Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Watch the band's first performance of the Sunset part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at at sunset in Jordan. You can watch the first part of the album performed during sunrise in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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  • Christian Nizami
    Christian Nizami 22 minutes ago

    It’s simply epic. The very essence of the performance is universal peace and solidarity. ColdPlay - Thankyou so much - my all time favourite band. Let’s drop our superficial differences and be one. And remember, we all bleed the same. Peace be upon earth 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

  • Birk Tan
    Birk Tan 31 minute ago


  • Puye Aref
    Puye Aref 53 minutes ago

    I wish the Bani Adam songhad the same Persian lyrics as there is in the original album. Missed it a lot to see in live.

  • Anders K.G
    Anders K.G 2 hours ago

    When will coldplay make catching melodies again.

  • conchi eixeres piquer
    conchi eixeres piquer 2 hours ago

    Does anybody know what the singer wors are?

  • sanjai s
    sanjai s 6 hours ago

    November 22 is my birthday! this became most beautiful gift i ever got in my life!! !! love !! peace !!

  • RE Styles
    RE Styles 7 hours ago

    Just don’t get political and you won’t get into trouble.

  • Elvira Rosalina
    Elvira Rosalina 7 hours ago

    This songs would make me terribly sorry of what I was..

  • Christ  Eckstein
    Christ Eckstein 9 hours ago

    a well planned.well managed live performance...a masterpiece...a huge amount of hope for everybody..

  • Christ  Eckstein
    Christ Eckstein 10 hours ago who was honking btw ??..but the sound engineer is legend

  • baltazar514
    baltazar514 12 hours ago

    I really enjoyed the live version of Guns & hearing him swear in it is absolutely perfect & captures the intensity of the subject.

  • JD Contracting
    JD Contracting 13 hours ago

    love this, drinking my stella reminiscing on old times before life got crazy with 3 kids and a wife! remember sitting in oz listening to xy. how times have changed

  • Brunillo VG
    Brunillo VG 13 hours ago

    ME ENCANTÓ TODO EL REPERTORIO. Sin embargo ''Cry cry cry'' y ''Champion of The World'' & ''Everyday Life'' son mis favoritas. LO MÁXIMO COLDPLAY siempre nos trae nostalgias y alegrías. UNA MONTAÑA RUSA DE EMOCIONES. Lo único malo es que se acaba. Saludos, con mucho Amor, desde Perú ❤

  • Victor Manuel Diaz Sanchez

    25:39 Johnny: and... now

  • chriscrocvlogs
    chriscrocvlogs 15 hours ago

    “Daddy” really has that instantly recognisable, magical Coldplay warm and fuzzy feeling about it. Like classic Coldplay.

  • chriscrocvlogs
    chriscrocvlogs 15 hours ago

    I think “Sunset” means the end of Coldplay : They made an album with the first half Sunrise, second half Sunset, and they’ve spoken a lot about being the last album since the AHFOD era. That’s sad if it happens 😔.

  • Loquendo Lucas
    Loquendo Lucas 15 hours ago

    Excelente concierto me encanto lo recomiendo ampliamente y exquisito video con unas tomas maravillosas de Jordania :)

  • bildahome
    bildahome 17 hours ago

    I cant stop listening too the new album of Coldplay by sunset an sunrise from jordan. Thank you so much guy’s! Best Ever!

  • Motasem Koçovalı
    Motasem Koçovalı 18 hours ago +1

    What a Nice Performance My Greetings from Amman.

  • Kadir Yalcin
    Kadir Yalcin 18 hours ago


  • Eduardo Kosop
    Eduardo Kosop 19 hours ago

    Amazing feelings!!!

  • oshinyuchan dasyu
    oshinyuchan dasyu 19 hours ago

    Yang cewek siapa sih? Who is she?

  • Vladimir Proshin
    Vladimir Proshin 20 hours ago


  • Radu Mirodescu
    Radu Mirodescu 20 hours ago

    15:33 magnetic

  • erikotto photography

    Awesome Work!

  • Safranpollen Goldfish

    the most overrated band......

    • Pam Ragan
      Pam Ragan 7 hours ago

      Idiot don’t watch if you don’t like it-

    • Safranpollen Goldfish
      Safranpollen Goldfish 20 hours ago

      @Alex W for me not :-) anybody like he wanna:-)

    • Alex W
      Alex W 21 hour ago

      @Safranpollen Goldfish Sounds like they've done well to last 23 years already then!?!

    • Safranpollen Goldfish
      Safranpollen Goldfish 22 hours ago

      @Alex W one of 800 Millions who don´t like this band. They will disappear, within 5 years and nobody else will talk about this stuff Buddy:-)

    • Alex W
      Alex W Day ago

      Sorry .. and who are you? 1 vs 13.5 million

  • Will Green
    Will Green Day ago

    I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with this record. I think it is brilliant and as a Coldplay fan plus a classical music and oldies fan I am more than impressed with the experimental portion. My head almost exploded through the first half of the album when I had heard it the first time. I think the sunrise orchestral part and the when I need a friend choral are two off the most gorgeous things I have ever heard. I welcome the gospel and classical. I welcome change and I think Chris Martin is a brilliant genius at reinventing the sound and creating an atmosphere and a story.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith Day ago +1

    Sure hope you don’t have a jet or bodyguards or you are hypocrites

  • Francisca Lopez
    Francisca Lopez Day ago


  • Gaurav Tiwari
    Gaurav Tiwari Day ago

    Guns 0:20
    Orphans 2:18
    Èko 6:04
    Cry Cry Cry 8:46
    Old Friends 11:45
    Champion of the world 17:27
    Everyday life 21:27

  • Abee Hakiim
    Abee Hakiim Day ago

    I always love Coldplay, because they always voicing unity. Thank you for being there for us. Looking to your video and hearing your song, make me believe in hope. Terima kasih from Indonesia!

  • Navid mhr
    Navid mhr Day ago

    چرا شعر سعدی رو از پارسی به عربی ترجمه کردید؟ بر خلاف چیزی که توی ورژن استودیو بود.
    شما با این کارتون فرهنگ و ادبیات ایران زمین رو با دست کاری و اشتباه نقل کردید.

  • Navid mhr
    Navid mhr Day ago

    بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگر اند
    که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند
    چو عضوی به درد آورد روزگار
    دکر عضو‌ها را نماند قرار

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Day ago +1

    This cd so 🔥

  • jack city
    jack city Day ago

    Old school and and new all in 1 loving this music
    Jack army

  • jack city
    jack city Day ago

    Make so much to me these words and your music taz jack army

  • Ehsan Natour
    Ehsan Natour Day ago

    Again Thank you 🙏Coldplay . Greetings from Amman

  • Martin Angel
    Martin Angel Day ago

    I like orphans

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor Day ago

    Sen nasıl bir kralsın be

  • Graziano Vezzoli

    Gloire à Dieu! Magnifique.

  • ImaMonaKnight
    ImaMonaKnight Day ago

    Fantastic..Thanks Soo Much Lovely's*

  • Junior Cravo
    Junior Cravo Day ago

    Cry,cry,cry minha predileta 🇧🇷❤

  • The Smurf
    The Smurf Day ago

    I’ve loved Coldplay since the beginning. I remember buying their first album all those years ago and playing it to death! But I have to say their decision not to tour is depriving loyal fans from a magical experience. I saw them in 2016 and that concert at the Etihad Stadium will stay will me for life. I think big business is doing more harm than a rock concert ever will so why not tour. We have such a little life and most of us work hard so what’s so wrong in a once in a lifetime occasion like a Coldplay concert?

  • Олег Е.В.
    Олег Е.В. Day ago

    Красивое исполнение, а какой божественный вид вокруг! Рай да и только!

  • Ask the Harry
    Ask the Harry Day ago

    i want to hit LIKE at least 1 Million this magic?

  • Fundación Patriótica

    Dedito para arriba

  • Darko Markovic
    Darko Markovic Day ago +1

    Beautiful massage,beautiful performance,beautiful production and GREAT BAND!!!Thanks COLDPLAY.😍☮

  • Matthew Rozario
    Matthew Rozario Day ago

    Holyshit, Mike Zuckerberg can really sing!

  • ALAN OLAN WALKER faus7295

    Wuaaa es hermosooo

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell Day ago

    Totally Awesome

  • Tássio JBass
    Tássio JBass Day ago

    Beautiful ♫♪♫♪

  • sozka snko
    sozka snko Day ago +1

    My favorite song is Champion of the world , i cant stop lister this music ...

  • Jay Hu
    Jay Hu Day ago

    What a live performance from "Cry Cry Cry ". This song touch my soul. Hopely also for the people in Jordan.

  • 에제키엘준
    에제키엘준 Day ago +2

    1987 : The Joshua Tree
    2019 : Everyday Life

  • Farah Aburamadan
    Farah Aburamadan 2 days ago

    Mashallah the Athan call to prayer voice.. My favorite ever..

  • Thiago Amaral
    Thiago Amaral 2 days ago

    haha they gave up on their new career in electronic music hahah

  • Paul Tavres
    Paul Tavres 2 days ago

    2 of the most emotional videos Ive seen in a long time thank you see you in oakland

  • conchi eixeres piquer
    conchi eixeres piquer 2 days ago +1

    I've been in Aman, Precious.

  • anunk izanagi
    anunk izanagi 2 days ago +2

    Time 15:57 😘 champion of the world

  • Corinne Clarke
    Corinne Clarke 2 days ago

    Where do we begin to describe this beautiful setting, do we start with the sunset, the location, the music? It is ALL gorgeous. I think I'll go for a wonder now and let this all sink into my bones. Well done Coldplay you have managed to reach my heart and soul yet again. Love you all xxx