Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
  • The iPhone XR has gotten a bad rap, and I wanted to set the record straight by doing a detailed comparison review. Let’s see if I can convince some of you to believe in the iPhone XR!
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  • GizmoSlipTech
    GizmoSlipTech  Year ago +177

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    • john llegado
      john llegado 5 months ago

      I hope i win some of your give a way plzzz let me win i need really really a phone

    • john llegado
      john llegado 5 months ago

      I hope i win your give a way

    • JennaTools
      JennaTools 5 months ago

      jonas mieyi I don’t think it is 🤣😂

  • Lewis Morra
    Lewis Morra Day ago

    its not.... next.

  • fayosaid
    fayosaid Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the XR (or 11) is too big?

  • saad mujeeb
    saad mujeeb 2 days ago

    Xr have 3d touch bro

    • Alessio Gjeloshi
      Alessio Gjeloshi Day ago

      saad mujeeb nope it has haptic touch which is like 3D Touch but you need to tap for a bit more time and you can do it only in control center

  • Patrick Tilsley
    Patrick Tilsley 5 days ago

    Ehh the iPhone XR is kinda ugly. Super thick, large Bessils, less premium!!

  • RhiRhi x
    RhiRhi x 6 days ago

    i just don't like the camera on the Xr

  • Yung Lxrd
    Yung Lxrd 7 days ago

    man, ur just hating the iphone xs too much, everyone has their own opinion, but just dont hate it that much :(
    Edit : in my opinion, xs is better than xr, the xs is more compact, faster, and better screen

  • Pandamonium
    Pandamonium 7 days ago

    The XR is a very good phone. However, it needs at least a 1080p screen minimum. Hopefully, Apple will address this in the future.

  • Mohd Kamalddeen Bello

    I will find u

  • Nico Toscani
    Nico Toscani 10 days ago

    The XR is by far a better value. Anyone on the fence, get the XR.

  • V3 1.4
    V3 1.4 11 days ago

    Got my XR today and I love it so much!! I DON’T miss the 6s at all!

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 11 days ago

    Dude U are a stupid ! Cow ! I had xr lucky for me I could send phone back in under a week I sent it back the display is disgusting !

  • Mina Myong
    Mina Myong 12 days ago

    If you care more about your budget rather than little cons then you should go for xr

  • HDG
    HDG 14 days ago

    İ love my XR , its fast and snappy. Oh god and the battery is amazing with 5 hours screen on time i still have 45% left holy moly.!

    • V3 1.4
      V3 1.4 11 days ago

      Same. Just got it today and i immediately love it! I can’t believe I used a 6s before

  • Aaron Nava
    Aaron Nava 17 days ago

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A20 and it was FREE. Thanks. Na but I'm gonna buy the XR this week 😂 For $500, why would I not buy it? The red color is sexy af too.

  • Remodluna 99
    Remodluna 99 18 days ago

    Ive got the 11

  • Jason B
    Jason B 18 days ago

    I totally agree with you, i could have chose the xr or xs but after holding them both and using them i decided on the xr. i really liked the bigger screen and better battery life and to be honest i thought the xr screen looked just as amazing. I dont know how people are saying they see blurry text on the xr because i looked at all text and i seen no blurry edges on anything.

  • Rakz
    Rakz 18 days ago

    Thanks, convinced me to xr

  • Hen ki
    Hen ki 19 days ago

    Xr can do 1080p on youtube

  • Waleed Sied
    Waleed Sied 21 day ago +1

    U could blatantly tell the difference side by side

  • Helina Tedla
    Helina Tedla 21 day ago +1

    im gonna go crazy i cant choose

  • Jaspher Jake B. Vibar
    Jaspher Jake B. Vibar 23 days ago

    Lol, i watch in jealousy cuz i cant even afford an iphone 7

  • FinnBacon
    FinnBacon 23 days ago

    Camera looks stoopid on xr and a kinda meh screen...

  • Alice Lee
    Alice Lee 23 days ago

    im using iphone 6 right now. how could anybody find something to criticize on iphone XR????!!!?!!!

  • The Dawn
    The Dawn 24 days ago

    Hi! How do I choose when they now cost just as much (on sale)? (Not American)

  • Akshay Gala
    Akshay Gala 24 days ago +1

    After watching this video i am gonna buy an iphone xs😁

  • Missy Cabic
    Missy Cabic 24 days ago

    Watching on my XR 😁

  • kmW
    kmW 24 days ago

    I'd rather have a better screen than a bigger screen. and by better I don't mean resolution, I mean OLED vs LCD. LCDs look so washed out and ugly after experiencing OLED

  • sri vidya
    sri vidya 24 days ago

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  • Lesley Peguero
    Lesley Peguero 25 days ago

    I have the iPhone XR is the best

  • ღ sɪʟᴠᴇʀʙʟᴀᴢᴇ ღ

    I got coral :)

  • Mostafa Majed
    Mostafa Majed 29 days ago

    iPhone XR is not better than the iPhone XS ok

  • DZE
    DZE 29 days ago

    But the Bezels!!!!!

  • Trash Kidd
    Trash Kidd Month ago

    Naw the number one phone in 2020 is LG

  • Jimbo —Stories—


  • EVIL Nisso
    EVIL Nisso Month ago +1

    Mr beast?

  • MythicalLife34 YT
    MythicalLife34 YT Month ago

    The Xs will run smoother cause it has more ram

  • KJ
    KJ Month ago

    I have a XR and I can do 3D Touch, it must be the new IOS update or sumin.

  • deadbro Clan
    deadbro Clan Month ago

    I’m watching cause I’m getting one

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller Month ago

    Nah, the brightness comes out better on the lcd. If you getting an xs or xr, add the little more and get the 11. Worthy upgrade for not much more money

  • Thomas Lynn
    Thomas Lynn Month ago +1

    Xs is better that the Xr

  • Jourski
    Jourski Month ago +1

    thinking of going with the xs, thing is in my country the price difference when it comes to used ones is like 50 euros. I would love a yellow xr but cant find any at a reasonable price, i also think the Xs is a much more comfortable size for me.

  • It’s ya boi Sam shephard

    That was very helpful thank you for a honest review

  • Flappy Dunk plus iOS

    The iPhone XS has a 512GB storage option that the iPhone XR does NOT have.

  • EpicOofer 55
    EpicOofer 55 Month ago +1

    He sounds like Mr Beast

  • can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?

    ok lets make it fair.

    u sound like mr beast and mr beast sounds like u

  • Snuff
    Snuff Month ago

    Honestly the thickness and bezels is too annoying on the xr

  • Razor
    Razor Month ago

    With 720p, longer battery life

    THE WEL CLUB Month ago +1

    Ive upgraded from Iphone 5s to Iphone Xr

  • Brian Matthews
    Brian Matthews Month ago

    I just upgraded from a iPhone 5 to the Xr. Definitely happy about the upgrade.

  • Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton Month ago

    The iPhone XS has a noticeably better display. Sorry, just had to say it. In the video you showed with the two guys, the XS clearly has a WAY better video quality.

  • bum heaven
    bum heaven Month ago

    Sounds like mr beast ah

  • silloweet
    silloweet Month ago +2

    3:06 I can't be the only one who sees an obvious difference

    • daway212
      daway212 29 days ago

      You can see a contrast, but it’s harder to compare when seeing it through a recorded medium due to vision/cognitive bias

  • haroon miah
    haroon miah Month ago

    those thick bezels r ugly AF

  • A Shell
    A Shell Month ago

    Right now (11/29) Verizon has buy one get one free on the XR. So two XR's for $599 and I added a line and got another $400 off making it $199 for two XR's. Sold my 6s plus for $150 so now I only had to fork out $49. I had to pay $64 for the Ballistic cases for them. Always try and wait for deals if you can. Hope this helps others.

  • Team KimChi
    Team KimChi Month ago

    only xs is bright, why xr is not?

  • Jay Winters
    Jay Winters Month ago

    Too much detail...get a life, Bro.

  • Micheal Papi Lamou
    Micheal Papi Lamou Month ago +1

    Dude, you're literally the best phone reviewer 💯💯

  • markchan
    markchan Month ago

    Idk why but the bezzles are just so ugly, and the materials are cheap too, to me it looks a Chinese clone 😂 it's a phone for highschool kids tbh

  • Nur Dayana
    Nur Dayana 2 months ago

    I want the iPhone xr but i know for sure I won’t get it 😭