Level1 News March 22 2019: What Your Eye Color Says About Mark Zuckerberg's Net Worth

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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    1:04 - RU-clipr arrested after crossing US to threaten Google for deleting channel - turns out it was his wife
    2:30 - JetBlue Offering Free Flights For A Year If You Delete All Your Instagram Posts
    6:22 - WhatsApp explores using Google to fight misinformation
    8:15 - Twitter reveals big changes to conversations and new camera features
    9:52 - Twitter's Jack Dorsey records podcast with anti-vaccine fitness personality Ben Greenfield
    12:20 - Reddit bans r/watchpeopledie in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacres
    13:47 - Facebook down: Social network struggles to deal with epic outage
    16:55 - Facebook readies AI tech to combat 'revenge porn'
    17:52 - Consumer Groups Want to Tax Facebook to Save Journalism
    19:21 - Facebook under criminal investigation over data sharing deals, says New York Times report
    20:38 - Facebook sues over 'data-grabbing' quizzes
    22:05 - PUBG Gujarat Ban: 10 Arrested In Gujarat For Playing PUBG: They Didn't See Gujarat Police Coming
    22:57 - After Rajkot ban, police arrest 10 for playing PUBG
    23:56 - 'Distracted boyfriend' couple star in Hungary pro-family ads
    26:44 - Japan Sega game sales halted after cocaine arrest
    28:48 - A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality
    32:20 - Confused Users Drop Hate Reviews on Ms Excel App After #BoycottSurfExcel Outrage
    35:21 - Woman attacked by a jaguar while taking a photo apologizes to the Arizona zoo
    37:19 - The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs
    38:58 - Scientists Reawaken Cells From a 28,000-Year-Old Mammoth
    40:39 - The Division 2's day one patch is 90GB for physical edition owners on PS4
    41:50 - Power Outage In Venezuela Causes Economic Crisis In RuneScape
    45:09 - Wearable penis camera lets you record your achievements
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  • Mäx Wonderland
    Mäx Wonderland Month ago

    I love them long videos

  • Toxic Tom
    Toxic Tom Month ago

    The audio sounds like it was recorded on a 2005 webcam

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean Month ago

    1:50 like Zoro from One Piece but with baseball bats 😂😂😂

  • kousaka san
    kousaka san Month ago

    perfect length. I just got home.

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Month ago +1

    can't get dinosaur dna from fossils, but we can regress evolution of current species to the point that we effectively pull dinosaurs out
    it's not like we're actually going to. since genetic engineering is still stuck in that spooky-taboo land.. but still

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Month ago +1

    i'll never understand why what someone else chooses to do with their own body is a legal matter.
    it does nothing but punish those that need help. or just waste everyone's time

  • Dallen9
    Dallen9 2 months ago

    The experiment Just proves how the US political scheme Works and how two Completely Obtuse Points of view come into existence.

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 2 months ago

    It is a pity how the USA has destroyed Venezuela to plunder its resources. Not that they have a good leader (they should have been much less dependent on the oil related income) but the USA definitely caused most of the problems in Venezuela.

  • Kyle Cooper
    Kyle Cooper 2 months ago

    Wendell, your content has gone sharply downhill since leaving Tek Syndicate. Take a piece out of Linus' book and do short sweet tech news instead of this 3rd symphony length stuff.

  • Bill Kagartoe
    Bill Kagartoe 2 months ago +2

    My vote also on longer video format.

  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden 2 months ago

    Naw, I finish listening when I get home lol.... Or if i get stuck in traffic.

  • Toothless
    Toothless 2 months ago

    He won't be sitting back in prison trust me on that point. Plus it's time we kiwi bring back the death penalty as people like that don't deserve to live an cost tax payers for years to come. If he's not killed inside i will be very surprised as it could have been any inmates mom,father sister or brother who got killed as this could have been any church or mosque of any race. I just don't get the color bullshit as there's only one race on earth an thats human an the color of human is red as thats the color of the life force that flows within.

  • Engineer77
    Engineer77 2 months ago

    For that camera story, it uses other peop

  • Hkuba
    Hkuba 2 months ago

    The current ruling party in India is a far right Hindu nationalist so anything promoting Hindu/Muslim unity is frowned against bcz muh Greater India.
    33:40 ALLAH disallowing absorption of HINDU colors on SABBATH 🤯😂.

  • Minus Zero Logic
    Minus Zero Logic 2 months ago

    I see you have a swiss army knife that "hopefury" has a philips screw driver. Very goo'd. Ooh!! And you have a big table. You can now build computers.
    [ read this with Lyle's accent ]

  • Ensue85A
    Ensue85A 2 months ago

    Sooooo much LOLs

  • SmallTownGamer
    SmallTownGamer 2 months ago

    Engagement challenge: Steve King, who unfortunately represents my district, mirrors Hungry's re-population strategy :( . I'm so glad his balls were chopped off e.g. removed from every committee seat. visit: cnn dot com

  • Shawn Bergin
    Shawn Bergin 2 months ago

    Four K fore play !

  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINC 2 months ago

    So you don't trust the Government but you trust them to put stuff in your body. Oh, the Government would never hurt me. Amazing.

  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINC 2 months ago


  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINC 2 months ago

    So then the thousands of Dr. that are against vaccines are crazy? physiciansforinformedconsent.org/news/doctors-and-scientists-unite-to-end-mandatory-vaccination-laws/

  • Mission Failed
    Mission Failed 2 months ago

    you lost me at "atifa is more violent then white nationalist." Go F your self. You make the world a bad place. Channel Blocked.

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 2 months ago

    That commercial seems as ridiculous as something Cards Against Humanity would do.

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 2 months ago

    Is it still hip to be square?

  • Mark Seveland
    Mark Seveland 2 months ago

    Thank you for all the laughs.

  • James Bos
    James Bos 2 months ago

    Subway simulator, holy shit! RIP my sides.

  • Ducky DoGaming
    Ducky DoGaming 2 months ago

    For the wearable, the orientation could also depend on the position.... Just sayin'

  • Asbjørn Olling
    Asbjørn Olling 2 months ago

    Longer videos absolutely do drive engagement up.

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton 2 months ago

    Absorption of color should only happen throughout the work week.

  • priansh abrol
    priansh abrol 2 months ago

    Kreestuh pronounced the right pronunciation of gujrat first and then messed it lol

  • Brandon Ostrom
    Brandon Ostrom 2 months ago

    "All you can lonely." Spoken like a true Redditor

  • covering grape
    covering grape 2 months ago

    Krista is so cute at 46:00

  • Adrian A
    Adrian A 2 months ago

    - Never let a good crisis go to waste - Winston Churchill
    I guess this teacher of Obama is not that original after all .
    P.s. as for Hungary keeping it "pure white". You dont have to make it about race, keeping Hungary , as much as possible Hungarian, genetically, is a fair and normal thing to do.
    If you come and tell me what is normal is to replace your population with low IQ populations that just breed like rabbits even if they live in terrible condition... we may disagree there.
    Obviously bringing in different cultures will also affect your culture in ways we will see in not that distant future for some countries (actually if eyes wide open its not that hard to notice in present)... and this wont be as much of a Tabu maybe then.
    I dont see anything wrong in preserving your country's identity as much as possible, both culturally and genetically (Europe always was one of the most diverse places in the world, it doesnt really need the enrichment of the globalist, globalism should happen naturally if at all, and that would take hundreds maybe thousands of years - countries must rise to the occasion of being part of a global community, and not the other way around... culturally and economically developed countries with high IQ to bend down and pick up entire continents into a better future - its fucken ridiculous, in present its a forced unnatural agenda, that only seeks to accelerate with what UN is proposing). I mean if some cultures hate themselves but dont admit it, doesnt mean everyone must hate themselves but virtue signal about others not doing so.

  • Suraj Grewal
    Suraj Grewal 2 months ago +1

    The surf exel Ad rage has nothing to do with festival, The rage is because, it depicts kids of 2 religion, both of which forbids inter-religious love. It would have been perfectly fine, if the girl was way older than the boy...BTW.... Cause it'll be unmistakably be sister-zone relation.

  • fr0ek
    fr0ek 2 months ago

    girl; Techdledum; Techdledee

  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone

    math is invented its used to help rationalize the world in a way we understand

  • borzak101 Me
    borzak101 Me 2 months ago

    The jaguar lady apologized. But later came out and said the zoo needed to make the barrier larger and more difficult to get thru to the animals. Genius at work.

  • Richard Bogan
    Richard Bogan 2 months ago

    dudes...I was crying laughing. thank you for this!

  • InvadersDie
    InvadersDie 2 months ago

    41:30 WTF? You guys have a montly data cap on your house-internet-not-your-phone-internet? and it's only 500GB? WTF??!?!

    • InvadersDie
      InvadersDie 2 months ago

      You are paying more than anyone else in the world for SHIT internet speeds AND there is a cap?!?!!?

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall 2 months ago

    turn up her mic. thanks

  • NearCry91
    NearCry91 2 months ago

    19:33 Krista, you okay?

  • Toby Andersen
    Toby Andersen 2 months ago +1

    Based Ryan

  • badliferequiresvice
    badliferequiresvice 2 months ago

    why not give the tax money back to the people as seperate government only accounts. kinda like the money the government takes is given back to everyone in equal proportions, each person in reciept of this money can spend it only on some government initiative. They choose which aspect of government needs funding and put there allocated funding toward it. you would need a reserved amount of tax to fund a skeleton government to mange this. put the government spending back in the hands of the people.

  • kiaas
    kiaas 2 months ago

    macro/micro fetishist folks might like that dong camera.

  • geofrancis2001
    geofrancis2001 2 months ago


  • Geoff Shapiro
    Geoff Shapiro 2 months ago

    I loved the longer videos. I have a new job where it’s 7 minutes each way now (my old one was 1h30!) so I’ve enjoyed watching these at night with food. Love you guys

  • Lenny Trump
    Lenny Trump 2 months ago

    The Instagram contest ended 2 weeks ago you guys are three weeks behind on the news

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 months ago

    Won't even make my commute one way at 50, womp womp womp

  • Gunni1972
    Gunni1972 2 months ago

    Objective Reality is, what happens, what you perceive is interpretation by your senses.

  • Grim Mystic
    Grim Mystic 2 months ago

    This was a really great episode!
    Thanks folks!

  • Alejandro Mtz Gandara
    Alejandro Mtz Gandara 2 months ago

    it is perfect!

  • Joseph Brunell
    Joseph Brunell 2 months ago

    The division 2 had a 90GB digital download and hard copy with 38Gb ish .Not a 90Gb for the hard copy and you where able to pre- loaded it as well.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 2 months ago +1

    47:28 or stream directly to twitch lmao.

  • Shane
    Shane 2 months ago

    inglorious bastards - awesome movie!

    • Shane
      Shane 2 months ago

      Also Rajkot is a city in Gujarat, looked up the names and looked at the map

  • Ignorance
    Ignorance 2 months ago

    I remember when game updates were actual patches and not just a complete game download.

  • Douglas Sudsbear
    Douglas Sudsbear 2 months ago

    If the quantum experiment is repeatable the perhaps Ryan's kittens are the two states of Schrodinger's cat.

  • Graham Pinkston
    Graham Pinkston 2 months ago

    So people in India severely lack critical thinking and skepticism... tell me something I didn't know. Not saying USA doesn't also suffer from this issue... but I'm willing to bet the issue is orders of magnitude worse in India.

  • Christo vimal
    Christo vimal 2 months ago +11

    Indian here, that surf excel ad was supposed to be insensitive towards the idea of hindu and muslim unity, to which the ruling party the BJP(hindu nationalists) are against.

    P.S : the festival itself is called "Holi"(festival of colours) not "Diwali"(festival of lights).

  • Jake Erdson
    Jake Erdson 2 months ago +2

    WTF is wrong with you? Most countries in the world are still majority native, granted that technically Hungarians aren't native, they have become practically native after more than 1500 years here.
    Just because you killed off your natives doesn't mean we should replace our population with migrants from the middle east, the only acceptable immigrants are those skilled who genuinely want to embrace the native culture. There's nothing wrong with increasing the birth rates of the native population, and there is everything wrong with importing hordes of migrants from the 3rd world that not only don't want to integrate, they can't integrate, their culture is incompatible with all European cultures.

    • DobroPlayer12
      DobroPlayer12 Month ago

      They are brainwashed into thinking "pro-white birthrates"="evil genocidal nazis". If some african country was anti-immigration for non-africans they wouldn't think it was bad.

  • nagi603
    nagi603 2 months ago

    Also: Too short!

  • nagi603
    nagi603 2 months ago

    Google Docs annotations are not gone forever on a "resolve", but they are pretty hard to get back. You have to go to edit history.

  • DoctorWho8675309
    DoctorWho8675309 2 months ago

    This is a manhood thrusting camera recorded engagement.

  • nagi603
    nagi603 2 months ago +1

    Re: Hungary: they want pure ary... I mean 100% Hungarian kids. And want women to basically have a career of nothing more than just popping out kids one after the other. And NOT single mothers. Married couples ONLY. Single parents are looked down upon, as they are obviously not Christian enough to be 100% Hungarian. And couples can also get some benefits like acceptable rate loans if they plan to have kids... and they have to deliver on the promise. (If not, they have to pay back at full market rates.)

  • Gargoyle
    Gargoyle 2 months ago

    Runescape runs on almost anything and has a decent free version. That's why it has so many gold farmers from places like Venuzuela.

  • N-ninja
    N-ninja 2 months ago

    This is what Japanese rap sounds like ^^ (it's pretty gud imo - or i just have bad taste ::)
    Edit: no they don't exactly have rap ;-;

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 2 months ago

    My data cap used to be 300 GB. I switched service providers because of it. The old service provider still has a 300 GB cap and the crazy thing, they are offering 100 GB connection speed, with a 300 GB data cap. How does that work?

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    What if wow servers were just arcemu win7 systems using iommu passthru thru hypervisor to drive the arcemu xp sql servers?
    Poo and giggles in 2007 i ran arcemu wow on 2gbyte ram single core anthlon64 2ghz cpu with geforce 7300gs 256mbyte gpu,,,private no network but loopback but ran sql server and game client for i to use just fine...while hvr1600 recorded atsc tv and little bro watched live/pvr on same pc(used win media center) on his x360 console
    Our house isp speed 768kb up 5mb down. Wrt54g router, i was wired he was wlan...
    Note i have big thank you to arcemu. I had babysit and hauled pc to house, no internet yet kept older boys busy 3 hours as they played nno internet wow.
    Yes i owned game from burning crusades 75 dollar package till resubscribe price became known. Then was delete all as it was 80gbyte sata1 and 256gbyte udma so sata space needed...

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    The spore game...

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    Krysta note Jurassic park used other animal dna to fill broken dinosaur parts. At least latest movie did.

    • bloodvue
      bloodvue 2 months ago

      Krysta is a book reader

  • bigpod
    bigpod 2 months ago

    this was to short way to short

  • lostinthefogofwar
    lostinthefogofwar 2 months ago

    Somedays I wish Krista would put Ryan in a sleeper hold and knock him out, today not one of those days.

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    Easier to create a college course to be a flight attendant and get 6to18month certificate/license then allows you to work and get free flight for self and family discount
    Mom/dad works 8 hour flight and fam flies business@coach costs

  • louis sebert III
    louis sebert III 2 months ago

    Jetblue thats not fair as user can never delete their post from tape archives or joeblows screen capture.
    Totally unfair.

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist 2 months ago +1

    length - 8/10, would prefer 1 hour long
    content - 9/10, good story coverage with sufficient detail
    commentary - 8/10, less tangents this week, room for improvement
    jokes - 6/10, better than your average week, could use some anti-depressants

  • tanmay panadi
    tanmay panadi 2 months ago

    @33:50 the festival is Holi (festival of colors )not Diwali (festival of lights)
    I am ignorant and haven't seen the ad so noexcel for me

  • Jene Fox
    Jene Fox 2 months ago

    No backlash! The longer episodes are great :)

  • T19R0N
    T19R0N 2 months ago

    Epic news this week great stuff

  • A O
    A O 2 months ago

    I didn't at all care about division 2 out of the 3 free games i got with my rad 7. ive played resident evil 2 and devil may cry 5 a ton, both great games. but ive played division 2 more than both of those combined already.

  • RDE Lutherie
    RDE Lutherie 2 months ago

    One minute you are sitting at a cafe' eating a baguette with the Eiffel tower in view, the next you are being beaten into a squad car by EU goons for the thought crime of siding with England on Brexit!

  • TheBibliofilus
    TheBibliofilus 2 months ago

    This is one of the best episodes yet, just behind Ryan's drunken bender news series!

  • murtadha96
    murtadha96 2 months ago

    Brilliant episode ( Loooooooonger!!!! )

  • yumri4
    yumri4 2 months ago

    the major flaw in the hungry tax break is that it just demotes marriage more than promoting baby making

  • Tommy
    Tommy 2 months ago +2

    The pewdiepie reddit was actually taken down by its own moderators to stop people from uploading the footage and protect the kids using the subreddit.
    The moderators actually did an amazing job protecting the community

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer 2 months ago

    Good amount of time.

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson 2 months ago +1

    Lol, friggen love you guys, but you can always tell who doesn't have a lot of sex when they giggle at sex toys ;)

  • Kenneth Hellmann
    Kenneth Hellmann 2 months ago

    He was driving to RU-clip to kick some ass and chew bubblegum and he was all outa bubblegum.😎

  • sadatx101
    sadatx101 2 months ago +7

    Careful with the swiss army.. you might accidentally build a computer

  • Marco
    Marco 2 months ago

    Tux is being abused *trigged*

  • Kap 10
    Kap 10 2 months ago

    lmao... The view would not be porn it would be more like a biology 101. Nothing but skin smashing..

  • JR Captain
    JR Captain 2 months ago

    The Indian excel ad is insulting to Hindus because muslims want to invade their society and convert everyone to Islam, just like they do all over the world.

  • dane pane
    dane pane 2 months ago

    RuneScape.. haven't heard that name in a long time

    • Gargoyle
      Gargoyle 2 months ago

      It has a mobile version now. Actually pretty popular due to that. Good game to just mess around on during errands and stuff like that.

  • Jan Girke
    Jan Girke 2 months ago

    Try wearable male genitalia camera^^

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly 2 months ago

    prefer a long format is ok

  • The Lions Kiln
    The Lions Kiln 2 months ago

    Longer = better . Thanks!

  • Jamie A
    Jamie A 2 months ago +4

    This was great, lots of laughs. I felt so engaged throughout.

  • I'm the captain now
    I'm the captain now 2 months ago +2

    if shorter vids make more money then do it but your banter is always the best in longer ones.

  • John Geist
    John Geist 2 months ago +11

    Love the long episodes. You are getting much better at this. Fantastic episode!! Keep up the great work!

  • Ashamanknight
    Ashamanknight 2 months ago +4

    Punching Nazis will always be okay.

    • haploide allel
      haploide allel 2 months ago +2

      Planting a foot between their eyes is equally okay.

  • Michael Bates
    Michael Bates 2 months ago

    keep it long! I love your news.

  • Paul The bearded one Downing

    wait a second isn't there already a gopro attachment for your balls?? the bag clamp or some thing??? by the way too much laughing this episode I shed tears at one point.