IS THIS REAL LIFE? | Second Tallest Waterfall in Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Published on Feb 12, 2017
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    Another day in Indonesia full of adventures. I checked out one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia - Mt. Bromo and also the 2nd highest waterfall in the whole country (which was arguably even more interesting). It didn't really look like real life. What a fun day!
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  • Jacob Laukaitis
    Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago +55

    Thanks for tuning in! It takes me months to edit these videos, so if you want to follow my travels real-time, follow me on Facebook: and Instagram: and thanks for watching! You're awesome :)

    • Aprie P
      Aprie P Year ago

      Dude, it's awesome.. I'm never been there, but I will go, thanks for the video

    • Kenji Gunawan
      Kenji Gunawan Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis I actually went there like, in 2015.

    • Veliyana L.A
      Veliyana L.A Year ago

      why dont go to mt.semeru... near of mt. bromo... the view to the top of mt.semeru is beautiful

    • Just a random person
      Just a random person Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis I was in Bromo in 3 years old

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  2 years ago +2

      Thanks for the support, guys! And, yeah, I was born and raised in Lithuania :)

  • health suraksha
    health suraksha Month ago

    Jacob you are very cute

  • Carlos Cabrera
    Carlos Cabrera 2 months ago

    Amazing buddy!!

  • defit ppm
    defit ppm 2 months ago

    this is awesome

  • Elysian S
    Elysian S 2 months ago

    The waterfall reminded me of the trips that I had gone with my friends, great video by the way, loved it!

  • Agnė Beržytė
    Agnė Beržytė 4 months ago

    And i was there. The Madakaripura waterfall is one of the best waterfalls i have seen. But for us it was much more clear. The water was blue ant clear. Did you managed to go with your bike until the entrance? For us our car stoped in the parking and we went on foot for 2 km until entrance or it is possible to rent a bike driver (we did it when came back). Then other 2 km to waterfall.

  • Ardhan tontowi
    Ardhan tontowi 5 months ago

    Norak2 ya minta foto bareng 😅

  • Clement Laksana
    Clement Laksana 5 months ago

    I'm just discovering your channel for myself and wow, your videos are proof that you don't need to spend big bucks on the latest and greatest gear and have incredible content. Your stoke is absolutely contagious, keep doing what you're doing man!

  • Cozza Jay
    Cozza Jay 6 months ago

    I rented a dirt bike in Malang and went there. It was amazing.

  • muhammad ikhwan alrasyid

    wow, cara kamu menyampaikan pengalamanmu luar biasa ya... saya suka sekali melihat video mu.. yok main main ke Lampung, Indonesia untuk trip selanjutnya

  • F Z
    F Z 7 months ago

    I've been's so amazing

  • Heru Rishardana
    Heru Rishardana 7 months ago

    You have guts man :)

  • hakeemdj368
    hakeemdj368 7 months ago

    Coban Pelangi or Coban Rondo or Coban Talun waterfall?

  • Irina Linnik
    Irina Linnik 9 months ago

    I like your video so much! It's incredibly! Thank you🤗

  • Anggie Ningtyas
    Anggie Ningtyas 10 months ago

    Are u doing that adventure without tour guide?

  • blasttrash
    blasttrash 10 months ago

    3:35 is that lord ganesha? is hinduism followed in Indonesia too?

    • blasttrash
      blasttrash 10 months ago

      oh ok. thanks for the info.

    • Handy Mumu
      Handy Mumu 10 months ago

      Yes, Hindu is the majority religion in Bali

  • Arik Maulia
    Arik Maulia 10 months ago

    tahts my home.. proolinggo

  • tek tok tok tek
    tek tok tok tek 10 months ago

    darimana ? indonesia ??wkwkkw LOL...

  • Grasshopper Ropper
    Grasshopper Ropper 10 months ago

    You must watch this video if you want to know the great waterfall in indonesia.(Tumpak sewu waterfall from mount semeru/mahameru)

  • fitri yani
    fitri yani 10 months ago

    That picture profile in your youtube channel where is the place?

  • Gemintang -
    Gemintang - 10 months ago +1

    4:58 'where do u from?' 'Dari Indonesia' hahaha... You've got the Indonesian soul. Thanks for exploring our nature. Always love to see your video. Stay safe Jacob

  • woshinawa fadhil
    woshinawa fadhil 10 months ago

    So this way i am very lovey my country a lot....go indonesia...i recomended u to go to andong mount in thr night its so crazy tooo...

  • Цымбал Анна
    Цымбал Анна 11 months ago

    All your adventures are captivating and marvellous. You are a very nice venturesome person, go on shooting your life enhancing videos with your humour and positivizm😄

  • Hardi Hidayat
    Hardi Hidayat 11 months ago

    love you video. one thing : you always happy even in the bad bad situation! great mannnnn.

  • Mohammed Irshad ke
    Mohammed Irshad ke 11 months ago

    You're great

  • EdgarPrastio
    EdgarPrastio 11 months ago +5

    damn Jacob, You make me love my country even more :^)

    AKASH ELAHI 11 months ago

    Superb place

  • khoerunnadzif nadzif
    khoerunnadzif nadzif 11 months ago +2

    Indonesian people is so friendly and funny 😄 what a beautiful country, Indonesia not only Bali there are so many beautiful places in Indonesia👍

  • P Master
    P Master Year ago

    3:38 Ganesha in Indonesia?? Is it Bali?

    • Indahnya Indonesia
      Indahnya Indonesia 19 days ago

      There are hundreds of Hindu temples and thousands of churches all around Java, despite being a Muslim majority island

    • Bowo Deswantoro
      Bowo Deswantoro 7 months ago

      It was in Bromo-Tengger Highland in East Java. Tengger people is the last hindus community in Java island (ancient Majapahit Shiva-Buddha Empire)

  • Zaki Moch
    Zaki Moch Year ago

    Mantap 👌 main sini ke Bandung

  • Aqil Kong
    Aqil Kong Year ago

    please visit brunei darussalam :)

  • aruna aripuana
    aruna aripuana Year ago

    Probolinggo is my country now😂

  • Indah Nihayati
    Indah Nihayati Year ago

    Thanks For Coming To INDONESIA

  • Mesti pakai nama baru bisa Log in Bikin pusing saja

    Wonderful place...but you recorded it so bad.

  • Syarif Al Anwar
    Syarif Al Anwar Year ago

    Push those like buttons, i'm addicted...

  • æøå æøå
    æøå æøå Year ago

    6:16 gave me anxiety

  • niyama kawaii
    niyama kawaii Year ago

    Thank u on visit my country hope u enjoy :)

  • Afrizal Riandi
    Afrizal Riandi Year ago +2

    Haha in indonesian, everybody is boss, cool right 🤣🤣

  • Edmund's blog
    Edmund's blog Year ago


  • Tri Oktaviandra
    Tri Oktaviandra Year ago

    I will waiting you at west sumatera trips sir 😄

  • dim sum
    dim sum Year ago

    why don't you tell us the name of the waterfall? tidak bagus sayanku!

  • Yunus T
    Yunus T Year ago

    you should be make it to mount semeru its near from there bro

  • Shourov Chakma
    Shourov Chakma Year ago +12

    What attracts me most about your channel is you are all on your own. it makes me wonder how it is even possible to enjoy all alone without any of your family or old friends. I guess that's what your specialty is. You are like water; you have the ability to cope anywhere anytime...
    Indonesia is extremely beautiful and Indonesians are the best as hosts. Your video is making me want to visit Indonesia again.

    • Katherine Acosta
      Katherine Acosta Month ago

      Maybe it's too expensive to bring someone along 😂

  • Risya Anatesi
    Risya Anatesi Year ago

    Lol the way you say thanks 'makasih' >>>mike i see? 🤣🤣
    I will travel to bromo this march too.. hope not many people around

  • Dafa Achmad
    Dafa Achmad Year ago

    dari mana?? dari Indonesia 😂😂

  • 饺子
    饺子 Year ago

    the only bad things about bromo is the horse shit smell :/

  • Akhil Kanthamneni

    I love this guys attitude towards everything

  • Kyrious
    Kyrious Year ago

    Unfortunately if I were to go the view would look exactly like the camera as I wear glasses.

  • Jo Anne Lim
    Jo Anne Lim Year ago

    What is the best way to travel to mt. Bromo, ijen and the waterfall for female traveller?

  • Macarena Arguello

    If you like waterfalls you should visit the Cataratas del Iguazú in Misiones, Argentina. They are magical !!

  • KakaknyaBenson
    KakaknyaBenson Year ago +1

    When u use your rain coat i remember„Man not hot-Big Shaq

  • Restless Butter
    Restless Butter Year ago

    “Dari mana?” (Where are you from?)
    “Dari Indonesia!” (I’m from Indonesia!)

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz Year ago

    Bagus makasih bye bye

  • Declaptivated
    Declaptivated Year ago

    Jacob Laukaitis:IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!?!
    Read more

  • achmad sulthon
    achmad sulthon Year ago

    Sadly, you came at rainy season. The water is brown and dirty, i hope you could see madakaripura at dry season. Its epic, the water is crystal green, the current is not too strong, and even you could swim in the lagoon. Epic!

  • Al Azmi
    Al Azmi Year ago

    the waterfall is amazing...bro

  • Tri Widyas
    Tri Widyas Year ago

    how did u learn many indo words tho. 👏👏

  • Sutejo Tan
    Sutejo Tan Year ago

    dari mana?
    dari Indonesia...
    and THAT is awesome.
    that's how you will get local price to enter the place

  • Uus Hita
    Uus Hita Year ago

    I really happy watching your videos.... You seems really happy and had a great time in Indonesia bro.

  • dani just
    dani just Year ago

    BERRROMMO...... 😊

  • Julia Hanim
    Julia Hanim Year ago +1

    Сука сука he tell :)

    • lele boo
      lele boo 9 months ago

      Julia Hanim it's 'suka'... blyat

  • Babies Contests
    Babies Contests Year ago

    what a beautiful sight. 😄😄

  • daniel bautista
    daniel bautista Year ago

    Visit the philippines

  • John Carl
    John Carl Year ago

    You should go to the Philippines 👌🏻

  • عدنان عوض

    Man!! this is really great :)

  • Jemonly S
    Jemonly S Year ago +4

    Indonesia memang Indah. Im Indonesian, and i love your videos.
    edit : You should try indomie.

  • zulia efrida
    zulia efrida Year ago

    you vlog so amazing.. new subscribed.. me like travelling and you vlog very intersting.. can you tell me the name of waterfall.. maybe next trip i will go there place.. thank you so much.

  • xolovesky
    xolovesky Year ago

    Seriously i love your Indonesia's accent

  • Savage Rice Cake
    Savage Rice Cake Year ago

    Thats really extraordinary way to visit Bromo for foreigner..
    what an adventurer you are!

  • Savage Rice Cake
    Savage Rice Cake Year ago

    No such Stasiun Bis (Bus Station) in Indonesia.
    In Indonesia, the term "STATION" only applied for train station.
    For bus, TERMINAL applied.

  • XxdamnlyxX 789
    XxdamnlyxX 789 Year ago

    This guy is so lucky .Im just staying here playing 😭I'm such a low life

  • Deepshikha Deka
    Deepshikha Deka Year ago

    I am from North East India 😊welcome you

  • Oviie Mbem
    Oviie Mbem Year ago

    I love your expression, it feel so real and free.

  • J roley
    J roley Year ago

    When i came there the water was clear n blue

    • Ip0ez WeeDhee
      Ip0ez WeeDhee Year ago

      what month you were there? maybe the weather at that time made no much erosion then the rainy season

  • dewi vun-vun
    dewi vun-vun Year ago

    Probolinggo is my home town 😍 let me know if u come back to see mt bromo again.

  • Mom ZakyOsama
    Mom ZakyOsama Year ago

    I like you vidio

  • Alessya Saravie
    Alessya Saravie Year ago

    Jelous of you, im indonesian but im just here, stay in home in jakarta;( i hope i can explore my own country and explore the world like you! God bless. Sorry for bad english

  • mebi sandi
    mebi sandi Year ago +1

    you miss goa jombang bro....

  • Muhammad Vicky Afris Suryono, S.H

    hey dude you should visit the merapi mountain in Yogyakarta Indonesia, its very awesome!

  • rungPHilo
    rungPHilo Year ago

    Facts from this video:
    1. Indonesia in general, and East java in particular, the province you were visiting is TOTALLY Beautiful.
    2. There are 250 steps to hike the Bromo, and I counted it personally.
    3. The name of the waterfall, which you seemed to forget mentioning is Madakaripura (muh-DUH-kuh-ree-poo-ruh).
    4. You sound weirdly Canadian.
    5. You're strangely cute and your laugh, dude, is contagious.

  • Winston Howell
    Winston Howell Year ago +1

    You should go to jamacia!

  • Wandy Suikoden
    Wandy Suikoden Year ago

    man im from indonesian, i hope one day i can travel arouund the world like you, not just work at my office everyday, its so boring! you r like eagle to fly on sky and im just little bird in carg, sorry for my story btw :)

  • Suraj Magar
    Suraj Magar Year ago +19

    Life is short why waste second. But how you manage the money bro ????

  • geoffrey ap
    geoffrey ap Year ago +6

    Nice video bro! I always amazed when foreign people makes video about Indonesia

  • xooox Thanks
    xooox Thanks Year ago

    how do u speak the language?

  • Gautham xo
    Gautham xo Year ago

    great travel videos 😍

  • イワン
    イワン Year ago

    This is Bromo Volcano indonesia

  • Tonyto Dieguez
    Tonyto Dieguez Year ago

    Will you ever go to cuba?

  • Re Re
    Re Re Year ago

    Wooow kamu sangat adaptive dan easy going banget yaa!!

  • veetha29
    veetha29 Year ago

    I think you hate crowd don't you? Lol. Me too btw

  • Sartika Hapsari
    Sartika Hapsari Year ago

    Just find your account . loveeee it. And you are always in a positive vibe man...Thats so cool! Happy travelling!

  • Kuma Hague
    Kuma Hague Year ago

    It is more entertaining than adventure tv show in Indonesia. Prety awesome video and of course ur another videos.

  • Kuma Hague
    Kuma Hague Year ago

    My bro try to visir west java.. bandung and around it.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Man your vlogs are AWESOME!

  • dev
    dev Year ago

    been there 2 years ago. refreshed my memory by watching it. thanks

  • Jerry chan
    Jerry chan Year ago +1

    Are you going all alone? 😲

  • xopydopy
    xopydopy Year ago +1

    What a great video you have here. I just discover your channel and subscribed right away. You inspire me and gave me ideas to make interesting video with a really positive vibe and fun too. Cheers!

  • Yln Anon
    Yln Anon Year ago

    Life is Adventure
    Someday I would love to be like what you are doing now.
    A story to my friend and family about my adventure
    With people, nature, culture, Sea, Jungle, Mountain on far away country

  • Gumelar Dedet
    Gumelar Dedet Year ago +13

    dari mana? dari indonesia…
    lol it so funny… .

  • eko prasetyo
    eko prasetyo Year ago

    i love your all trips bro,, great n amazing,, u should try to visit supit urang waterfall in Batu East Java, it still pure not many people know, the hills, farm ,landscape.. there are 2 another waterfall on the the op the hill.. u should climb the rocks in every throught to the waterfalls..that place not too far from the parking area.. salam sukses dari jawa timur bro.. u are the most inspring alone traveller.. :)

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +eko prasetyo thanks for all the tipsss! Kamu keren sekali 🙏😊👌