4 Games on 1 GPU? SR-IOV & Virtual GPUs -- Why Consumers Need It

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • SR-IOV is a tech that lets several virtual machines share a single piece of hardware, like a network card and now graphics cards. It works for "sever" VDI graphics cards.. but has the time come for consumer video cards as well?

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Comments • 162

  • Piperis
    Piperis 17 days ago

    Do you know a list of SR-IOV compatible graphics cards that could work with Microsoft (HyperV 2019) DDA?

    -> Is the filter driver on the Linux hosts activated by default for AMD drivers and is a special filter driver for Windows also required?

  • miguel arturo
    miguel arturo Month ago

    Hi Level1Tech im interested on SR-IOV and vmware is a great solution but... i have a good PC and my sister lives on the 2nd floor, i don't want to buy 20m of ethernet cable of HDMI or VGA... i want to create a VM and shared or stream it to her laptop with login of whatever... i don't know, recently im trying to create vm with shared mode using vmware workstation pro and login with remote desktop inside of the app but the s.o streaming is really bad, so.. other idea i have is create VM (not shared mode) and login with windows remote desktop... the latency is really good (1 ms) but in gaming really sucks, the games drops down of 60 to 15 or 10 fps... i don't know how to achieve this, if anyone see this... help me please hahah, im using windows 10 and I really love linux but i was buy game pass ultimate for christmas and the same time i want that my sister play games with my powerful PC master race.
    PD: in your video i was see you install geforce GT 8800 in VM ? wtf how?
    PD2: im using VMware workstation pro 15.x because the horizon 7 needs windows server... yes, i could install windows server on vmware and try but are not manny tutorials for horizon 7... and i only have 4 cores and 8 threads (core i7 4790, asus rog gtx 1070, 16 ram dd3)

  • Kian J
    Kian J 2 months ago

    Wendell, the kind of guy the world doesn't know it needs, is needed.

  • Konstantin Avramidis
    Konstantin Avramidis 4 months ago

    follow up vid on this would be nice!

  • Eduardo Frazão
    Eduardo Frazão 4 months ago

    I think that this is a very useful feature, that must be avaliable for consumer cards only. Will be very nice to use some high performance virtual machines here, without the need to inject a dedicated GPU on each.

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 5 months ago

    how far could linus take the 7 gamers 1 cpu concept with this if each graphics card could be assigned to multiple users

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier 6 months ago +1

    no news about this?

  • B
    B 6 months ago

    Windows update borked my computer this week so I am back on Linux again. I want to see SR-IOV so that I can run my VM at full tilt. Also, with Stadia and all these other cloud gaming platforms popping up we need to be able to have this at home on our own network now. I started working on my computer years ago to get to a point where it could be several VMs all accessed via Raspberry Pis or low powered laptops and we are ALMOST there....JUST DO IT AMD!

  • Johnny BeGood
    Johnny BeGood 6 months ago

    Glad I've found you and your channels. Quality content for real.

  • KeeperOfKale
    KeeperOfKale 9 months ago

    I'd really like a Quadro too k thx

  • MegaManNeo
    MegaManNeo 9 months ago

    I'm confuses by RU-clip now, thought I already subscribed but YT was like "nope!".
    Good thing this video showed up in my recommendations, your Videos are just too interesting to miss out.

  • phill mcgroin
    phill mcgroin 9 months ago

    I've been wanting this for nearly a year now

  • TheShorterboy
    TheShorterboy 9 months ago +2

    Get warframe working you'll have a bigger impact

  • Killquentin TV
    Killquentin TV 9 months ago

    Would a Nvidia Tesla K80 would support SR-IOV?

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 9 months ago

    From past experience with Unraid and gaming on that system with single GPU passthrough, I can say there is a big market for GPUs with SR-IOV at the consumer level.
    A gamer and content creator (they are everywhere) with an SR-IOV GPU and prppper software support, can for example run Linux along side 2 Win10 OSs on bare metal with shared resources.
    This would reduce the entry cost to market for streamers. No need for 2nd PC to handle tasks. There are other benefits too.
    Linux is relatively a safe sandbox to begin with, having your stream run through there with a VPN, would decouple the streamer from most kinds of malicious attacks from a rogue party while still being able to not interfere and not interrupting the gaming VM. I would even go as far as to recommend have multiple Linux VMs and only boot up the windows instances if the task you need to run only works on windows.
    And yet there are still more benefits to everyday people. Wih multiple OS instances. One can create their OS once and then make a copy. Keep the copy as an instant backup. We all know windows is not perfect, so having the flexibility to restore a backup in seconds and thus being able to remove viruses or broken software in seconds as a result, that's freaking amazing. Would save poeple time
    But because we don't really have a good example of a VM friendly multi instanced OS with simultaneous multi-vm GPU passthrough (Unraid being the closest it gets), then you get people that don't even know they need this ease of life technology.
    It's a shame our PCs could be doing so much more.

  • SirBillyMays
    SirBillyMays 9 months ago

    Unfortunately, at least for us, our researchers "demand" that we use Nvidia due to CUDA, Tensor etc. Etc... We have a couple of AMD test machines, but hardly any researchers use them even though they are entirely free to use...

  • aj35lightning
    aj35lightning 9 months ago

    Thanks for doing what you do man. It's reassuring to know the community has people like you helping push things. I know the industry is big and there's lots of people on different forums working together and I should extend my gratitude to everyone, but you consistently are able to present that information in a way that get's me excited about what the future holds.

  • Christian Stout
    Christian Stout 9 months ago +1

    The FirePro S9300 is also a good option, and they're really cheap on eBay right now.

  • Mr_Beezlebub
    Mr_Beezlebub 9 months ago

    So is this the technology that will be behind things like Google's Stadia?

  • Hans Druf
    Hans Druf 9 months ago

    this video is great, but the b-roll of the firepro the in the case is somewhat annoying

  • antoarre
    antoarre 9 months ago

    Where can I find the "bookshelf" at 1:12.

  • Beauregard Slim
    Beauregard Slim 9 months ago

    What is that keyboard?
    Virtualizing gpus is fun stuff. I've played with it a bit, especially for remote gaming around the house via steam link or nvidia experience. The problems I ended up running into were always related to specific games not displaying. I think it had something to do with full-screen graphics modes.

  • POVIBI - VR on linux
    POVIBI - VR on linux 9 months ago +1

    Intel gvt-g works beautifully on my laptop. I hope it will work on their future dedicated GPU's. I would definitely buy one if that's the case.

  • SouthOfHessen
    SouthOfHessen 9 months ago

    after my quick research i concluded that this radeon card is less powerfull than a 1080ti or am i wrong here?, im trying to realize a multi user setup for gaming for a few months now but im still failing, gpus are gtx 1080ti and 1060 6gb, cpu on the host is a 2700x and on the client desktop a 1600x

  • Hayden Briese
    Hayden Briese 9 months ago

    Free VFIO!

  • Petr Szturc
    Petr Szturc 9 months ago

    Hi! I definitely support, what you are doing. Thanks to you I'm currently switching to lnx + looking glass (FINALLY leaving windows behind!). Though I have one question - isn't the game streaming (onlive, stadia..) actually better? With proper connection of course... Or maybe just overall simpler for end user - you just grap laptop/tablet/phone or just the controller with almost ANY operating system - click cast (on tv or display) and start playing similar to console gaming..?

  • Two Good
    Two Good 9 months ago

    Manjaro Gnome! The best of distros

  • jeepo500
    jeepo500 9 months ago

    SR-IOV on a consumer card would be enough to push me further up the product line. I don't game, and my low end GPU fans never spin, so it's really the only feature that would influence me to get a higher end card. If AMD introduces a consumer card with SR-IOV, that will get my entire upgrade budget, rather than splitting it with an nvidia card and a larger case/motherboard to accommodate dual cards.

  • Melvin Klein
    Melvin Klein 9 months ago +2

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't AMD say their Vega consumer GPUs are going to support SR-IOV?

  • hblaub
    hblaub 9 months ago

    I need more ... more power... more sharing... MORE!!!!

  • Noobulon
    Noobulon 9 months ago

    Speaking of looking glass, linus did a video a while ago about using the video output-less mining cards in windows, would it be possibel to do this by passing it to a vm and using looking glass?

  • sparkyenergia
    sparkyenergia 9 months ago

    Apparently AMD really considered letting us have SR-IOV for Vega. But didn't for some reason.
    I would love to build a '2 gamers 1 CPU' like rig for taking to a lan (that's possible - PCI passthrough 2 gpu's). It would be amazing if I could run a third VM that could run the 2 GPU's in crossfire/sli (when used alone).
    Most amazing if I could run the two vm's for gaming but have say 20% of an rx480 go to one game (minecraft or a 2d platformer) and all of the other Rx480 plus the remaining 80% of the first rx480 go to a heavy game like Apex legends. But hey ya gotta have your fantasies right!

  • SIN3R6Y
    SIN3R6Y 9 months ago

    "I'll buy it eventually, but it's expensive"
    Yeah, same...

  • Quality
    Quality 9 months ago

    great video very engaging!

  • HulkHogan
    HulkHogan 9 months ago

    Is SR-IOV more simple to set up than a GPU Passthrough? If so I would love to have it on consumer gaming cards cause the whole GPU Passthrough setup was a huge pain in the ass and through weeks of troubleshooting I got everything working except my CPU performance was awful and the audio was buggy, ended up giving up and moving back to Windows.

  • Wargames SA
    Wargames SA 9 months ago +1

    wendell stadia~

  • Chuck Sanders
    Chuck Sanders 9 months ago

    Its not awesome. It doesn't work right. I have implemented the latest TELSA cards in a hyper converged environment and the GRID drivers caused us more problems than anything else in the environment.

  • theIpatix
    theIpatix 9 months ago

    I've seen these cool demos for looking glass here quite frequently. Unfortunately I did not have a very positive experience with that with Intel GVT. Once I've managed to start it up I had something around 1 fps and the mouse was jerking all over the place. Plus, it cannot display video before logging in (iirc). I'm still looking for something that works better than Spice or RDP with the claimed performance of Looking Glass.

  • Hadwin
    Hadwin 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for bringing clarification to this clueless follower.

  • Ole Algoritme
    Ole Algoritme 9 months ago +2

    Loving your work. We need more attention to SR-IOV and vGPUs. Now the real question is... How fast can we hack our Vegas to get SR-IOV functionality? ;-)
    PS! Give us a heads up when you have gotten SR-IOV working on the MSI x399 platform. Running 2990wx + MSI's meg motherboard myself.

  • SME Productions
    SME Productions 9 months ago

    You inspire me to learn so much more. Almost done B.S in Cybersecurity

  • Arun G
    Arun G 9 months ago

    Sorry if i didn't understand it correctly. Can I use this tech to run Mac OS VM with accelerated graphics on supported GPUs?

  • B
    B 9 months ago

    This is exactly where I think the future is going for home computing. Lightweight client computers with long battery life with a home server/heavy lifting box. This is exactly why I bought a big Caselabs case years ago so that I could work on making something like this but I'm still learning the programs/software as a hobby.

  • Thato Mokotedi
    Thato Mokotedi 9 months ago

    Can I set up a gamer arcade. Does Threadripper support virtualisation

  • madant1977
    madant1977 9 months ago +1


  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 9 months ago


  • Daniel Spelling Clausen

    Really weird... This video doesn't show up in my subscriber feed...

    • Daniel Spelling Clausen
      Daniel Spelling Clausen 9 months ago

      And it sucks, cause it is a really interesting video, that I almost missed :/

  • slis007
    slis007 9 months ago

    Inel is not usig SRIOV, it is using mediated device passthru,... like nvidia.

  • tanmay panadi
    tanmay panadi 9 months ago

    Good luck Wendell

  • Jarrod'sTech
    Jarrod'sTech 9 months ago +8

    I've wanted this to work well for ages so I can have a VM for Adobe Premiere with GPU acceleration and another for gaming 🤔

  • WayStedYou
    WayStedYou 9 months ago


  • Andrei Neacsu
    Andrei Neacsu 9 months ago

    Mr. Liar Pants on Fire Raja Koduri convinced me that Vega supports SR-IOV. Having access to a single S7150 (not the X2), I wanted that, so I bought 3 Vega 56. No support on consumer cards, not even the Frontier Edition, nor the Radeon Pro, it's just a couple of newer server cards that support MxGPU. That was a big disappointment, as I was hoping for at least one VM on top of the host, or two under a low-level hypervisor. Ideally, four would be truly awesome on Vega 56/64 (pro), Vega FF, and Radeon VII.
    Another lie of Raja was that Liquid Sky will be using Vegas. I bought some credit and set up a machine there, but they only used Intel Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Grid cards. I did not even use the credit and my account expired.

  • LazyGeekgamer HD is dead channel

    Oh yes I love this idea I wonder this work on threadripper

  • PcGameHunter
    PcGameHunter 9 months ago +1

    Everytime Wendell says something will be on the Linux channel. I feel like that dog from Futurama just sitting there for the never coming linux video

    • tin2001
      tin2001 9 months ago

      What's that boy? You're walking on sunshine?

  • liaminwales
    liaminwales 9 months ago +7

    we have tech RU-cliprs and we have Level1Techs, boys and men.
    just amazing what crazy stuff happens when you start drinking Tea and working hard.

  • John Paulsen
    John Paulsen 9 months ago

    I thought when I looked at the AMD cards for work, over 1 year ago. They have a bios mode to limit the sr-vio so this didn't happen. Or I maybe thinking of a model of tesla that can run in that mode after a bois command....

  • Alfredo Rivera
    Alfredo Rivera 9 months ago +3

    Is there any good reason for SRIOV to be disabled on consumer GPUs or is this another of those cases where vendors lock functionality to help justify their 'higher-end' products?

    • Alfredo Rivera
      Alfredo Rivera 9 months ago

      @Conor Hanley such a shame, this can be very useful for rural and educational situations. But the high prices of these devices makes it unfeasible.

  • Moriarty Vivaldi
    Moriarty Vivaldi 9 months ago

    I don’t quite understand the use case honestly, maybe I’m just dim. ( for consumers) .

  • Justin Lamp
    Justin Lamp 9 months ago

    Oh yes you are sooo right!!!!

  • Mr.Scott
    Mr.Scott 9 months ago +1

    Now this is really good content. Thank you!