Great White Shark Spotted In Mississippi River?

  • Published on Sep 6, 2017
  • Great White Shark spotted in Mississippi river? We take a look at this supposed Great White Shark spotted in Mississippi river. On 26 October 2016, the web site React365 published a photograph purportedly supposedly showing two great white sharks in the Mississippi River near St. Louis. The same site later posted the same photograph again, this time claiming the pictured sharks had made “their way up the Mississippi River and in to the Illinois River somehow”
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  • bryan Blair
    bryan Blair 4 months ago

    Actually two great white sharks have been spotted and confirmed in the Mississippi River on 6/6/19 probably mating according to certain Marine biologist

  • william edwards
    william edwards 5 months ago

    Saint (Lewis)

  • steve jones
    steve jones 7 months ago

    bull sharks are miss identified as great whites all the time

  • Michael WS6
    Michael WS6 8 months ago

    The Illinois river hits the Mississippi River in Alton, IL. Back like 100 years ago a bull shark WAS caught in Alton. Nowadays locks n dams prevent that but the rivers open from St Louis down soo..... 😎 I’ll let you all know when I catch one

    BEFFER Year ago +3

    Cause it’s a mix of fresh and salt water

    BEFFER Year ago +3

    But yah they can’t survive in fresh water but if the ocean is connected it’s possible

    BEFFER Year ago +6

    In 1916 there was a great white shark that went in a fresh water lake and killed a shit load of people

  • maximaldinotrap
    maximaldinotrap Year ago +8

    Probably more like a bull shark.

  • Nathan Holmes
    Nathan Holmes 2 years ago +1


  • Varg Kai
    Varg Kai 2 years ago

    Dilophosaurus vs crylophosaurus pls

  • Jurassic fan
    Jurassic fan 2 years ago +14

    Yeah this is fake, bull sharks only found in rivers

    • steve jones
      steve jones 7 months ago
      It has more to do with how brackish the water is. Yes bull sharks are the only shark that can" live " in fresh water.
      every now and then a great white will go up a river a short distance but not for long. Fresh water is hard on their( liver ?) or one of their internal organs.

    • PlotagonCaillou
      PlotagonCaillou 7 months ago

      Exactly bull sharks are

    • TheDretch
      TheDretch Year ago +1

      I love when ignorant people say something is fake. Bull Sharks thrive in both fresh and salt water.

    • - ManillaZilla
      - ManillaZilla Year ago

      Actually bull sharks can also be found in the ocean they are the only fish in the world that can go between fresh water and salt water

    • Jayme Brown
      Jayme Brown Year ago

      seheadhunter50 lol