Are Tottenham better off without Harry Kane? | UEFA Champions League

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop responds to the latest news that Harry Kane may miss the remainder of Tottenham's season after suffering an ankle injury in their UEFA Champions League quarterfinal match versus Manchester City. Hislop feels the Spurs are well-equipped to cope in his absence with the likes of Son Heung-min and Fernando Llorente to lead the attack.
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  • steven johnson
    steven johnson 19 days ago

    Tottenham really need an solid second choice striker alongside Son who is also great option my suggestion would be Callum Wilson.

  • Lachlan-MasterMind
    Lachlan-MasterMind 24 days ago +1

    You know, spurs fans, us at Man U will happily take Kane off your hands.

  • maw mawi
    maw mawi Month ago +1

    Whenever Harry Kane come to the pitched, son dosent shine.
    But, when harry kane is out the pitch Son be shining.

  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel Month ago


  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel Month ago


  • darkhumphrey
    darkhumphrey Month ago +3

    When Kane is on the pitch, Tottenham is Kane's team. When Kane is not on, everyone plays as a TEAM.

  • Seoul TV
    Seoul TV Month ago +1

    Son does not get chances he deserves with Kane present cos he represents the pride of English football. I hope after this season he will find another team where less politics exists and he can just focus on playing the game.

    • Seoul TV
      Seoul TV Month ago

      +wizmj2003 NO DOUBT Kane is a great player.
      Also, Son scored 1 goal in 3 matches with non EPL teammates mostly from 3rd rated Asian leagues in the World Cup against Germany, Mexico and Sweden because other players scored as well.
      Kane and Son are not exactly playing the best together. It's not anyone's fault - definitely not Kane's. But, Son doesn't get to play in his position due to his presence and Kane doesn't seems to be the best passer either.

    • wizmj2003
      wizmj2003 Month ago

      Is politics also what kept Son from scoring more than 1 goal in the World Cup? You know, the FIFA World Cup where Kane won the Golden Boot? Being English is not the reason Kane gets more chances. His superior skill set is.

  • Mh Ho
    Mh Ho Month ago

    Son should play in Harry's position in the squad

  • Boss man
    Boss man Month ago +2

    He was so greedy.

    JUAN HUNG LO Month ago +1

    Spurs are much more fluid without him .

  • Korup Terus
    Korup Terus Month ago +3

    Yup spurs worst run recently was when kane back!

  • Chiggsy
    Chiggsy Month ago

    Kane is soft as whipped butter.

  • futbolers to go
    futbolers to go Month ago +2

    Son would have been a much bigger loss, and dele isn’t out thank god

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews Month ago

    Kane to utd swap for lukaku and cashh

    • Danny Sze
      Danny Sze 13 days ago

      Sell kane = take lingard.

  • Jonsey 7
    Jonsey 7 Month ago

    What a stupid debate, guarantee they will struggle beyond 5 games

  • Allen Gigika
    Allen Gigika Month ago +2

    Is the pope catholic?

  • uCan't be Serious
    uCan't be Serious Month ago +1

    Spurs have poor decision making skills. They aren't very good at finding advanced positions without Kane's movement. Without him, it forces them to make more passes and dart in different directions, and share the ball equally. Harry Kane in no way hampers the team, his teammates use him as a kind of crutch. He needs a strike partner so Son can play deeper from the left, which is undoubtedly his best position. Sure he has scored goals when Kane is out, but most of his goals without Kane have been the result of Spurs working better as a team with more energy and urgency. Prime example: 3rd goal vs Leicester City. Imagine if Spurs had another hold up player who could dribble quicker and find space. Son does fill this role, but I think they'd be even more dangerous with another striker AND Son. Sissoko/Wanyama at holding And a 4-1-3-2. Son left, Alli central to act another aerial threat, and Eriksen on the right. Kane and someone with a similar bulk but quicker up top with him. They could wreak havoc, especially if they manage to find a Kante-esc defensive mid, which may not be possible. Personally I hate the diamond because most teams don't have the right players to use it. They have to be Fernandinho and Kante level tactically and physically. Just haven't seen that talent anywhere yet. Maybe Nzonzi, but he's slow. City use a diamond so well because you can't afford to sacrifice a mid to hold up their pivot, not with all that attacking talent. Spurs and possibly United could do the exact same thing, if United could get an exclusive CDM.

    • uCan't be Serious
      uCan't be Serious Month ago

      P.S Sorry for the essay people. Needed to say all that. Pretty sure no one is going to read it all.

  • SportsManiac
    SportsManiac Month ago +22

    Yes, better off without Kane. Son and team are better without him.

  • Jay P
    Jay P Month ago +1

    I bet all Kane's teammates hate his greedy ass

  • Tripp Davidson
    Tripp Davidson Month ago +3

    as a spurs fan it’s pretty obvious that when kane is out it lights a fire under the team to go our and still get results. When he is back they relax and don’t play with the same intensity. Kane was playing well when he was back, got a bunch of goals and crucial passes. The rest of the team just slowed down.

    • Tripp Davidson
      Tripp Davidson Month ago

      EscargoTouChaud 👍🏻👍🏻

    • EscargoTouChaud
      EscargoTouChaud Month ago +1

      +Tripp Davidson No no no; the "however" was aimed at all the people who seem to take his absence lightly, and not at you :)

    • Tripp Davidson
      Tripp Davidson Month ago

      EscargoTouChaud I think you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I love kane and always want him playing, he’s our best player. The other players however need to play with the same intensity regardless of whether he’s playing or not.

    • EscargoTouChaud
      EscargoTouChaud Month ago

      That's what I think too. However, it is certainly NOT a good thing that Kane is injured. He also gives confidence to the others, and besides scoring also reads the game very well. He has assisted goals too. And: if Son gets injured now, it will be very difficult even though there are many good players in the team.

  • Kim Jason
    Kim Jason Month ago +18


    • Kim Jason
      Kim Jason Month ago

      +유준서 LOL. wtf is ashamy? You fucking idiot. Speak English.

    • 유준서
      유준서 Month ago

      +Kim Jason me either you freaking international ashamy^^

    • Kim Jason
      Kim Jason Month ago

      +유준서 My fellow brother. Speak English please. I can't comprehend what you are saying.

    • 유준서
      유준서 Month ago

      And he is being underrated because he is asian and he has disadvantage

    • 유준서
      유준서 Month ago

      Kim please underrated mean son is being under rated of what he is doing in his career damn please if you dont know english, just shut your mouth you are a shame being same race
      as you

  • Paulo Minster
    Paulo Minster Month ago +15

    I'd say there's more than 60% chance the ball will be passed to Kane when he's in the box, and that pattern makes it easy for the opponents. When he's out of the match, the opposite team goes into a panic almost to trying to figure out who to defend. Spurs will do better as a team without being so dependent on Kane, and Kane will be much more effective when he learns to dial down a little and have other players get involved.

    • christian kumara putra
      christian kumara putra Month ago

      yes and kane doesnt even pass that much he tries to score everytime in the box

  • Luke Huber
    Luke Huber Month ago

    Fuck no!!!! Jesus christ of course they arent.

  • SportsManiac
    SportsManiac Month ago +21

    Spurs and Son are much better without Kane. Hope Son continues to play without Kane. Kane is sometimes too greedy not passing others.

    • wizmj2003
      wizmj2003 Month ago +1

      They're sooooo much better without Kane. I mean they scored one goal against the run of play that 90% of GK's stop, what more proof do you need? They should definitely sell Kane and hand the reigns to Son. Then Tottenham can finally win that elusive title they so desperately seek. The Europa League title.

    • alex kanyima
      alex kanyima Month ago


  • Enterthedarkness23
    Enterthedarkness23 Month ago +46

    Son is easily the unsung hero for Spurs.

    • Samuel Cooksey
      Samuel Cooksey 26 days ago


    • therealmo
      therealmo Month ago

      I’m singing

    • Small Shaq
      Small Shaq Month ago +4

      +Ferocious Mr. He's world class and he's rated very highly.
      Underrated is an overused word that has no meaning anymore.

    • Ferocious Mr.
      Ferocious Mr. Month ago +1

      +Kim Jason He is underrated. He shows skills that if Ronaldo did it everyone would go insane. Many people still don't put him in the "world class" category because he doesn't have any trophies.

    • Kim Jason
      Kim Jason Month ago +2

      no lol. he is not underrated at all. everybody in the world knows he is a fantastic player.

  • Jim Frank
    Jim Frank Month ago


  • Teeth
    Teeth Month ago +8

    Who cares ?
    Semifinals will be
    Man City vs Juventus
    Barcelona vs Liverpool

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +27

    when your number one scorer isn't in the lineup, opposing teams don't know who will be the threat

  • Saad Salam
    Saad Salam Month ago

    Its also better for kane and england if son can join england national team.

    • 국뽕사냥꾼
      국뽕사냥꾼 Month ago

      +TheBagBalm then how about son marry with royal? lol

    • TheBagBalm
      TheBagBalm Month ago

      Son will need to marry an english girl if he wants to be an english citizen.

    • IE
      IE Month ago

      Son doesn't score for South Korea. Very few goals.

  • SMH
    SMH Month ago +96

    Son steps up when Kane's not on the pitch and Spurs's had better results without Kane recently. I know it's ironic but that's a statistical fact.

    • 베터리1%
      베터리1% Month ago +2

      Kane is the best player in Tottenham, but he's been over-ambitious lately.
      He returned from his injury and seemed to care too much about the performance of the other team players.
      I was so happy to see him altruistic in this game.
      I can't believe it's the left ankle again.
      Delph's tackle was murderous.

    • Abdul Clutch
      Abdul Clutch Month ago +4

      SMH agree completely. Spurs should sell Kane for an insane amount and build around son and eriksen

  • Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker Month ago +8

    100% over rated

    • Casual boxing fan
      Casual boxing fan Month ago

      +Advenco In my opinion ... he was absolutely knackered by the time england got to the semi finals .. look at the amount of games he played that season. Still won the golden boot, no one cares who he scored AGAINST, it doesn't say that on the trophy

    • Casual boxing fan
      Casual boxing fan Month ago

      +Critical Thinker We'll that's basically how it's supposed to work you idiot. Messi was set up by Iniesta and xavi and they played a certain way to suit him. The same goes for all top teams and top strikers

    • Advenco
      Advenco Month ago

      uCan't be Serious because when it came down to it, he bottled it versus Croatia and ghosted versus Belgium. It's easy to score from corners and penalties against extremely inferior opposition. What separates the good from the elite is being able to do it in high pressure, high stake games. Kane has not done that.

    • uCan't be Serious
      uCan't be Serious Month ago

      Advenco This isn't the first time I've seen you spreading your stupid messages today. Stop hating on players. In case you didn't notice, England didn't have an excellent passer pulling the strings from deep in the WC. They played pure English football, using wide players to cross the ball and provide service to big, strong strikers who can score from good service. Kane didn't have a very good WC, but he still scored six goals. Penalties aren't exactly easy on the at the professional level, never mind the national stage. Also, there are PLENTY OF strikers who rely on set pieces to score a fair amount of their goals. Why are you ripping Kane for being good at something?

    • uCan't be Serious
      uCan't be Serious Month ago

      Critical Thinker I don't think you pay attention very well. Your name certainly does not match. Kane used to be a quick footed striker who could dart past defenses and scores in free, open play. A series of ankle injuries have surely slowed him down. He wasn't always a slow tugboat. Even so, he still manages to score and assist with the best of them because he is sixth in EPL for goals and assists together with 21 I believe. Mind you, Kane has played the least of amount of minutes than the others in said list. Kane is an expert at picking out holes in between defenses and midfield lines and bypassing entire defenses with one pass. He's done is countless times. He is by far the best passing striker in the Premier League. Tottenham's system works well because of his hold up play and passing ability. Also, "Tottenham's system" is also one of the most adaptable in the Premier League, as Spurs are 2nd in the league for wins with direct substitutions, I believe. Only Arsenal ranks above them, for obvious reasons. Also, there are many, many strikers who play well in one system and fail in another. Not many are able to adapt their game. Some strikers and explosive and quick, others are powerful and bulky. As long as they score goals, I'm fine with that. Also, do I need to mention that whenever Kane scores an "easy goal" he reads the play first and react before everyone else, the ball never just falls to him. Clearly, you can't tell the difference between someone reading the game and a player getting a lucky bounce. If you have any problem with my statements, please submit a counterargument backed with facts, not opinions as I have done.

  • Night King
    Night King Month ago +46

    When Kane came back from injury we started losing a lot..... since Burnley

    • christian kumara putra
      christian kumara putra Month ago

      yes i think he tries too much to statpadding his performance making him too selfish and ruining the team flow

    • futebolista fã da América
      futebolista fã da América Month ago +1

      I think he came back too soon from his injury. Pochettino started him immediately without letting him ease into games.

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr Month ago +13

      I do love the guy but I feel like Spurs are better with son as a focal point

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour Month ago +9

    Harry kane is tottenham's best player.

    • Danny Sze
      Danny Sze 12 days ago

      nh k could? No they must.. kane is being paid too much for little work

    • nh k
      nh k 13 days ago

      +Danny Sze they could do that but are not getting a better Centerforward.

    • Danny Sze
      Danny Sze 13 days ago

      nh k joke haha tottenham should sell kane and build a formation around son and eriksen.

    • nh k
      nh k Month ago +1

      +Critical Thinker he is

    • Critical Thinker
      Critical Thinker Month ago +1

      Elie Naddour pahahahaha

  • Jr Morales
    Jr Morales Month ago +4

    They'll be fine. We have Moura and Llorente, that's enough for the rest of our fixtures. Our only threat left in the league is City. Although for the UCL, it is a huge blow. If we don't lose against City, we'll lose in the semis more than likely. And we still have Sonaldo.

    • I Am Always Happy
      I Am Always Happy Month ago

      +Kenneth Chay Hides like a pussy? I show up every fucking game. Always commenting on results regardless of what happens. Hell I do the same for Spurs win lose or draw. As a matter of fact who the fuck are you? I've never seen you my whole life. Are YOU on of those plastic fans? You said even more of a Banter club. You admitted to us being Banter. Must not be a real fan especially nowadays.

    • Kenneth Chay
      Kenneth Chay Month ago

      +I Am Always Happy I actually follow the Gunners, but your dumb comments are making us look even more like a banter club. You can talk smack once CL football for next year has been secured. I don't know if you've noticed, but we have more away games than Spurs and our away form has been shit(e) lately. Or are you one of the plastics who talks shit when things are going well but hides like a pussy when Arsenal have a bad run of form?

    • I Am Always Happy
      I Am Always Happy Month ago

      +Jr Morales For starters why are you liking your comments. Must be desperate as fuck. Second no I'm pretty sure we will get CL. Have the easiest run in for rest of the season. Aren't known as being bottle jobs. United drop too much points and Chelsea are simply the worst of all. It'll be
      3. Arsenal
      4. United
      5. Spurs
      6. Chelsea
      Not to add we can possibly be winning Europa

    • Jr Morales
      Jr Morales Month ago +4

      +I Am Always Happy Have fun in Europa next year 👋👋

    • I Am Always Happy
      I Am Always Happy Month ago

      +Jr Morales Thinks two seasons of Europa and two of CL makes them better LMAO. Try getting CL football 20+ years in a row. Next season you won't even be in the CL 😂😂😂

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Month ago +5

    No obviously they're not.

  • Daniel Jeon
    Daniel Jeon Month ago +84

    Spurs have won all the matches in which Son has scored

  • Zayne Zz
    Zayne Zz Month ago +34

    Kane is overrated, we all know that

    • ronny lee
      ronny lee Month ago

      Lol over the last 5 seasons his scored 35 percent of tottenham goals if he was out for a whole season u think tottenham would have a better record when his out no chance

    • Zayne Zz
      Zayne Zz Month ago

      +Neymar Jr for Xbox generation only.

    • sunny
      sunny Month ago +1

      I completely agree with you. He missed lots of good chances at a higher rate.

    • I Am Always Happy
      I Am Always Happy Month ago +4

      +Neymar Jr The World Cup Golden Boot was retarded

    • Flux Without Pause
      Flux Without Pause Month ago +2

      Kane has impressed me with his link up play he is a 9 and a half as well as a 9

  • Big Dan
    Big Dan Month ago +84

    Sonny is their best player right now imo