• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • 460HP LOTUS EXIGE S 3.5 V6 SUPERCHARGED POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 339

  • k678kk
    k678kk 15 days ago

    Interesting car. I'm more of a German super sedan guy but I'd like to try one of these if they're available in the US.
    There are a few issues I see with this car:
    Doesn't look like it will handle collisions well. Design doesn't really speak rigidity.
    Very cramped space.
    That whining turbo might not sound appealing to some (such as myself).

  • TryMonster
    TryMonster Month ago +1

    supercharged toyota camry v6 engine goes pretty good

  • Rodolphe Camoisson
    Rodolphe Camoisson Month ago

    Bonjour, quel est l'objet juste derrière le volant ? Est-ce un kit tête haute ?

  • Il Cavaliere
    Il Cavaliere Month ago

    Are you able to drive an exige? I go faster with my Elise when I go to supermarket...

  • Valentin Girault
    Valentin Girault Month ago +1

    She have a compressor?!

  • Terry Meehan
    Terry Meehan Month ago +1

    Loved it .. love Lotus .. simple racing beauty and power. Pity we didn't see it at full use of hit 460 up.. yehhhh baby

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook Month ago +1

    Supercharger whine ✅ More power than Thanos ✅ Weighs less than a bag of crisps ✅ = Awesomeness

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Month ago +1

    Man that sound is worth taking down my company

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Month ago +2

    1:25 That whistling sound🔥

  • Madara808
    Madara808 Month ago +3

    The ultimate fun car!!

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +1

    I have to do the same in my 107, reach to the other side and put the window down.

  • scott hughes
    scott hughes Month ago +1

    These aren’t available in the us??

  • jui Jgen Tan
    jui Jgen Tan Month ago +1

    Gotta push the car to higher rpms in order to hv real lotus fun...

  • Nicolas Domergue
    Nicolas Domergue Month ago

    Not good pilot

  • lufistar
    lufistar Month ago +1

    Rhein-Kreis NE(uss) 😁👍

  • James
    James Month ago

    460bhp awwwh that's cute. 😜

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago

      Less than your Harrier, that for sure! :D

  • mathx yazz
    mathx yazz Month ago +1

    No shit. I ´ve got to have this car!

  • Mark X
    Mark X Month ago

    Is this from 2005? open with key, start with key 😂

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago

      You don‘t open it with the key, he was confused. ;)
      But yeah, you gotta start it with the key.

  • Ramnath Iyer
    Ramnath Iyer Month ago +1

    The cabin is so small, he could reach the other power window switch when normally u can't even reach the glovebox...... A proper air conditioned go kart....

  • leo Ng
    leo Ng Month ago +1

    I have a friend,last year he married a girl,the girl asked him to buy a car ,he bought a exige.A few month later,they divorced

  • BaseByHayace
    BaseByHayace Month ago

    no REV matching uiu uiu

  • Otávio Amaral
    Otávio Amaral Month ago +1

    That is a dream car for a track day

  • golf1diesel
    golf1diesel Month ago +1

    Far away from the First Elise 122 hp..

  • bretta3
    bretta3 Month ago +1

    Is that the stock rear spoiler? If not, what is it?

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago

      Hey buddy, it‘s not stock. It has the Lotus Motorsport frint splinter and the Komo-Tec adjustable carbon fiber rear wing. HTH :)

  • Sergiu Sarbu
    Sergiu Sarbu Month ago +1

    This car's power to weight ratio reminds me of my friend's 900kg peugeot 106 with almost 200 🐴 POWA. It takes off like a real sports car lol

  • It can't rain all the time

    You really need a harness for that much power.

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe Month ago +1

    Wow that looks and sounds awesome

    MYSTERIOUS ONE Month ago +1

    Toyota 2GRFE Engine

    • Matt Budesa
      Matt Budesa Month ago

      @MYSTERIOUS ONE Lol I know that. Most people aren't gonna know the actual name of the engine though.

      MYSTERIOUS ONE Month ago

      @Matt Budesa the 2GRFE is a Camry engine LOL

    • Matt Budesa
      Matt Budesa Month ago +1

      Or simply put a Camry engine.

  • Rediscovering America

    Cool toy, and probably fun to drive. But I'll stick to my Mustang. 460hp stock, add supercharger and get over 1100HP.

    • レクサス
      レクサス Month ago +1

      Even with 1100hp this lotus would still whoop your ass around the track.

  • XxX
    XxX Month ago

    You shift like a bitch!

  • Gabrielius Kačinskas
    Gabrielius Kačinskas Month ago +1

    I see manual, I press the Like

  • Ryan CHPJr
    Ryan CHPJr Month ago

    Cooper S sound

  • Lori Rho
    Lori Rho Month ago +1

    Great car!


    Epic car

  • Hawk Eire
    Hawk Eire Month ago +1

    high power gokart :D

  • Or Sarusi
    Or Sarusi Month ago +4

    That whining sound is stock? I'm buying it right now

    • Baz828
      Baz828 Month ago

      yup sound of the supercharger.

  • Shahaf_T
    Shahaf_T Month ago +1

    The sound🤤

  • NippyMoto
    NippyMoto Month ago +2

    The cabin room is actually smaller than a MX5s which is just ridiculous tbh. It's an awesome car if you can fit in it lmao. Look at how close his leg is to the gear stick.

  • Mauro Zedda
    Mauro Zedda Month ago +1

    100 dislike for a lotus? Really sad onestly

  • Jesse jester
    Jesse jester Month ago +1

    That be fun

  • Anthony Boyne
    Anthony Boyne Month ago

    poorly designed car using the original Elise S1 chassis, not designed to have a big heavy engine at the back. Also that enormous rear wing will make matters worse, unless a massive front splitter is fitted. A joke of a car, if you want a V6 Lotus then the Evora, is the choice. The chassis was designed to take the V6.

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago +1

      Interesting. I‘ve heard that for the 3-11, but not so much for the Exige.
      I think it‘s a blast to drive, but I only track it for the giggles.
      Your argument is valid though, as the V6 is hell of a big lump!

    • Anthony Boyne
      Anthony Boyne Month ago

      @BaeHarrier no need. I have spoken at length to a test driver who was involved with the development of the 211, Evora, etc. I also have raced and won in the Lotus Cup. The V6 Exige is poorly balanced and not a product of great design. It was the best they could do with the old chassis.

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago

      I strongly disagree. I‘ve driven any Elise based Lotus and I‘ve owned a S2 and I own a S3 Exige. The only true and pure of the breed is the S1, if you’re a real hardcore lightweight man. The S3 is poorly setup from the factory and way more difficult to drive than the Evora, that‘s trie. But it‘s superb with a decent setup, the stock Bilstein suspension is a joke. The car in the video does also have the Lotus Motorsport front splitter. I‘d drive it, before making such a statement. ;)

  • Firaz
    Firaz Month ago

    You’re a shitty stick driver fam

  • Pavle Kisin
    Pavle Kisin Month ago

    From the outside looks like a beast but interior is like smart for four

  • DucAlexx
    DucAlexx Month ago +1

    i love this car. lotus are an amazing brand.

  • κόστάζζζ μάχέρόπόύλός

    im in love with this car

  • Luca
    Luca Month ago +1

    Well, one thing is certain: That "S" does not stand for slow. And not for silent either.

  • Gmod Engineer
    Gmod Engineer Month ago +49

    This thing probably goes like a stabbed rat! 460hp in a car that weighs 950kg is insane

  • Philip Marx
    Philip Marx Month ago

    Scheiße anhören tut er sich auch noch haha

  • Philip Marx
    Philip Marx Month ago

    Lol wusste gar nich das lotus von innen so mega scheiße aussieht haha kauft euch lieber nen anständigen benz !

  • Lars Malsbender
    Lars Malsbender Month ago +1

    Neusser dudes!! Grüße aus Düsseldorf

    • BaeHarrier
      BaeHarrier Month ago

      Lars Malsbender Grüße retour ;)

  • Your training
    Your training Month ago

    I owner her

  • Noob Driver
    Noob Driver Month ago +1

    Omg.. the startup sound unbelievable..

  • BNR 34
    BNR 34 Month ago

    Which is better? your opinion TURBO🐌 or SUPERCHARGER

  • Craig Yirush
    Craig Yirush Month ago

    If you want to see one if these driven hard on the road, check out ‘Heel and Toe Blog’s’ video. For track footage, ‘Autovisie’ did a review at Hethel with the Exige 430.

  • Lordic
    Lordic Month ago +6

    0:37 my heart started beating fast as i started hearing that super charged engine 😍😱😯

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac Month ago

    Isn't that a Toyota 4 popper?

  • Dimitri Loginowski
    Dimitri Loginowski Month ago

    Lost me the moment you failed to open the door and had to actually insert your key into the door to unlock it.

  • Mr. Lotus
    Mr. Lotus Month ago +4

    This is a Lotus. Always small and like that their faster. Chapman was a genius.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Month ago +2

    Tht Supercharged Sound Like Wtf It Killing Me ....

  • carwashgaming
    carwashgaming Month ago +1

    1:40 that whine😱