Level1 News February 20 2019: A Blizzard of Pink Slips

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    0:37 - Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters
    2:45 - Amazon caught selling counterfeits of publisher’s computer books-again
    4:44 - Publishers Chafe at Apple’s Terms for Subscription News Service
    6:47 - Visa, Mastercard mull increasing fees for processing transactions
    8:17 - Activision Blizzard Lays Off Hundreds Of Employees
    10:42 - J.P. Morgan Chase Announces Its Own Cryptocurrency 'JPM Coin'
    12:09 - Nvidia CEO foresees a great year for PC gaming laptops
    13:47 - Insurance Giant Allstate Buys Independent Phone Repair Company, Joins Right to Repair Movement
    16:04 - Only 17% Of Consumers Believe Personalized Ads Are Ethical, Survey Says
    17:33 - No link between violent video games and increased aggression in teens, study finds
    19:40 - Most Online ‘Terms of Service’ Are Incomprehensible to Adults, Study Finds
    21:26 - Mars One is dead
    22:15 - Niantic is tweaking Pokémon Go to settle a lawsuit with angry homeowners
    24:25 - Selling 911 location data is illegal-US carriers reportedly did it anyway
    26:01 - SpaceX's Raptor Engine Hits Power Level for Starship Launches, Elon Musk Says
    27:22 - Consumer Reports: Tesla's Model 3 "most satisfying" car
    29:14 - In Granite State: Industry Groups Paint Dark Picture of Right to Repair
    31:51 - Jack Dorsey: Twitter is considering 'clarification' feature
    33:01 - Even years later, Twitter doesn’t delete your direct messages
    34:15 - Facebook's security team tracks posts, location for 'BOLO' threat list
    36:01 - Facebook lets you search for pictures of your female friends, but not your male ones
    37:02 - Pressure mounts on Facebook and Google to stop anti-vax conspiracy theories
    41:21 - Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network
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Comments • 80

  • Brandon Hoffman
    Brandon Hoffman Year ago

    Billions of dollars to light year conversion = Light Year (C) / [Price of a Space Ex vessel (P) / (Max speed of a Space Ex vessel (S) * 1 year of time]
    Is this correct?

  • cataria
    cataria Year ago

    why don't u check out some research on vaccines?
    "The Introduction of
    Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young
    Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment"this study showing a 5 fold! increase in mortality amongst vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children.not 5 percent, no 5 fold!or how people during the highest rate of smallpox vaccinations had the biggest smallpox outbreaks, like in leicester england:www.dissolvingillusions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/G7.1-Leicester-Smallpox-Cov-1838-1910-1024x650.png
    in regards to measles outbreak, the death rate from measles droped to basically 0 before a vaccine was introduced at all, this is a basic fact.the death rate dropped to basically 0, because of hygiene, clean water and food and stuff, NOT due to vaccines.people back in the day lived in shit, with horrible nutrition. in regards to immunity of children, if we take measles as example, then any sub 1 year old baby should be perfectly immune to measles if the mother got measles during her life before getting pregnant. why u ask?because the breastmilk provides the baby with the mothers immunity, so a 9 month old baby shouldn't be possible to get measles, UNLESS! natural immunity got screwed over by vaccines, that do NOT provide natural immunity at all and thus can't provide immunity to the baby through mothers milk, making it possible for the baby to get measles, during a risky time, which shouldn't be possible.
    herd immunity can ONLY come from the natural disease and not from a vaccine, that is the reality from it, that is also why u see the supposed needed percentage of vaccinated people to get vaccine based herd immunity ever increase... what are we at now? 98%? :D
    and if u think, that proper research was done on vaccines, and that they wouldn't let a vaccine into the public without proper testing, well...we are talking billion dollar companies and a criminal government... so...
    there are NO real safety studies done on vaccines, unlike other medication.again this is a fact, u can look up the safety studies even on a lot of inserts on the vaccines, stating, that an aluminum solution is used as "placebo" instead of an inert placebo, or they use another vaccine to compare the vaccine to, they never use an inert placebo like a saline solution and they never run a study long enough.2 years one would imagine, but guess what, we are looking at 30 days or less for vaccines, which again wouldn't matter because we are not comparing a vaccine to a placebo, but a vaccine to another vaccine or to a poisonous aluminum solution.
    the criminal government to this day refuses to do the gold standard of studies, which is a double blind inert placebo long term vaccinated vs fully unvaccinated study.
    people are against mandatory vaccines and vaccines in general, because they HAVE done their research, and i didn't even mention the 1000s of parents telling their story of the child regressing and getting autism directly after a certain vaccine, or how the u.s.a.'s vaccine court is designed to make it impossible to sue vaccine companies directly and even then the vaccine court pays out people for vaccine damage, including for vaccine created autism.the ones that didn't do their own research are the pro vaccine people, that go by a random youtube video sponsored by the gates foundation for example, or their doctor, that gets 400 dollars from "blue cross blue shield" per fully vaccinated child, those are the ones, that have no clue and just repeat what the mainstream media tells them, the big old lie, that was already known over a 100 years to be false, that "vaccines are safe and effective" they are neither and our children are paying for this lie!do your own research, your children deserve as much!

    • cataria
      cataria Year ago

      i can as a light starting point for one's research suggest this video from dr.suzanne humphries
      it breaks down the history of vaccines a bit and its horrible side effects even then.
      btw if u think the cdc would be doing sth. about this if it were true, that vaccines cause a lot of damage including autism.
      well the cdc has been found lying for years in regards to the autism vaccine link.
      we know this due the CDC whistleblower William Thompson. so no the government definitely isn't there to protect u, and hey we're watching level1news, so watchers of this news show should already be familiar with this reality :D

  • Boat Murdered
    Boat Murdered Year ago +1

    I blame immigration more than anti-vaxxers for the diseases returning. They kind of go hand in hand, but the biggest reason that anti-vaxxers are a problem, is because if immigrants who bring these diseases over from countries that don't vaccinate...

  • TheBurdMahn
    TheBurdMahn Year ago

    Ryan you really need to disconnect your cars onstar antenna

  • Andy Cormack
    Andy Cormack Year ago

    i still pogo casually, you know like hookers or cocain

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer

    44:30 Stop talking about the Zuck

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer

    39:37 ... I think the tigers have a different opinion on that one ... (Also aren't tigers endangered? ... )

  • tomtalk24
    tomtalk24 Year ago

    LOL! The date joke at the start. Only this morning I was setting the BIOS date on an old ThinkPad and was getting wound up because it wouldn't take 21 as the day, because it was the month box.
    Bloody backwards date people!!!

  • zBit
    zBit Year ago

    Holy fuck, I'm listening to this with my headphones and whenever Wendel laughs I hear several thumps! Am I the only one?
    Such level of immersion!

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw Year ago

    Lots of Kentucky bluegrass in Texas. Very common sod.

  • Monkey804
    Monkey804 Year ago

    Is it me or there's no sound for this video?

  • Tim Gels
    Tim Gels Year ago +1

    I always cry a little when inserting US timestamps in mysql.

  • TheEviling
    TheEviling Year ago

    A blindfolded Tux holding a screw, next to a Lego character worshipping the camera(and/or mooning Ryan) untop of a hooded vase.
    I never figured out what the screws meant in the previous episodes, but this new game is way out my my league.

  • Michael Coles
    Michael Coles Year ago

    Screams day, month, year, in metric!

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels Year ago

    willow bark actually has pain killing molecules in it so it will work a little bit for headaches

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube Year ago +1

    I am one of the few people who do read the terms of service and I can honestly say I understand them completely!
    And I have discovered they all say the same thing: We reserve all rights and privileges for ourselves and if you don't agree with us, tough luck.
    In other words; you have no rights. So many people have stopped reading the terms of service agreement and just hit "agree".

  • Eric Goodman
    Eric Goodman Year ago

    Around the 10:20 mark you talk about Kmart and Sears being profitable but everything I've read says that Sears spent over a decade not turning a profit. Where are you getting your info from?

  • WolvenSpectre
    WolvenSpectre Year ago

    People know about The Bluegrass State because of the music.

  • John Stehlik
    John Stehlik Year ago

    Where I work as a security officer has a pokemon stop, or something from that game. It is about 100 feet on the property from the sidewalk. Niantic's other game, ingress also has a beacon in the same location. So, once in a while we kick people off property, and yes niantic has been contacted to remove the location in their game, they don't.

  • wondras
    wondras Year ago

    How did you know it was my first time watching?!

  • SithLordThalix
    SithLordThalix Year ago

    F11 the background!!!!

  • Justin den Otter
    Justin den Otter Year ago

    27:38 Thanks Krista for summing up this show. It's funny because I'm 12

  • Zachary Wooten
    Zachary Wooten Year ago

    App state here from North Carolina. Firstly, the name's North but we're the South. Secondly, bluegrass is what I grew up on with my dad.. weekend radio his friend hosted a bluegrass show. During the week it was James Taylor, the eagles, Denver.. Kentucky isn't alone in recognizing the best of music.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson Year ago

    it should be a big red button that say's "Oops no no no i mean this". because people like to jump the gun and shoot there mouth off before knowing the whole story.

  • Van Hadden
    Van Hadden Year ago

    Allstate owns Squaretrade (and has turned it into such a disaster that every major company that used to offer it is abandoning it), so... makes sense. They already have a vested interest in third party repair.

  • Bobby Bobman
    Bobby Bobman Year ago

    Anyone who doesn't know why its the blue grass state so go own a lawn.

  • Don Beckham
    Don Beckham Year ago

    @23:22 Are you suggesting that 911 knows your location at all times? regardless of you dialing 911?

  • Pollux
    Pollux Year ago +4

    It's 2019-02-20, you normies.

  • ViolentOrchid
    ViolentOrchid Year ago

    Willow bark tea is just watered down aspirin-water.

  • DoctorWho8675309
    DoctorWho8675309 Year ago

    Rabbit hole goes deep... so deep you have to fist it!

  • Gargoyle
    Gargoyle Year ago

    I don't live in this house, I am traveling short distances through it.

  • Kid Devious
    Kid Devious Year ago +1

    Wendel try running adblock on twitter for 30mins and see how many ads it blocks...
    Just loading the page and mine blocks around 20 each time

    • Mike Barton
      Mike Barton 14 days ago

      What video did you guys address adblock plus in? I had to have missed it but I've been wondering myself as well.

  • Graham Pinkston
    Graham Pinkston Year ago

    STOP SAYING DM'S NOW!!! IT'S PRONOUNCED PM!!! I would think you people should be smart enough to know the difference as there IS a difference!

  • Kwisclub TA
    Kwisclub TA Year ago

    Do us a favor and cut the low end of your audio. That new mic is picking up all kinds of vibrations. I watch on my living room home theater and it's really kind of annoying. Other than that, great stuff as usual :)

  • Killacamfoo O.G.
    Killacamfoo O.G. Year ago

    The Model 3 and Tesla in general are the most hideous things ever designed.

  • Chaka Deng
    Chaka Deng Year ago

    wendells elbows -> table -> microphonestand - > microphone - > Internet - > MY FRICKEN EARS ... is definately a thing
    Fix it Level1Techs!

  • sky Maracle
    sky Maracle Year ago

    lol best pull out joke ever

  • nagi603
    nagi603 Year ago

    Was audio always mono in the videos?

  • Mckayver
    Mckayver Year ago +1

    No audio for me on edge and Chrome. All other RU-clip videos work just fine.

    • John Totten
      John Totten Year ago +1

      Happened to me also til I swapped from speakers to my head phones then it worked.

  • Mickel Ntek
    Mickel Ntek Year ago

    honestly i think Bezos wife looks better than that new chick.

  • GarbageplateKiller

    Rickets... heh

  • intheprettypink
    intheprettypink Year ago

    Atomic Heart is supposedly gonna support ray tracing. So three games. When it comes out. If it comes out.

  • Dennis Mojica
    Dennis Mojica Year ago

    Least known Pokemon: "Unown"

  • Grady Houger
    Grady Houger Year ago

    I tried Pokemon go when it came out. But it only has critters in cities. Except one spot way out in a farm field.

    Overall the game wasn't worth it.

  • David P
    David P Year ago

    It's not a sex joke unless you can see Christa's reaction.

  • Diamond Black
    Diamond Black Year ago

    Policy Enforcement

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith Year ago +1

    Omg "a lot of people pulled out on Valentines Day". Made my day, too funny

  • Thanny
    Thanny Year ago +2

    39:46 Willow bark tea is not alternative medicine. It's literally just more expensive aspirin.

  • Michael Misch
    Michael Misch Year ago

    Christa's stupid, it's obviously Mew!

  • Thanny
    Thanny Year ago +1

    29:10 Yes it is. It's very thick and has a blue cast to it. I have a large patch of it in my front yard, which is very far from Kentucky.

  • Thanny
    Thanny Year ago

    11:00 No, not nothing. The value and amount of currency is determined or constrained by the productive activity of the nation's citizenry. Crypto "currency" isn't currency at all, but a volatile virtual commodity.
    Other commodities at least exist and have uses beyond holding value. Crypto is really just a pyramid scheme.

  • Thanny
    Thanny Year ago

    Regarding food stamps and the stigma, it's worse now than ever, at least in some places, with the requirements placed on what you can buy. I'm not talking about buying candy versus food, but specific brands and sizes for any given food type. I've often seen the people using those cards stuck at a register trying to figure out whether they have the right item, and, if not, sending some employee off to the shelves to get the right one. Over and over for several items. Honestly, beyond blocking the purchase of booze, they shouldn't have any kind of restrictions. The low income requirement is quite enough. Just let the poor people (no pun intended) buy their groceries without making a production about it at the register.

  • Alex Viralata
    Alex Viralata Year ago

    Linux Kernel Update... Man! That Ukuu some times is really annoying!
    Great Vid btw!

  • Kid Devious
    Kid Devious Year ago

    STOP Act (Simple Terms Of Purchase) Designed to ensure there are simplified TOS written in lay terms.

  • Motoryzen
    Motoryzen Year ago

    39 to 43 seconds... Ryan...that wasn't a very MANLY thing to do. xP

  • Mork the Chicken
    Mork the Chicken Year ago

    Engagement challenge

  • Tuchulu
    Tuchulu Year ago

    This episode satisfied me 4/5 stars. Gangs of Aspies Looking at their Phones, rampaging through the street, looking, searching for a Mewtwo or a Chancey

  • zeveroare R
    zeveroare R Year ago

    The people in the world are like... :p
    "brilliantly revolutionized the book"... You are funny. The technique is as old as commerce. He just used it online.
    So, for creditcard companies it's bad if they get money from the govt. But Bezos getting 3bln dollars, that's not a problem? How does that work.

  • Tim Carpenter
    Tim Carpenter Year ago

    It’s year month day. That can be sorted.

  • Nomaran
    Nomaran Year ago

    I give this episode many stars.

  • Boris Fett
    Boris Fett Year ago +1

    That center mic stand placement.

    • Boris Fett
      Boris Fett Year ago

      @Simon Vercoe It was just some engagement challenge. No real problems with placement.

    • Simon Vercoe
      Simon Vercoe Year ago +1

      Cut them some slack at least they aren't using two mics for three people any more haha

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon Year ago

    I read comments sometimes to see if it is worth going to the link cause like you said some are just ad props with no real value of info or interest

  • Pienimusta
    Pienimusta Year ago

    38:10 Hey guys, this is Ryan! And today we are going to talk about vaccinations.
    That start clearly gave Boiler Snake PSTD.

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon Year ago

    Looking up deep thru the rabbit hole I have the right to repair computers or build my own I like your view as to it been run thru the courts before this is where lawyers should site court case law and be done with it

  • T19R0N
    T19R0N Year ago


  • bitbatbutttiktaktuk

    Also if I’m not mistaken the “outbreak” was in California / Washington which is notorious for illegals moving into so ....

  • bitbatbutttiktaktuk

    It’s the people who are vaccinated are the ones who get the illness ! There’s natural version for everything colloidal silver kills colds and everything else ! And organic food strengthens immune system which prevents most things in the first place

  • Rob Fuzzy
    Rob Fuzzy Year ago

    Wendell, I think your mic cable kept hitting the table in this video. That or there is construction in the building because I kept hearing a soft thudding and... it was mildly infuriating.

  • John_Doe
    John_Doe Year ago +1

    Wtf you have against europeeans ?

    • John_Doe
      John_Doe Year ago

      @Orion Rodriguez Europe is not a country :) and I quiet like living in the most peace full part of the world, in a country I dont have to think about health insuranse, in case i do happend to be unarmed and get shot by a police officer :)

    • Orion Rodriguez
      Orion Rodriguez Year ago

      Move to a real country

    • Simon Vercoe
      Simon Vercoe Year ago

      I'm going to go ahead and guess a couple wars and the entire governmental structure, for starters.

  • texasdee slinglead

    In network plumber's are so bottom of the barrel that the barrel must have a hole in the bottom.
    Brought to you by your local plumber in the comment section. I'll be here all day .
    TED talks has a few serious video games scientific research talks. Some very interesting results were found.

  • zenapplejones
    zenapplejones Year ago

    I remember Food Stamps as colored Monopoly Money with plastic Coins God i'm Old

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth Year ago

    You can easily delete a Tweet. No need for direct editing.

  • cfq. TuFaNuF
    cfq. TuFaNuF Year ago

    8/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Tomáš Berecz
    Tomáš Berecz Year ago +4

    Yeah, as Jim Sterling says, the layoffs at ActiBlizz are just the normal MO of late stage capitalism. Cause it is normal to grow in a finite universe endlessly, right? *smh*

    • Paraponera
      Paraponera Year ago

      Did he actually use "late stage capitalism" unironically? Spergling needs to lay off high-sugar drinks and marxian historicism.

    • Joshua Long
      Joshua Long Year ago +1

      Never expected to meet another fan of Jim sterling here of all places lol

    • Simon Vercoe
      Simon Vercoe Year ago

      That's nothing to do with capitalism it's just fools with bad business models overselling their worth to investors who become unhappy when the ROIs they were promised end up being like, 50% of that. The actual game developers will always have demand, so in theory the only people really losing their jobs probably shouldn't have had them anyway, and those that should are the ones that will have the easiest time getting a new job going forward.

  • Samsonite Dove
    Samsonite Dove Year ago

    Regardless of whether you use US or the rest of the world date and time formats both are inherently wrong. The only logical date and time format should in descending order so year comes first, then month, then date, then hour, then minute, then second, repeat ad nauseam.

  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINC Year ago

    People find anti-vaccines theories credible when hundreds and hundreds of Doctors go against vaccines. The new mesal epidemic is from the millions of illegals coming across the border illegally.

  • necro flounder
    necro flounder Year ago +1

    Tech billionaire banned Roosh from Amazon has no game, go figure :P

  • ZeroMajor01
    ZeroMajor01 Year ago

    You guys need to sit in higher chairs

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall Year ago +7

    DAY/MONTH/YEAR Why anyone would start with the month boggles the mind. I would also loved to have been a fly on the wall when Americans were told about trousers but said NO! we will call them pants. The British say... "You know we call underwear.... Never mind." So many things you guys import and "tweak" and a lot of the time get so wrong and when you see the original you say that's not real xxx. Comedy levels off the chart. #Aluminium

    • Daz Thor
      Daz Thor Year ago

      @TheTron08 I thought that by people you were referring to those people who speak British English and not Americans, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    • TheTron08
      TheTron08 Year ago

      @Daz Thor Must be a regional thing because I've never heard phrasing like that in any casual or formal conversation in the US. Typically the only time that structure is used here is in invitations to formal events such as weddings.

    • Daz Thor
      Daz Thor Year ago

      TheTron08 except it is, people do still say “I have an appointment on the 17th of June”.

    • TheTron08
      TheTron08 Year ago

      I imagine the ordering of the numbers in the date changed due to the way we verbally say the dates. If I say: "This is happening on March first, two thousand nineteen", then it makes sense to also write it as 3/1/2019 in my head. Of course I'm sure the Queen's English would prefer you say, "The first of March, two thousand nineteen", but that's just not how people talk anymore.

    • AkumaADemoncus
      AkumaADemoncus Year ago +2

      It's a pain in the ass here because some product expiration dates come in both mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy formats so when I get something like 08/09/19 I have to figure out whether it is expiring in August or September.

  • Kevin Fontanari
    Kevin Fontanari Year ago +2

    Wait, you have more than 12 months in the US? That's interesting...