How to get Rank - celestial Defense #GamePlay | Legacy of discord

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • How to get Rank in celestial Defense 🤔
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Comments • 11

  • Osiris Forde
    Osiris Forde 4 months ago

    I got 700+ kills and still come in at 7th place.

  • الزعيم [elz3em]
    الزعيم [elz3em] 4 months ago

    ليه بطلت تتكلم فالفديوهات وحشنا صوتك انا كنت سايب اللعبه ورجعتهلها عشان وحني صوتك اقسم بالله

  • Arcisse Mahamoud
    Arcisse Mahamoud 4 months ago

    Green team 😢 ? :')

  • Ajani Harrison
    Ajani Harrison 4 months ago

    Bro i got rank 1 in everything you just have to do it right. First it's best to pick crystal with least persons guarding. Second bosses spawn at different spot each time get there before spawn.

    • Ajani Harrison
      Ajani Harrison 4 months ago

      +Mark Joseh Aguilar the first boss goes mid, second boss is at spawn point for all crystal and third boss goes mid again.

    • Mark Joseh Aguilar
      Mark Joseh Aguilar 4 months ago

      bro i dont know when the boss will go at mid sometimes it doesnt

    • Games 4 Gamers
      Games 4 Gamers  4 months ago

      Thanks bro

  • eyad Sayed
    eyad Sayed 4 months ago +1

    هلا حسين