago +2

    As per Ayurved; water should be taken after at least 30 mins of the meal! You can take a sip or two in between though

  • Geoffrey Thompson
    Geoffrey Thompson 29 days ago

    Dude. Water any time yes don’t even need to watch this. Get real.
    Come on.

  • bratsmovies17
    bratsmovies17 29 days ago

    Omg im never gona lose weight

  • Osi Dubai
    Osi Dubai 29 days ago

    I believe our food should contain water food and less salty and spices, with no sugars or sweets, and that how we determine the need of the water in full day, drinking or eating water food before meals and after the digestive, enough water unless is very necessary during the food it could be a habits and you dont need it if you don't need floating balon, eat less food and high quality then after drink whole day long whatever you feel it needs.

  • TraumaER
    TraumaER 29 days ago +20

    *People overthink life these days. Now they don’t know if they should drink water? LOL when someone is choking and they need water but are like “can’t drink water because it will ruin my absorption of correct pH level!!”*

  • Jason
    Jason 29 days ago


  • Halfmoon Bay
    Halfmoon Bay 29 days ago

    Hi Dr Berg,
    I have a question and really hope you or anyone knows it to answer for me.
    I buy organic pastured- raised eggs over just pastured raised.
    Is it worth to buy organic pastured or just pastured raised eggs would be good enough?
    Usually organic pastured raised is about $1 more.
    If they are about the same, I don’t mind buying regular pastured raised.
    Please need reply.
    Thank you

  • Laupril Reyes
    Laupril Reyes 29 days ago


  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie 29 days ago

    I don't like the feeling or idea of my stomach expanding too much. So I limit water intake to sips if needed while I eat.

  • Vazcular
    Vazcular 29 days ago

    Don't follow this doctor blindly until your early grave. Do alternate research. Dr. Berg thinks he is the most knowledgeable man on the planet.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 29 days ago

    We're overthinking everything now

  • Rabbit Wolf
    Rabbit Wolf 29 days ago

    Dr Berg please please do a video on Meralgia Paresthetica!!

  • Mira Mira
    Mira Mira 29 days ago

    Please make caption in Arabic language.

  • Shir K
    Shir K 29 days ago

    I have to take my supplements with a meal so I need to swallow them down with water. I also take HCL when I eat a protein.

  • htet aung
    htet aung 29 days ago

    Next Vedio : Should I breath air when you eat food? 😏😏

  • oscar0312
    oscar0312 29 days ago

    On the next discussion I wanna know what's the best natural cure for stomach virus?

  • Steve Ve
    Steve Ve 29 days ago

    Maybe, maybe not...

  • Liv'n Lujin
    Liv'n Lujin 29 days ago +1

    Take a swig of swedish bitters before your meal!
    Then you can digest a boat!

  • saxarra43
    saxarra43 29 days ago

    People over think stuff, if you want water with your meal go ahead.

  • Bryan Patton
    Bryan Patton 29 days ago

    Hello all-
    I have a question for Dr. Berg.
    I am male. When I pee, the toilet bowl is 75-80% foam and bubbles on the surface of the water when I am done.
    -is this a bad thing?

    • Dãndy Liõn
      Dãndy Liõn 27 days ago

      He did a video on urine not long ago.

  • Kyle Bane
    Kyle Bane 29 days ago

    So I have a kidney stone. (Worst pain in my life) I am drinking 3 (16oz) bottles with 2 lemons squeezed inside them a day. I am also taking 3 pills of Hydroxy Citrate, 500mg of Calcium Citrate, 800mg of Magnesium Citrate and drinking around 2 liters of water per day. I spread all of them throughout the day. I am also thinking about adding Apple Cinder Vinegar to my diet. Am I doing it right? Or should I cut back or add anything?

  • kim alonzo
    kim alonzo Month ago +5

    My parents never allowed me and my siblings to drink anything WHILE we ate. In turn, for the most part, I didn't and won't allow my children to drink anything while they eat. When I got older, some of my peers would take notice of it and thought it was strange.

  • bubble kuku
    bubble kuku Month ago

    witch is fast for digest-stomach rice or bread?

  • rosedragon108
    rosedragon108 Month ago

    i'm one of those people who can't eat w/o a liquid - usually water. it's not a LOT, just a sip. i HAVE started the acv before meal lately ... LOL love the 'tongue in cheek humour'

  • rudeboymon
    rudeboymon Month ago

    Drink your orange juice with your meal so your blood sugar doesnt spike

  • Robin18us
    Robin18us Month ago

    According to Edgar Cayce who knows more than any doctor, you should drink a glass of water 30 minutes before the meal and a glass of water 30 minutes after the meal.

  • Narda1968
    Narda1968 Month ago +1

    I get hiccups alot after I eat....can you discuss this....Thanks...🤗

  • blorgin1
    blorgin1 Month ago +6

    I eat one meal a day, lots of protein and fat. I drink water all day but then I start to drink less when I’m getting close to eating. I drink some ACV and take a vitamin about 10 minutes before eating. I don’t drink anything with the meal and I don’t drink until maybe 30 mins or more after eating. So far so good

  • Ricky Peters
    Ricky Peters Month ago

    Can you drink water with lemon or lime in place of apple cider vinegar?

  • imprintaftah
    imprintaftah Month ago

    Damn right so trivial focus on the food

  • M. Goss
    M. Goss Month ago

    I'm eating no carbs and I have big problems with constapation , I do eat seeds, what can I do ?

    • acostalot
      acostalot 29 days ago

      Eat more greens and fiber. Broccoli spinach kale etc.

  • Justin Grothe
    Justin Grothe Month ago

    @Dr. Eric Berg DC I have been trying to follow your keto and fasting plan lately. I am curious about after I workout (night time and I have broke my fast), if it is ok to consume carbs (bananas/other high GI foods) to replenish my glycogen levels. Example: I ate good quality organic eggs and bacon but since I didn't consume my normal post workout carbs, I ate a banana and drank oj (I know you don't recommend the oj). I train very hard for muscle and strength building and was feeling additional drained. How would you advise!? Thanks for all the videos you have posted. It has changed my approach and lifestyle :).

    • Lubov Glover
      Lubov Glover 20 days ago

      I do intermitten fasting but not really on "keto" diet because I love my carbs too much . i just eat less of them and eat them last. My understanding was that is best if you work out in your fasting period, than wait a few more hours, eat fat then eat your protein and eat your carbs at the end. This way you prolong your production of ketons. I eat my carbs at the end (about 2h before i go to bed) and when 2h later my insuline goes down hill i am not insanely starving because i am in bed :) works for me!

  • Safak Ketchum
    Safak Ketchum Month ago +1

    Hey Dr Berg i always wanted to know your opinion on Dry Fasting. Is it a safe method to lose body fat?

  • TerriTerriHotSauce
    TerriTerriHotSauce Month ago

    Is high oleic sunflower oil keto friendly? It has less inflammation causing polyunsatured fat than even olive oil and it is high in vitamin E.