Beautiful Piano Music (BGM) ~ Summer in My Heart

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Beautiful Piano Music (BGM) ~ Summer in My Heart
    ❋ Eric Chiryoku
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    ~ The Soul of Wind ~
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    Track list:
    0:00:00 Summer in My Heart
    0:04:08 Once Upon a Time
    0:08:15 Blossoms
    0:12:58 No Limit
    0:16:53 Joyous Season
    0:20:22 Road Ahead
    0:25:06 Believe I Can
    0:28:24 Hope
    0:32:12 Raining Tunes
    0:35:34 I Will Be Strong
    0:39:18 Realization
    0:42:53 listen again
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    _The Soul of Wind_

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  • JR 211 KEI
    JR 211 KEI 3 months ago

    28:24  Go to Niigata if you wanna see beautiful landscape from train like this. Old-Type train will disappear soon.

  • 김기훈
    김기훈 5 months ago

    이넘 일러스트 뭔데

  • kpop army
    kpop army 5 months ago +1

    *Have a Nice Dream 😁*

  • Kang Lee
    Kang Lee 6 months ago +1

    so peaceful music i ever heard. me and my bro always hears every music in your channel while we sleep, doing our homework and also relax. i give you a big huge thumbs up for this buetiful song.

  • Eric Chiryoku
    Eric Chiryoku 6 months ago

    It is my pleasure for my music to be featured here. Just a quick update, my new EP of 5 new instrumental music will be out very soon.😊

  • Un Gyeong Im
    Un Gyeong Im 7 months ago +2

    Sooo good~ :)

  • Trương Hoàng Mạnh
    Trương Hoàng Mạnh 7 months ago +2

    I love the soul of wind

  • Bronson lkm
    Bronson lkm 7 months ago +1

    Thanks, your ambience are amazing inspiring to me. Sounds of silence, best elegant instrumental music tune. Peace and light the mind n heart. Perfection good, best for stress relief and relaxation. Awesome! Infinite love!🙏🤔

  • Deep Learning
    Deep Learning 7 months ago +1

    thank you. I feel comfortable. Beautiful moment

  • Neurofied Yamato
    Neurofied Yamato 7 months ago +2

    Your compilations are amazing, this one is no different.

  • abdul malik
    abdul malik 7 months ago

    pic source? :)

  • Tùng Đỗ Viết
    Tùng Đỗ Viết 7 months ago +3

    Thank you so much. This is where I found myself. Always wait for new videos. ^^

  • 陳泓嘉
    陳泓嘉 7 months ago +3

    Can you provide source for the first and third image? Thanks

  • Universidad Priv. del Norte

    links from the pics ????

  • Ced D
    Ced D 7 months ago +1

    Thanks , so relax 😊

  • Hayashi Ryuuen
    Hayashi Ryuuen 7 months ago

    So beautiful... Tysm for uploading 🤗

  • mom Hi
    mom Hi 7 months ago

    Only one person can do this in the world.σ(≧ω≦*)

  • faith always
    faith always 7 months ago +10

    This channel is a gift from God himself

  • Benjamin Yan
    Benjamin Yan 7 months ago +5


  • feffany
    feffany 7 months ago +8

    i really love and appreciate your channel, thank you so much

  • anime deaf music
    anime deaf music 7 months ago +1

    I listen to this yesterday day I think I'll add this to my playlist

  • Sky Dreams
    Sky Dreams 7 months ago +24

    Train moves on
    Beneath the maple tree
    It turns orange in fall
    Then ever so gently
    Falls the drying leaves
    But even in death there is beauty
    Knowing it'll come back in a Spring
    Like frost to green and tears to smile
    Like healing from a scarring past
    For a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts....
    It's beautiful because of how it endures,
    Prevails, and carries on despite the strife of life
    Until the embers die and flicker out
    And comes the wind to blow away
    The final sigh of eternal, wonderful, old age

    • Kiana Johnson
      Kiana Johnson 2 months ago

      Sky Dreams that poem was so touching I love it!

    • Anh Kiệt Trần
      Anh Kiệt Trần 7 months ago

      @Sky Dreams Penny and I are writing poems here. Can you join us?

    • Sky Dreams
      Sky Dreams 7 months ago

      Anh Kiệt Trần thanks, Brian!

    • Sky Dreams
      Sky Dreams 7 months ago

      The Soul of Wind ❤️❤️❤️❤️ very good to see you Soul! I've really missed my old friends, they're not here that often anymore, so seeing you really makes me happy!

  • Stepan Arutinian
    Stepan Arutinian 7 months ago +5

    You are the Best )

  • 呆呆喵
    呆呆喵 7 months ago +1

    ( ̄∇ ̄)大家好呀~

  • wiwimiao lee
    wiwimiao lee 7 months ago +2

    love love

  • Nicholas Anthony
    Nicholas Anthony 7 months ago +3


  • X Marcie katyX
    X Marcie katyX 7 months ago +3


  • jub8891
    jub8891 7 months ago +1

    Arigatou gozaimashita. 私の心には夏があります

  • CatHappy MeoMeo
    CatHappy MeoMeo 7 months ago +1


  • ARTCHsm
    ARTCHsm 7 months ago +7

    today is my birthday! This is so beautiful! thank you for beautiful gift

    • ARTCHsm
      ARTCHsm 7 months ago

      @The Soul of Wind thank u so muchhhh

    • The Soul of Wind
      The Soul of Wind  7 months ago +3

      Happy Birthday to you ^_^ !

    • ARTCHsm
      ARTCHsm 7 months ago +1

      @Tom Kanazaki thank u sm

    • Tom Kanazaki
      Tom Kanazaki 7 months ago +3

      Oh... Happy birthda! )

  • Margineanu Dragos
    Margineanu Dragos 7 months ago +3

    So beautiful:)))

  • RRmost p
    RRmost p 7 months ago +3

    One of the best...

  • Diego Fernández
    Diego Fernández 7 months ago +5

    Nice :)

  • Anna Anderson
    Anna Anderson 7 months ago +5

    LOVE VIDEO ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so Much The soul of Wind 😍

  • Zong Xeo
    Zong Xeo 7 months ago +1

    2015 :(

  • Makoto Kanna
    Makoto Kanna 7 months ago +4

    Хороший! РЕЛАКСАЦИИОННЫЙ МИКС! С Хорошими Иллюстрациями! Good Relaxation Mix! With good illustrations!.
    C@@Ls! =((7))= 😋
    G@@Ds-Pictutes = ((3+)) 😉
    G@@Ds-Mix-Music = ((3+)) 😏
    G@@Ds-WORK!... 😋

  • Donquixote Doflamingo
    Donquixote Doflamingo 7 months ago +4

    So beautiful :)

  • Samantha Almodovar
    Samantha Almodovar 7 months ago +2

    Nada como trabajar y escuchar esta melodía... 😊❤

  • UnderBesT
    UnderBesT 7 months ago +3

    มันไพเราะมาก ความรู้ศึกเหงาด้วยเหมือนโดนเปียโน คีบอร์ด สะกดจิต

  • Rebbecah Israel
    Rebbecah Israel 7 months ago +3

    Love it 💙💙 💜🎵 🎼

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki 7 months ago +19

    I'm In Anime World Under The Tree Listen To The Amazing Theme 🎧🎻🗻🌳🍃🌸🎹^_^♡
    Thank You My Friend 👍

  • SilverSoul96
    SilverSoul96 7 months ago

    Check out this new tune of Etire

  • Bhavya Deolase
    Bhavya Deolase 7 months ago +3

    Very much RELAXING

  • Kristophine May
    Kristophine May 7 months ago +6

    ~Is there such thing as love?
    ~the winter breeze is so cold
    My hands shake in fear
    ~are you near, am in tears..are you near.
    ~my soul longs for you to be here.
    ~is there such thing as love?
    ~Cause all I experienced was
    Pain, suffering,
    and crying, my Love

    ~your like a stain that can
    never be washed out
    ~you have left your mark on me, now I’m all yours.
    ~I’m all yours so take me now.
    ~Shelter me, from pain, suffering, and despair.
    ~you are a stain I will never wash out
    ~I will leave the mark you left on me to stand out.
    ~The winter breeze has become warm to me cause you are near,
    ~I don’t have no tears anymore cause you are here
    ~So I ask Myself is there such
    Thing as love?
    *~That is a Question you must *~answer for me, my Love*


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      Zatch bell 7 months ago +1

      No prob ... Buddy...
      But "ZATCH BELL" is an anime you should give it a try it's very awesome...

    • Kairo kairo
      Kairo kairo 7 months ago

      @Zatch bell nah just kidding yhats not an anime

    • Kairo kairo
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      @Zatch bell thanks bro

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    Good day for everyone

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  • Elizabeth Segoviano
    Elizabeth Segoviano 7 months ago +3

    Such beautiful music restores my mind and soul to a hopeful state, thank you so much for sharing

  • Daruk Gaming
    Daruk Gaming 7 months ago +2

    Beautiful music like always. Really appreciate it. It helps me relax and usely fall asleep. Its really soothing. Can't wait for the next video! ^^

  • Cherry Julia
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    Ugh, I love this so much! It has such a bittersweet feeling to it

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    Beautiful :') My life always beautiful when listening to your music.

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    Hello everyone are watching this video

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