Here's a Tour of a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith

  • Published on Jul 11, 2017
    The Rolls-Royce Wraith is a $350,000 luxury coupe with some truly amazing luxury features and some unbelievable equipment -- along with an excellent driving experience. Here's a tour, and a review of what it's like to drive a Rolls-Royce Wraith.
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Comments • 6 098

  • maureencora1
    maureencora1 21 hour ago

    I'll Take a Bentley GT and Save $123,456.78

  • Moegreen Them Ms

    That’s one of the prettiest women I ever seen in my life man I know she know how to ride me good lol

  • dengamleidiot
    dengamleidiot Day ago

    Nice video - but man, a old, wringly, ugly
    t-shirt!? Please do better.

  • Saifudin Bahrudin
    Saifudin Bahrudin Day ago +2

    He got so many personal favourites

    RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} Day ago +1


  • Lewis Roxar
    Lewis Roxar Day ago

    Petition to have James Bond drive a Rolls Royce from now on

  • Perico De Lospalotes

    3:21 An umbrella, hidden or not, is mandatory for such a sponge sad & grey island (I'm from Spain)

  • Anker Gouws
    Anker Gouws Day ago

    13:50 if I turn on the turn signal all i can hear is the ventalated seats. Lol

  • Edward G
    Edward G 2 days ago

    10:48 This is the funniest part because the words match the video hilariously

  • Exotic Limo
    Exotic Limo 2 days ago

    Its a stupid white old mans car!

  • Team Star
    Team Star 2 days ago

    Why he acting like he is better than other people🤨. Yea you got 2 hours left on that rental. *So cut the bs*

  • Conner Allen
    Conner Allen 4 days ago +1

    This guy's gotta low key obsession with this spirit of ecstasy... haha

  • Yh Ong
    Yh Ong 4 days ago

    No minibar? Pfft...Pimp my Ride made a mini van with all that function plus a pool, minibar and 2 dancing poles. 😉🤣

  • Harley Davidson
    Harley Davidson 5 days ago

    This guy is a total douche. Painful to watch.

  • Oshane Clarke
    Oshane Clarke 6 days ago +1

    is it just me, or is there someone answering him while he speaks?

  • G Diddy
    G Diddy 6 days ago

    The alarm sounds like my BMW

  • Anas Aldasouqi
    Anas Aldasouqi 7 days ago

    Doug 😜 the kind of brother that's secretly and subliminally trying to get people to realize Bentleys and Royces are stupidly over rated. There's no way this car is better most cheap brand new car. 40k dodge charger, same price, most of the same features, probably faster, just a little example. I fear that I will buy one, one day but that will be a sad day for my logic and brain.

  • Leonel Cadet
    Leonel Cadet 8 days ago +1

    I have to admit the weighted center caps are very cool. - lol.

  • Garrison G
    Garrison G 10 days ago +1

    3:04 This guy has 2.9 million subscribers but can't afford a camera man???

  • Carlos Martinez VLOGS
    Carlos Martinez VLOGS 10 days ago

    Does it have a HOLD feature for the brakes like news Mercedes vehicles?

  • Eli Giroir
    Eli Giroir 11 days ago +1

    Wraith? More like "wrath" .... on my wallet...

  • Mohamad Akmal
    Mohamad Akmal 13 days ago +1

    RR is obsess in quality. You only gave them 8??

  • Donald Campbell
    Donald Campbell 13 days ago +1

    Please don't patronize us. I am worried about my dishwasher.

  • Ravinder Grover
    Ravinder Grover 13 days ago

    You can buy a wraith then you talk about practically that it does not have a practical petrol consumption 😂😁

  • deathtoamerica69
    deathtoamerica69 15 days ago

    Now I know how to tell if a rolls-royce is unlocked. Thank you for the theft guide!

  • Oliver Rees
    Oliver Rees 15 days ago +4

    The umbrella compartment actually air conditions the umbrella if it’s wet to avoid mould/dampness from producing

  • Nick Bentley
    Nick Bentley 16 days ago

    It’s always nice to see a man so humble in his ways give such sincere and rather humorous reviews of such a variety of vehicles do boats or plane if you can

  • idkwuisp 76
    idkwuisp 76 18 days ago

    "You buy this car because you can't afford the Phantom!"
    The Phantom is fucking ugly.

  • Kevin Ball
    Kevin Ball 18 days ago +1

    The only wraiths I’ve ever heard of were in the Pegasus system.

  • Peter Leonidas
    Peter Leonidas 18 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who thinks Rolls Royce should name a car after him. " Rolls Royce DeMuro, kind of cool ". 😹

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 20 days ago

    Can’t afford the lint in the carpet

  • Mo Snow
    Mo Snow 20 days ago

    1 shirt doug? This is the second time.

  • Matěj Kincl
    Matěj Kincl 20 days ago

    Well, it's highly subjective, to say, that Wraith is the best looking Rolls-Royce out yet. Because in some peoples oppinion (just as me) is the Phantom LWB the best looking Rolls-Royce. But still a really nice video.

  • David Hampton
    David Hampton 21 day ago

    Doug the type of guy to autograph a self portrait and send it to himself

  • Abraham Mathew
    Abraham Mathew 21 day ago


  • Thepurple 9
    Thepurple 9 23 days ago

    I’d rather buy a Lamborghini

  • Nextralife
    Nextralife 23 days ago

    I love the look of the wraith, but I'm confused as to where I sit. The back seats are so small! To have any room I'd have to hire a very small chauffeur. Do I sit in the front passenger? If so, where does the bodyguard sit? He's far too large to fit in the back!

  • Angry Car Guy Nerd
    Angry Car Guy Nerd 24 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy that buys a Rolls-Royce just for the umbrella.

  • recon forsales
    recon forsales 24 days ago

    Doug is soo gay when he walks off with the umbrella!

  • Angry Car Guy Nerd
    Angry Car Guy Nerd 24 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy that pays a Rolls-Royce using a normal boring airport rental cars.

  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine 25 days ago

    Ah! the epitome of the British Empire the German Rolls Royce

  • Hareem Zain
    Hareem Zain 26 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy to worry about his dishwasher leaking.

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 27 days ago

    this thing cost 350K? ill take 2
    in my country toyota land cruiser cost 500K . the toyota one not the lexus one

  • Cjpikey The savage
    Cjpikey The savage 27 days ago

    I’m going in one of these to prom the person has fluffy carpet and it’s so fluffy

    • Andrea
      Andrea 3 days ago

      @Cjpikey The savage That's awesome!

    • Cjpikey The savage
      Cjpikey The savage 3 days ago

      Andrea it was good there really fast for how heavy they are

    • Andrea
      Andrea 3 days ago

      How was it

  • Don Anasinzio
    Don Anasinzio 27 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who masturbates on his mom

  • Muazzam Ali Arbab
    Muazzam Ali Arbab 27 days ago

    As luxurious as my Audi e-tron

  • Games Gamer
    Games Gamer 29 days ago

    How far can u go on this car without refuelling?

  • alex peters
    alex peters 29 days ago

    His narration sounds like lester in GTA 5 describing the heists

  • abhilash v
    abhilash v 29 days ago +2

    Watching this video when my actual budget is for a used corolla

  • dhruv dagar
    dhruv dagar 29 days ago

    this car costs a million dollars in india....fuck you tax!

  • Adhi Kusumo
    Adhi Kusumo 29 days ago

    2:23 NOoo!!! I asked my Butler to push the button!! 😎

  • Sean Adonis
    Sean Adonis 29 days ago

    That rim is horrible

  • Arbnor Lumezi
    Arbnor Lumezi 29 days ago +2

    Doug :
    Passenger: Yeah

  • Massimo Giordano
    Massimo Giordano Month ago


  • Massimo Giordano
    Massimo Giordano Month ago

    FOR ME ,,,,THIS CARE ,,,,,IS ,,,,,INSANE DREAM ,,,,,,,,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💞💞💞💞💞💓💗💖💘💘🖤🧡💚💙❣️💔❣️💓💓❣️💓🖤💘💟💝💞🖤💟💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • David M
    David M Month ago

    Notice the umbrella doesn't open or close with a button? My $20 umbrella does.

  • Faiiryliigxts
    Faiiryliigxts Month ago

    I keep my umbrella in the engine. 🙃🥵🤠

  • AHR Red
    AHR Red Month ago

    I Saw One For Sell For $1M Here In Indonesia. Anyway Nice Video Mate!

  • Adammartini
    Adammartini Month ago +1

    Is that one of thoes Mexican window plates so u can freely travel between usa and Mexico??? That car is definitely owned by a narco

    • Adammartini
      Adammartini Month ago +1

      @Joshua Rosen its not to bad of a drive in a rolls lol

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen Month ago

      My knowledge of US geography isn't perfect but isn't Philadelphia a very long way from Mexico?

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Month ago

    People think just cuz small engines are slow my versa is 0-60 in like 3.3

  • Caleb Kopitsky
    Caleb Kopitsky Month ago

    What’s going on with Doug’s “umbrella”

  • Barakat Rekan
    Barakat Rekan Month ago +2

    I have a Ferrari F12 do you wanna film with it?

  • Requiem
    Requiem Month ago +2

    When you say "sporty" in a Rolls Royce factory you'll be kicked out

  • Slightly Happy
    Slightly Happy Month ago

    That umbrella is worth more than my life

  • John Freer
    John Freer Month ago

    Doug,did you really lean up against that car in your jeans?

  • Sin Rav
    Sin Rav Month ago

    He looks like the new joker

  • Tech World
    Tech World Month ago

    14:38 😂😂😂😂 it’s that spirit of etcsay keeping u in the car

  • Win Nihlanfeldt
    Win Nihlanfeldt Month ago

    That is not the wraith series II so it was made far before 2017 so technically it is not brand new. It might be not owned before but it is not brand new.

  • Layla Green
    Layla Green Month ago

    That's my car, don't worry lala you'll get it one day lmao #rick Ross bioutch

  • kana4114
    kana4114 Month ago

    Normally I agree with your scoring matrix... Q. If it is a "Doug Score" and you like the styling of the teardrop shape then why do you give it a 6 because "others" do not like it? You're rating the car... What would it be for Styling if you hadn't heard anyone else's opinion?

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    They probably charge extra for wheels and windows and a roof and an engine in a package called “everything you get in a normal car package” for $15,000

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    Ah only rolls Royce has the wit to charge $2,000 for ventilated seats in a $250,000 base price ultra luxury car, even though ventilated seats come standard in bmws own 8 series

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    You get basically the same experience with better performance for more than half the price in the new 8 series also the infotainment looks like it was from 2010 also I’m talking about the m850i not the normal 8 series

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    I saw one of these by the beach one day with some rich like 20 year old white woman i mean i would kinda expect her to be driving a g wagon

  • Subham Nayak
    Subham Nayak Month ago

    In India we are paying $1Million for it

  • TheWrapUpNYC
    TheWrapUpNYC Month ago

    13:30 is the realest shit I’ve heard about a ultra luxury whip.... that made total sense!

  • JoRz
    JoRz Month ago +2

    This guy looks like a prius driver the rolls doesn't fit him

  • Luprez Tryson
    Luprez Tryson Month ago +1

    Take a shot everytime he says spirit of ecstasy

  • T Meo
    T Meo Month ago

    Hate to say it, but this is ugly as hell. What lines are they going for here? The back end is ugly as can be and the rims look circa 1982. The silver window sills look like a 1980's Cutlass Ciera (whatever the spelling is on that POS car). Meh on the the fit and finish too. Stitching is far less impressive than new BMW Z4 seats.

  • Kenny 510
    Kenny 510 Month ago

    I’m sold! Gotta go get one now.

  • Phil Melson
    Phil Melson Month ago

    Shame you reviewed the older model ..

  • Ahmed Farah
    Ahmed Farah Month ago

    light change akh can grab dah tomorrow

  • Meng Ni
    Meng Ni Month ago

    I agree, that key fob looks too bulky and heavy. Definitely one of the two reasons I don’t want to buy this car.

  • Marija Tkaca
    Marija Tkaca Month ago +17

    Legend says if you drink a shot each time he says spirit of ecstasy you won’t see the end of the video

  • Allphonetips
    Allphonetips Month ago

    My acura lowkey wafts likes crazy

  • Aluminum MoonlightASMR

    Thats NOTHING... I DARE YOU to do a video on the ROLLS ROYCE BESPOKE

  • Mo vlogs
    Mo vlogs Month ago

    this guy is orgasming while driving... haha

  • Joey Jackass
    Joey Jackass Month ago

    Meek Mill let him borrow his Wraith for this video

  • Charles Bunnell
    Charles Bunnell Month ago

    The Rear-hinge doors you showed are commonly known by the nickname “suicide doors” due to the fact that if they open even slightly while the car is moving they would fly open possibly breaking the hing due to the air flow around the car and people worried they would then be sucked out of the car to there death.

  • Brian Lavin
    Brian Lavin Month ago

    the best car reviewer on youtube

    CHRIS _YANG 2 months ago

    Doug, I own a limited edition Avus blue bmw i8. In fact, it is so limited in this Color, that there are only 2 in avus blue i8’s in the world, one of which is in the Tokyo auto museum. Wanna take it for a spin? 😉

  • Jose Martin
    Jose Martin 2 months ago

    My first car, was the firat model year 1997 Mercedes C270. It had heated and ventilated seats. When you had heated and ventilated seat settings on at the same time you had electric heat, and hot air blowing up your butt. When you had AC on you could have Cooled ventilated air blown up your butt, back, and legs. Shoulders etc.
    You could even have heated sets and cool ventilated air as well. It was amazing. It had a huge moonroof and a seamless band of burl wood across the interior windshield and interior door panels along the side and read glass.
    Beast of a car
    Not that impressive really.

  • King Mags
    King Mags 2 months ago

    I love your videos 😂😂😂😂 you make the funniest comments

  • Max d‘Alençon
    Max d‘Alençon 2 months ago

    he just got one shirt :):):)

  • krenek420
    krenek420 2 months ago

    Doesn’t even have that stars on the ceiling!

  • David Lee Tibble
    David Lee Tibble 2 months ago

    Really? You called it beautiful?! It's one of the most awkward looking cars around!

  • Filip Buczyński
    Filip Buczyński 2 months ago

    Quality 8?

  • Chris Pinto
    Chris Pinto 2 months ago

    Dougs type guys sings in the rain&gives a doug score

  • Jarrett
    Jarrett 2 months ago +1

    The umbrella is a $2540 option

  • Glen Daly
    Glen Daly 2 months ago

    I don't understand how the car can have acceleration 0-60 under 5 seconds and he only gives it a 7? What would make it a 10? He does this in all the cars he scores. I'll never understand it. Maybe I don't know how he rates? But I don't see how.