Rachel Bloom Will Push Any Censorship Envelope

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • James asks Rachel Bloom about the music on her show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and what she has to fight for with standards and practices, and learns the show was *almost* the first to use a part of the female anatomy on a network show.
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Comments • 176

  • Chris Willhouse
    Chris Willhouse 13 days ago

    Well at least Rachel Bloom was still the one to say it

  • Jessica Esss
    Jessica Esss 21 day ago

    She's such a legend. I miss crazy ex girlfriend so much

  • AI Alex
    AI Alex Month ago +1

    Rachel Bloom is my goddamn hero

  • hypnocil10
    hypnocil10 2 months ago +1

    just another useless jew , trying to get attention

  • Sid J
    Sid J 4 months ago

    What a pussy ass country

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen 4 months ago

    Ooohh that backfired for Rachel! XD Well at least she was still the first one to say it. ^^

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen 4 months ago

    Ooohh that backfired for Rachel! XD Well at least she was still the first one to say it. ^^

  • Kelly Schriner
    Kelly Schriner 5 months ago

    As much as I love crazy ex girlfriend, they were not the first. At the very least clitoris was said on Mom, S1E2, and by an 8 year old boy, no less

  • Vianna Taba
    Vianna Taba 5 months ago


  • saetyr
    saetyr 6 months ago

    What a moronic major labia..... Libtard sjw

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan 7 months ago

    Rachel Bloom Gets Honest About Beauty Standards, Money, and the Male Gaze Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star Rachel Bloom opens up to deputy director Sam Escobar for Allure.com's fall digital cover story.

  • Bethany Cook
    Bethany Cook 9 months ago

    She s so freaking cool!

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 9 months ago +1

    It. Is. Absolutely. *RI-DI-CU-LOUS* you can’t say the word clitoris out loud. Ridiculous and sexist. I hate America. IT IS A BODY PART, NOT A CURSEWORD YOU MORONS!

  • Jena Chapman
    Jena Chapman 10 months ago

    But hey, she still got the first live action scripted on a network show use of the word clitoris

  • Jim Craney
    Jim Craney 10 months ago

    Clitoris? Are Americans so puritanical as to think this is a dirty word? OFFS! Come to Australia, but please take your heart pills, you are going to need them!!

  • Adam B.
    Adam B. 11 months ago

    You know at the end, she’s thinking “Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!”

  • Steph’s Vids
    Steph’s Vids Year ago

    I love it 😂😂

  • Pluto
    Pluto Year ago


  • Amy Clarie
    Amy Clarie Year ago

    this is so fucking funny

  • Will Pemble
    Will Pemble Year ago +44

    James takes a bow. Once again, a man is taking full credit for the hard work, creativity of a brilliant woman.

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks Year ago

    The more I see of Rachel Bloom, the more I fall in love with her.

  • Lamisa Uddin
    Lamisa Uddin Year ago

    Actually the word klitoris has already been said in James Cordens show in 2015 by Jason Sudeikins so even if Rachel wouldn’t have said it, James show would still have been the first.

  • it's all a dream
    it's all a dream Year ago

    Dwight said it on The Office a few years ago.

  • Autumn Murphy
    Autumn Murphy Year ago

    Choke me with your cockshuredness

  • Brother Broseph
    Brother Broseph Year ago

    Rachel should bring Josh Gad on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  • lizzy_1224
    lizzy_1224 Year ago

    Yea I love CEG but they said clitoris on Scandal over a year ago lol

  • MrMedukneusha
    MrMedukneusha Year ago

    push any censorship envelop huh....how about women in iran being forced to wear the hijab when they dont want to?
    3rd wave feminazism

  • Chase DeLong
    Chase DeLong Year ago

    Can't believe these people have jobs.

  • Wasiq Imran
    Wasiq Imran Year ago


  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin Year ago +114

    What josh Gad said was what I was thinking the entire time.... I was like, No! Don’t do it, Rach!

  • bobo42024
    bobo42024 Year ago

    How is clitoris even considered a bad word anyway? Dumb cunts

  • protercool
    protercool Year ago

    Wasn't there are professor in community called Professor Clitoris?

  • Jake Bake
    Jake Bake Year ago

    she just sabotaged her own show HAHAHAH

  • Mildly Amusing Channel

    Ooh! CLITORIS. So offensive. Fuck off!

  • bluffleaf
    bluffleaf Year ago

    .......Clitoris....... STANDING OVATION. LUL wat?

  • chazzatheninja
    chazzatheninja Year ago

    What a fucking dipshit

  • catothewiser
    catothewiser Year ago +1

    More degeneracy being pushed by a (((certain group)))

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba Year ago


  • Luna Varalda
    Luna Varalda Year ago

    Elder Cunningham is an expert on the clitoris
    " In ancient New York, three men were about to cut off a Mormon woman's...clitoris. But...right before they did, Jesus had... BOBA FETT turn 'em into FROGS! "

  • Leticia C.
    Leticia C. Year ago

    i love the show!! its so natural its almost like im one of Rebeca's friend and honestly its the bestt

  • MsKsmith1234
    MsKsmith1234 Year ago

    Love her show

  • ImaginaryMdA
    ImaginaryMdA Year ago

    Swears like a sailor, I LOVE Her & crazy ex girlfriend!

  • monokhem
    monokhem Year ago

    It's easy to think your groundbreaking if your research sucks.

  • BreakfastML
    BreakfastML Year ago +31

    Why would they bleep clitoris, it’s not a curse it’s a part of the body oh please 🙄

    • O Z
      O Z 5 months ago

      Are you African? 😂

  • Emily Carrillo
    Emily Carrillo Year ago

    They said it on Veep

  • catalin micu
    catalin micu Year ago +3

    Mom season 1 episode 2. Roscoe :))

  • Hila Shats
    Hila Shats Year ago

    I can't believe Josh didn't say anything i mean it's like a major thing in book of mormon

  • The Madhouse
    The Madhouse Year ago

    Is the US really so repressed that they can't say clitoris on the telly? Wow. They must hate British comedians, then.

  • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

    *Hahahaha poor Rachel, she fucked up*

  • bleach cocktail
    bleach cocktail Year ago +3

    Cool, I guess? Did that really warrant a standing ovation?

  • Didtok Nan
    Didtok Nan Year ago

    "first" ... yeah in the USA.

  • Bliss Clair
    Bliss Clair Year ago


  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez Year ago

    Aint that the girl who did the cringefest known as MY SEX JUNK?

  • Chris Paez
    Chris Paez Year ago +21

    No lie though. The episode that involved the word Clit was pure GENIUS. Especially at the end when she realized, SHE FUCKED UP, by basically telling Josh, I LOVE YOU, WHY DIDNT YOU LOVE ME?! I FORCED YOU LOVE ME. YOU NADE ME THIS WAY.

  • Lime Snell
    Lime Snell Year ago +1

    Clitoris was used twice in a 2005 episode of American Dad!

  • Seal Bro
    Seal Bro Year ago +4

    I'm gasping

  • Lee GaryB
    Lee GaryB Year ago +142

    The best moment is when she realises what just happened and just starts yelling "Fuck" and it has to be bleeped, that's the best thing

  • Helgali
    Helgali Year ago +17

    Loved it how it ended with a bleeped word. 😂

  • Rebecca Ann
    Rebecca Ann Year ago +5

    "For a clitoris is holy amongst ALL things, said he!" Is no one going to make a joke about Josh Gad from The Book Of Mormon since he basically said that word like 20 times in that show? Or am I the only Broadway fanatic here that linked that together...?

  • aaron jacques
    aaron jacques Year ago +1

    three words seinfeld "junior mints"

  • Graham Clarke
    Graham Clarke Year ago +205

    This feels so behind modern times. Clitoris is a completely safe word on European day time TV. Its a body part.

    • Melissa Berg
      Melissa Berg 2 months ago +1

      She’s talking about American tv tho. But yes, American censors are very behind in the times

    • 1989 Fearless
      1989 Fearless 2 months ago +1

      *Article 13 has entered the chat

  • Jack Moody
    Jack Moody Year ago +7

    They said clitoris on The Office

  • Deva7
    Deva7 Year ago +4

    Rachel is the funniest and smartest woman on tv right now. And she gets more and more gorgeous every season! Love her

  • kyle s
    kyle s Year ago +6

    I don't know what they are on about, but Craig Ferguson used that word on multiple occasions in the exact same time slot as James.

    • kyle s
      kyle s Year ago +1

      I realize that, but my point is that clearly none of them do. And for James to think that the guy who did the show for the 10 years prior to him and made a point to be inappropriate is never said it is foolish.

    • Janet Beatrice
      Janet Beatrice Year ago +4

      It's not about using the word during James's show. It's about using it on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is on at 8 p.m.

  • Ev Ye
    Ev Ye Year ago

    "Why are you shaking hands?" ummm because it's hilarious. What kind of comedian is she?

    • Box
      Box 10 months ago


  • Amy Overby
    Amy Overby Year ago +2

    when james got up and started bowing i lost my shit

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja Year ago

    Seinfeld said Delores.

  • Quotenwagnerianer
    Quotenwagnerianer Year ago +2

    Reminds me of: "She said Jehova".

  • da96103
    da96103 Year ago +3

    Didn't Americans also censor the word vagina and calls it a vajayjay?

  • Chris Hallerty
    Chris Hallerty Year ago

    I would not have stood up, I wouldn't have stood up for any word for that matter WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE STANDING OVATIONS TO "good for you" shit?? I hate that. You should only stand up for some truly beautiful speech and or action.

  • Tywithay
    Tywithay Year ago

    Clitoris was said on the Conan show many times.

  • Mike Duplessis
    Mike Duplessis Year ago +11

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3rd season premiere Friday the 13th at 8pm (east coast) on the CW network, or streamed the next day on their website.

  • Small Britney
    Small Britney Year ago +11

    Confused, it’s anatomical...

    T&EBEATS Year ago

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  • Leslie Wells
    Leslie Wells Year ago +41

    Humanity has reached a low point when clitoris gets a standing ovation

    • Diana Laura Wiegrebe
      Diana Laura Wiegrebe Year ago +2

      DUDESSSS. Florence Love already explained it, loud and clear, up in the comments:
      "The standing ovation is because the in the US they have made the word clitoris a censored word, an actual part of the female genitalia. I mean, that's fucked up. Says a lot about what our country actually and how much we sexualize the female body so."
      Humanity has reached a low point when you all think they're clapping to a word.

    • LetalisLatrodectus
      LetalisLatrodectus Year ago +5

      America's weird obsession to censor nudity and not violence is indeed embarrasing. In no western country would the world Clitoris get a standing ovation.

    • catothewiser
      catothewiser Year ago +2

      I'm embarrassed for this society.

  • Tyler Channell
    Tyler Channell Year ago

    That was so funny 😂😂😂

  • XMagiX21
    XMagiX21 Year ago

    I dont know her but the looks like lorde so i like her

  • Franky
    Franky Year ago +11

    The clit got the clap - it won't be the first time!

  • Mitch Karlo
    Mitch Karlo Year ago

    Hahaha I'm clapping too


    She got huge tits

  • Prado73
    Prado73 Year ago +1

    this reminded me of the "It Hits The Fan" South Park Episode... sigh

  • Fiona Riley
    Fiona Riley Year ago +7

    Carrie Fischer said it on a particularly hilarious episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

  • Darth Dulla
    Darth Dulla Year ago +3

    She makes me laugh

  • Phat Ho
    Phat Ho Year ago +1

    You know you could have bleeped it anyways ^^

  • Job
    Job Year ago +35

    that was a well deserved standing O

  • Tosin Adekanye
    Tosin Adekanye Year ago +22

    Craig Ferguson already demystified the clitoris.

    • at.kafasi.212
      at.kafasi.212 Year ago +1

      In a way that makes this show the first show it was said

  • Daniel Tsang
    Daniel Tsang Year ago +218

    Are we surprised? Period Sex is Iconic after all. Even in the song it says no one would let her do it.

  • AymFx
    AymFx Year ago +4

    South Park did it years ago! Stan found the clitoris!

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird Year ago +6

    virgins clapping hard

  • teddy boragina
    teddy boragina Year ago +3

    wew. CBS let that through?

  • Leena
    Leena Year ago +173

    Dwight said it in The Office

    • Molly
      Molly Year ago +1

      Its not a network show lol

    • Chase DeLong
      Chase DeLong Year ago +4

      "On a website, it said at the crest of the labia. What does that mean?"

    • Caroline Grace
      Caroline Grace Year ago +14

      Kari K Which means that it's not a network show

    • Geen Naam
      Geen Naam Year ago

      Kimberly Christie yes indeed

    • Kimberly Christie
      Kimberly Christie Year ago +12

      That's Netflix, right?

  • Steph Macedo
    Steph Macedo Year ago +5


  • Las Personas
    Las Personas Year ago +77

    Rachel Bloom is my spirit animal, now and always.

  • DC Infinity
    DC Infinity Year ago


  • Pototo Rolon
    Pototo Rolon Year ago

    Now she´ll have to show hers.

    • Box
      Box 10 months ago


  • Wuwe W
    Wuwe W Year ago +37

    Craig Ferguson said it all the time...

  • Joost de Groot
    Joost de Groot Year ago

    Sing peace mainly dispute taxpayer poor talent infection.

  • Shaiba aa
    Shaiba aa Year ago +5

    What even is this about?!

  • kc ach
    kc ach Year ago +303

    The funny thing is when James asked her what the word was, I thought she wouldn't say it so she could be like well, you'll have to watch the show to see, plus that would ruin the whole "novelty" of it. Then she said it and I was like I guess it doesn't apply on this show?? But it does. Lmao. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • DJDoena
    DJDoena Year ago +28

    I am the Clit Commander!