Change your mindset, change the game | Dr. Alia Crum | TEDxTraverseCity

  • Published on Oct 15, 2014
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dr. Crum says the biggest game changer is “YOU, by harnessing the power of your mind." She explores scientific results that show the influence of the mindset on the body, and how changing the subjective mindset produced different outcomes. Dr. Crum's work is inspired in part by the placebo effect, and has implications that stretch far beyond the realm of medicine.
    Dr. Crum is a professor, psychologist, and researcher investigating how mindsets affect health and behavior.

    Dr. Crum's research focuses on how changes in subjective mindsets-the lenses through which information is perceived, organized, and interpreted-can alter objective reality through behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms. Her work is, in part, inspired by research on the placebo effect, a notable and consistent demonstration of the ability of the mindset to elicit healing properties in the body. She is interested in understanding how mindsets affect important outcomes outside the realm of medicine, in the domains of behavioral health and organizational behavior.
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  • Frank Jameson
    Frank Jameson 2 days ago

    Great talk. Thank you.

  • Md Kamrul Hoque Ome
    Md Kamrul Hoque Ome 4 days ago

    Fantastic talk!

  • Tara Wagner
    Tara Wagner 4 days ago

    This is SO good! 🙌

  • JG Alegria
    JG Alegria 5 days ago

    Placebo effect isn't an example of "mindset" - there's a difference. Placebo we are unaware of - it's the brain communicating directly with the body at an unconscious level and not the "mind", as in a thought process or thought pattern. Mindset is a value set in our consciousness that talks to us inside our head. It responds to cognitive therapy.

  • Lucía Vales
    Lucía Vales 8 days ago

    Wow super Interesting! (...and she looks a bit like Britney Spears.)

  • Irene O-Dwamena
    Irene O-Dwamena 9 days ago

    Ok, am confuse here. Is mindset equals placebo effect? To change your mindset about something there is no need to put in the work just image change or goals and puff, problem gone. I have been doing it all wrong then. Waking up at 5am just so l can get my workout done before l start my day when l could have achieve this goal by simply imagining it..........Ghana lady

  • Daniel Patrick Young

    Thank You VERY MUCH To Those Whom Have Allowed This EXCELLENT PRESENTATION To Be Viewed!!!! Dr. Crum, MUCH Continued Success, Both Personally and Professionally!!! I Believe 100% in What Your Research Shows, and I Have Shared Your Presentation To My Facebook Page and Have Also Saved It in My "Favorites"!!! Warmest Regards, Daniel Patrick Young Istanbul Turkey.

  • Mahee Sankhala
    Mahee Sankhala 11 days ago

    people are talking about concerntrating on your content rather than presentation of speech but I'm sorry the truth is I can't hear you ever for a minute because your broken voice is too damn irritating for my ears to bear it I can't even watch the full video even though I want to don't attack me for telling the truth !!

  • diana Dahham
    diana Dahham 11 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this brilliant video and for opening up my eyes that we are in charge of our lives again

  • Oreo Flores
    Oreo Flores 11 days ago

    wow check out the audience, they're 20 years her wonder she's nervous "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"

  • Na No
    Na No 17 days ago

    Great talk. However, it's HOW to change one's mindset that matters. People know that placebo is a thing.. we are flooded with information about what things help us. But we don't have any practical advice on how to implement such things, especially in a society that pressures to view things (e.g. stress) in a negative way (as shown in the video).

  • Sherry Reynolds
    Sherry Reynolds 20 days ago

    AS YOU THINK SO YOU SHALL BE !!!!! Dr Wayne Dyer . This is so true ! If you think only positive thoughts , then the outcome will be positive every time. If you have only certain thoughts then you create only things from those thoughts. So make it positive and you have it whipped. I am a nurse and back in the day when we gave placebos , which by the way was the Drs way to prevent opiod abuse and it worked. They ordered a psych consult and iv saline every 2 hrs. But I learned how to push it slow and at the same time you suggest to them that this would make them sleepy and asked them to not get up by themselves. OH THE POWER OF SUGGESTION. !!!! Yes we were lying to them but we were saving their lives also by not contributing to their addiction, while the dr suggested that with chronic pain comes depression, so then they would accept the psychological help that worked on why they weren't afraid to die, and why their life was not worth living . This would fix their wrong choices with drugs and uncovered the reason they were medicating their pain. We would literally watch the patient nod off and get drowsy and yes this helped. Saline saved their lives based on what they were told to believe. This reaction justified the uneasy feeling of lying to the patient that I as a nurse felt slightly bad about. But it was only caring for a patient and saving their lives and healing them. Yes what you believe is exactly what you create. And instead of overdosing and dying we healed their negative thoughts and saved their lives . There is the answer to solving the opiod epidemic America !! Fix the negative thoughts that these people are so sadly experiencing. And they will want to be alive and well. I will always blame the Drs. for not having the balls to reisist the profits that were offered to them , over their duty to the care of the patient. Thoughts and beliefs are so overwhelmingly powerful that people allow them to give up and then sadly I saw healthcare change from caregiving to a business. I will give the Drs a little when lawsuits became something that people abused to the point where im sure the profits were tempting because they had families to care for and malpractice insurance became overwhelmingly expensive. When you advertise to the public that they can win a bunch of money and a way of life by suing a Dr for side effects of medications, this in my opinion is the turning point in healthcare. People are prescribed blood thinners to prevent a heart attack or stroke , then patients started to control the Drs by taking them to court and suing them for bleeding , which is a side effect of blood thinners , however the court system allowed something so absurd to punish Drs for caring for their patients. Alternative to bleeding is instant death, they never got to defend themselves . Sorry to rant but back to the point of this wonderful Ted talk : WHEN YOU THINK ONLY POSITIVE YOU CAN CONTROL THE OUTCOME TO BE POSITIVE !!! AND IT IS TRUE !! I KNOW THO FROM EXPERIENCE AND LIFE LESSONS THAT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS , GUILT AND SHAME ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING YOU EVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH, BECAUSE THE ONLY OUTCOME OF THESE THOUGHTS ARE OF COURSE NEGATIVE. AS YOU THINK AND BELIEVE YOU WILL CREATE. VERY POWERFUL AND SOMEONE CAN TELL YOU ALL DAY YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVE IT , BUT UNFORTUNATELY THEY CANT MAKE US BELIEVE IT. I MYSELF AM GOING THRU TRYING TO REFUILD SELF ESTEEM AND YOU GET REAL GOOD AT CONVINCING PEOPLE YU ARE GETTING THERE BY FAKING IT. THE ANSWER IS IN THIS TALK YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIKE YOU AGAIN AND BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTH IT AND THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND REFUSE TO ACCEPT NEGATIVE !!!! THEN AND ONLY THEN DO YOU CHANGE YOUR SELF DESTRUCTION AND NEGATIVE THOUGHTS . I believed I was pathetic so strong that I actually got good in self destructing so that I not only believed it I created proof. Sorry folks this talk revved me up so please just ignore my life story, or if you can relate then I say that I truly understand how hard it is to learn to believe positive again. But you have to believe with your heart and soul that you are worth it. Its not easy. I pray every day for a ted talk that helps me learn how !!! Verbal abuse , in my opinion ought to be punished the same as physical abuse, or with longer sentences !!! People need to realize the power their words can actually have on a persons mind. It changes a person over the years into being the very person you told them they were. And in turn ruins their lives, ability to have relationships , parenting, careers suffer because you lose yourself in a world of abuse that came from words that can never be shown to be published. I would rather be beaten physically, at least wounds and broken bones are seen , and can be punished . Verbal abuse changes a person forever ..Thanks to all who have listened as I got a little bit better lol !!!

  • Ochsenschwanzsuppe 19
    Ochsenschwanzsuppe 19 20 days ago

    I couldn’t tolerate her quivering voice and just turned off prematurely ! Tant pis !

  • laarnie ang
    laarnie ang 21 day ago


  • dead pres
    dead pres 21 day ago

    Those are not exercises, they are physical activities. Exercises are systematically designed sets of physical activities which have expected gains in return. Whilst physical activities are any set of movements which make you spend more calories than your basal metabolic rate. What she is speaking of isn't as mathematical as she is making it seem. I Still agree with her anyways... It's impossible not to.

  • dead pres
    dead pres 21 day ago +1

    Pretty and intelligent? Your dad was right all along. All men are after women like you. Good job!

  • M Taha Masood
    M Taha Masood 24 days ago

    amazing . as for some comments about her nervousness , i dont think she was nervous at all , her voice was shivering with emotions all the time of this presentation , as far as i can tell was because of being overwhelmed by the positive emotion on account of passion she has with the subject of mindset .

  • Natalie King
    Natalie King 25 days ago

    Amazing talk, loved the studies really hammers home how amazing our minds can be if we just believe and have helpful expectations.

  • Diana Falconi
    Diana Falconi 25 days ago

    I love you Doctor! You are all of us presenting and killing it. You are an inspiration

  • Based Einstein
    Based Einstein 25 days ago

    I was not focused on her voice until after I read the comments focused on her voice...

  • Justin Mathers
    Justin Mathers 26 days ago

    So, if one is aware of its benefits and downfalls, could that diminish the whole effectiveness of the effect, seeing as all the big results were based off of tricking people. seems like it's more effective the less your aware of the placebo effect, just curious...

  • Aniet Gonzalez
    Aniet Gonzalez 28 days ago

    Wonderful speech Dr.Crum! Thank you so much, it’s amazing how this few minutes of your educational video have changed my life. My husband was overweight by more than 100Lbs, using some of your data, I designed a psychological assurance plan to help him loose weight. When he gets dress daily I assure him that he most be eating a lot less, because he has dropped significantly weight. To begin this, I bought a mimic of his daily outfits one size bigger, cut all labels and washed them to make them look used. Hid away the real ones and one morning after a few days of good encouragement he noticed that his clothes were loose. He looked at himself different, his bp is more controlled, getting rid of his diabetes, he has lost 30 pounds so far. Our kids encouraged him too ,we are getting him healthy again:) this worked better than anything we have tried over a span of 20 years!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Khadijah Stevenson
    Khadijah Stevenson 28 days ago


  • Warm Storm
    Warm Storm 28 days ago

    Can the effect of expected benefit be retroactive?

  • Benson Chugga
    Benson Chugga 29 days ago

    Lots of thirst comments in here

  • jonessparkman
    jonessparkman Month ago

    Great topic, wrong speaker. It’s OK though, out of 10 TEDTalks you get one bad speaker, I’ll take it. It was just too hard to focus with her constant hard breathing

  • monster jesse
    monster jesse Month ago

    I don't like to be a bother. for instance I can remember having surgery and not complaining to the nurse and doctor.

  • John Peel
    John Peel Month ago

    This girl will live until 130 years hehe

  • Kevin Rhoe
    Kevin Rhoe Month ago

    Never made the link between placebo and mindset even tough it’s so obvious. Wonderful talk

  • Just4Fun
    Just4Fun Month ago

    Best video I’ve seen. Thank you. I believe you can change things with how you think.
    Where can I get those 3 minute stress video clips from. Love to try that.

  • Mridul Sharma
    Mridul Sharma Month ago

    I can't believe she just snapped.

  • The Girl in the Hard Hat

    Alia Crum did an outstanding job! This is great content and very much what my industry needs. Alia, thank you for being so passionate about this as your research is invaluable. I have also read some of your papers and have gained momentum from your hard work. Please continue to do great things!!

  • Peter Duong
    Peter Duong Month ago

    She sounds like a grown up Louise Belcher stressing out, but learned to keep it cool over the years.

  • Rajan V P
    Rajan V P Month ago +1

    Thank you for this video.This is what i really wanted.Thank you so much for this great information.

  • Dee oDea
    Dee oDea Month ago

    Poor presentation

  • Ty Rou
    Ty Rou Month ago

    Thank you Dr .I need it to be reminded of this.

  • Mariah Walebowa
    Mariah Walebowa Month ago

    This doesn't factor in that people may respond based on fear of not getting treatment if they don't emphasize that they are not ok. So those not getting personal care may have same results, but greater apprehension about care influencing reporting.

  • Liliana Rovegno
    Liliana Rovegno Month ago

    she is not nervous she is excited and passionate

  • Liliana Rovegno
    Liliana Rovegno Month ago

    actually I do not stress. !!!!

  • Liliana Rovegno
    Liliana Rovegno Month ago

    Stress is great!!!!!

  • Marina V
    Marina V Month ago

    I don't like her shakey voice messes up the talk :/

  • Karim Mellah
    Karim Mellah Month ago

    I like her speech, it is interesting subject :)

  • jaygiant10
    jaygiant10 Month ago

    It’s true good job young lady

  • Jorge Romera
    Jorge Romera Month ago

    What an eye-opening speech! Strongly supported by scientific research and conveyed with passion. Kudos!


    Could the difference be that having the Doctor there is also comforting, and a sense of love, and being taken care of, and the extra human interaction is beneficial? People need love.

  • Naveen Kummari
    Naveen Kummari Month ago +5

    I see comments so I can remind myself that there are people who watches marvelous videos like these and stay motivated and positive. Whenever I lose hope, I come to see the amazing supportive comments

  • fatma alajmi
    fatma alajmi Month ago +2

    I like how her speech is based on studies .

  • OfficialJoyNdidi
    OfficialJoyNdidi Month ago +9

    She’s nervous but doing it anyway. Wow!
    Never allow fear paralyze you
    Go ahead, do it afraid, hands trembling, feet shaking but keep on your motion.
    I ❤️ her, she’s a clear definition of “I CAN’T BE STOPPED”. Only if we can all approach life then s way!
    Great presentation here 👏 👏 👏

  • Reading is Magic! TV

    Wonderful presentation! Basing future expectations on past events is how most people react, but limiting our results! Change your mind, change your life!

  • Victoria w
    Victoria w Month ago +2

    Remember in Space Jam when Bugs Bunny has the Tune Squad drink Michael's Secret Stuff and they all pump up and play better basketball...

  • Al Ruiz
    Al Ruiz Month ago

    I the famous words of the late George Carlin.(CONTENT! YOU ASSHOLES!)

  • Letícia Barros
    Letícia Barros Month ago +12

    I wish I could like twice! I'll see this video every morning now.

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma Month ago

    What a beautiful video. Same effects were observed in a group of weightlifters who were told they're given a secret steroid. And they all got significantly strong.

  • Tish’sBestLife
    Tish’sBestLife Month ago +6

    When you pay attention to what actually matters: which is her presentation, you can see how marvelous this is!

  • OM:Orchestrated Manifesting

    Change your thoughts, change your life. Focus on negativity(the fact that she is nervous), you'll feel negativity and get it back. Focus on positivity (the message,the fact that she is sharing knowledge for free) you'll feel happier and get positivity back. We all watched the same video those with positive thoughts had a better experience than those without. The great part is we get to CHOOSE which thoughts we accept and where we focus our attention. Not easy at first, but the more we do it the easier it gets!

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo Month ago

    My brain stop working at min 13:47. It did not know which one was true

  • Ron Si
    Ron Si Month ago

    Maybe if she changed her mindset before presenting the lecture, she wouldn’t feel so nervous. Talk about not following your own advice.

  • Daniel M. Pitta
    Daniel M. Pitta Month ago

    All is mind. The law of polarity is real

  • Mofidul Islam
    Mofidul Islam Month ago

    Dr. Crum, simply, well done. Out of 100+ TEDxTalks that I watched, you are one of the few who really changed my mindset.

  • Lena Ana
    Lena Ana Month ago

    Wow, super interesting, thank you so much!

  • Gen Lee
    Gen Lee Month ago

    AMAZING! Nervous, yeah...but excellent! It just goes to show, get the negative voices out of your life. Believe in yourself too. THere is power in what you believe! WOW!

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara 2 months ago

    She looks like Britney

  • Adox Artist
    Adox Artist 2 months ago +1

    One's mindset, whether positive or negative, is the deepest magic there is.

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 2 months ago

    sexiest doctor ever. jeez. I remember doctors looking like dr.ruth. now they look like Instagram models. evolution? mindset?

  • Rapheal Daniel Adebayo
    Rapheal Daniel Adebayo 2 months ago

    so here we are.......... someone finish up for me please

  • Simoni Tse
    Simoni Tse 2 months ago

    am I the only one who can’t stop thinking shes britney Spears lost sister

  • Lauren Baxter
    Lauren Baxter 2 months ago

    Can you believe that I only listened and didnt notice she was nervous till I read the comments?

  • Leoss 67
    Leoss 67 2 months ago

    Is this britney spears

  • Lipgloss 2000
    Lipgloss 2000 2 months ago

    She looks like an intelligent Brittany Spears

  • maliyok
    maliyok 2 months ago

    This totally challenges my conventional beliefs .... Super intriguing presentation 👍🏻👍🏻

  • C Mukupo
    C Mukupo 2 months ago

    Her nerves were louder than her message the reason why we all need to learn public speaking

  • Chancy Calhoun
    Chancy Calhoun 2 months ago

    Dr. Alla Crum did a great job! I hear her message loud and clear!

  • Joey J
    Joey J 2 months ago

    she talks about stress but at a stressed level....was she stressed?

  • Виолета Велева

    Very inspiring and motivating talk

  • Annie Qian
    Annie Qian 2 months ago

    Fact based, love it!

  • Mat
    Mat 2 months ago

    You did a great job Dr. Alia Crum! Loved it!

  • Jo d
    Jo d 2 months ago

    I wanted to comment saying one of the best TED talks I have watched...And, people are taking about nervousness.. I did not feel so...She spoke the best English with great pronunciation.....Come on guys....For me, this is the best realistic, wonderful, awesome best TED talk. She has "Dr" behind her name..And her talk showed why she has it as well....I liked the speaker so much.

  • Anand Patel
    Anand Patel 2 months ago

    She looks just a little bit like Britney Spears

  • Aryan Anand
    Aryan Anand 2 months ago

    Watch at: 11:45

    DIVINE G 2 months ago +1

    I can't judge her by her nervous ness but surely I can say she did a splendid job to interpret her concept.. Bravo, kudos to her. Respect DR. 👌

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 2 months ago

    anybody know where I can find the vdeos from the Yale stress study at te end?

  • JW P
    JW P 2 months ago

    Did people actually pay to see this nonsense?

  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 2 months ago

    now that a person realizes the placebo is the benefit achieved ?

  • 26jan 2019
    26jan 2019 2 months ago +1

    summary :if you change your mind from something fixed to something changeable, everything can become possible.
    thank me later

  • BKPanther
    BKPanther 2 months ago

    Perception and the power of suggestion...

  • Kenneth Manns
    Kenneth Manns 3 months ago +1

    This was very informative. Great job!

  • Ray L.
    Ray L. 3 months ago

    Wow!!! what a powerful message! Her nervousness just makes her even hotter!!!

  • Giovanni Lopez
    Giovanni Lopez 3 months ago

    Giving a speech in front of an audience is a nerve wrecking experience, but then when you change your mind set to speaking about a topic you are passionate about then it immediately changes the variable. That is what mind set is all about, you find out what worries you, and re think about the situation, what will make the experience exciting. Just like getting out of a cigarette addiction, most people would think I have to get out of this addiction, which only makes it more enticing, therefore harder to let go, but if you think about it differently, like "I'm not addicted to smoking, so why should I smoke, I don't smoke" then the process of ignoring the urge is easier.

  • TheeBoujeeGypsy
    TheeBoujeeGypsy 3 months ago

    This was amazing!

  • Boy Girl
    Boy Girl 3 months ago

    I found her voice difficult to listen to. Mayb it’s my (mindset) but I found it was triggering my asthma. I could feel the breathlessness. That tight shallow upper chest gasping instead of the deep belly breathing. Good information when I managed to get through it.

  • Dem Su
    Dem Su 3 months ago

    hvala nism fuknen

  • Agostino Marengo
    Agostino Marengo 3 months ago

    Very inspiring words on growth mindset! Thank you for sharing!

  • yshk viswanatham
    yshk viswanatham 3 months ago

    For do this you fail 71 time what I think next my self 72 fail program is not in perfectively going in further. You fail again and again so many times what you give to me.

  • yshk viswanatham
    yshk viswanatham 3 months ago

    Don't do any positive work you fail in every time I no this fact you are not give you never change my life . No need your amount. You have to share ,you put in fixed yourself for your children . You forget it not change my life you will try to give 71 times fail now what you give . Stop give save yourself.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  • C RA
    C RA 3 months ago

    another net-sum-zero Ted Talk. In the early, 1900's, it was a placebo, in the 70's, it was the "Power of Positive Thinking"......mutating into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Take your pick, they are all the same and only produce temporary changes. Real change is much deeper and more complex, and you'll never get it from a 20-minute TT.

  • Academia de Vida Óptima

    Excellent talk!!!

  • George Kappa
    George Kappa 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie whole I was trying to not get distracted and start mirin her calves godamnit.Need calves routine nao,donkey calf raises wont cut it anymore.Gotta do some women calf exercises to confuse them muscles,right babe?

  • Cowboy 8625
    Cowboy 8625 3 months ago

    Wow! That’s awesome!

  • Zahid H Khan
    Zahid H Khan 3 months ago


  • Michael Ko
    Michael Ko 3 months ago +8

    Conclusion: fake it until you make it