Physicist Brian Cox Explains Black Holes in Plain English | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1233 w/Brian Cox:

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  • abbeyglencircle
    abbeyglencircle 4 hours ago

    Rodney Mullen???! Pro-skater turned scientist??!

  • Bouch78 Bouch
    Bouch78 Bouch 4 hours ago

    A black hole defined so everyone can comprehend it: my ex girlfriend's heart.

  • Aaron Bowles
    Aaron Bowles 6 hours ago

    Wot a load of bollocks

    CLAM BAKE 17 hours ago

    Damn, I’m able to follow his talks! He’s good, don’t feel bored or over my head, unlike some science nerds who sound like textbook materials.

  • Mkhulu Mkhabela
    Mkhulu Mkhabela 18 hours ago

    Blackholes insignificant because y'all can't solve the problem y'all create such as racism delve into blackholes. Start with the slavery in libya because when y'all turn a blind eye it seems like US & England are promoting and are involved in slave trade in this time and age...

  • Nunya Bizzz
    Nunya Bizzz 21 hour ago

    There are many theories on black holes.

  • Jesse Aaron
    Jesse Aaron 2 days ago

    Good job on the volume geniuses

  • Redbeardian
    Redbeardian 2 days ago


  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James 3 days ago

    That man has the most hypnotic voice.

  • Kael Griffis
    Kael Griffis 3 days ago

    I wonder if black holes aren't just big iron balls. Since you can't really fuse past iron, without enormous amounts of energy. When a star dies & collapses, dies it become a solid, extremely dense iron ball?! Which we can't see because light can't escape the event horizon. I'm no scientist, obviously lol black holes are interest me immensely, tho.

  • DMVcon ARTists
    DMVcon ARTists 4 days ago

    Use me as a *Rodney Mullen* botton

  • Super J
    Super J 4 days ago

    I Fucking love how happy he is to talk about be that passionate about anything is one of my literal definitions of Living 🖖🏼👍🏼

  • Steve Barrett
    Steve Barrett 5 days ago +4

    "we saw that in 1054 A.D." Damn, missed that. I think I was shopping at Ikea.

  • Donnie Buenaventura
    Donnie Buenaventura 5 days ago

    Joe’s brain was saying DMT DMT DMT while listening to Brian.

  • Guxy Guy
    Guxy Guy 5 days ago

    Wanna see a universal mystery check out the bumbuclarting raven on you tube

    BIGGYLUV 5 days ago

    We're just gonna move our butts to another galaxy 👍

  • Freud Ba
    Freud Ba 5 days ago

    The black holes are access the second layer of another Heaven. There are 7 heavens on top of each other.

  • steve coley
    steve coley 7 days ago

    Hearts are like stars. Egos are like black holes in space. Here on Earth like it is in heaven. And like black holes in space suck out stars (light and warmth)...vampires with egos suck out the light and warmth coming from the hearts of human beings.

  • Bryant Figueroa
    Bryant Figueroa 8 days ago

    Plain English for scientist? Lol no clue wtf they are talking about... must be the weed kicking in

  • salvatorre Nichols
    salvatorre Nichols 9 days ago

    listning to brian cox stoned iss he best thing ever.....

  • Chris Hammond
    Chris Hammond 9 days ago

    Dark energy, physics dunt work, end of days lol just saying

  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo 9 days ago

    This google commercial is pissing me off. Everytime my phone freezes because google thinks im talking to it when google is actually talking to itself. BULLSHIT.

  • Jer4miah
    Jer4miah 10 days ago +2

    Who else thought this was Rodney Mullen?

    • DMVcon ARTists
      DMVcon ARTists 4 days ago

      When he that first pressure flip I thought it was him for sure but then he busted out the 360 nebula flip

  • stasive
    stasive 10 days ago

    this motherfucker is 51. FIFTY ONE

  • starrdogchamp1
    starrdogchamp1 10 days ago

    I still don't understand shit!

  • Andrew Heuss
    Andrew Heuss 15 days ago

    This isn't Brian's first rodeo

  • D Pong
    D Pong 15 days ago

    Is that guy related to Rodney Mullen?.. xD

  • Ryan Harrington
    Ryan Harrington 15 days ago

    Lol professor cox was in LA one time and his friend gave a homeless man a 5 dollar bill and this guy yells, "hes just going to buy alcohol" and Brian looks at him and says well all that alcohol isnt going to drink itself! I died laughing

  • BlablablA
    BlablablA 16 days ago

    Look at that nerd... Being so badass while teaching us!!!!

  • george
    george 16 days ago

    Brian smart as hell but he look like a 40 year old lesbian

  • abhishek k j
    abhishek k j 16 days ago

    So, what's a singularity? There are no material particles " inside" Singularity as we know it atleast, does the star literally collapse into absolutely nothing?

  • Dirty Dirty
    Dirty Dirty 16 days ago

    Im pretty sureeee this is James Blunt 🤔🤔

  • Fruit Man
    Fruit Man 16 days ago +3

    Dude looks just little Rodney Mullen... Hey Joe, get Rodney Mullen on the podcast!!! The god father of skateboarding

  • Oli Warren
    Oli Warren 17 days ago

    I could listen to Brian all day and enjoy it even though I don’t give a fuck about what he’s saying because I don’t understand it

  • Ron m
    Ron m 18 days ago

    Well he has never really seen1

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller 19 days ago

    I have watched the brian Cox episodes all the way through 3-4 times each. Why am i still watching these clips hahah

  • kristn_T
    kristn_T 19 days ago got that stone a’ dreams yet?? 😂😂

  • Purple Granddaddy
    Purple Granddaddy 20 days ago

    Mr. stupid smirk

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 20 days ago

    Rogan looking rough.

  • Twista RyD
    Twista RyD 21 day ago

    Didn't this guy intern for Temperance Brennan?

  • Russell Barton
    Russell Barton 21 day ago +2

    Russell Barton
    March 23, 2017 ·

    The Red-Shift has been interpreted as being caused by the Doppler
    effect, since Edward Hubble discovered the Shift around 1928. If you
    don’t know what the Red-Shift is, I’ll explain quickly. When you look
    out into space with a powerful telescope, the further you peer out into
    the vast universe, the light is slowly shifting to a Redder appearance.
    Since the 1930’s the shift in appearance was interpreted as being
    caused by the Doppler effect, Let me explain this. This effect works for
    both sound and light. When a Train is moving towards you with its horn
    going off, the pitch of the horn will be higher than normal because the
    sound waves are being squished, once the train passes by the sound wave
    elongates, making the pitch lower.
    According to this, Photons
    moving away from you will have a lower frequency, and thus having a
    longer wave length than a source of light that would be at rest. The
    light source that is moving away from you would then be redder than
    Now If you looked at distance galaxies. They all have a
    red shift by the light coming from them in every direction, and the
    further you look into space the more the light shifts to the red end of
    the, “electromagnetic spectrum” Or just light. Now what most books won’t
    tell you is that the two closes galaxies to us don’t have a red shift,
    they are actually shifting the other way. Meaning they are actually
    moving toward us. Don’t worry!!! If you are, I’m sure it would take
    millions of years for our galaxies to converge.
    1 - In “Quantum
    physics”, the study of light, it is published that each photon has the
    same energy which is related to its frequency.
    2 - Published in a
    different text, Nevertheless the higher the frequency or shorter the
    wavelength the more energetic the photon will be.
    Now these two
    facts contradict each other because the first states that each photon
    has the same energy and the second states that photons can be more
    energetic than others. Therefore photons all do not contain the same
    momentum energy in the electromagnetic wavelength
    Continuing with
    this argument is that the lower the frequency the longer the wavelength
    the less energy the photon will contain. Also I have come a crossed to
    my knowledge is that photonic energy does not contain infinite amount of
    momentum “Energy” and will lose energy over time.
    I believe past scientist have left out reasons for the Red-Shift Effect or just misinterpreted it.
    With a short logical theory that would explain the Red-Shift, and why
    it appears that all distant galaxies are moving away from our point in
    Since light doesn’t have infinite amount of energy,
    thus it will lose energy as the light waves travel through space which
    galaxies are believed to be thousands, million, and even billions of
    lightyears away. If you didn’t know One light year is about
    “5,880,000,000,000”miles. This would give sufficient time and distance
    for light waves to lose energy, thus creating a wavelength that is
    longer than a wavelength of light coming from a closer source. Since
    this light loses energy it would shift from a higher frequency to a
    lower frequency, given the light a Redder appearance. This would also
    explain why the Red Shift speeds up the further we peer out in the
    universe. The further the light travels from its source the more and
    more energy it will lose. The main argument of this paper is that this
    theory disproves the expansion of the universe. It also disproves the
    Big Bang Theory which was concocted from the Red- Shift Effect. I have
    also figured out what Black Hole really are, And what really causes the
    Earths magnetic field.

    My New Theory on Black Holes and what they really might be....

    If a Scientist told you that a planet can't be to big otherwise it
    would be a star.. Tell them that their wrong.. A star is made up of
    mainly hydrogen and Helium. If its not big enough it wouldn't have
    enough gravity to cause fusion within its core. If it doesn't have
    enough gravity it will just be a planet like jupiter, "a gas giant".
    Now if the planet doesn't have these gases and its made up of mainly of metal,
    then what? It could be as big as and even have more gravity than a
    regular star, it wouldn't be able to create fusion, and it wouldn't be a
    star. Its quite simple really..
    Now if a planet as we would call it
    right now could be bigger than a star, then a star would orbit the
    planet if the star had less gravity than the planet.
    Well there you
    go, A black hole is really just a super planet. and since its not a
    star, it wouldn't give off any light, which is why we can't see it
    perhaps. So at the center of each galaxies are super massive planets,
    and if these so called super planets as I call them have enough gravity,
    the electromagnetic waves of certain kinds of radiation would be
    absorbed by the mass so that we can't see their reflection. If these
    planets don't have enough gravity to absorb radiation, then what we call
    white dwarf stars, are just planets, and for an example of one is the
    star called Sirius.

    My Theory of the star "Sirius-B" that is a co-orbital of "Sirius-A".
    In 1862 the American astronomer, Alvan Graham Clark, noted a spark of
    dim light near Sirius. As the books say, He was in fact seeing Sirius
    dark companion, which had a magnitude of "7.1"
    0.008 as luminous as Sirius. This spark of dim light is now called
    - It was calculated that Sirius-B is 2.5 times smaller than Sirius-A,
    and they both circle a center of gravity every fifty years.
    - The effect on Sirius-A, by Sirius-B was determined that it must have
    a mass just about equal to that of our sun, but it's luminosity was
    only about 1/130th as great..
    What bothered astronomers was if
    Sirius-B was 1/130th less as luminous than the sun, it should be cooler,
    and shine with a red light. Instead, it shines with a white light that
    is just like that of Sirius-A..
    - A light spectrum was analyzed,
    by W.S. Adams in 1915 of Siries-B and found that the surface temperature
    of Sirius-B was 10,000 degrees C. Which was as hot as the surface of
    Sirius-A, and a lot hotter than the surface of our sun.
    - This meant that every bit of Sirius-B's surface was blazing out more light than equal portions of our sun's surface..
    - Why would Sirius-B be so much less luminous than our sun, and
    astronomers only answer was that there was very little surface to
    Sirius-B. It was small, and was the first to be discovered of a whole
    class of white- hot, but very small stars now known today as "White
    Dwarf" stars.
    Astronomers supposively know that the diameter of
    Sirius-B is only 6,900 miles in diameter, "Smaller than Earth", but it must
    have the mass of the sun in order to exert enough gravitational pull to
    force Sirius-A out of it's direct path, making it waver. Astronomers
    worked out the density of Sirius-B and it turns out to be about
    "33,000,000 grams per cubic centimeter" Um, water is 1 gram per cubic centimeter if you were wondering..
    The gravity must be 462,000 times that of Earth
    "My theory regarding Sirius-B is, since it's smaller than earth, but has a gravitational pull 462,000 times as great as Earth.
    If I were a star. "Just to remind you'', are made up, "mainly", of
    hydrogen and Helium, and these elements are needed for Fusion to occur
    for a star to produce it's own light. Since its density is 33,000,000
    grams per cubic centimeter, extremely dense matter would have to exist. Matter that is unknown to humankind, and
    elements in the form of hydrogen wouldn't be in the equation.
    - Since it has the same light spectrum as Sirius-A, The only explanation for
    Sirius B, is that its not a star at all. It's a planet. The light coming
    from Sirius B is light that it being reflected off Sirius B
    from Sirius A since it's the same wavelength of light. Which is proof that
    there are super massive planets out there that are a lot bigger than we
    have thought possible.

    Because of this theory, I have hypothesizes that elements become stable within a known gravity. The more gravity a mass contains, the more complex elements can become or exist. My theory would suggest that if radio active element on earth, would become stable, "and non radio active", on a planet that has higher gravity. Now this is only a hypothesis, but a logical theory I would conclude.

    • Salad
      Salad 2 hours ago

      Russell Barton you sir will be something, someone great

  • MrJohn9119
    MrJohn9119 22 days ago

    so soothing listening to Mr. Cox explain things. god bless him

  • famzao
    famzao 22 days ago

    I'm too drunk for this

  • Noah Allen
    Noah Allen 22 days ago

    Could of gotten anybody from my entry level astrophysics class to explain how black holes work better... not only did it not make sense, it was completely false I just can’t believe idiots will just believe whatever they hear on the internet... they guy probably hasn’t stepped foot in a college in over 20 years and is acting like he knows his shit. Seriously it’s disgusting people consume this garbage like it’s actual information .... work hard in school and continue ur education into higher universities if you want actual knowledge not a bunch of lies spread by somebody trying to make a quick buck online

  • Leo Aj
    Leo Aj 22 days ago

    I have my theory of black hole now, As space is bent by gravity because of which time take place there in their respective spaces when a star collapse as he is saying they are making way to future but time is combination of space and gravity it's making way to a different space where gravity of other stars would be there consumed by that black hole before and there would be Manny more big bang would have happened in that black hole so there would be a different space and gravity which if you travel to multiverse would be something like travelling in a black hole. According to me black holes are path to travel to multiverse, if we compare our body to be one universe when a body die it becomes soul, a way to travel for other bodies to multidimension.

    • Leo Aj
      Leo Aj 22 days ago

      For me, space is God, because In my psychedelic experiences in 3rd dimension space is infinity there no matter how fast my 3rd dimension space moves it never comes to end, in the half way their starts a new space like I have traveled to warm hole which keep placing me in different spaces,

  • Noah Allen
    Noah Allen 22 days ago

    Lol if you want it in actual plan English....
    Basically when star dies and explodes (supernova) from the star collapsing in on itself and the point it collapses too is its newly formed black whole. The black whole still has all of the mass and gravitation pull as the star which is used to pull shit into it.
    Sidenote: this guys explanation was mostly bullshit has nothing to do with electrons vibrating or whatever he was trying to reason idk where he got his degree from but apparently he needs to go back to school and educate himself with current information

  • BosoxnationI972
    BosoxnationI972 22 days ago +3

    Jamie telling this guy about his A in Physics would be like you telling Khabib Nmamugamedov about your varsity letter in wrestling.

  • BrusselSprout Boy
    BrusselSprout Boy 22 days ago

    Joe Rogan spoke of electric universe theory that has a lot of science supporting that there was a binary system originally.

  • BrusselSprout Boy
    BrusselSprout Boy 22 days ago

    Until we witness a large star collapse into something he speaks of then all of this is theoretical math.

  • Lorne Malvo
    Lorne Malvo 22 days ago

    This guy looks like a Rock star but he is a scientist. Just wanted to say.

    • Lorne Malvo
      Lorne Malvo 21 day ago

      @Stephen Stroud Damn, im proud of my senses now.

    • Stephen Stroud
      Stephen Stroud 21 day ago

      Lorne Malvo He was a pop star before he was a scientist. Google D:Ream Things can only get better and keep an eye out for the keyboardist ;)

  • Kingz of Karaoke
    Kingz of Karaoke 23 days ago

    This dude looks a lot like pro skater Rodney Mullen.

  • EzkeG
    EzkeG 23 days ago

    I need fucking Dr Seuss to explain to me what a black hole is in “plain English”

  • Michael Siedow
    Michael Siedow 23 days ago

    My brain just exploded...


    You can tell Brian is a genuine nice guy. You'd never think he used to be in a pop group lol

  • Huge Hulk
    Huge Hulk 24 days ago

    This guy's a physicist? 🤣🤣🤣
    He's a fuckin' clown and has no idea what black holes are. Keep blabbin' because the uneducated enjoy your "knowledge".

  • fuuk yu
    fuuk yu 24 days ago

    I’m not gay but I want to suck Brian Cox’ dick so bad. I want to look into his eyes and scrutinize his “Oh” face as he cums down my throat.

  • Gregg hatfield
    Gregg hatfield 24 days ago

    Ok .... scientists want to tell me that their isn’t a god but you want me to believe when a star/ round ball collapses then their is a hole that goes to not the other side but to a different world 🗺?????? What ???

    • slikki
      slikki 24 days ago

      Their 😂😂😂😂😂

  • gokurocks9
    gokurocks9 25 days ago

    He's explaining like Feynman

  • Abdullah Khalid
    Abdullah Khalid 25 days ago

    If only he was my professor.

  • jesse d76
    jesse d76 25 days ago +4

    Kudos to Brian for making it easier to understand. I wonder how he sings his kids to sleep...🤔
    Twinkle, Twinkle, little nebula... 🤷🏻‍♂️☺️👍

  • David Smith
    David Smith 25 days ago +1

    Is there any relationship between a black hole and the Big Bang?

  • John Kinneen
    John Kinneen 26 days ago

    Joe's out of his league. Too much weeding

  • John Kinneen
    John Kinneen 26 days ago

    This guy is far to intelligent for poor joe 😎

  • LaForge
    LaForge 26 days ago

    You know the best part about all of this? these scientist don't know a fucking thing like they like to believe they do!

  • Aidan Murphy
    Aidan Murphy 26 days ago

    I would love to see Brian Cox explaining the creation of the universe to Donald Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • fuuk yu
      fuuk yu 24 days ago

      Aidan Murphy lo fucking l!!! I would love to see the entire senate run the train on your mother, each one cumming inside her. They could fill her up like a Twinkie 🙃🙃🙃

  • Matthew Rhoades
    Matthew Rhoades 26 days ago


    • Matthew Rhoades
      Matthew Rhoades 26 days ago

      What makes this person legitimate? You nor anyone can verify any of the piss this guy is spraying on you.

  • Elijag
    Elijag 27 days ago

    Wow! you people really do have some weird connection you just cant break to this lie. So if any of you poor souls who insist this ridiculous ball shooting thru a never ending medium exist please answer any of the following and proves us flatards wrong. If you cant please see reason, see logic, use your God given critical thinking skills before they are completely gone..

    Star trails are circles because you say the earth is spinning. How is this possible when earth is spinning at 1038.5mph, rotating the sun at 66,600mph, solar system is moving perpendicular to all that motion at 500,000mph, while the whole big mess is going around the great attractor at 6,000,000mph? Do you see, by your logic all the stars in the universe is stuck to earths motions on all axes except the spinning at 1038.5mph. Why does the stars only translate one of the 4 motions into circle star trails, and the slowest of the mix no doubt. Does not critical thinking dictate there is only one motion, that of the stars rotating us.

    If you can piece together some ridiculous excuse for the first one, like the sun light converging on its self to create a shadow of the moon on earth smaller than the moon its self, HAHAHA then answer this next proof.

    How did I take a picture of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in the same patch of sky no more than 6" apart in perspective on May 20 1 hour after sunset in Ohio. Think people, mercury and Venus are on inside orbits to earth. They are closer to the sun meaning they are always in the daytime side of earth. To make your joke of a model even more childish, Jupiter is on the outside orbit of earth meaning its IMPOSSIBLE to view all three on the same side of your fake ball. Please prove me wrong, I would love to go back to being ignorant of the truth dreaming of being Luke Skywalker. Problem is its just that, a dream and not truth.

    I now have over 240 of these proofs, but 3 is enough to destroy your myth.

    In 1927, 1948, and 1969 the eclipse made a 2 MILE in diameter moon shadow, when its usually 100 miles in diameter. Also in the last 200 years the sun and moon were both visible during eclipse several times. Unlike you I dont expect people to take my words as some Holy truth, I want them to look these up. Plot it out on a diagram of the solar system, RESEARCH for yourself. Please people for your own good look at this crazy model they have forced us to accept as truth, it simply does not work. If you still believe it, prove it. Stop the name calling, stop puking up this garbage people like Tyson vomits. He admitted himself they are 96% stupid about everything, look it up.

    And just like that the globe is debunked. Thank you and may the God of creation and his Christ bless you all.

  • Matteo Prezioso
    Matteo Prezioso 27 days ago

    I love plain English.

  • Shaun surname
    Shaun surname 27 days ago

    If they don't know what's inside the black holes or what happens.......why don't they just put their hands together, kneel down and ask jesus? Surely jesus would know

  • Chris werddy
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  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash 27 days ago

    Thank You Soo Much!!

  • Ryan Anon
    Ryan Anon 28 days ago

    Things! Can only get better! Can only get, can only get, things can only get better! Woo!

  • 1,000,000 Subscribers with No Videos

    I’m not gay but I’d suck Cox

  • Olbap Rabocse
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    ....and next week Joe has Brendan Schaub trying to string a sentence together.

  • Duke Raul
    Duke Raul 28 days ago

    Notice what makes a Jew .. no ear lobes, tiny eyes that barely work... disgusting ill bred pieces of shit

    • Mark Richardson
      Mark Richardson 27 days ago

      Romanians are worse. Fucking scum in its purest form.