How To Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps!

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Learn how to lose weight in 3 easy steps. This video reveals the 3 major keys for burning fat fast. If you're looking to see some weight loss where you can start seeing results in less than a week watch this video. I talk about the best ways to lose weight for men and women at home In 7 days you will notice the results most of which you'll achieve without exercise. Enjoy
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    #1: Lower Insulin Levels Through Diet - Fasting 0:35
    #2: Reduce Insulin Resistance 7:29
    #3: Increase the Amount of Sleep 8:47
    Just like any other process burning fat and losing weight requires you to take certain steps to produce the desired result. And based on the thousands of clients that I've worked with in my gyms and online this process can be broken down into 3 major keys that determine whether you will be successful with losing weight and body fat or not. So in today's video I want to give you these 3 keys so you can unlock your bodies full fat burning abilities. If you make sure that you do all three of these things you will burn fat faster than ever before and keep it off permanently. Let's start with the first key. The model for burning fat has always looked like this. If you take too many calories in from food and you don't burn enough calories from exercise you gain fat and vice versa if you have less calories than you burn you'll lose fat. Everyone knows that, we've been told that over and over again since we were little kids. That means that the traditional model suggests that the reason you have excess fat or your carry extra weight is because you have too many calories. And the unspoken reason behind this model for why you have too many calories is because of a lack of willpower. You have excess body fat because it's your fault for not having enough self control and willpower to just consume fewer calories. However, this doesn't match up with your experience. Based on you own personal experience you know that when you have fewer calories you lose a couple pounds and then you usually get stuck. You continue eating fewer calories and feeling like your starving yourself eating bland boring foods you hate, but you never hit your target weight. This goes on for a get discouraged...and then you quit because no one can stay on a restrictive low calorie diet for the long haul especially when its not producing results. Well, guess what I'm here to tell you its not entirely your fault. And I don't mean that in some cliche cheesy way, I mean quite literally its not only because you don't have enough willpower or self control even though for some of you that may be a big contributing factor. Make no mistake you will need will power to burn fat, but this isn't the only cause. In reality if we only look at calories in & calories out your not addressing the core cause of the problem. You see burning fat & losing weight is not just about using willpower to starve yourself by eating less & exercising more, because your body is way too smart for that. Within just a week after decreasing calories coming in your body will automatically decrease calories coming out. Many people refer to this process as your body entering into a so called "starvation mode." This is where your metabolism will slow down causing your fat loss to slow to almost nothing. Not only does your body slow your metabolism & this is proven over & over again in study after study, but it also increases the production of a hormone known as ghrelin. Ghrelins role is to signal your brain to make you feel hungry. So to sum up this whole torturous dieting process up you now have less calories coming in, less calories coming out due to your body responding with a slower metabolism, you're hungrier because of ghrelin, yet you're not burning much fat. In fact the situation begins to feel like you need to keep cutting calories just to maintain your current body fat rather than to lose more. And that's ultimately what discourages you & causes you to quit. Starting the whole cycle over again months later when you're probably in even worse shape than you were before. So what are we missing? Well it turns out your willpower is actually not the core cause of this problem it's actually also a hormonal problem rather than just a calorie problem. Once you understand this fat loss becomes easy & keeping it off is even easier. People think that when calories come in they keep going out until you eat too many calories & then your body starts storing those excess calories as fat. Even though this is part of how fat loss works unfortunately it's not so simple.
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    T9MOTHY 7 hours ago

    I just realized im fasting while on keto

  • dannybooyaka
    dannybooyaka 23 hours ago

    I intermittent fast (16:8), been doing it for almost a week as well eating majority of fibre, protein and carbs (brown rice, quinoa or fruits). Also been working out and have started noticing better results than before and also my eczema has gone down.

  • Lance In Gaming
    Lance In Gaming 2 days ago

    1 tip
    Instead of eating bread replace it with rice, it will make you feel fuller and a few lesser calories

  • Zeejack.sayed Cool
    Zeejack.sayed Cool 2 days ago

    1. Omad + keto diet
    3. Cruciferous veggies
    4. Proper supplement
    5. Sleep
    6. HIIT + COMPOUND Workout.
    Follow this strictly... I lost 30 pounds in a month.
    So will you.

  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 days ago

    I eat a nice big lunch and a salad+protein for dinner. I skip breakfast but cave in to naturally sweet fruits at least once a day. I’ve lost a lot of weight but can’t seem to lose my spare tire. Guess I need more exercise.

  • Eanna Carr
    Eanna Carr 3 days ago

    Instead of watching the video, just read this comment: burn more calories than you eat

  • TechnoVan
    TechnoVan 4 days ago

    another words, stop eat carbohydrates food, eat more protein food, make exerciser more often, stop eat any sugar no matter what no sugar at all, and he forgot something important , drink a lot water! but he is speak the true!

  • Edward V
    Edward V 9 days ago

    Curious question: since decreasing calorie intake can result to a drop in BMR to reduce calories going out, wont BMR dropped as well with intermittent fasting since you are eating less within a smaller time frame?

  • Codependency Recovery

    7:00 36 hours fast

  • Taran Gill
    Taran Gill 10 days ago

    Ectomorphs - lean mean machines, mesomorphs - strong sturdy, endomorphs - fat, cuddly and lovable. Now when ectomorph tries to become mesomorph, endomorphs long to become ectomorphs and mesomorphs try to be leaner like ectomorphs then this longing causes actions which give temporary success but body will always find its way back to its natural state or break.

  • B V
    B V 11 days ago

    lol I love the cartoon..home dude would have soooo much loose skin!

  • Daníel Sigurðsson
    Daníel Sigurðsson 12 days ago

    Is that Dylan Moran at 1:48? What movie is that?

  • king Jess
    king Jess 13 days ago

    I fasted almost a week...went running everyday and lost nothing but my mind...almost. I started shaking and couldn't think straight...not sure what I did wrong but I'm going to try it again and take iron pills.

  • Dane Dykman
    Dane Dykman 13 days ago

    Doesn’t your body use your muscle for energy in fasting

  • Marvel Comics
    Marvel Comics 16 days ago

    I’m already doing the first to steps but I’m sleeping like 4-6 hrs a day anyone know how to sleep better

  • MinJowskie
    MinJowskie 16 days ago +3

    1. Delete uber eats app
    2. Delete postmates
    3. Delete all pizza apps
    4. Rewatch this video

  • Christofer Sensei
    Christofer Sensei 17 days ago

    Intermittent fasting is what helped me.

  • daddy doeloe
    daddy doeloe 17 days ago

    uses a cool 3d world gif in video

  • Alphonso Blowe
    Alphonso Blowe 18 days ago

    Excellent video ! 💯👍🏾

  • Karla Castillo
    Karla Castillo 19 days ago

    Thanks for the motivation☺ . in my case I lose weight following this diet:
    => weightlossin3weeks. com

  • Braden Mcleod
    Braden Mcleod 21 day ago

    fun fact for you to is to eat alot of pasta too it has a substance in it a bit like wheat which is full of carbs

  • The Commentators
    The Commentators 22 days ago

    Getting more sleep isn't as easy as it sounds I've tried everything to sleep but I end up only getting 1 or 2 hours because it takes me 6-7 hours to fall asleep after lying down

  • Kiomio
    Kiomio 23 days ago

    9:30 really ? whenever I sleep bad, I dont really get hungry at all
    F.e: I slept bad last night and skipped breakfast

  • big D
    big D 23 days ago

    Next time out how to lose weight for 2 grade

  • DerinThyMighty 1
    DerinThyMighty 1 24 days ago

    My diet is whatever my mama cooks but still work out tho that's why I'm a fit 400lbs

  • Insane Lyrical
    Insane Lyrical 25 days ago +1

    So how often do you fast? Everyday fasting is not healthy.. once a week may not be enough.. whats the balance?

  • ScoobyDigits
    ScoobyDigits 26 days ago +1

    Sadly I can't get more sleep at the moment 6 hours a night max.

  • Sally Greene
    Sally Greene Month ago

    Sleep is super important! Great video.

  • Belinda Brandon
    Belinda Brandon Month ago

    Ate all day Thursday noon evening and night. Will fasting all Friday help to detox all that bread beef and fish 🙋🏾‍♀️ help 🤷🏾‍♀️?

  • Ulbre De Folie
    Ulbre De Folie Month ago

    I like red firetrucks

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    zaka aap Month ago

    Ghrelin... you f*cking b*tch

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  • keith wilson
    keith wilson Month ago

    i agree with some of this info u can also do a keto diet and watch the fats u take in what i mean eat healthy fats no man made food also aka no proseed foods. also studies show eating 5 to 8 times a day will increase the cals you burn

  • gd shnivic
    gd shnivic Month ago +4

    Increase your sleep he watching this at 2:56😣

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers Month ago

    I came from a family that didn't say anything about eating healthy. It was always fried foods and ice cream. Plus my mom had cancer all my life, my dad left us and was physically abusive, I was molested when I was a kid and had major depression until I was almost 28 , I couldn't trust anyone to help me and so I just kept eating to cope , that was my counseling . Also i heard alot that it was ok if we died befpre we were old , because we had a new body in heaven, so as a little kid, i believed it, i had no choice. So no, in fact it's not everyone exact fault that they are overweight. Sometimes they don't see another way out and don't have the resources to get the help they need and so they turn to the only thing that doesn't let them down , at least at the moment.

  • Rita Yee
    Rita Yee Month ago

    that "you're" eating...

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    Snub Nose Month ago

    Do ramdan it will make you lose wayy too much pounds. Please no racist comments

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    Joe Trump Month ago

    I really wanted the information......... but I got to the point where I couldn’t stand to listen 👂 to him speak........... Drove me nuts 🥜.......... I’m out off here🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😷

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    Man that was ducking boring

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    N e g a n Month ago +3

    1. Eas less
    2. Workout
    3. Repeat
    😀it really working😀

  • lalo Hernandez
    lalo Hernandez Month ago

    It’s hard to get energy for a solid workout while fasting how can I get a boost without breaking a fast also needed when your pulling 12 hr shifts! So how can I still be effective at both while fasting?

  • lalo Hernandez
    lalo Hernandez Month ago

    I like getting the details great vid!

  • skibbadabba
    skibbadabba Month ago

    if i cant eat sugar, and i cant eat carbs, and i cant eat protein or fish....... what can i eat?

  • David urbina
    David urbina Month ago

    Burning fat is stop eating and you will lose weight really fast

  • Marcos Candelaria
    Marcos Candelaria Month ago

    The slow metabolism fallacy has to do with the fact that metabolism is based on body mass and as you lose body mass your metabolism slows because there is less mass! It has nothing to do with starvation mode. This is old information.

  • Chris Lei
    Chris Lei Month ago +1

    Lol, "Its easy, just do sport and eat healthy", what an idiot

  • Demetrious Gains
    Demetrious Gains Month ago

    Wow! Great info.

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds Month ago +1

    wish i didnt have sleep apnea lol but lost 15 pounds in 2 months thanks for the vids...u teach me about insulin and at school i learn about insulin its awesome

  • Ike
    Ike Month ago

    I eat to loose weight. My mouth works non stop and I burn calories.

  • XXXSoul Sniper
    XXXSoul Sniper Month ago

    Don't you tell me this is my fault I barely eat. I'm still fat

  • Vini Ferguson
    Vini Ferguson Month ago

    Stomach fat I found very difficult to move. Agree with the vid, but it
    takes a bit more than exercise for me. I found this helpful too @gwpk

  • Rad Crx
    Rad Crx Month ago

    Ok we dont give a shit about how we wanna know what did u do to get fit thats it show us a video of HOW

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    heaintloveu Month ago +6

    He’s saying not to restrict calories but then tells everybody to fast for 36 hours - ok lol

  • Still Working With My Name

    Me:Eats 8 hours a day sleeps the rest 16 hours
    *Whattt it says sleep longer*

    FADEL AHMID 2 months ago

    Good video for eating and help but some time is not work because people are not follow the roll
    but this link maybe help :@t

  • Steve Gamble
    Steve Gamble 2 months ago

    fat loss secret revealed ! close your mouth....... move your body.

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    Univerz 2 months ago

    This is an excellent video it covers everything.

  • BrokenWings X
    BrokenWings X 2 months ago

    Anyone who go to gym, i can help, i have a diet plan and a workout plan i Get from a personal trainer, it will give you 100% result in 1 Month. Only cost 11$

  • Barbarian Rage
    Barbarian Rage 2 months ago +2

    Dear Brain,
    Please be able to tell the difference between HUNGRY and BORED!
    I'm getting FAT...

  • Brandon jenkins
    Brandon jenkins 2 months ago

    I'm trying to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. so currently I'm doing aerobics and weight lifting. I just want to find out if it's a good combo and if I can achieve my goals that way ?

  • Albus Dumbdoor
    Albus Dumbdoor 2 months ago +2

    Fast, stop eating shit, do yoga/calisthenics/some cardio. Boom, done, "very hard".

  • Toyota T
    Toyota T 2 months ago

    1. Run 6 Miles a Day, 4 times a Week.
    2. Drink Water and Organic green tea
    3. Eat Strawberry’s,Blueberrys,lemons,,ginger,and every vegetables.
    4.Before your about to eat fast foods or Very High Calorie Foods. Do 100 push ups and 200 sit ups instead.
    5. This Will Definitely Change The Way Your Body Looks. I Will Be Honored To Be Thanks To Who Tries My Steps. Have A Wonderful Day😃😁😁

  • Peeyush Malhotra
    Peeyush Malhotra 2 months ago

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  • ABC Nostradamus
    ABC Nostradamus 2 months ago +19

    1 Workout 3/4days a week.
    2 Eat normal. Don't over do it. Don't eat shit.
    3 Sleep.
    4 Repeat. This simple thing worked for me. Sadly i stopped running cause..
    Doesn't matter why..Good luck!

    • slavko bikic
      slavko bikic Month ago

      agree i lost 30pounds in 3mounth with hard training and carbs decrease

    • Algonquin Lumpus
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    Joseph Red 2 months ago +3

    i drink 3 cup of water before eating, walk 15-25km 3x a week lost 10kg in a month

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    Rob Carey 2 months ago

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  • Arvid Mjåland
    Arvid Mjåland 2 months ago

    Hey, is it true that I get more loose skin permanently if I lose weight faster, or is it just temporary and will eventually give the same result?

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      Fredo Month ago

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    Broadsword 2 months ago +1

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  • Irma Rios
    Irma Rios 2 months ago

    Thank you! I have lost 90 lbs and I'm stuck I still want to loose 50lbs and no matter what I do I'm stuck!!!

  • Jacques Bloques
    Jacques Bloques 2 months ago

    Burning fat faster than ever before is moronic.
    Which you would know if you actually cared about health. You're not fat-loss experts, you're irresponsible, fat-loss advisers.
    I bet you even recommend protein with the most grams per serving because dilettantes think more is better.
    You only need an additional 10-15 g of protein per day to build muscle. After that the protein is broken down for some energy but most of the excess passes through the liver placing a significant strain that can lead to disease. Protein is not easy to digest.
    But hey, fast and easy does draw in the lazy and stupid, doesn't it?

  • Neo Craft
    Neo Craft 2 months ago +36

    Fatty, fatty, two-by-four;
    Can’t fit through the bathroom door.
    But after you lift, fast,
    And sleep more at last;
    A smaller shadow you may cast.

    • Christopher Carrion
      Christopher Carrion 16 days ago

      +Christofer Sensei fast as food, not speed

    • Christofer Sensei
      Christofer Sensei 17 days ago

      You gotta lift slow tho🤔 if a weight feels light that you're doing it fast then you're not making gainz....sorry had to be that one guy and ruin all the fun😔

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  • Galaxy Bryan
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