Here's a Tour of a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith


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  • jay dietrich
    jay dietrich День назад

    Doug, the kind of guy who borrows a $350,000.00 car and scratches the shit out of it with the rivets on his 30 dollar jeans and 75 dollar watch. You're insulated from everything until you get T boned by an 18 wheeler you couldn't hear coming or see because you were so insulated giving the Wraith a negative taste in the mouth of the Doug Score.

  • His Supreme Clarkson-ness
    His Supreme Clarkson-ness 3 дня назад

    "No one will ever watch one of these" On the contrary, near 4 million people probably did.

  • Felix Rodriguez
    Felix Rodriguez 4 дня назад

    You are a funny guy check out wavycoyotez

    GLORY GOD PROMOTION 6 дней назад

    BOOOM umbrella... Love it!

  • P e w D i e P i e e
    P e w D i e P i e e 6 дней назад

    Only $350k?

  • Marius Slavinskas
    Marius Slavinskas 7 дней назад

    i have this car amazing feeling :)

  • Michael lrg
    Michael lrg 7 дней назад

    I will throw a mustard and i will fart and ad some paint on a frame ask 500k and a cool galery and call this fucker to sell the picture

  • Michael lrg
    Michael lrg 7 дней назад

    Seriously who the fuck let this fucking idiot show a bentley first the face dont help second the tshirt doesnt match with rhe level of the car and he explain the stuff in the car like non of the other car have like wooooowwwowow it has a window switch and look it has sear heating ah it this amazing or what and the side mirror has a joystick ah is amazing bit wait the more call in the next 29 mins and i will put the umbrela up my ass

  • Michael lrg
    Michael lrg 7 дней назад

    Look moron and also have tires and the coolest parr is when you shut the fuck up

  • Michael lrg
    Michael lrg 7 дней назад

    I wish you feell the remote up your ass so you can be more excited

  • Michael lrg
    Michael lrg 7 дней назад

    And all that in 5 years will cost 250k cool

  • Jonny Plick
    Jonny Plick 7 дней назад

    This is just a question/statement, all you car freaks; But I thought all Wreaths had the lights"stars" in the ceiling? Optional maybe?

  • Eric
    Eric 7 дней назад

    One day I’ll have enough money to buy that umbrella...

  • Keith Lofton
    Keith Lofton 9 дней назад

    Why is Doug who is 6ft something, about 2 hundred? Pounds.sitting on the edge of the seat? That could mess up the outer edges or crack the plastic, or throw off the level seat placement.

  • Baron Joachim Von Munchausen
    Baron Joachim Von Munchausen 9 дней назад

    glade gracefully ahhha..😁😂

  • Jose Angarita
    Jose Angarita 9 дней назад

    Awesome and funny review of this gorgeous car, I’m sold, I buy!

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad 10 дней назад

    Rolls Royce really made for the driver
    Not all of the luxuries Phantom and gost which are for to back seaters

  • Evan Vijay Singh
    Evan Vijay Singh 10 дней назад

    Albert Banks it's called a sunroof

  • cooler riches
    cooler riches 10 дней назад

    BMW's instead of Rolls Royce 6:29 felt some way about that, I can take a hint

  • cooler riches
    cooler riches 10 дней назад

    Meek mill let him hold it, wraith-wraith

  • TheWORLDisMine77
    TheWORLDisMine77 10 дней назад +4

    Doug is the type of guy who writes jokes while watching comedy shows!

  • jesse sheppard
    jesse sheppard 11 дней назад

    eh, looks ugly.

  • Peter Lim
    Peter Lim 11 дней назад

    I need to save money, A.S.A.P.

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 11 дней назад

    Doug is the type of guy who likes to hear himself say " the Spirit of Ecstasy ".

  • Dave Watts
    Dave Watts 11 дней назад

    Doug, the type of guy that gets a fathers day card for Quinton Tarantino AND Jay Leno....every year.

  • FilmDude
    FilmDude 12 дней назад

    Salesman: 305,000 all together.
    Man: how about without the Umbrella?
    Salesman: 250,000
    Man: Nice. Wait what the f-.
    *The office theme song starts blaring*

  • Richard W
    Richard W 12 дней назад

    What’s the MPG. 2 highway 0 city?

  • Richard W
    Richard W 12 дней назад

    Every guy in the NBA could easily afford one

  • Ykpa'I'Ha- noHag yce!!!
    Ykpa'I'Ha- noHag yce!!! 14 дней назад

    Next name RR will be Casper

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 14 дней назад

    You call it "wood panels", after seeing the hour long documentary on them, i see them more as artworks of absolutely unique quality and finish.
    Watch it, it's incredible. You know there are fine wines and exquisite furniture, expensive cigars and tuna fish that is 100k per animal...see those wood panels and some other features like a part of that level of prestige and quality and you see why this car is so expensive

  • ProdByEugene
    ProdByEugene 14 дней назад

    Doug's such a chode

  • TheLegend275_
    TheLegend275_ 14 дней назад

    Is the seatbelt on the seat a just a bmw thing

  • You're the man now Dog
    You're the man now Dog 15 дней назад

    Doug the type of guy to get sweaty hands from being inside a supercar

  • Hunter Bailey
    Hunter Bailey 16 дней назад

    Fun drinking game: Take a shot whenever he says spirit of ecstasy

  • Cheese Miester
    Cheese Miester 16 дней назад

    Why are you standing behind the car in the beginning of the video dude? Awkward AF...

  • Sour Pickle
    Sour Pickle 18 дней назад

    How on earth thats beautiful model ? Its looks like camaro have child with challanger and lil bit modern ish 🤔

  • michaelbankoleTV
    michaelbankoleTV 18 дней назад

    This is a great car but as a human you don’t need this. There aren’t enough places to go to make full use of a vehicle like this

  • Big23Blue
    Big23Blue 18 дней назад

    Some of the features on these cars are so stupid. It's amazing people pay that much money for such rudimentary features and an ugly design. I guess it's all in the badge though. I'll stick with my new Z51 (you can check it out on my channel).

  • Manasse Moreau
    Manasse Moreau 19 дней назад

    What did the guy break checking a car on a motorcycle think was gonna happen lmao

  • avinaash vithya
    avinaash vithya 20 дней назад

    What do u get for $350,000

    You can close ur door automaticaly

    Mehdi BENHAMMOU 22 дня назад

    lance? lance silber?

  • SquareDates
    SquareDates 23 дня назад

    This guy can't speak without putting everything into quotation marks. It even say "low" on it.

  • Jim Wasted
    Jim Wasted 23 дня назад

    styling is great it's at least an 8 or 9

  • Kenneth Dale Fule
    Kenneth Dale Fule 27 дней назад

    7:41 NANI!??
    (Eurobeat intensifies)

  • Prince Of Nile Valley
    Prince Of Nile Valley 28 дней назад

    Doug is the kinda guy who puts on a tan lotion & sleeps outside next to his car when it's full moon out.

  • SAM -
    SAM - 28 дней назад

    Doug the type of guy to sniff bus seats.

  • frank talby
    frank talby 28 дней назад

    Looks like they just crossed a standard RR with a Challenger

  • Erlend Johan
    Erlend Johan 28 дней назад

    It kinda sounds like you say rolls royce rape not wraith

  • jolo zafra
    jolo zafra 29 дней назад

    this is not doug. this guy doesnt have an white under shirt

  • Wathna Say
    Wathna Say 29 дней назад

    Are you relate to Jay Leno?

  • Evil DSM
    Evil DSM 29 дней назад

    "RPM gauge"

  • O. G.
    O. G. 29 дней назад

    Over priced like a mf.

  • moh tadj
    moh tadj 29 дней назад

    what if your child pushs the chair sliding but from behind while you are driving? or you open the door by mistake while you are driving?

  • Matt Chamberlain
    Matt Chamberlain Месяц назад

    You don't the Stars on the ceiling

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Месяц назад

    Which car do you drive Doug?

  • lıţţłēBøı![who im subbed to]
    lıţţłēBøı![who im subbed to] Месяц назад +1

    How do u get in the backseats?

  • Jim O
    Jim O Месяц назад

    Holy God this guy is annoying. His finger movements are awful.

  • Lloyde magpantay
    Lloyde magpantay Месяц назад

    Kia piknto

  • Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams Месяц назад

    Yuppie state of mind

  • Chris Freeth
    Chris Freeth Месяц назад

    Wouldn't let you near my car. Leaning on the bodywork with no protection on your watch strap what a muppet.

  • Jack O’Neil
    Jack O’Neil Месяц назад

    💔 wish i could buy one and make my dream come true but.......

  • Fob Bob
    Fob Bob Месяц назад

    I usually enjoy all of Doug’s videos but I hate when he has someone riding shotgun. When Doug is describing his experience, it’s intended for us, not for the millionaire who loaned him the car. With this said, the owner needs to stfu and just let Doug talk to “us”. He’s reviewing the car for us, not to praise the millionaire who owns the car and ALREADY knows how good or bad the car is.
    So.... Doug.... please let these people know that you’ll be talking into the camera for your audience and for them to stop agreeing and uh huh’ing and shit. It’s absolutely annoying and I didn’t get to complete the video because of my irritation. 😑

  • PandaCHEONG
    PandaCHEONG Месяц назад

    The next gen of this car is gonna be amazing cuz you know they're gonna try their best to out do the new Continental GT

  • Gideon Kloosterman
    Gideon Kloosterman Месяц назад

    Nice car, 350.000 is a bit much though, as it has the engine power of a fiat panda.

  • touristtam
    touristtam Месяц назад

    It is pronounced coup-ey not coup.

  • Bob Dillahunty
    Bob Dillahunty Месяц назад +1

    Good solid Uruguayan engineering on this thing. The Brits couldn't make it work so they called in the Engineers of the Urug to MAKE it work. Shame that the contributions of these atheist heroes is never fully acknowledged. Still a good review.

  • Osmosis909
    Osmosis909 Месяц назад

    A car that costs this much money....shouldn’t have parts that I recognise from BMW interiors.

  • Kerano Wellington
    Kerano Wellington Месяц назад

    car inside I really nice but the outside don't match up $350,000 too much for a ugly car . A camry will do 350,000 on miles and look nicer

  • Robert Gates
    Robert Gates Месяц назад

    I'd get my butler to press the door close button

  • Drew
    Drew Месяц назад

    9:38-9:43 omg that smudge on the right of the circular layout next to the suspension raise/lower button. It’s driving me nuts! How the hell did that get there?!

  • Johannes Eckerström
    Johannes Eckerström Месяц назад


  • Kyle Nichols
    Kyle Nichols Месяц назад

    Yeah, driving these cars would be really great and what an awesome experience Doug has. But he is so overly flamboyant about the experience it detracts from the review. For me, personally. He said wafting too many times for my liking.

  • Arjunaidi Jamaludin
    Arjunaidi Jamaludin Месяц назад

    Dark blue jeans sure to leave indelible marks on the cream leather seats

  • Frank Park
    Frank Park Месяц назад

    I enjoy most of Doug's reviews but a car is a car.

  • Naveed Afsar
    Naveed Afsar Месяц назад

    wraith = race? lysp???

  • Earl Young
    Earl Young Месяц назад

    Looks like a Bentley GTC!

  • BigTone
    BigTone Месяц назад

    3:14: That's nothing. A 2003 Pontiac Aztek comes with a tent. A TENT!!!

  • Zeid Sonbola
    Zeid Sonbola Месяц назад

    Doug is the type of guy that holds an umbrella when he is indoors

  • MrSly025
    MrSly025 Месяц назад

    11:40 someone is sitting near Doug, masturbating and saying “Yeah!” Sometimes

  • Geode Rocks
    Geode Rocks Месяц назад

    I prefer the Phantom

  • Picasso VVIX
    Picasso VVIX Месяц назад

    The name Rolls Royce cost about 150k. The car itself is probably only worth 100k

  • Random Life
    Random Life Месяц назад

    I dont know why this car is so expensive it looks disgusting

  • Mark Owen
    Mark Owen Месяц назад

    How’s a 2017 $350,000 car have a CD player?😂😂

  • Xx-EXPLOSION-xX 18
    Xx-EXPLOSION-xX 18 Месяц назад +1

    My dream car same color

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot Месяц назад

    21" wheels actually look kinda small on this car

  • Vine Street
    Vine Street Месяц назад

    Quality looks high. Styling weak.

    WALTERBROADDUS Месяц назад

    If I get Powerball type money, this is the ride to buy.

    WALTERBROADDUS Месяц назад

    Why are your Jean's on somebody else's $350 k car?

  • Smile Receive
    Smile Receive Месяц назад

    Would love to nut in the back of this whip.

  • martin rodriguez
    martin rodriguez Месяц назад

    10:25 you killed me....

  • rules pimp
    rules pimp Месяц назад

    This nigga just said Infotament system

  • the mythic
    the mythic Месяц назад

    Mention when your high and driving this.

  • teaker1s
    teaker1s Месяц назад

    Jeans on a leather seat, let’s hope no rivets

  • Dave Barron
    Dave Barron Месяц назад

    I am sorry, but GOD this is ugly. Reminds me of a box of government cheese that has gone moldy black. Instead of a "Wraith", call it a "Tchotchke".

  • hank lawrance
    hank lawrance Месяц назад

    You forgot the most important information this car has GPS in its gearbox it knows where it is all the time to be on the right gear only car in the world to have this technology

  • Vincent Anderson
    Vincent Anderson Месяц назад

    Fukin infotainment, stop sayin info fukin tainment fannybaws

  • david slavin
    david slavin Месяц назад

    The Asian bond market/dishwasher comment is seriously funny

    MÄŤHĘ MÁGÌČŠ Месяц назад +1

    3:01 .... r u 'FOREVER ALONE'😂

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2 Месяц назад

    The Seraph is the nicest modern RR ...pity they only built 1500 .