Joel Embiid Knows How to Make Stephen Curry Go 0-for-10 from Three | 5 Minutes from Home

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers hops in a Lyft with Stephen Curry for a far-reaching conversation about Joel’s path to the NBA from Cameroon, finding a home in Philadelphia, and Joel's secret to stopping Stephen on the court. At the end of the night, they end up at Ayesha’s restaurant, International Smoke, for an all-star meal.
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Comments • 2 845

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 8 days ago

    Joel Embiid you should ask for a trade request and then go to the warriors and join Steph Curry

  • Keanthony King
    Keanthony King 10 days ago

    Comment on my comment everybody ok who is the best dunker I pick Michael23Jordan

  • Keanthony King
    Keanthony King 10 days ago

    I wanna play basketball with Joel and Stephen

  • Keanthony King
    Keanthony King 10 days ago

    But he’s French

  • Keanthony King
    Keanthony King 10 days ago

    I thought Joel was American

  • Bobby Gravel
    Bobby Gravel 12 days ago

    5minutes dès la maison I’m french

  • Ness _
    Ness _ 13 days ago

    Nice vids stephen curry

  • Mix vids Xoxo
    Mix vids Xoxo 15 days ago

    Steph curry ur hot asf!!!!!!!!! It’s a dare

  • MoTheSavageBull Oof
    MoTheSavageBull Oof 18 days ago +1

    Steph curry The raptors watched this vid and that’s how they beat you

  • MoTheSavageBull Oof
    MoTheSavageBull Oof 18 days ago +1

    The whole nba watching this vid lmao

  • Steven Tasinda
    Steven Tasinda 19 days ago

    Embiid is from Cameroon they speak French but I'm congolese🇨🇩🇨🇩

  • Thomas Christou
    Thomas Christou 20 days ago

    Who else can’t get over the fact there not wearing seatbelts

  • Happy EGO
    Happy EGO 22 days ago

    The duo champ!

  • Speed Mesh
    Speed Mesh 22 days ago

    i love this moments

  • Andrew DeMond
    Andrew DeMond 22 days ago

    How tf steph ain’t got 1 million subscribers he’s shooting pg future hall of famer. I thought the Bay Area got ur back

  • Andri Records
    Andri Records 22 days ago

    Traduction a spanish please in the videos. 🇩🇴

  • Whiplash
    Whiplash 23 days ago +1

    Man, Steph curry isn’t bad at interviewing people. I could really relate to both of them. Great job!

  • Jean doglas
    Jean doglas 24 days ago

    trash french from joel i'm from africa n live in US n still speak it better the him Lmao

  • coc buddy
    coc buddy 25 days ago


  • 공주
    공주 25 days ago

    진심으로 사랑합니다

  • Dylan Heckman
    Dylan Heckman 26 days ago

    I’m a warriors fan and my first ever NBA game was the game Steph went 0 for 11, it was afoul. He is my favorite player and I couldn’t stand that game. And I mean my first game at there live.

  • lil chopstauce
    lil chopstauce 27 days ago

    If Joel wants to be a shooter he's gonna have to have his shampoo guy step it up

  • ItsYoBoyAye
    ItsYoBoyAye 27 days ago

    0:18 crash?

  • J MEMA
    J MEMA 28 days ago

    Is these steph official youtube channel?

  • The Joesma
    The Joesma 29 days ago

    Yo do Kawhi

  • Player One
    Player One 29 days ago

    Underarmour's most valuable players 💪🏼

  • Oscar Gamer tu canal de diversión

    You are te number 1 Warriors forever. Curry

  • Xiaoping Jing
    Xiaoping Jing Month ago

    Shooters are white lol, el Paso for example.

  • astrophysicist wannabe

    No one:
    Joel: *Phele*

  • jackson wheeler
    jackson wheeler Month ago +1

    best NBA player in the world.

  • 彡Depression
    彡Depression Month ago

    Me and my boy after getting destroyed by a terminator

  • Johnathan Covarrubias

    He's a god at 3 pointers

  • Jenjen Jennifer Salas


  • Adrian Rangel
    Adrian Rangel Month ago

    8:04 what the he'll is that? Is that the food they eat in California? I'm from Texas we eat soul Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Yo
    Yo Month ago

    Losers hanging out together

  • Jcob 12
    Jcob 12 Month ago

    I Never New Joel was french

  • Timo R
    Timo R Month ago

    A 5 minute de la maison

  • Louis Gollop
    Louis Gollop Month ago

    NBA players in cars getting coffee

  • i am a random guy on youtube

    À cinq minutes de la maison.( Im french canadian).

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson Month ago

    Jeph Curriid

  • J Bayawon
    J Bayawon Month ago +12

    Joel Embiid has an African accent but he's more fluent than most of the American NBA players. Have you ever heard Draymond Green's language? 😂

    • northuprising
      northuprising 5 days ago

      Draymond is well spoken though?

    • Penice Italy
      Penice Italy Month ago +2

      Draymond Green is really smart though, he gives the best interviews out of all the players imo. Kawhi comes as a close second just because his blatant honesty and surprisingly funny sense of humor is just so entertaining.

  • Fin Mason
    Fin Mason Month ago

    6:10 also Joel “***k the process”

  • jackson wheeler
    jackson wheeler Month ago +1

    you are the greatest NBA player of all time stephen curry

    • Whereskelly?
      Whereskelly? Month ago

      jackson wheeler shitty opinion alert

  • Master king
    Master king Month ago

    Philly for the chip calling it

  • G.O A.T
    G.O A.T Month ago

    As much as I want to hate steph I can’t he’s such a cool and humble guy and is also a great player

  • J- nix15
    J- nix15 Month ago +1

    His clothes is as same as his RU-clip channel

  • degenrate ML
    degenrate ML Month ago


  • 1000 subs With No Videos Challenge

    When the hell did Steph get a channel?

  • Attila Csukas
    Attila Csukas Month ago

    Great video but wear a seatbelt mate!

  • Gracie Lovett
    Gracie Lovett Month ago

    Steph is one of my favorites he can do anything an he can dunk even though he isn't that tall but it doesn't matter how tall you are it matters about how athletic you are like Steph on of the best players of all time warriors for life 💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

  • Lewis Gunnar
    Lewis Gunnar Month ago +2

    Love this vid steph got me in to nba and Joel is from ku and I love ku and I love him.

  • Carl oscar Johansson

    I really like this duo

  • Gladion Opal
    Gladion Opal Month ago +2

    “When you’re white you’re a shooter”
    Ben Simmons:Am I a joke to you?

  • Daniel Jiang
    Daniel Jiang Month ago +1

    Imagine a team with Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Joel Embiid Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Dragonspheres
    Dragonspheres Month ago +1

    It's crazy how humble Curry is, mad respect

  • Ng huaikhang
    Ng huaikhang Month ago

    Imagine this dynamic duos

  • That Guy Seth
    That Guy Seth Month ago

    No seatbelts? :(

  • Will Shirel
    Will Shirel Month ago

    Joel didn't even play the next night

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James Month ago

    Who else thinks it’s way better when another nba player interviews another player because they’ve actually been in your shoes and understand

  • COW
    COW Month ago

    This is shit.

    They ain’t wearing seatbelts