⚡ Ukraine stage Crimea Black Sea Provocation! ⚡

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
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  • Кирилл Болгов
    Кирилл Болгов 2 months ago +1

    It all happened back in 2014, but disputes still occur. No one wants to believe another and considers himself right.
    It can be stopped, it is very easy to do !!!
    Crimea is a free-to-visit territory with a rich history associated with many countries of the world.
    Yes it is!!! You can just visit Crimea once instead of arguing about who owns it. It will be more productive than watching BBC movies. You will see everything yourself !!! It will be bad or good for your point of view, well, this is already your own business, the main thing is that it will not really be taken at someone's camera, but your direct personal experience that will give you a more correct picture of what is happening.
    I am ready to carry out assistance with this trip in the form of choosing a route, assistance with obtaining a visa, choosing a place of arrival based on your preferences and place of residence. I am ready to provide assistance absolutely free for you if you are really ready to go to this place.
    Yes, Crimea is considered unsafe for you and all routes there are closed, but there is no war there. Then why is that? The best way to learn is to go there in person. Russia is quite a safe country to travel and the Crimea, as part of it, also meets all the security requirements, but getting there is more difficult than, say, St. Petersburg. This is due to the limitations of your states on flying there for political reasons. There is really no direct flight to the Crimea, but there is an opportunity to transfer to another plane in Russia and fly there or even go (and by 2020 you can even use the train). Price range is different and will satisfy any traveler. I can advise a great place for a budget tourist or find you a good hotel there. I am not a firm or agent. It’s just my interests to show you a place that they hide from your eyes.
    You can write to me right here (in the answers). Or email bolgov.kirill@gmail.com

  • Marline Harrold
    Marline Harrold 3 months ago

    great work. 🙂

  • [Rara Avis]
    [Rara Avis] 3 months ago

    UKRAINE - project California nr 2. The land which has been stolen ILLEGALLY by Massoneria. Ukraine not sopoused to exist. Half os this land belongs to Russia (and another half to Poland. That`s the FACT (History). SMART PEOPLE KNOWS HOW TO DIG AND FIND THIS INFORMATION.
    Ukraine is a SYNTETIC nation created by Syjonists. Sick country cheering STEPAN BANDERA (NAZI CRYMINAL SCUM)

  • Net Bridges
    Net Bridges 3 months ago

    Grisha How do you like "provocations" in your own backyard? The Crimea is was and will be a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia whose territory is recognized amongst others by GB being a signatory of Budapest Memorandum allowing reporters like yourself making irresponsible comments Ciao

  • K E
    K E 4 months ago

    Liar.Liar.Liar. "Graham" project is an informational waste dump for the uninformed, with a strong russian government support.

  • corey mertz
    corey mertz 5 months ago

    Oh please..Russia invaded Ukraine and seized part of their country. How should Ukraine act in this situation? How can Russia's behavior be justified? There will be a large war fought as a result of Russian aggression in this part of the world.
    Ukraine you have much love and support from America.

  • євген логінов

    just as a man with money provoked a robber to rob him, russia is a pirat country

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 5 months ago

    Under Treaty the Black sea is owned and governed by the nations that surround the Black Sea, and nobody else. They also rotate on a regular basis the chairmanship of the governance. The Russians have every right to fly over the Black Sea. it should also be remembered that by another Treaty that only Russia or Turkey can govern Crimea, Turkey when it was the Ottoman empire and since as Turkey has made no claims to Crimea. Crimea was Russian under Treaty from the 1700's. When Ukraine was part of Russia/USSR it could govern Crimea as part of Russia, when it became independent it lost the legal right as a 3rd party to govern and Russia re asserted its legal and
    "Treaty Rights" to take back what was Russian. Ukraine never existed at the time the original Treaty was signed (it was then Russian) and Russia has the rights to Crimea. Time somebody studied history and Treaties. This is Russia exerting it's rights, and telling the RN and NATO, do not underestimate us, we are no pushover. Our true enemy is in the Middle East, not Russians who
    are European.

  • MrSamfala
    MrSamfala 5 months ago

    RT, go FUCK Putin! You guys are pieces if pig arse holes.

  • Guo Chen
    Guo Chen 5 months ago

    Thank you Sir

  • Tuyen Pham
    Tuyen Pham 5 months ago

    Yes, the great tribulation will begin with World War III, and it will begin with three days of darkness. During these 3 days, atomic bombs will explode all over the world. Million after million will instantly perished from one hour to the next. After these 3 days, survived powerful countries will quickly advance their troops to take over the less powerful ones. War will be everywhere, and the world will be in absolute chaos. Islamic forces will invade Rome, take over Vatican, kill the pope and all those with him. This horrible chaotic condition will continue for another 5 months or 150 days until the reign of the Anti-Christ will be well established. He will set up the abomination that Daniel prophesied in St. Peter Basilica and the terrible persecution of good Christians will begin. All this will last 7 years then Christ will show his merciful heart to the Church.
    Lk 21: 34-35, (34) "But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a snare; (35) for it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole earth.

  • Папа Стаф
    Папа Стаф 5 months ago

    Сам ни чего не понял. Но судя по коментам ты наш ты красава.

  • egor west
    egor west 5 months ago

    ну Грэм!у вас настоящее чутьё профессионала своего дела.приехать в Крым и оказаться в гуще событий.

  • Nick Filopoulos
    Nick Filopoulos 5 months ago

    I’m very sure Russian will take good care of the NATO war criminals

  • Nick Filopoulos
    Nick Filopoulos 5 months ago

    What Russian should be doing to send the Ukraine ships to the bottom of the ocean 🌊

  • MegaNoster
    MegaNoster 5 months ago

    Brits must have a death wish~~ any way they are luciferians.

  • James Vaurigaud
    James Vaurigaud 5 months ago

    Looks like the illuminati want to use the same region they started WW1 in too start WW 3 in!!

  • Jimmy Rodman
    Jimmy Rodman 5 months ago +1

    I think Putin is a very strong leader and if ships from another country entered our waters president Trump would do the same thing.

  • Susan H.
    Susan H. 5 months ago

    If the Ukraine wants a war with Russia, go for it and good luck with that! I suggest the rest of the world stay out of this. The world has enough problem's to deal with..

  • Vojislav Milinkovic
    Vojislav Milinkovic 5 months ago

    Драги украинци Вас Руси не мрзе , маните се ратовања са својим блиским народом, уједините се , Русија је добра демократска велика држава и велики народ.

  • irrelevantdata
    irrelevantdata 5 months ago

    Ukraine, as usual, is a little poodle on the leash of world's financial mafia, trying to provoke its only real opposition, in order to help advance complete and likely final world hegemony of its star spangled masters. As always on the wrong side of history.

  • Stepan Bandera
    Stepan Bandera 5 months ago

    The ONLY Brit in the entire U.K. whose rooshan whore girlfriend (since no British gal would have this coward)convinced him to be a lying whore also...

  • vadym ilchenko
    vadym ilchenko 5 months ago

    Graham - СПАСИБО за правдивый репортаж!!! Мы уважаем тебя за твою позицию, привет с Украины адекватной!!!

  • СамоХоды
    СамоХоды 5 months ago

    Спасибо Григорий!

  • Михаил Галаев

    Черноморский котел.

  • Victeur Lee
    Victeur Lee 5 months ago

    A Zvezda to Ukraine and another for Russia.

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson 5 months ago

    Strange... I didn't see any Ukrainian vessels fire at or ram anyone. And, they had the right to sail.

  • latch man
    latch man 5 months ago +1

    The Russians will teach them the lessons Napoleon (France) and Hitler (Germany) learned the hard way.

  • Олег Аркадьевич

    Аххрессоры на ржавых корытах , шли на Керчь!!))) Украинские моряк,наконец то пожрали досыта и помылись Горячей водой)

  • Leslie Kendall
    Leslie Kendall 5 months ago

    All theater.

  • George T
    George T 5 months ago +1

    Offshorenko had ratings at

  • Anak Warser
    Anak Warser 5 months ago


  • Russell K. Bonney
    Russell K. Bonney 5 months ago +1

    The US is behind this. They want that damn Sevastopol naval base and that was obviously a provocation by Ukraine.

  • Aleksandras Lisauskas
    Aleksandras Lisauskas 5 months ago

    There is a treaty between Russia and Ukraine that both countries can use that passage to Azov sea freely. Russia just breaked that agreement, and Russia is rightfully condemned as aggressor...

  • feras ashmar
    feras ashmar 5 months ago

    Just an English comment :)

  • Putin Vladimir
    Putin Vladimir 5 months ago +1

    Moscow considers the actions of the Kiev authorities on maritime terrorism. Poroshenko ordered to violate the borders of the Russian Federation. These things are not done without an order the actions of the Ukrainian side are an obvious provocation that violates the law of the sea. The provocation of Russian ships in the Black Sea was organized by the Western masters of the Kiev regime. "It is no coincidence that European and American politicians have expressed concern about the situation in the Sea of ​​Azov in recent months: Ukraine, as a country without sovereignty and under external control, is a tool to fuel international tensions" "Kiev will pay" Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent these characters from continuing to believe that everything is permitted to them, because they support the United States and European countries. 7:00 am, three Ukrainian ships violated the Russian state border and headed towards the Kerch Strait. After that, Ukraine accused Russia of having rammed the tug, which would have damaged the main engine and the ship's hull. At 11:30, two other Gyurza class artillery armored ships advanced from the port of Berdyansk, but Russian military ships and a cargo ship blocked access to the strait. The Ukrainian military of the three Ukrainian ships that have violated the Russian border in the Kerch Strait have been arrested and will be prosecuted for violating the state border. The situation in the Sea of ​​Azov worsened at the beginning of the year. In March, Ukraine stopped the "Nord" trawler with ten Russians on board. The captain risks up to five years of imprisonment for violation "in order to damage the public interest". Now Kiev wants to sell the ship at auction. In August, in the port of Kherson, the Russian oil tanker Mehanik Pogodin was stopped.

  • George Wee
    George Wee 5 months ago

    Good on you mate for the report

  • Joven Astig
    Joven Astig 5 months ago

    It is foolish to say that the weaker provokes the strong.

  • Слава Победоносный

    Гриша КАСАВЧИК!

  • Алексей С
    Алексей С 5 months ago

    Dear Graham! We never had this conversation, but I wanted to thank you personally for your work on the Ukraine and others true reports!

  • Jaspal Singh Sindharh
    Jaspal Singh Sindharh 5 months ago

    Thanks. Will wait for your next upload.

  • Олег Попов
    Олег Попов 5 months ago


  • toonmag50
    toonmag50 5 months ago

    I'm confused, why can't the Ukrainians sail around their country?
    Is the sea in this area not classed as "high sea" and as a result allows international freedom of movement?
    The English speaking voice over is not clear, it confuses me through jargon and has a self congratulority tone which glosses over the issue.
    I'm British by the way.

  • 1975coros
    1975coros 5 months ago


  • Lorry Perry
    Lorry Perry 5 months ago +1

    After promises to sink all Russian ships, the Ukrainian navy raised the white flag at the very first collision and surrendered. And it was just the coast guard of Russia, not its navy.

    • Mario Freire
      Mario Freire 5 months ago

      Good point. The Ukrainian "Navy", could probably sink a raft. And in a lucky day, even a fishing boat.

  • TheSnakeGaming
    TheSnakeGaming 5 months ago

    I am in the UK and I am sick of our corrupt dishonest ruleing Elite, we have been betrayed over Brexit and ordinary people have no problem with Russia. White people are on the endangered list, so please white people stop killing each other.

  • Phil Merrall
    Phil Merrall 5 months ago

    Also see Phil Merrall - UK Politica

  • Bob Grunting
    Bob Grunting 5 months ago

    Beware of the Ukrainians! They really fucked up!

  • Олег Легеза
    Олег Легеза 5 months ago


  • F0r3A
    F0r3A 5 months ago

    You can always trust a man named Graham

  • Lis2875
    Lis2875 5 months ago


  • NightStalkerDNS
    NightStalkerDNS 5 months ago

    Not to mention the press release just 9 days earlier of the meeting between NATO and Ukraine about getting NATO troops into Ukraine to stop "Russian aggression". I am sure that is just a coincidence? And the Ukrainian general predicting war between the RF and Ukraine... I am sure it is all just massive coincidences, nothing to see here folks, just Russian aggression as usual

  • Stigs Ukrainian Cousin
    Stigs Ukrainian Cousin 5 months ago

    Nice propaganda

  • Elena Mraz
    Elena Mraz 6 months ago

    to stop election, Porosenko has no chance to win

  • Fantom
    Fantom 6 months ago

    Респект Гришаня! В капле твоей правды, тонет море лжи и лицемерия западных пропагандонов !

  • abdul haleem
    abdul haleem 6 months ago

    Warmonger zionist taken another wrong medication once again, allready suffer the side effect of own medication in syria/iraq

  • Exsoviético 45
    Exsoviético 45 6 months ago +1

    I love Russia

  • Expired Deadlines
    Expired Deadlines 6 months ago +1

    Do not provoke Russia, it’s gonna hurt.

  • yuri Lemming
    yuri Lemming 6 months ago

    I exceeded 6km speed limit in a waterway when approaching a bridge was pulled over & fined, there are rules everyone must obey for order & safety on land & water.

  • Steppi B.
    Steppi B. 6 months ago +1

    Thank you Russia,r for staying cool!!!! 🙇🙏🙇

  • Zmee Crabevich
    Zmee Crabevich 6 months ago

    Всё отлично, только всем похуй.

  • Бацька Мінскі

    *Краткий итог состояния ВМС Украины после попадания в очередной, теперь уже военно-морской ,,котёл,,.*
    Итак. Из боевых кораблей, находящихся сейчас в составе ВМС Украины: фрегат ,Сагайдачный, в ремонте, корвет ,Винница, в ремонте, десантный корабль ,Олиференко, не на ходу, ракетный катер ,Прилуки, не на ходу.
    Из боевых единиц в исправном состоянии к сегодняшнему утру были только 6 артиллерийских катеров проекта ,Гюрза-М,: ,Аккерман, ,Бердянск, ,Никополь, ,Кременчуг, ,Лубны, и ,Вышгород,. ,Никополь, и ,Бердянск, захвачены, то есть потери дееспособного состава ВМС Украины - 1/3 и это всего за 1 час.
    Таким образом, только силами береговой охраны пограничной службы РФ, без вмешательства Черноморского флота, ВМС Украины нанесено поражение, по своей чувствительности равное Синопской битве.

  • zdrgdr
    zdrgdr 6 months ago

    propaganda shit

  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov 6 months ago

    do igarajuca vse i uk i ameri poverjte mne

  • Turbone
    Turbone 6 months ago

    Stop defending them damm occupants who always in their existence attack, provoke their neighbors

  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov 6 months ago +2

    like :)) poddergim Grema .,, xoxli zaebali vsex uge

  • DerZoltan
    DerZoltan 6 months ago

    Reminds me of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, at the begin of Vietnam war.

  • P R
    P R 6 months ago

    Russia is evil, our country could tell still remembering 1968. Thanks God that our country is NATO member.

  • Коля Коля
    Коля Коля 6 months ago +1

    Провокация украины

  • qing qing wang
    qing qing wang 6 months ago +1

    Спасибо за оперативный перевод для англопонимающих.

  • William Zhao
    William Zhao 6 months ago

    petty conflict.

  • master blaster
    master blaster 6 months ago


  • Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin 6 months ago

    I've been watching the propaganda from The Atlantic Council. Carl Bildt said it wasn't clear what actually happened, but it was clearly Russia's fault - whatever happened. They clearly want to sell more weapons, but don't trust their Russian friends either. Oleg Deripaska is just as eager to sell guns to all sides, and they want to keep the wars going in the Middle East. And divide up Ukraine between them - Molotov-Ribbentrop 2.0 behind the scenes?
    Have you followed George Webb's Ukrainian stories? Might give an idea about where to look.

    TOM JAMES 6 months ago +1

    The old demons of Russian invaders are back, but the Russians who use every means to shamefully recover Ukraine will break their heads !!!

  • Tomasz Semik
    Tomasz Semik 6 months ago

    Well done...

  • Gemvb
    Gemvb 6 months ago

    Hi, perhaps someone can explain this ... To me, it doesn't sound logical to validate Russia's claims, because the annexation of Crimea was not legal or lawful. As the UN hasn't acknowledged Russia's 'authority' in Crimea, I would think that Russia can't expect UN rules (which consider Crimea as NOT Russian territory) to support a Russian claim on these waters. What am I missing here?

  • Brits out of Ireland
    Brits out of Ireland 6 months ago

    Great work Graham , finally someone prepared to tell the REAL news . Keep up the great work .

  • Rik Z
    Rik Z 6 months ago

    Ukraine should know that this time Russia is not using lube of any kind !!!!!! just raw and dry ha ha ha !!!!

  • George Del Cid
    George Del Cid 6 months ago +1

    Ukraine and Western allies are hungry for war. If something is to happen in a near future, now is the time to start getting right with our creator in heaven. God bless us all

  • Sabina Sagitova
    Sabina Sagitova 6 months ago +2

    This is just crazy, and of course everyone knows why Poroshenko is doing this but still US and Western media is lying to brainwash their own people!!

  • Дмитрий Шупиков

    Гандон ты лысый, это тебе с Донбасса говорю!!!

  • G Crum
    G Crum 6 months ago

    Crazy that there is no coverage about the Ukrainians presidents martial law. Literally placed with in hours after this issue. O wait doesn't ukriane have an election coming up. O wait wont this martial law affect or even stop this election. Where the sitting president would of easy lost. O wait why isn't this labeled as non democratic by the very zealous western media. Because all the western media cares about is human rights and democracy. Hum gotcha think....

  • Кирилл Петров
    Кирилл Петров 6 months ago +21

    Good job Graham, this provocation on the part of Ukraine was organized personally Poroshenko, not to hold presidential elections in Ukraine. Poroshenko has a very low level of support for ukrainian voters.

  • Nikolay Zelinskiy
    Nikolay Zelinskiy 6 months ago


  • Лилия Майгур
    Лилия Майгур 6 months ago +2

    Спасибо тебе, Грэм, за объективную информацию. 👍

  • Олег Антипов

    НИФИГЕЙШИН СИТУЭЕЙШИН.... Украейшн отгребейшн... ФСБейшн наваляйшин У мостейшн всем пиздейшн...)))))) как то так слышится)))) (шутка).)))))

  • Алексей Рупп
    Алексей Рупп 6 months ago +17

    Graham - the Best!

  • Анатолий Тутуров

    Большое уважение! Гриша!

  • wad wdf
    wad wdf 6 months ago +8

    Well done for making this video. Its people like you who might possibly prevent a full scale war that no one wants to see. Keep up the good work and always be critical. We dont want to be in yet another phony war.

  • Анатолій Івахов

    Пираты Сомали и РФ братья на век. Нужно изолировать путинскую орду от цивилизованного мира. Лысый зря стараешься, для рашистов ты все равно проплаченный гей, а значит не человек.

  • Виктор
    Виктор 6 months ago +16

    Грэм спасибо! Респект тебе, и здоровья!✌✌✌ 73!55!

  • Dragos Panescu
    Dragos Panescu 6 months ago +11

    For me this u...kraine moves are not a surprise...not at all....they are backed by western policies against Russia...

  • Наталия Милованова

    Our Ukrainian "friends" do not want to remove pots from their own heads.

  • giutarmastersergey
    giutarmastersergey 6 months ago +23

    Надоело это уже. Пора кончать с этим режимом в Киеве. Спасибо Грэм

    • James Emelien
      James Emelien 5 months ago

      +Анатолій Івахов це занадто просто і занадто гуманно, за все те що Україна накоїла. Ми дочекаємося поки Україну її західні друзі не почнуть жерти і повільно перетравлювати. У підсумку на її місці залишиться результат перетравлення. Цей процес буде болючий, але ніхто благання про допомогу не почує, ніхто на допомогу не прийде, тому що ми тепер "небратья".

    • giutarmastersergey
      giutarmastersergey 6 months ago

      +Анатолій Івахов Если хочется развала страны ради американцев-ваше право.Только руководство дернет на запад а вам там с оккупантами жить

    • Анатолій Івахов
      Анатолій Івахов 6 months ago

      Так иди кончи, чего возбудился и терпишь )

  • Kumaro999
    Kumaro999 6 months ago

    Пошел нахуй, пидор иностранный, кроме рашен агрешен нихуя нового..

  • MsLadoga
    MsLadoga 6 months ago +1

    Ukraine - a little thug mafia

  • ambush crew
    ambush crew 6 months ago +2

    The whole purpose of this provocation is to allow to introduce a war state in Ukraine and that means no Parliament or president elections can be held.

  • Серёжа FS
    Серёжа FS 6 months ago +1

    Почему то уверен, Парашенко очень надеялся на то что украинские корабли потопят вместе с экипажами.

  • 396023900
    396023900 6 months ago

    не пизди долго!!!!!!!!!!

  • Вася
    Вася 6 months ago

    Дану на хуй 😳