Dizzy Penalty Challenge!

  • Epic Dizzy Penalty Challenge! Thanks to our friends' Martin, Edward, Jose, Manny, Alison, and Bro for taking the challenge!
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    Music: Siren - Run Away [NCS Release]

Comments • 37

  • Dharmendra Kumar
    Dharmendra Kumar 5 months ago


  • Adnan Rahim
    Adnan Rahim 9 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Sivaruthiran Raja
    Sivaruthiran Raja 2 years ago

    i want a rabona penalty

  • Ibrahim Shahid
    Ibrahim Shahid 4 years ago

    nice video.can u make a tutorial of rabona or knuckleball

  • Joshua Ngoi
    Joshua Ngoi 4 years ago


  • Sarwar Hussain
    Sarwar Hussain 4 years ago

    nice but can you do rabona

  • Astun Forde
    Astun Forde 4 years ago


  • Bpr Law
    Bpr Law 4 years ago

    awesome challenge guys!

  • Luke Andris
    Luke Andris 4 years ago

    What camera do you use?

  • Raksa
    Raksa 4 years ago

    Keep it up, mate!

  • Harsh Songra
    Harsh Songra 4 years ago

    Did u notice 1:12 the ball change

  • mikane
    mikane 4 years ago +2

    Anybody notice the ball at 2:11 is different then the ball at 2:15?

  • Tazza HD
    Tazza HD 4 years ago


  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez 4 years ago

    Oy thats 53rd

  • PiggyDerp DERp
    PiggyDerp DERp 4 years ago

    could u plc do a tutorial on a knuckleball

  • FreekickStrikerz
    FreekickStrikerz 4 years ago

    +AllAttack I'm starting a brand new soccer channel what do you recommend in order to be successful?

    • FreekickStrikerz
      FreekickStrikerz 4 years ago

      +AllAttack Thank you

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  4 years ago

      @FreekickStrikerz Quality content, strong branding, and videos that show up under popular search terms. Send a us a direct message if you want a more in depth explanation.

  • Sadat Chowhury
    Sadat Chowhury 4 years ago

    can you make a video about playing with your head up

  • Royce Um
    Royce Um 4 years ago

    I mean lol

  • Royce Um
    Royce Um 4 years ago

    Jolly God bless

  • Shsjbd Fhebe
    Shsjbd Fhebe 4 years ago

    Do how to kick with the outside of your foot

  • Wesley Law
    Wesley Law 4 years ago

    Take a goal kick

  • Kidus_10
    Kidus_10 4 years ago

    Awesome video.

  • TimmyVision
    TimmyVision 4 years ago

    So cool

  • will tonder
    will tonder 4 years ago

    Can you teach us how to spin in a circle plz

  • LiChai Epperson
    LiChai Epperson 4 years ago +1

    Awesome video, with all those extra people maybe you can do a video about ingame tips. A rabona video would be awesome too. Keep it up!

  • Ronomic
    Ronomic 4 years ago +3

    Have a punishment for the loser. :D

  • Mohamad Kishawi
    Mohamad Kishawi 4 years ago +1

    still no finishing video???
    dont u know when will u make it???

    • NoobMaster69
      NoobMaster69 4 years ago

      +AllAttack you and your friends in this video should all make a soccer stereotypes video

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  4 years ago +1

      The problem is it's 3,000 miles away. I (Kaden) took a trip and filmed a little video while I was there

    • Dustyn The Champ
      Dustyn The Champ 4 years ago

      The field you were playing on on this video looked good good, and it had goals.

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  4 years ago

      @Mohamad Kishawi We're trying to find a good field with goals. We don't know exactly when that will be, but we want to make a finishing video within a month.

  • Sean Lyons
    Sean Lyons 4 years ago +4

    Do a dribbling part 2 video PLEASE!!!!!

  • AllAttack
    AllAttack  4 years ago +2

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  • Agvan Batya
    Agvan Batya 4 years ago

    Lol 2:16 - jabulani

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  4 years ago

      @agvan tsyrempilov illumiball confirmed!

  • funny bestofall
    funny bestofall 4 years ago

    Cool but can you do a tutorial of how to do a skill to always beat defenders?thanks

    • LiChai Epperson
      LiChai Epperson 4 years ago

      @funny bestofall Just dribble with the ball close to your feet quick and accuratly that's the only way I can think of that always works. And even then it's not certain.

  • jwalant bhatt
    jwalant bhatt 4 years ago

    Damn those Adidas boots at the end!

  • Luis M.
    Luis M. 4 years ago

    Awesome Vid

  • Mazen Essam
    Mazen Essam 4 years ago

    3rd comment 20th like 13 view

  • Bpr Law
    Bpr Law 4 years ago

    Smiles all around :-)

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 4 years ago

    Hey im in it 😏

  • ZXIN
    ZXIN 4 years ago