Anti-Communism Helped Republicans Win In 1952

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • The speaker is J. Fred McDonald, a leading academic in the field of popular culture. He wrote many articles on pop culture and collected one of the largest archives of 16mm films in the United States from that era. It is now housed at The Library of Congress. I interviewed him in 1989 on the subject of the 1950s and 1960s and what he had learned from seeing and reviewing thousands of 16mm films and news reports from that time.
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  • Caleb Iott
    Caleb Iott 11 days ago

    The problem with the Red Scare is that, in the long run, it made voicing any concern about Communism on par with crying wolf.
    Love your videos, by the way. You should consider finding a way to achieve these for academic use. They really bring a human touch to history.

  • Creature Of the night
    Creature Of the night Month ago +1

    Fear; helping Republicans win for 100 years.

  • Bell's Theorem
    Bell's Theorem Month ago

    Now they support regimes like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

  • DrOrson
    DrOrson 2 months ago +2

    I hear about the so-called liberal press all the time. Liberal to me stands for the benefit of the people. Where does the liberal press stand on Medicare for all, free education, affordable housing, anti war, the condemnation of intervention in other countries. I don't see it. They're all for big money, big banks, big Pharma and endless war.

  • coffeeinthemorning
    coffeeinthemorning 2 months ago +1

    Yeah and Franklin Roosevelt once said about his republican opponent (paraphrasing) “ we don’t fight fascism over there just to turn it over to the same people here at home. “. Both parties play on fear. this guy just doesn’t like Republicans

  • Midlander NC
    Midlander NC 2 months ago +4

    Flip that and insert Natzi and Faciest and racist and you have the last decade or more. Isn't that ironically the new McCarthyism of the identity politics ideology?

    THANATOS FANATICOS 2 months ago

    And non filter cigarettes were totally acceptable once too

  • Jerriel O Miller
    Jerriel O Miller 2 months ago

    Republicans POUNCED!
    If youre a scholar, and you cant figure out that (Soviet) Communism had aspirations of global domination (Workers of the world, unite!), and that it had in fact infiltrated numerous countries and institutions, then youre willfully blind on one eye.

  • Aileen M.
    Aileen M. 2 months ago +3

    What scares me today is what I see happening on the right. My Dad is spinning in his grave ... he was a Republican who voted down the line ... in a FB group for the town where I grew up there was a statement made by a Republican ... commenting on a police officer's return from working with people in South America ... he said "I sure hope she didn't bring anything back with her .. they're all subhuman in that country" THAT is what is terrifying to me. That people like that live in this country and that opinion is accepted by others in this country. And I don't come from a red state .. this is an affluent NE town.

    • ben gee
      ben gee 2 months ago +1

      +Ihateliberals901 I think you're right. But everyone in Cuba that wants to be free would. I'm glad I have the right to speak my mind unlike communist Cuba.

    • Ihateliberals901
      Ihateliberals901 2 months ago +1

      +ben gee I bet David Hoffman won't love your comment.,

    • mrfishbone100
      mrfishbone100 2 months ago

      +ben gee stop watching fox news for your own sake

    • ben gee
      ben gee 2 months ago

      +Aileen M. Don't you think it's better to communicate with those countries than to constantly be at war? If that group of Republicans were 39_50 that means they are now 50_60. Also the generation coming up is the most conservative generation in a long time. In 6 year's when they can vote we are very likely to have another Republican in office. I believe Trump is going to win easily this time. The left is out of control look at NY blew the deal with amazon, losing 25,000 jobs. Not to mention the abortion law that allows a born baby to be killed. CA has record homeless, people pooping in the streets, drug's everywhere. They are both democratic state's. I think you should give trump a chance, they've been bashing him since he got in office. They have no morals, they lie, they push hate, and they won't compromise on the wall.

    • Aileen M.
      Aileen M. 2 months ago

      +ben gee The broad principles of the party are the same ... first, the little things are far different.
      - My Dad's party didnt believe in debt or in over size government. This changed VERY noticeably with GWB and the debt continues to grow with the current administration...
      - My Dad's party believed strongly in working WITH our allies, in keeping Dictators and Authoritarian Governments at an arms length and in constant check. Trump has reversed this. He has willingly gotten in bed with Putin, with Kim, with Saudi Arabia ... and I don't believe for the good of the US based on reports of Trump's discussions of "Such a view" . Each of the three kiss up to him in person and then publicly laugh at him ... and this Great country... behind his back.
      Demographically, the Republican Party has grown to be far different. The town I grew up in was predominately Republican when I lived there. 1 section of 1 ward was 50/50. That is of 30-49 year olds ultra educated people. This has almost completely reversed today and it's a bunch of white men over 50 who have a lower and lower level of education. My Dad's party was much more mainstream demographically. BOTH parties were open to working together, to compromise ... i got into a loud discussion with the friend of a friend one evening ... he is a very staunch Republican ... today you can look on his FB page and see all Fox propaganda. "What good is compromise. You lose if you compromise" was his stance ... and he roared with very derisive laughter when I said " Compromise is what has built this country" ... his response was that compromise should not have taken place and the country would be so much further ahead ...
      Here's more ... it's an independent source and hes put a lot more thought and research into it ...
      What Trump is doing is not good for the Republican Party or for this country. I strongly hope that when we get rid of Trump and his old yes men that there are good, solid, thoughtful young Republicans to bring the party back to where it belongs ... and I hope this happens before the further extreme left than is showing up right now ... shows their face.

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 2 months ago +11

    I am glad my countrymen in 1950s had a healthy dislike or fear of communism....

    • Malick Fan
      Malick Fan 2 months ago +2

      herishmerish Ah yes, all those poor innocent Asians killed off in Mao Zedong’s China. It’s too bad the Chinese didn’t have a healthy dislike or fear of communism back then.

    • herishmerish
      herishmerish 2 months ago

      The Asian babies killed and poisoned aren't.

  • DrOrson
    DrOrson 2 months ago +32

    Very good interview. When we say "everybody was afraid of communism" , we have to consider the fact of constant propaganda coming the media. If it wasn't for TV, movies and newspapers stirring up fear, people would have been capable of a more rational assessment of world affairs. The brutality of Stalin was linked to the concept of communism and socialism. The American hierarchy wasn't against dictators. They deal happily with brutal dictators all the time. Consider head-chopping Saudis, the Pinochets etc. What they feared was the working class taking the lead of revolutions around the world and bringing it home.

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 23 minutes ago

      +fridge666lol, I'm not arguing with you about Russia being capitalist. Russia being capitalist is just common knowledge. And although your numbers are entirely bogus, capitalism doesn't necessarily mean that the state doesn't interfere in the economy. Quite the opposite: neoliberal economies all have intensive public-private relationships in which private power is reinforced by states. US and Russia are no different.

    • fridge666
      fridge666 46 minutes ago

      +Bazarov Russia is not capitalist country as long as 70% of russian GDP is controlled by the state. Almost evreything in russia now belongs to state, including television/

    • fridge666
      fridge666 48 minutes ago

      +Bazarov you mix feodalism and capitalism/ You need to educate yourself first, vatnik.

    • ben gee
      ben gee 2 months ago

      +Fluff Everyone gets equal food no more no less. Vaccines are a limited so only the rich get them. Stay with me, if Batista was a dictator, what was Castro? I'm telling you my family is from Cuba I'm not just making things up. You can't believe it because you have never experienced communism.

    • Fluff
      Fluff 2 months ago

      +ben gee oh yes, I totally forgot that Cuba is like stalinist Russia with a Nomenklatura getting all the sweet goods while the people are pisspoor. Also nice how you changed your point of view from everyone getting the same to everyone but the elites getting the same. Instead you're using a copy and paste argument which is normally applied to the Soviet union and claim that Cuba is just like that.
      The vaccine is in development and with a healthcare system as theirs, I'm certain it won't be withheld from the common people.
      And as I mentioned, the prisoners were supporters of Batista. Supporters of a dictator which robbed the Cubans and invited the American mafia to Havana. I wouldn't see you claiming that it was wrong to imprison nazis, so why claim that it was wrong to imprison supporters of a dictator?

  • Demonoid S
    Demonoid S 2 months ago

    Wonder when people will realize the pinnacle of what human can become will forever be just out of our reach....simply because the end is nye.

  • Rube's Good-Brain Coffee
    Rube's Good-Brain Coffee 2 months ago +13

    This is one of those cultural myths that stubbornly refuses to go away: That concern over Communists infiltrating our society was nothing more than a political scare tactic. McDonald, in this interview, never seriously answers the implied threats to this country if what the anti-Communists were saying happened to be the truth. He only criticizes the anti-Communists by dismissing their claims as fear tactics. He never, however, counters their claims with any contrary evidence.
    The fact is, however, that the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was taking its orders directly from Moscow and pledging their allegiance to Moscow and to International Communism. Many of those who set up HUAC were Democrats. The premise that there were two sets of Communists -- those outside of the country and those inside -- falls flat when both are working together so that the 'Workers of the world' may 'unite.' To call it a Republican scare tactic falls flat when Democrats were as anti-Communist -- if not more so.
    That such misinformation is widely believed even decades after the fact, to me, is staggering.

  • Nathan KW
    Nathan KW 2 months ago +25

    Spent nearly 100 years fighting off the horrors of communism, but every generation thinks they are the smartest generation to have ever lived. It's all been done before. This is why history, your videos included, are important

    • fridge666
      fridge666 40 minutes ago

      +Fluff priviet vatnik, russia is still socialist country. 70% of their GDP is owned by the state. Gazprom, Rosneft, Sberbank, RZD, Kamaz, Russia Today, thousands of factoties - these are all state companies. You are still f*d by your lovely socialist motherland, vatnik, congratulations!.

    • Fluff
      Fluff 2 months ago +2

      +Nathan KW yeah but it's not like the life expectancy of Russians dropped as soon as they got the sweet liberation of capitalism. Communism is so horrible that people managed to live longer in Russia than they do today! Magic!
      Stop spewing cold war propaganda. We know it better because unlike you, today we have facts on out hands about how it really was.
      And of course the obligatory human nature argument. No, humans aren't greedy by nature. You can see that very well by just looking at communities of indigenous people all around the world. If anything, communism is closer to human nature. The act of sharing, caring for disabled and sick, caring about how well others are off. The idea of a community which helps its members. Those are things which capitalism and the thinking it produces in us is opposed to.

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 2 months ago +1

      +Nathan KW Dude, you know fuck all about my experiences. I actually have lived under both socialist and capitalist systems and can articulate something much more nuanced than your abstractions about "100 years of fighting" which you probably picked up from Fox News or the Cato institute. Oh and yeah, maybe you should watch the video.

    • Nathan KW
      Nathan KW 2 months ago

      +Bazarov Feel lucky that you will never have to go through those horrors many have seen or experienced first hand. Context matters. Most people want good for the world. The smart ones understand human nature and learn from the past. Now please proselytize outside of my YT notifications.

    • Nathan KW
      Nathan KW 2 months ago

      +David Hoffman I understand. Context matters and is easily lost in text. Thanks again

  • Bazarov
    Bazarov 2 months ago +14

    It might surprise some people here that the anti-Communist United States of the 1950s had a tax and regulatory policies that would be considered far-left today. It was also the same country that was reaping the benefits of Roosevelt's New Deal policies, which were large-scale investments into social programs that led America out of the Great Depression. But if you're Bernie Sanders or AOC and merely suggest that taxes could be raised to pre-Reagan rates and that social programs could be funded, education could be made to be more affordable in line with the 1950s, a bunch of right wingers begin foaming at the mouth. But learn your history folks - America at its most prosperous funded social programs, taxed the rich at a high rate, had affordable education for everyone and was significantly less unequal than it is today. But hey, that's socialism right?

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 25 minutes ago

      +fridge666 Where did I equate taxes with communism. Try reading carefully next time, mate.

    • fridge666
      fridge666 29 minutes ago

      tax has nothing to do with communism, you need to read and learn defenitions before making statements.

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 2 months ago +1

      +Born2BWild Sorry to break this to you, but arms manufacturing was not a private sector initiative. Also the US was recovering from the great depression much earlier than the war due to the social programs introduced by Roosevelt. It always amuses me when right wingers put down the New Deal, and don't see the irony in doing so because the New Deal effectively saved American capitalism that almost ate itself in the 1920s.

    • Born2BWild
      Born2BWild 2 months ago

      You do know the New Deal failed right? America only truly came out of the depression with the onset of WW2, partly because of the rise of demand for American arms manufacturing

  • 2rooms
    2rooms 2 months ago +10

    There are a lot of similarities between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Communism. Especially the fear
    of a "worldwide conspiracy" is a part of both of them.

    • glue
      glue 2 months ago

      that's not comparable imo

  • marbleman52
    marbleman52 2 months ago +15

    His very first sentence..." Communism scared the Hell out of Americans." My, My, things have changed. Today, we have Socialism ( Communism just renamed...same results ) alive and gaining support by Democrats and others. It's astounding to see this happening in America. I put a lot of this blame on the educational system; children are not being taught the importance of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the inalienable rights of people everywhere, not just this great Nation, to be free to exercise their right of self-determinism, to work hard and long and succeed...or not decide for themselves, and not any government,on how to live their lives..and be responsible and accountable for the results whether that be good or bad. These are just a few of the ideals and moral guidelines that America was founded upon and what freed her citizens to make this Country so great...and why so many people want to move here. But Socialism only enslaves people to the whims and total control of the government, it takes away freedom and the right to self-determinism, it take away a person's right to work hard and improve their lives and the lives of their family, it takes from you your hard earned money and gives it to those who are too lazy to work and who just want everything handed to them. And this is EXACTLY what Alezander Ocasio Cortez want to do...and she is getting support and endorsements from the Democratic leaders and young people; young people who don't have a clue about the foundational principles of this Country. This is incredible...and angering to see. If you were to have told the American people back in the 50's that one day soon we would have politicians who openly embrace Socialism, and are popular...they would have laughed at you and asked what you have been drinking..!!

    • fridge666
      fridge666 37 minutes ago

      +Born2BWild socialism is the state property for the means of production

    • cyanghost109
      cyanghost109 2 months ago +1

      The Bernie wing of the Democratic Party is just supporting economic policies similar to that of FDR. They're not presenting anything new or radical, it just seems that way in the current age of trickle down economics that our country has been suffering through since at least the late 70s. And frankly, we're tired of it.

    • Toussantlbisso
      Toussantlbisso 2 months ago

      +SpaghettiVEVO you catch cuomo and d'blasio groveling at bezo's feet ? basically saying please displace our residents. icken loans owner is closing public thoroughfares and being given Public landmarks for a pittance in detroit.The next fascist billionaire potus is in the cards.
      berlusconi evolved through realty and media ownership as well.

    • Born2BWild
      Born2BWild 2 months ago +2

      +SpaghettiVEVO That's not Socialism, that's Social Democracy, Socialism is what we now see in Venezuela and what we saw in Zimbabwe

    • SpaghettiVEVO
      SpaghettiVEVO 2 months ago

      Socialism is different to communism. In communism the vast majority of people have equal wealth. In socialism wealth is just slightly redistributed from the wealthy to the poor, to even the field out. If we just left capitalism unrestrained, wealth would be gradually put in he hands of only the top of society due to globalism which would only cater for big business where people (including Rich people) would only put money back into the hands of other rich people. Local businesses are already being crushed severely.

  • TheGrandOptimist
    TheGrandOptimist 2 months ago +24

    We have another red scare today, and it keeps getting dumber and dumber.

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 27 minutes ago

      +fridge666 Russia is an oligarchy. The idea that Putin appoints everybody isn't at all correct.

    • fridge666
      fridge666 34 minutes ago

      +Bazarov what do you smoke, man? russians even can't choose their governors because they appointed directly by putin.

    • TheGrandOptimist
      TheGrandOptimist 2 months ago +1

      Also AOC's policies mirror Bernie Sanders agenda, and he's viewed as a centrist to a conservative in parts of Europe. Parts of Europe that are not even socialist.
      They're not socialists, you're just too far right or just got into politics.

    • TheGrandOptimist
      TheGrandOptimist 2 months ago

      +wuter melons You typed that entire novel off the premise Democratic socialism and socialism are the same, they're not. Nor would one lead further into full socialism. By that logic every country they praised in Europe would've already done so. Can you really say with a straight face Norway is socialist?
      Again how can a socialist praise capitalist countries in Europe in terms of economics and funding for their welfare programs?
      They're not even Democratic socialists, that's just a term they use, when in reality they support social democracy.
      God damn, if what you said was true every modern nation on earth would've moved towards socialism but guess what? They haven't.
      Congrats, you're the biggest moron here. Do better research that has full context on different economic theories.

    • Samantha burford
      Samantha burford 2 months ago

      +Rabbi Chicken Swinger ahhahahahahhaha. "B-but muh 100 million!"

  • pillihp zelaznog
    pillihp zelaznog 2 months ago +28

    Communism still scares the hell out of Americans. Good thing people are starting to realize that the schools are indoctrinating the kids into this garbage. Whatever happened to the simple times of just spending time with the family? They want to destroy the nuclear family.

    • Fluff
      Fluff 2 months ago +1

      +Bazarov I guess Soviets didn't have a family, they totally were robots and all just living to work!!! That's totally how it was! Totally different from how life is in capitalist countries, where you enjoy your life and have plenty of time for your kids! And lets not forget about equality, ewwww women working! Those dirty commies want to destroy our family values! Next thing will be that they're turning everyone gay! /s

    • pillihp zelaznog
      pillihp zelaznog 2 months ago +3

      Bazarov I spend time with my family idk why you’re here arguing lmao

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 2 months ago +4

      lmao, communism wants to deprive you from spending time with the family? dingus.

  • dayender
    dayender 2 months ago +17

    Interesting that Eisenhower was elected president in 52 yet never held public office before. Show’s public sentiment on the basis of WW2.

    • Chris H
      Chris H 2 months ago +6

      5 Presidents had never been elected to public office before becoming President: Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Donald Trump.

  • jesuslovested
    jesuslovested 2 months ago +6

    Death by Communism (or Democide, Death by Government) by RJ Rummel. Look it up.

  • Brasso
    Brasso 2 months ago +40

    I wish that communism had died off long ago. Unfortunately it seems to have infected a lot of influential areas today.

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott 2 months ago +31

    Democrats want communism.

    • herishmerish
      herishmerish 2 months ago

      +Jason Abbott the gulag archipelago is fiction buddy, the guys wife said it was never intended to be taken as fact. Many of the stories are merely folklore spread at the time. Your lord and Savior Jordan b Peterson didn't tell you that?

    • Rootin For Lenin
      Rootin For Lenin 2 months ago +2

      +Jason Abbott colonialism has killed tenfold not to mention capitalism.

    • Rootin For Lenin
      Rootin For Lenin 2 months ago +2

      +Jason Abbott slow down there buddy that edge might cut somebody

    • Rootin For Lenin
      Rootin For Lenin 2 months ago +3