Director Kate Novack unpacks André Leon Talley | TIFF 2018

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • A longtime editor of and contributor to Vogue, André Leon Talley has been at the centre of the fashion world for decades, his imposing six-and-a-half-foot frame alongside runways making him stand out like "a black Rockette," as Whoopi Goldberg puts it. From the segregated American South to the fashion capitals of the world, Talley's life and career are on full display in this poignant documentary portrait that includes appearances by Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Bethann Hardison, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik.
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  • Eli08ish
    Eli08ish 5 months ago

    Mr. Talley seems so grounded and like a beautiful person to be around.

  • berry divo
    berry divo 10 months ago

    Andre Leon Talley needs to be told that the only way he is going to 'seem to lose the weight' is by throwing into the trash can every knife, fork and spoon in his household and never going closer to 20 feet from a refrigerator, a stove or kitchen

  • Nadia Chocano III

    Fabulous 💕

  • Serious One
    Serious One Year ago +2

    Seems like he would be the funniest, most brutally honest, and loyal friend a person could ever want. Love him.

  • royal804
    royal804 Year ago


  • Te Ariki Bennett
    Te Ariki Bennett Year ago +4

    “I’ve been quite bloated like a manateeee!” 😅😂🤣

  • Miles David
    Miles David Year ago +2

    Sir Andre Leon Talley. You are a precious, 'gift' bestowed upon the entire world. I have been so blessed to have viewed your documentary. Your are a special person that I hope to introduce to my family soon. Please let us know when you are going to make a public appearance. I will attend with my daughter and other family members. The world of fashion that you are an 'icon' in could do nothing but open up to you because of your creative genius. Thoroughly enjoyed the Kate Novack documentary. Your grandmother is a 'gem'!! Just keep creating; Sir Talley!

  • Brandi Reichert
    Brandi Reichert Year ago +2

    Sir , you always look Amazing.
    Blessings and Love to you.

  • Cardion Don
    Cardion Don Year ago +2

    Truly can not wait to see this.

  • Yasmin J
    Yasmin J Year ago

    Will this be shown in cinemas in the UK?

  • Wamuyu Gatheru
    Wamuyu Gatheru Year ago +3

    This section must be when he unbottled what being called 'queen kong' felt like

  • chris ruiz
    chris ruiz Year ago +2

    I can't wait to see this , he is such a wonderful person an inspiration to not just the LGBT community but to the black community frankly to all of us, his story teaches us that you can survive anything!

  • John Erkman
    John Erkman Year ago +1

    Did we EVER ask Andre if he’s ever straightening his teeth?!?
    Vogue DOES have dental plans right???

    • louise
      louise 6 months ago

      That's what make him endearing

    • Scarcro1
      Scarcro1 Year ago +13

      The last thing we need is another person with whiter than white, oversized teeth resembling a Cheshire cat. A particular athlete comes to mind whose teeth look as if they belong in someone else's mouth. I think his teeth are fine. Nobody's perfect.

    • John Erkman
      John Erkman Year ago

      eat poop it’s a “feature” that he should have been shunned for that feature by the folk he admires AND critiques is all I’m saying.

    • Stormey Danielz
      Stormey Danielz Year ago +9

      Why do you need that info? Get a life

    • eat poop
      eat poop Year ago +10

      John Erkman i love people who are beautiful, and leave things the way they were born

  • LyleDeYounges
    LyleDeYounges Year ago +14

    I love that she made this documentary! I have always been fascinated by, and admired André Leon Talley. He's an eccentric and a maverick in fashion! But obviously there's more to him.

  • Roger Winters
    Roger Winters Year ago +3

    I saw your documentary it was wonderful I always wanted to know about him, I would see him here and there before computers where around and was interested in knowing who he was, he still has a lot more to tell stories and could do movies we need more. Could he do a movie about fashion from the 60s and 70s, we need movies about fashion and designers and Andre is the person who knows.

    • Roger Winters
      Roger Winters Year ago

      @Laviana Hampton you are going to love it, Andre Leon Talley can tell us today about fashion from the pass to the present and more, there are some movies in his head, and we need to see them.

    • Laviana Hampton
      Laviana Hampton Year ago +1

      Roger Winters I want to see this

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams Year ago +3

    You did a really good job please keep talking about him love him how can I talk to him