RV Essentials for the New Owner

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • It is so much easier to leave prepared than to try to have things shipped to you on the road - that's why we put together RV essentials for the New Owner: a list of all the things we didn't REALIZE we needed before we left to become full time RVers.
    If you shop for these products through the link below you we earn a commission through Amazon at NO cost to you! In fact, you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon through these links and we will earn a commission.
    1. Space Heater: amzn.to/2CvQ6Q6
    2. Milk Frother: amzn.to/2W7qhP3
    3. Gutter Extenders: amzn.to/2MkO35M
    4. Bluetooth Headphones: amzn.to/2CwMRrF
    5. Lap Desk: amzn.to/2W4Nbqp (exact model not available)
    6. Bluetooth Speaker: amzn.to/2W8HIPB
    7. Refrigerator Organizer: amzn.to/2T31QAr
    8. TRIPPED Backpack: amzn.to/2FKZYsk
    9. TRIPPED Packing Cubes: amzn.to/2U6zhSZ
    10. Headlamp: amzn.to/2RWEjny
    11. Binoculars: amzn.to/2W8LYhE
    12. Mosquito Wand: amzn.to/2T6QPOE
    13. Instant Pot: amzn.to/2RZGtmn
    Thank you so much for your support and happy RVing!
    RV Entreprenuer Podcast: Our interview with Heath regarding our Amazon FBA business: therventrepreneur.libsyn.com/rve-152-starting-an-amazon-fba-business-from-scratch-with-tim-and-fin

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Comments • 36

  • JuicyyFrewt
    JuicyyFrewt 2 months ago

    I’m seriously considering trading in my car for a RV

  • Julie Leuthard
    Julie Leuthard 5 months ago

    You guys are awesome! I love watching all of your travel adventures. You inspire me. I sent your link to my daughter and told her, her and her boyfriend should quit work for a year and travel like you! lol not practical but we can dream! thanks so much. PS I'm trying to find your lap desk. I need another one and I didn't see a link.

  • Tony Gotelli
    Tony Gotelli 8 months ago

    I think I might just throw up in my mouth

    • Tony Gotelli
      Tony Gotelli 8 months ago

      @TIM and FIN Sure....sure....yeah....will do....been RV'ing 40 years...yeah....will do....

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  8 months ago

      For a clever comment 👍🏽 Thanks For Watching! Remember to like subscribe or whatever the hell you feel like doing 🤗

    • Tony Gotelli
      Tony Gotelli 8 months ago

      @TIM and FIN Classic response

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  8 months ago

      You totally should!

  • Kiet Ly
    Kiet Ly 9 months ago

    Lovely couple 👍

  • Jody's Journey
    Jody's Journey 9 months ago

    I will give a testimonial for your backpack. It’s the easiest I’ve ever had at folding it into the smaller zippered pouch (which is a pocket in the backpack for those who don’t know). I love mine. I threw it in my luggage on a recent trip. So easy.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago

      Thanks so much Jody, great to hear!

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 9 months ago +1

    Great info video you two darlings! You crack me up... good stuff Maynard~;)

  • Kenneth Peters
    Kenneth Peters 9 months ago +3

    Peppuurr Power. That's all one needs

  • Herfernweh Liz Buglya
    Herfernweh Liz Buglya 9 months ago +2

    How cute is pepper? Especially in this video!! Love your list. Keep up the great work, I am looking froward to seeing how you manage travel with your dog. There's not a lot out there on how to pull off successful world travel with a dog in tow when you don't have an RV.

  • Strolling Through Life
    Strolling Through Life 9 months ago

    This is a great video about the essentials!

  • Hari Chandana
    Hari Chandana 9 months ago

    This is the reason i love your channel.....u show content that's real and practical 😌😌

  • Camp and Camera
    Camp and Camera 9 months ago

    I know I keep calling you guys knuckleheads, but you knuckleheads! Good episode! I look forward to more of your RV vids.

  • John Humphries
    John Humphries 9 months ago +4

    I just love you guys. I’m so glad I found your channel. Tim your a lucky man. PS: I got your backpack, cubes, travel Ledger and the small carry case for my passport. I don’t RV but I have been to every state in the U.S.A and parts of Canada on my Harley. I look forward to your next adventure. Take Care!!!!!

    RV LYFER 9 months ago

    Nice Video! We just subscribed to your channel my fiancé and I just moved into our Winnebago Vista and we have a similar channel called rvlyfer!

  • journey2fifty
    journey2fifty 9 months ago

    Will you guys ever live full time in an RV again?

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago

      journey2fifty maybe! Right now we’re excited by some international travel opportunities but we’ll need to come back to the states at some point 🙃

  • max million
    max million 9 months ago

    That milk frother thingy...you said was under #5.00. You lied, it's $12.99 I used your link.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago

      max million shoot yes! I noticed that today when I added in the links (after I had already filmed the video. I linked to the cheapest one with the best reviews I could find

  • Riding with Steve
    Riding with Steve 9 months ago

    Another thing I use the packing cubes for my motorcycle travel. Can't fit a whole lot in the Tour pack and these help.

  • Delightful Travellers
    Delightful Travellers 9 months ago +2

    Okay okay.. that coffee milk frother thingy. We're buying it pronto! Great vlog guys! 😃 - Trevor

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago

      Delightful Travellers 😂 so legit!

  • Joanne Phillips
    Joanne Phillips 9 months ago

    I got given a milk frother from my daughter for a Christmas present this year. I just find out how to use it properly via a RU-clip video and wow! It works really well! And it does add class to powdered or granulated coffee! 😂

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago

      Joanne Phillips 😂 yes exactly!

  • RogerC68
    RogerC68 9 months ago

    Love the InstaPot! Great video guys!

  • RogerC68
    RogerC68 9 months ago

    Hey, you have the same Dell XPS 13 as I do,,,, looovvveee the screen resolution!!

  • Allan Kawakami
    Allan Kawakami 9 months ago

    I learned so many tips from this video, thank you!

  • Here Then Gone
    Here Then Gone 9 months ago +2

    Love the video. Love how comfortable you are on camera. I would say that solar is another essential if you plan to boondock. Then you wouldn't have to listen to all the generators that you mentioned. Just remember people, it takes a lot more solar than you think....

    • Here Then Gone
      Here Then Gone 9 months ago +1

      @TIM and FIN I figured that might be why you guys refrained. It is expensive to get enough to actually be worth it for sure. Wishing you guys the best in all your future endeavors.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  9 months ago +1

      Here Then Gone good call with solar! We though long and hard about adding solar to our setup before the trip. We finally decided against it knowing we were selling the rig one year later, but if you are going full time with no end date it is a must!

  • ttissot
    ttissot 9 months ago

    Great video!!