5 Healthy Foods (Making You Gain Weight!)

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • These are 5 healthy foods that are actually...not that healthy. In fact many people think that these foods will help them lose weight, but it's a lot more likely to make them gain weight than anything. If you're working hard to see some weight loss make sure you're eating healthy foods that fill you up not fad diet foods.
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    #1 Food Making You Fatter: Protein Bars: 0:26
    #2 Food Making You Fatter: Whole Wheat Bread: 4:15
    #3 Food Making You Fatter: Granola: 6:55
    #4 Food Making You Fatter: Fat Free Yogurt 8:02
    #5 Food Making You Fatter: Artificial Sweeteners 9:40
    Today, I want to go over 5 foods that are marketed as being good for you, but in reality they’re actually making you gain weight and body fat. The crazy part is that right now, even if you have a lot of experience with keeping your diet clean you might still think these foods are healthy and helpful. But the reality is that any one of these so called healthy foods that I'm about to go over can easily cause you to get fatter rather than leaner. Let’s jump right in and start First with protein bars. I know you probably weren’t expecting protein bars because they’re promoted as an ideal source of protein if you constantly find yourself on the go. And there’s no doubt that most protein bars will provide a lot of the amino acids you need to recover, feed your muscles, and boost your metabolism. But many of these protein bars are helping you recover and build muscle at a price. And that price is extra body fat. The truth is not all protein bars are created equal and I’m sure that the protein bars that a lot of you are eating could be making it much more difficult for you to stay lean. Realistically there are four things that you want to look out for when choosing the right protein bar if your goal is to stay lean. The first one, is that they usually contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners to make them taste better. Without some sort of sweetener, protein bars would be pretty gross in texture and bland tasting. That’s why most manufacturers feel the need to spice up the taste with some sugar. Sometimes that can be as much as 30 grams of sugar per protein bar. This can pretty much turn your healthy protein bar into a candy bar, or a can of coke and if you’re snacking on these randomly throughout the day, you’re going to be adding a lot of excess calories to your diet. In fact we can see just how unhealthy many of these protein bars are by looking at a recent report by the Protectivity Insurance Company. In this report the calories and sugar content of 50 popular protein bars were analyzed. They found that a third of the bars contained more saturated fat than a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme! On top of that, ten of them had more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut. All of that sugar drives up your calorie count very quickly. When you have a protein bar that you can demolish in a few quick bites, but it still packs 400 calories, it’s not hard to see how two or three bars a day can push your daily caloric intake way too high. On top of that the sugar found in these protein bars will be treated just like the sugar found in candy, which means it’ll spike your insulin levels making it much harder to burn fat. Another problem is that a lot of protein bars use soy protein. The problem with many of these soy protein bars is that they can negatively impact your testosterone levels and raise your estrogen levels. Having a couple
    Portion control study showing we eat more of foods we think are healthy . . .
    metastudy . . .
    A 2013 review published in the European Journal of Nutrition reported less weight gain and a lower risk for obesity among people who ate full-fat dairy products. New research is revealing that when the amount of fat is reduced in the diet, it's replaced with sugar or carbohydrates, which can result in an array of lipid abnormalities.

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  • Doxxs
    Doxxs 26 days ago

    What about granola bars?

  • Grinder !!
    Grinder !! Month ago

    I agree that artificial sweeteners (diet soda) increase hunger and indirectly cause sweet cravings and overall increased hunger. Just be careful with them. However they are a superior alternative than drinking sugar filled soda 💯

  • Lil Nukki Termansen

    So You Are telling me that Bread Can kill You !!?

  • Utkarsh Agarwal
    Utkarsh Agarwal Month ago

    I’m eating a protein bar right now lol

  • Andrew Mangion R
    Andrew Mangion R Month ago

    Very good vids love them

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    Herbs cures Month ago

    your videos are always awesome really i learnt a lot from your videos, thank,s for your effort

    ETS MINOR Month ago

    what about smoothies from smoothie king ?????

  • chad metzger
    chad metzger Month ago +1

    Steak is my protein bar

  • DarklordKyo
    DarklordKyo Month ago

    The funny thing about that artificial sweetener thing is that there's already a magic way to enjoy sweet stuff while eating healthy. It's called eating fruit, called grabbing an apple and chowing down.

  • Manny Ribera
    Manny Ribera Month ago +2

    Tells is to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Recommends protein shakes.

  • Dariusz Rosik
    Dariusz Rosik Month ago

    so please do explain why synthetic vitamins are bad... also how do u expect food not to contain preservatives? anything with shelf life of more than couple days need preservatives

  • Dave Schilling
    Dave Schilling Month ago +1

    Gluten isn´t really a problem if you are not intolerant....

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Month ago

    i'll give you my sweetner, when you pry it from my chubby fingers

  • Cristian Claudiu
    Cristian Claudiu Month ago

    Great job! 😘🤗🇧🇪

  • Señor_Tooloco
    Señor_Tooloco Month ago

    2:32 “IT’S MA’AM”

  • elizabeth brogan
    elizabeth brogan Month ago +2

    The fact that people don’t read or don’t even know HOW to read food labels and serving sizes blows my mind

  • TechMack
    TechMack Month ago +4

    what about grass feed ground beef ?

  • Sisilia Laukau Maue

    Speaking of bread, whats your take on sourdough bread? Im a big fan of sourdough bread and garlic sourdough bread, please advise 🙂

    • Sisilia Laukau Maue
      Sisilia Laukau Maue Month ago

      +elizabeth brogan goodlooking out on the tip girl! Thank you so much 😊

    • elizabeth brogan
      elizabeth brogan Month ago +1

      Sisilia Laukau Maue no bread is going to be good, just eat your favorite in moderation

  • Richard Middleton
    Richard Middleton Month ago +7

    Why isn't this stuff all over the news, billboards and taught in schools?! Why are shops even allowed to sell products high in sugar and artificial sweeteners?! There was a headline in UK newspapers yesterday that said 1 in 6 deaths are caused by poor diet, while it is such a flawed headline (as we all die at some point), I thought, it's definitely more than that, probably more like 1 in 2! It's ALL about diet! What wasn't in the article was advice like in this video and most of the blame was on salt! FFS! What is wrong with the world?!

  • Trevor Allsopp
    Trevor Allsopp Month ago +16

    Trying to explain the sweetener thing to someone is like talking to a brick wall

  • Tabata Songs n Timers

    Great video

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    non of these foods are foods you think are healty..... who the fuck thinks protien bars bread sweet yogurt or artificial sweeteners is healty.

  • fireblast133
    fireblast133 Month ago

    I think I may have a decent protein bar brand. Quest nutrition: birthday cake flavor, 60g
    Calories - 180
    Fat - 6g
    Sat fat - 3.5g
    Trans fat - 0g
    Cholesterol - 5mg
    Sodium - 220 mg
    Carbs - 24g
    Fiber - 14g
    Sugar -

  • Andi Li
    Andi Li Month ago +1

    Why do Americans love sweet things so much?

  • solus zead
    solus zead Month ago +1

    So that is why im not losing any belly fat

    TRENT T Month ago +5

    The only thing that makes you gain weight is being in a calorie surplus. What foods you eat does not matter. Only the calories.
    Diet Coke is not going to make you gain weight because it has zero calories.

    • AntTheMan
      AntTheMan Month ago

      Rellz Tv he can’t be. I was 277 and now I’m 235. Still overweight but I eat junk all the time. Just reduced the amount I eat

  • Francisco Gastelum
    Francisco Gastelum Month ago +1

    The study of this video, just made me feel like shit after already cutting out Soda/beer/fast food

    • elizabeth brogan
      elizabeth brogan Month ago

      If you learn to read nutrition labels it should be obvious that those things are filled with sugar. And bread will never be good for you, eat your favorite kind in moderation

    • Francisco Gastelum
      Francisco Gastelum Month ago

      elizabeth brogan Well because this “Healthy foods” like protein bars for my snacks, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, I make chicken sandwiches to pack in for my lunch, I also have granola with yogurt with strawberries blueberries, I thought all of this was good for me but now I see it’s nothing but shit food, so how do we win?

    • elizabeth brogan
      elizabeth brogan Month ago

      Francisco Gastelum why?????

  • Roy De Leon
    Roy De Leon Month ago +2

    Are sugar alcohols still considered artificial sweeteners, and are they just as bad?

  • Scarack Truther
    Scarack Truther Month ago +16

    What are my Alternatives ???

  • Joseph Y
    Joseph Y Month ago +2

    Let's face it everything we eat isn't healthy

  • Vintage Carrera Reviews

    protein bars still taste like crap and are overpriced, if anyone binges on these they'd be out of money by friday

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore Month ago

    Maybe you could start sighting more research rather than just cherry picking a study or two in order to support these silly narratives that you and all of these other PT bros push.

  • Fredrik Abrahamsen
    Fredrik Abrahamsen Month ago +2

    I eat granola every day what should i replace og with!!!?

    • Marco Bren
      Marco Bren Month ago +1

      Fredrik Abrahamsen Oatmeal

    • Mike Dom
      Mike Dom Month ago

      rx bar or atkins bar

  • AliRza Sadegh
    AliRza Sadegh Month ago

    1. Pizza
    2. Chips
    3. Oil
    4. Peanut butter
    5. Meat
    6. Chocolate
    7. Bread
    8. Milk
    9. Honey
    10. Pasta
    11. Energy drink
    12. Sardines
    13. Rice
    14. Avocado
    15. Eggs

  • Jacrispie Jackson
    Jacrispie Jackson Month ago

    I didn’t watch the video but buy unflavored yogurt and put your own fruit in it instead of buying flavored yogurt

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez Month ago +1

    Nugo slim makes a protein bar with 18g protein and 3g sugar. Bitter but an option. Sadly its soy based....
    Thanks for the vid/info.

    • Matthew Perez
      Matthew Perez Month ago +1

      +Selsilla Zamonien soy mimics estrogen with how the body deals with it meaning in large quantities it can cause emotional/hormonal issues and growth of fat in the pecks and other things. Its also hard on the gut for a lot of people and promotes water retention.

    • Selsilla Zamonien
      Selsilla Zamonien Month ago

      Why is soy based bad?

  • Potato Chan
    Potato Chan Month ago +1

    Saying that soy might decrease testosterone levels is a plain myth. Various studies have been done on this topic and it’s been shown that soy doesn’t lower testosterone, in some cases it has also been shown to decrease estrogen.

  • Neil PlaysGuitar_YT

    The HPLC bar made by Aussie Bodies is really really good and does not have a lot of sugar and fat.

  • Sorin Pirvu
    Sorin Pirvu Month ago

    The only thing that makes you fat is caloric surplus.

  • Beau Chang
    Beau Chang Month ago

    Full fat dairy products have less lactose and as a result less insulin since there's the fat from the product taking up "space" in it. Basically it has a wider variety of nutrients within a serving

  • Bad Binder
    Bad Binder Month ago

    what about the sweetener acesulfam k??

  • The Head Honcho
    The Head Honcho Month ago

    Ezekiel bread, eh? I might have to look into that myself. Thanks for the tips guys!
    And also, do you know what astonishes me about some of the foods we put into our mouths? It's this: 90% of everything we put into our mouths seems to be caked in nothing except sugar, and that the supposedly low fat/fat free foods are 10 times worse.

  • Jonas Wedin
    Jonas Wedin Month ago +1

    I'm stopping low fat yoghurt's straight away

  • Guillermo Gallegos
    Guillermo Gallegos Month ago +2

    Bro your videos are 🔥 i recommend your videos to everyone who wants to work out.

  • Youssef Mikhael
    Youssef Mikhael Month ago

    As long as you are on a defecit
    And most of your food is clean you cant gain fat

  • Robert Riku
    Robert Riku Month ago

    *I want to be Fat.. I'm too skinny* 😭

  • Marshall Stack
    Marshall Stack Month ago +3

    Beer is liquid bread

  • FluffySugarz
    FluffySugarz Month ago

    sparkling water is way better than diet sodas.

  • dmeverly
    dmeverly Month ago

    Be very careful if you are sensitive to Stevia; it will as a diruetic and can drop your blood pressure dangerously low if you are an otherwise healthy individual. I almost found out the last part the hard way. :(

    PROLEAN -X Month ago

    These videos are clickbait. Eating broccoli,spinach over your calories will make you gain fat

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC Month ago +1

    I can come up with a list of 5 Good Friends (Making You Fatter)

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago +10

    Damn it! Everytime I think I’m on the right track, I watch one of your videos and realise I’ve changed something good (or not toi bad) for something worse. Thanks for the knowlege you’re spreading.

  • Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy Month ago

    Video on foods best for healthy insulin levels?

  • Vpg / Vpgw Royals
    Vpg / Vpgw Royals Month ago

    There is no protein bar contains 400 calories max 220

  • jcalpha103
    jcalpha103 Month ago

    Leptin any Ghrelin are two chemicals that people associate with driving the desire to eat...they have nothing too do with any specific foods. Ghrelin is secreted by the stomach lining and slowly fills up your stomach making you want to eat again. Leptin is produced by the fat cells so potentially the fatter you are the more that is realised.

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri Month ago

    that soy myth again...

  • Phiology
    Phiology Month ago +1

    Protein bars is a waste of money.

  • Durade Aqili
    Durade Aqili Month ago

    Can anyone recommend any bread that would actually be okay/healthy to eat then or no

  • Panthera Pardus
    Panthera Pardus Month ago

    So, do you use any sort of sweetners? I cut out protein bars. I cut out cane sugar but I do use Stevia. It goes mostly in my coffee. Do you recommend not using stevia or any other sweetner in general?

    • Panthera Pardus
      Panthera Pardus Month ago

      Adolfo 12 Thanks 👍

    • Adolfo 12
      Adolfo 12 Month ago

      +Panthera Pardus congrats!! If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Keep it up! Glad you found something that works for you.

    • Panthera Pardus
      Panthera Pardus Month ago +1

      Adolfo 12 : congrats on the weight loss! For me I had to pull back a bit because I was eating too much of the wrong foods. The added protein bars, Atkins was just another aspect that needed to be checked a bit. I went Keto/low-carb. Since cleaning up my diet I have dropped 12 lbs. That’s just me. Some can drink cokes every day, eat all kinds of stuff and lose weight!

    • Adolfo 12
      Adolfo 12 Month ago

      +Panthera Pardus I have protien bars everyday. mine has 20g protein, 5g sugars and 230 cal. I lost over 20 pounds in a month. (weighed 282 in March 9 and as of today I weigh 261) most will say it's water weight but I cut my liter coke a day to 0 and drink a gallon of water a day. watch the calories is all.

    • Panthera Pardus
      Panthera Pardus Month ago

      Sweetners.. Dyac!

  • Ahmad Aleisa
    Ahmad Aleisa Month ago

    please where to find these stevia sweetners you mentioned? anybody knows?

    • Panthera Pardus
      Panthera Pardus Month ago

      You can get stevia just about any where. Walmart. Amazon. Whole Foods etc...

  • Michael Or something

    Great. I definitely eat a lot of bread, granola, and yogurt.

  • Flaming Gaze  Production

    Dear Max,
    Do you draw your own thumbnails? I only ask because I love them.

  • Abdoulie Njie
    Abdoulie Njie Month ago

    Great video good informations

  • Colleen R
    Colleen R Month ago

    So true about the protein bars. I’ve never been a fan of them just due to the taste, and that they never seemed to satisfy me. Just recently though I’ve been tempted to try some protein bars in an attempt to replace certain desserts. As I review the labels and see the carb count, I might as well have a cookie, or whatever it is I’m craving. At least the cookie has fewer ingredients.

  • Kenneth Reynolds
    Kenneth Reynolds Month ago

    Great vid, your recommendations on the sweeteners are directly in line with what I’ve been told by others. I’m a big fan, no pun intended, and I share your vids with my overweight younger family members in hopes that they will head your advice sooner rather than later.

    BONOKI Month ago


  • Joshua Love
    Joshua Love Month ago

    There have been a lot of studies coming out recently that suggest that soy consumption is not as bad as previously thought. There have even been a few that suggest that there are almost no negative side affects from consuming soy.

    THEUPSTAIRS100 Month ago +3

    so much "feels" and pseudoscience in such a short video

  • Oliver
    Oliver Month ago +1

    So artificial sweeteners dont contribute to weight gain but The consequense of them (increasing cravings) is making someone gain weight?

  • Jawwad Ali
    Jawwad Ali Month ago +1

    Can i use bread while Bulking??

  • Sean Evan
    Sean Evan Month ago +1

    6;49 literally exactly what I eat

  • Jesus Esparza
    Jesus Esparza Month ago

    I eat 2 pure protein bars a day, whats a better quick snack

    • Abdulla Al Mehairi
      Abdulla Al Mehairi 27 days ago

      Yes it is .. but I won’t highly recommend it to u since it’s “Bread” .. try eating Cereals after workout or cardio ..

    • Jesus Esparza
      Jesus Esparza 28 days ago +1

      Isnt that bread?

    • Abdulla Al Mehairi
      Abdulla Al Mehairi 28 days ago

      Jesus Esparza pandesal

  • Jean-François
    Jean-François Month ago +1

    Totally agree with you,thanks for sharing

  • New&true Genetics. John Doe

    help a lot thanks

  • Sandra Okpala
    Sandra Okpala Month ago +1

    I will never eat sweetners.

  • CityinFlames
    CityinFlames Month ago +1

    This is why I stick to RSP Truefit shake. 2 scoops a day helps keeps my clean diet in balance 🤷‍♂️

  • Fitness Cheat Code
    Fitness Cheat Code Month ago +3

    ONE protein bars in moderation can work. I do it and have lost good weight but I agree with the rest. Good video

  • Khalifa Al-Neyadi
    Khalifa Al-Neyadi Month ago +2

    So don’t eat food in general 🙃

  • Brian Infinity
    Brian Infinity Month ago +6

    Everyting was pretty accurate but the soy part has been debunked many times

  • Amiga4Life
    Amiga4Life Month ago

    Unflavored & unsweetened low/0% fat yogurt will always be better than full fat for weight loss.
    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    By your rationale, salads are the unhealthiest food on the planet...
    ...because all the calories and carcinogens packed into the 1/2 bottle of dressing you put into each bowl.

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher Month ago

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    Michael Yasinovsky Month ago

    Very nice and informative video, thank you!

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    Brandon Wilson Month ago

    What do you guys think of MTS nutrition protein bars by Marc

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  • From DeeTown
    From DeeTown Month ago +1

    MRE bars are great protien bars. Go to meal replacement.

  • Truth Defender
    Truth Defender Month ago

    Aspartame can cause cancer

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    Nicolly Farao Month ago +1

    You're blow my mind sweet Daddy!😍😘

  • James G Rivera
    James G Rivera Month ago +3

    You suggested ezekial bread but what protein bars do you recommend?

  • Kim R
    Kim R Month ago

    If you are monitoring your macros & overall sugar intake, then you would see where these foods fall. Idk about the synthetic vitamin comment as a negative in a bar when used in other forms commonly without issue. These are issues when consumed in excess. Normally, I like these videos, but this one is meh.

  • Marc Nebbelunde
    Marc Nebbelunde Month ago

    Fuck it all, I have to bulk anyway

  • Sydwell Tlhola
    Sydwell Tlhola Month ago

    What about Seeded Whole wheat Low GI bread.

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    JP Gil Month ago +1

    Your videos are so informative, thank you

  • Stephanie Phouotrides
    Stephanie Phouotrides Month ago +1

    Good stuff, as always ❤️

  • Gary Leung
    Gary Leung Month ago +8

    It's helpful if you're going to bash bad protein bars to list some brands that are good to purchase. That'll give some people a good start. I personally like Pure Protein or Quest.

  • spKenny14
    spKenny14 Month ago


  • Jeff Wolfenson
    Jeff Wolfenson Month ago +3

    Great video, as always. I have one RX bar each day. They do not contain a great deal of protein but they are totally natural and taste great.

  • SgtLoth
    SgtLoth Month ago +6

    Why they don't use stevia on protein bars? It should be the obvious ingredient

  • Polish Guy
    Polish Guy Month ago

    They are good! ... for bulking

  • Anon
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    Soyboys and fatties who drink diet coke are downvoting the video, smh.

  • ༫༺ཊZ
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    Just don't eat sugar and drink water or eat 🍉 watermelon and you'll be fine