Vocal Coach REACTS to KAMELOT ft. Simone Simons - The Haunting live at Norway (2006)

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
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  • Dr Nicktu
    Dr Nicktu 9 days ago

    Kamelot is a great band they played for 10 years in clubs and opener before they ever recorded a album. I love your reviews,,, you are such a emotional person and I can relate to how music moves you.

  • Павел Железнов

    Masha "Scream" from Arkona have two different vocals in her voice-:)

  • xele elex1
    xele elex1 18 days ago

    Rebecca you are adorable. everything you say makes perfect sense. and it is the beguiling, genius songwriter herself, Simone. Roy Khan has one of the most iconic voices in metal, as you can easily tell. The current singer for Kamelot, Tom Karevik is likewise very vocally gifted and even sounds quite a bit like Roy. i recommend a song called "abandoned" . it is quite moving.

  • Annie Pollard
    Annie Pollard 19 days ago +1

    I doubt you'd see this but omg please do more Kamelot. Like Elizabeth. 🖤🖤🖤

  • oldgoat
    oldgoat 19 days ago +1

    how did you sneak this react past me . my all time fav duet

  • Dan Donna
    Dan Donna 20 days ago

    (Talking facial features) You see a lot that in Country music back in 70's or later

  • BigTArmada
    BigTArmada 22 days ago +1

    You should check out something from Epica, Quantum Enigma is a worth a spin

  • Brian Hartling
    Brian Hartling 27 days ago +1

    If only she could do more Roy Khan... Abandoned, Elizabeth, all soo good~

  • 못말려쿠우는
    못말려쿠우는 Month ago

    roy khan and simones are the best vocalists~!

  • gonçalo Baia
    gonçalo Baia Month ago

    6:32 i love you

  • Adrian Villanueva
    Adrian Villanueva Month ago +1

    Roy Khan is GOD

  • Eric Nootebos
    Eric Nootebos Month ago +1

    Rebecca is my favourite vocal coach on youtube!

  • Ashley Rae Davis
    Ashley Rae Davis 2 months ago +1

    I have had this concert on DVD for over 10 years! I love Roy Khan, so much! Best singer in the world!

  • Mickael Thievent
    Mickael Thievent 2 months ago +1

    Just discovered your channel these day and I loved it.
    About Kamelot, you should have a look of "Liar Liar". Besides kamelot's singer, you might be surprised by the other singer on this song : Alissa White-Gluz who also sings for Arch Enemy.

  • Basementdrummer 98
    Basementdrummer 98 2 months ago +1

    Please, do Kamelot - Elizabeth live. All the three parts.
    Just breathtaking ... One of Roy's/Kamelot finest musical performances ever!!!🤘🤘🤘

  • JuanceCBA82
    JuanceCBA82 2 months ago

    A one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Thank \m/

  • rossbach451
    rossbach451 2 months ago

    Even though coherence occasionally eluded you this time :), still always love your videos! I could watch you read from a phone book!

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik 2 months ago +1

    AT Norway ?

  • Shannon O'Brien
    Shannon O'Brien 2 months ago +1

    Yes! I found the Roy Kahn video. Would love to see another video or two of him when he was with Kamelot.

  • Shotgun Mouthwash
    Shotgun Mouthwash 2 months ago

    Honestly not even remotely close to best performance. Even on a "meh" day Roy is pretty great.

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton 2 months ago

    Love your reactions and analysis.
    Please more Kamelot!!!

  • Francisco Maia
    Francisco Maia 2 months ago

    great band......great singer......the girl voice together with his voice works just perfect....love u. Love from Pt

  • Zachary Pishock
    Zachary Pishock 2 months ago

    I can’t believe Epica hasn’t made its way into the channel yet! Cry for the Moon (live in the studio) is an absolute must, and Storm the Sorrow as well (maybe the official video in this case? because it’s just so cool to watch, and her voice sounds amazing of course!)!!! Highly recommend!

  • Slinky TV
    Slinky TV 2 months ago

    React to Rise Against live, Tim's voice (the lead singer) is unbelievably unique

  • James Lilla
    James Lilla 2 months ago

    Lady, you need to hear that in some good headphones!!

  • MediliaSong
    MediliaSong 3 months ago

    You should review Tommy singing Forever with Kamelot

  • Angelfaith Nabunat Up
    Angelfaith Nabunat Up 3 months ago

    Roy Khan voice of god!

  • Siguinarugan Capistrano

    You should react to
    Hijo De La Luna by Stravaganzza.

  • jbar85 jb
    jbar85 jb 3 months ago

    If you guys love Roy Kahn you have to check out Jim Gray from Caligulas Horse

  • Julian Iliev
    Julian Iliev 3 months ago

    This one is also a great duet:

  • Chris Lester
    Chris Lester 3 months ago

    After Forever - Dreamflight The live version is pretty damn good. ru-clip.com/video/73-_F9prx4I/video.html

  • Giselle de Almeida
    Giselle de Almeida 3 months ago

    Roy Khan is amazing. You should listen to Abandoned from the same band. If you liked Simone and Roy singing together you should try House on a Hill. It's mesmerising.

  • Bry Graham
    Bry Graham 4 months ago

    Please react to more Kamelot videos especially with Roy Khan, new ones with Tommy Karevik are great too
    They’re an awesome band!

  • rjlundholm89
    rjlundholm89 4 months ago

    The Haunting is my favorite Kamelot song.

  • Fallenstar
    Fallenstar 4 months ago

    new vocalist, new song, new duet) 70000 Tons of Metal - Kamelot - Liar Liar

  • Christine
    Christine 4 months ago

    Love Kamelot and Roy...Been listening to him for years

  • Rocker 4Life
    Rocker 4Life 4 months ago

    Simone Simons the most beautiful women on hearth

  • Laura Tanase
    Laura Tanase 4 months ago

    Hei, I loved your analysis of Kamelot's song (might be a bit biased since Khan's my favourite vocalist) That beeing said I have a sugestion Fabio Lione - Lamento Eroico or Oceano (another vocalist that I really like) I have not managed to find one for him and I would be really happy if you could do it. Thank you and keep up the good work😊

  • Jim Albruzzess
    Jim Albruzzess 4 months ago

    Great review Rebecca!! I love it when you curse.... it's funny and beautiful. Cheers from Canada!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Ila Iranparast
    Ila Iranparast 4 months ago

    please react to Kamelot - Karma

  • Ila Iranparast
    Ila Iranparast 4 months ago

    the passion in Roy Khan's voice is unequal ... he is god

  • Ivo Lemmens
    Ivo Lemmens 4 months ago

    youl probablylike these as well: Marcela Bovia and Laura Macri
    ru-clip.com/video/jkTX2czOJLU/video.html (from solo album)
    ru-clip.com/video/nW6Jkpv5iZA/video.html (with band MaYaN)
    ru-clip.com/video/gsp5i3d0qPk/video.html (with band MaYaN)

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone 4 months ago

    please listen to Center of the Universe.. best song from Kamelot ever...

  • 88winsn08
    88winsn08 4 months ago

    You must react to Michael Eriksen from Circus Maximus. He is an amazing vocalist!!!

  • Dalibor Dupor
    Dalibor Dupor 4 months ago

    This song is a lot harder then it sounds he made it so easy and he was hitting every single note.

  • Cristina 28
    Cristina 28 4 months ago

    React #kamelot karma from the same concert, sorry my English 😘

  • Dany Latulippe
    Dany Latulippe 4 months ago

    If you like those two together, you might like the song Trois Vierges by Epica featuring Roy Khan. It's magnificent!

  • Ganymede Horizon
    Ganymede Horizon 4 months ago

    Great song and a great vocal team!

  • Aimilianos Stamatakis
    Aimilianos Stamatakis 4 months ago

    Roy Kahn is a total inspiration to singers , and in my humble opinion a great examble on how theatrical performers should aproach their usually oldfashioned singing nowdays..Again just an opinion.
    You should check John West on ''Stand, Sentinel'' . Unparallel and smooth vocal technique , more twang and less theatricallity.

  • Tommy Echoes
    Tommy Echoes 5 months ago

    Simone Simons yes! There is a long time since he was the vocalist in Kamelot. Today hes the vocalist in a band called Conception. I saw them a few weeks ago in Norway on a festival. Was nice to hear hes voice back on stage again. And hes bald well he was 3 weeks ago :)

  • denis serer
    denis serer 5 months ago

    The Civil Wars-Dance me to the end of love (live) please !!

  • Erin Sweet
    Erin Sweet 5 months ago

    God I love Roy! He is my favorite male singer of all time, and Simone is my favorite female singer. Both of them are incredible together! They give me goosebumps! You should do Abandoned from the same Kamelot concert, Roy is amazing in it.

  • John Caraballo
    John Caraballo 5 months ago

    He could pass for another Geoff Tate of Queensryche and I might be a little prejudiced because to me in this world and all of the universe for that matter, I feel there can be only one Amy Lee of Eveanessence in the same genre of operatic pop/ christian' goth metal music However after listening with my eyes closed and an opened mind I was taken and blown away by Simone Simons after hearing her display her vocal prowess on this tender morsel of operatic genius. give a listen to EPICA - Unleashed. ru-clip.com/video/qX48IuIrAMQ/video.html

  • Michel Desgroseillers
    Michel Desgroseillers 5 months ago

    I Love the constructive comment on my favorite groups!
    It would be cool to see the reaction of rebecca on this song of Helloween song: "A tale that wasn't Right", it's a really good piece: ru-clip.com/video/0LQll1RO4Mc/video.html

    Thank You, Mick

  • Franco Medina
    Franco Medina 5 months ago

    oh, Kamelot! and here I am

  • Bluegrass Diggers
    Bluegrass Diggers 5 months ago


  • Parker Cestaric
    Parker Cestaric 5 months ago

    Little factoid, Rebecca, the entire album this song is off of (Kamelot's 2005 album The Black Halo) is the second album in a series of concept albums (the first being Kamelot's 2003 album Epica) that tell the story of Faust.

  • Cornelius Antonius
    Cornelius Antonius 5 months ago

    Simone Simons and Floor Jansen are best Friends 😍 EPICA - Stabat Mater Dolorosa w/Floor Jansen (Retrospect 10th Anniversary DVD I) ru-clip.com/video/nhtOORYTGx8/video.html 😍

  • TheDarthMushroom
    TheDarthMushroom 5 months ago

    #GoGoth ♥️

  • J24777
    J24777 5 months ago

    Please do some Epica !! Simone Simons Beautiful Voice!!