Catch and Cook Iguana Egg Omelettes! Catching Breeding Iguanas in Florida!!

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    Keep in mind green iguanas are super invasive here in South Florida. Today we hunt at 1 Little Pond out of the tens of thousands of canals lakes ponds and shorelines here in Florida out of the 30 iguanas we seen we only caught four of them .that's the show how hard they are to catch it takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck.
    What’s up Iguana Man GANG today we hunting breeding iguanas in search of pregnant females. lately I’ve been having an appetite for egg omelettes and it was in the mood to try something exotic. today we hunt iguanas clean the meat for food extract the eggs This project is for research for the amount of eggs female iguanas carry and also to feed our belliesI hope you guys enjoy let me know in the comments down below would you ever eat iGuana egg omelettes??

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  • Animal Encounters
    Animal Encounters Month ago +2614

    I love these iguanas and reptiles as a whole, but you guys must understand why the iguana man does this. Iguanas are not native to Florida, and as such threaten native species. for example they displace the burrowing owl and gopher tortoise, both of which are threatened species, out of their burrows. they eat Nickerbean, which is a host plant of the endangered Miami Blue butterfly and have been known to feast on endemic tree snails. It is quite unfortunate to see a beautiful ecosystem like the Everglades invaded by exotics, I mean Florida has more invasive species of reptiles and amphibians than anywhere else on earth! It is our job as citizens to participate by educating the public (like I do) or eliminating as many as we can (like the Iguana man does). Even if that doesn't solve the problem, we'll know we didn't lose without trying! As for the whole "just kill them don't eat them" argument, the best way a hunter can pay respect to what he just killed is by letting nothing go to waste

    • SisterSat
      SisterSat 7 days ago

      500th comment ;)

    • The RainbowGirls
      The RainbowGirls 20 days ago

      Animal Encounters I do get what your saying but why not just move them to a new area? They do not know what they are doing wrong and are trying to survive as much as any other animal this is just cruel

    • Predator Galaxy
      Predator Galaxy 20 days ago

      JJ05 stop talking about your self

    • Predator Galaxy
      Predator Galaxy 20 days ago

      MrMango19 they aren’t at all

    • Predator Galaxy
      Predator Galaxy 20 days ago

      Kakeigha Spinner no it’s fine I agree keep on you aren’t a sick person

  • frelin idiarte
    frelin idiarte 16 minutes ago

    Your rude because you got those egg out of the iguana and just ate it . Like can't you just let the little iguana grow and let them out when there grown.

  • Cameron Childers
    Cameron Childers 45 minutes ago

    What an awesome naturally harvested food source, meet and eggs. Great video man!

  • More toys Than me

    B**** I'm back because I just wanted to say something you shouldn't eat iguana eggs and if you do it again I might taking matters into my own hands and tell lots of my friends to unsubscribe to you so you will stop eating iguana eggs I swear to God but this is the last time I'm coming on here to say something because I don't want to see your stupid m************ face I wish you would just quit RU-clip right now bye bich I hate you b**** your mother f****** b**** you're a b***

  • More toys Than me

    Sorry everyone who's ringing my comment I did the last bit wrong I meant to say I bet you didn't even need to eat that omelette did you you could have had like a vegetarian thing I mean seriously humans right I mean you shouldn't just kill an animal because you want to eat you should get some vegetables in your life bye bich I am never coming back to your channel ever again so I would just like to say you disgust me and I hate you you shouldn't kill animals signing off b**** moonlight rose I'm never going back mother f****** b****bye

  • More toys Than me

    Oh my god did you seriously just kill an iguana just to get its eggs I swear to God and I am very disgusted by this why would you kill animals what do that iguana ever do to you imagine someone come sweeping into your home grabbing you and taking you to their place and they make you have s e x with someone else that you don't even know to make eggs just for an omelette and then you just kill them cute even actually need to make that f****** omelette that f****** omelette is the reason you killed 2 people I mean iguanas are you serious you are a b**** I'm unsubscribing right now bye bich

  • More toys Than me

    I am very mad at this video because you shouldn't eat the eggs you should incubate them I find if you cook them you are technically killing an animal and I find that rather disgusting side note never eat a iguana's eggs again and if you do I am going to tell all my friends son subscribed to your channel because I find it very very disgusting to eat a mamas babies and if you wanna keep doing it think about it this way you are imagine you're a human and you have babies and then someone just took them away and eat them how would you feel and I'm unsubscribing I definitely not going back on your channel ever again don't do this again you are hurting animal babies and that's why I'm telling all the people in the chat I mean comments to become vegetarians and vegans definitely vegans if you can but if you can't then vegetarians because if you become a vegan and a vegetarian you won't eat me and then you would hurt animals signing off moonlight rose

  • Scarlett Griffiths

    Me:your gonna pay for all those iguanas you killed!!!!👿
    Iguana man:O_O
    Me:yeah you will shocked *kills iguana man*
    Iguana man: x_x

  • Scarlett Griffiths


  • Gamer GirlLOL-101
    Gamer GirlLOL-101 2 hours ago

    You guys are crazy

  • SnowyQueen4
    SnowyQueen4 3 hours ago

    Listen i know you guys do this for either "Fun" or "entertainment" for youtube, but most of these people on youtube see this as animal cruelty. Now before i get hatred on posting this comment, this is my thought. I am a serious animal lover and just seeing you cut there stomachs open along with chopping there head off, is just plain animal cruelty to me. Now... just hear me out here, i know some of you guys looking at this comment, do it yourself or like watching videos of Iguana getting sliced open, and the females being used for food, mostly there eggs of course. I just hate seeing you cruel people do these to these poor living innocent creatures. Imagine if you where that iguana ready to be chopped up, because US humans use there eggs for meals? How would you feel, you would feel scared you would have no clue what to do at that point. And your life... would just flash before your eyes, your head being chopped off, ALONG with your stomach being sliced open. This is my thought and if you want to hate on this comment then don't even bother commenting under it.

  • Mia Rules
    Mia Rules 3 hours ago


  • Joanne Ben Slama
    Joanne Ben Slama 4 hours ago

    Wy did you killed it you murder

  • Donna Carson
    Donna Carson 5 hours ago

    How dare u kill those precious animals they was not hurting u if ppl wanna know abt wildlife then look the shit up their selfs ... I don’t support ppl like him on killing them just what they r like ... u r a ignorant person an anyone else that supports this sick man then u are just as fuckin bad as his

  • Gloria Routh
    Gloria Routh 7 hours ago


  • Alan Silva
    Alan Silva 7 hours ago

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  • Sierra Hoffman
    Sierra Hoffman 7 hours ago

    I truly don't understand how people can do this I love my Aguana I would never be able to do that to any animal

  • Kaylee Irma Marshall
    Kaylee Irma Marshall 8 hours ago

    Your evil by eggs nowwwwww

  • iiiPayton
    iiiPayton 8 hours ago


  • M K
    M K 8 hours ago

    I hate you.
    You're a monster

    LPS BUBBLEGUM 9 hours ago

    this video is great but i feel bad for them

  • Couture Everthin
    Couture Everthin 10 hours ago

    I didn’t know you could eat those

  • Lãng Tử
    Lãng Tử 10 hours ago

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  • Lãng Tử
    Lãng Tử 10 hours ago

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  • Spikes Hostage TV
    Spikes Hostage TV 10 hours ago

    Thats sad

  • vriska Circuit
    vriska Circuit 10 hours ago

    Oml, Florida man goes hunting for iguanas with fishing rod?

  • Neki Huy
    Neki Huy 11 hours ago

    fuck you

  • Tayyare Pilotu
    Tayyare Pilotu 12 hours ago

    I think you're a arabian guy, or muslim. Right?

  • o my wins yes
    o my wins yes 16 hours ago

    Look like that Kraft Mac n cheese if u leave it out too long

  • William Roy
    William Roy 19 hours ago +1

    What about a motherfucker omelettes bitch

  • William Roy
    William Roy 19 hours ago +1

    Bitch I’ll eat u alive they’re human like u but it seem like ur not a human ur a dumb bitch

  • Andrea Gomes
    Andrea Gomes 20 hours ago

    This is messed up

  • CrimsonF1
    CrimsonF1 20 hours ago +2


  • Amanda Cabrera
    Amanda Cabrera 20 hours ago

    This is animal cruelty and then he has the audacity to say imma make an iguana omelet
    Ps I mean no hate

  • Elizabeth Maestas
    Elizabeth Maestas 21 hour ago +1


  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen 21 hour ago +1

    Man I would love to get some of the skins to tan out when I work in south Florida I got a chance to hunt and eat them

  • Jayda Knight
    Jayda Knight 22 hours ago

    That is terrible why would you do something like that

  • Upside Down
    Upside Down 22 hours ago

    Do you know where i could buy some green iguana fertile eggs to incubate them ? Regards

  • iiLettucey
    iiLettucey 23 hours ago

    Now that’s just mean u no respect nature

  • kids kids
    kids kids 23 hours ago

    What would you kill a great you dumb idiot

  • Terry King
    Terry King 23 hours ago +1

    That’s fucked up🤦‍♀️

  • Majin Bleu
    Majin Bleu Day ago

    When he hunts he has shorts and slippers lol I like this guy

  • Matthew LaCivita

    Id love to see you doin that shit on the streets coward shit

  • Matthew LaCivita

    Youre a fucking faggot

  • Elizabeth Pactong

    now dead iguana in demande

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen Day ago

    When i go to college im doing something with animals its cool what ur doing

  • Gloria
    Gloria Day ago

    I came for the omelette. I left with scrambled eggs

  • Aylin Balci
    Aylin Balci Day ago

    Whats wrong with chicken eggs?

  • Villemo Martinsen-Åsen

    You killer’s. al that for EGGS!!😭

  • Desirae Nicodemus
    Desirae Nicodemus Day ago +1


  • Raimundo Andrade

    Meu. pra que. Mata. Iguana

  • Mike Reyes
    Mike Reyes Day ago

    Go kill a deer or cacth a fish like the rest of us. This guy 🤔

  • Mike Reyes
    Mike Reyes Day ago

    This guy a fucking idiot.

  • Alex Pichardo
    Alex Pichardo Day ago +1

    Poor baby iguanas😱

  • soft dreams
    soft dreams Day ago

    eew gross who would eat that :S

  • Bernicelyy _
    Bernicelyy _ Day ago

    Yall are so freaking cruel man

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King Day ago

    interessting. you kill that beatiful animals, because there are too much in Florida and in europe there are people who want them and would pay a lot for them. But its hard to find one iguana.

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck Day ago

    5:11 hey my girlfriend has one of those.... Oh.... Nevermind

  • Warlito Caliboso
    Warlito Caliboso Day ago +1

    Hy u koking som lizard 🦎

  • HaS Vlogs
    HaS Vlogs Day ago

    I cannot believe u would hunt such a beautiful species. I mean u already have delicious meat to eat like cow and fish why do u have to kill these innocent lizards,😥😥😣☹

  • H.Ibrahim Mat
    H.Ibrahim Mat Day ago +1

    Why are you so mean fuck u man

  • Leandra Niidas
    Leandra Niidas Day ago

    Why u doing this?!i will dislike

  • Interesting Akki


  • jon vii
    jon vii Day ago

    So from what I've noticed in the comments the 17k or so dislikes are from ignorant people or kids who don't understand that iguanas (who are not native to Florida) are killing Florida's natural wild life, also whoever said "oh this is inhumane" and "oh dont kill the babies" doesn't understand biology and the fact the eggs need to be fertilized and that if we don't kill iguanas in Florida nothing will

  • Ankit Kanyal
    Ankit Kanyal Day ago


  • Hector Ramos
    Hector Ramos Day ago

    Try boiling them lot better

  • Kaden Adams
    Kaden Adams Day ago


  • jordan holloway
    jordan holloway Day ago

    To be honest that’s fucked up bro

  • Portia Phologoane

    isnt he gonna die eating that? OMG!

  • marquisa mcwright

    Why not just get some fucking eggs from the grocery store. This is why half of the reptiles and animals in general, are going extinct. OMG it tastes like chicken eggs, what a waste of time to kill them.

    PROJECTDMUSIC1 Day ago +1

    Lol bra "you need ketchup":)

  • Randi Hill
    Randi Hill Day ago

    Why are you doing that bum

  • That'sWhatSheSaid

    Bro: Bro what you wanna eat tonight?

    Iguana Man: uhhh, lemme get a... iguana

    Bro: bruh..

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    I hate you

  • kareena Ramcharan

    R u guyanese

  • Gio Simmons
    Gio Simmons Day ago

    Bitch no you didn’t why didn’t you just go to the store

  • Kaleigh Demic
    Kaleigh Demic Day ago

    Why did u kill the green one 😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • The life of Macie ***

    You guess are buries I hate you

  • The only
    The only Day ago

    Fuck u man wth r u doing to them go to hell

  • nadine rodriguez

    Fried lizard... 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮And my fami members eat this crap to this day... They curry the eggs not fry though... Yuuucccckkkk

  • Love Mimi
    Love Mimi Day ago +2

    Why hurt them they are living things just like you how would you like if u got cut open

  • Neyda Garcia
    Neyda Garcia Day ago

    Idk how I feel lol

  • gtr84300 YouTubere
    gtr84300 YouTubere Day ago +1

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  • Yash Gaming
    Yash Gaming 2 days ago

    Man this isnt right

  • Kyla chamb
    Kyla chamb 2 days ago

    Killing them 🙄

  • Souzie Marley
    Souzie Marley 2 days ago

    You know you could just made a normal version right? Why kill such beautiful creature? Monstrosity at it’s worse.

  • Jayea
    Jayea 2 days ago

    bruh leave them alone wth

  • YERIKV1914
    YERIKV1914 2 days ago

    That’s so mean dude. You just killed those poor iguanas and their babies.

  • Karly Deleon
    Karly Deleon 2 days ago

    Your so mean

  • Mikainz
    Mikainz 2 days ago +15

    This man fishes on land. I'm done 😂😂

  • June Yapp
    June Yapp 2 days ago

    That is just mean. You don't need to kill them. What is the eggs had a baby in

  • June Yapp
    June Yapp 2 days ago

    Why do you want there eggs?

  • Matthew  Guerrero
    Matthew Guerrero 2 days ago


  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 days ago

    6:58 he has iguana hands

  • rahul kain
    rahul kain 2 days ago

    This man is pig cum asshole

  • Chamath Dilhara
    Chamath Dilhara 2 days ago

    You look like srilankan guy

  • Gracie reborns And more

    That is rude they are gonna have baby's and u FREALING KILL THEM OK RUDE SOOOOO RUDE

  • Nathan Mez
    Nathan Mez 2 days ago


  • Cutie Jaell
    Cutie Jaell 2 days ago +1


  • Lekok
    Lekok 2 days ago +2

    I didn't even know they had these mf in Florida. I've never seen one