AMAZING Animals of the Jungle

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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    8 - Aye Aye
    The aye-aye is a rare lemur that’s found in Madagascar. They’re very distinct looking, which is a kind way of saying, pretty ugly. They have rat-like teeth, ginormous eyes, bat-like ears and one creepy skeletal middle finger. Their diet is primarily insects and larvae and they find their food by tapping on tree bark. They can tap up to 8 times a second! This type of eating is called ‘percussive foraging.’
    7 - The Bullet Ant
    They say that dynamite comes in small packages, and that’s so true when it comes to bullet ants.
    They give the most painful sting in the world! Bullet ants do emit a strong warning odour before they sting though. Found in Nicaraguan Rainforests, these little guys are often mistaken for wasps because they look so alike.
    6 - Peanut Head bug
    Or you can call it by its scientific name, the Fulgora laternaria. It’s obvious where it gets its name from. This planthopper is native to tropical forests in Mexico, Central America and South America. The peanut head has 2 false eyes making predators believe it’s either a lizard or a snake in the hope of deterring them. If that doesn’t work, then the bug will open its wings and show the predator large, fake yellow eyes while emitting a foul odour.
    5 - Giant River Otter
    These beautiful creatures are found in the Amazon and unfortunately, are high on the critically endangered list. There are only between 1,000 and 5,000 remaining, as they were hunted extensively for their pelts. Destruction of their natural habitat is also a huge factor in their rapid decline. Babies are born covered in fur and they’re the only carnivore with their noses covered in fur too!
    4 - Bornean Flat-Headed Frog
    What makes this rather average looking toad stand out from other toads in the jungle? The fact that it can breathe without lungs! It absorbs oxygen through its skin. Its hands and feet also resemble paddles. Found throughout the Indonesian jungles, these toads are endangered thanks to pollution, deforestation and illegal gold mining in the area.
    3 - Mandrill
    This fashionable primate calls Southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Congo, home. They’re the world’s largest monkey and boast beautiful bright colours, from their orange / yellow beards to their colourful snouts and rumps. Juveniles have a dull blue snout and male adults have a bright red snout.
    They can live up to 46-years. They’re often hunted for their meat and their numbers are dwindling on the daily.
    2 - The Colugo
    This quirky looking animal is also called a flying lemur and is found in the jungles of Borneo, however, they’re not real lemurs and are more closely related to primates. Colugos are solitary animals and there are two species: the Philippine flying lemur and the Sunda flying lemur. They’re nocturnal creatures and their diet consists of fruit, young leaves, and flowers. Despite spending most of their lives in trees, they’re quite clumsy climbers.

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