The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They're Not) | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Dec 14, 2015
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Comments • 6 198

  • Genisay
    Genisay Hour ago

    What about vitiman D when you are living in an area that has a chronic lack of sunshine. Like this summer already we have had more slightly overcast days than full, bright sunny days.

  • Marsya Akmal Hizam
    Marsya Akmal Hizam 15 hours ago

    Doctor Mike approves of this episode

  • Blackout's Box
    Blackout's Box Day ago

    Placebo or not... I have been in plays where if you had the flu you still had to go on and someone gave me airborne and after about three of those things I woke up feeling tons better. I'll keep placeboing myself.

  • David Benda
    David Benda 2 days ago

    idk how many white moms named karen need to see this

  • WhoReadThisIsGay
    WhoReadThisIsGay 2 days ago

    New video idea Adam ruins his life

  • WhoReadThisIsGay
    WhoReadThisIsGay 2 days ago

    But you need vitamins tho

  • Original Wasta
    Original Wasta 3 days ago

    My boi Adam always gots to take a shit, that’s why he’s always roasting people 😂😂😂😂

  • lexi
    lexi 3 days ago

    Where do I recognize the guy that plays the TV Doctor??

  • di4ex_
    di4ex_ 4 days ago

    Ok this is the first video talking about something I do

  • kiki noir gaming
    kiki noir gaming 5 days ago

    WHAT I didn’t know that that guy who measly assists David Lopez with skits was on TV 😱

  • Jerule Adassery
    Jerule Adassery 7 days ago +1

    This ruined rly my whole "get healthy" sytem

  • My Geometry Dash Vids

    Scurvy might as well will be known as the weakest disease

  • TobyLikesMeme101
    TobyLikesMeme101 8 days ago

    vitamins are definitely lethal for your health and the claims here are true except the fact that if u don’t need it don’t eat it (holy crap that rhymed)

  • Just-A-Game Dood
    Just-A-Game Dood 8 days ago

    Adam i have a question is this a joke video or are u being 100% serious?

  • bubble Tea
    bubble Tea 8 days ago

    In school someone (tryed) to make fun of me for eating fruit and I counteracted with “well at least I got those vitamins!”

    And then they called me vitamin-boy

  • VelocityRexProductions

    So thats why my parents don't let me drink more than 1 suplement/pill per month.

  • payday64
    payday64 9 days ago

    Multi vitamins are a good thing but just like with everything too much is a bad thing.

  • Goatman Nitefort
    Goatman Nitefort 11 days ago

    It's been proven that Flintstones gummy vitamins make you god

    PARALLEL PEOPLE 11 days ago +1

    All these medical business runs on these huge lies.... We can find a good doctor if we are lucky enough to live longer.

  • Sxuxmansam
    Sxuxmansam 12 days ago

    1:25 yasssss

  • Gary Kerwin
    Gary Kerwin 13 days ago

    Avoid low income neighboorhoods their terrible I have to deal with stupid ass vicious dogs ediot wannabe drug dealer kids and retarded adults with no sense at all also I've seen over a sixty flies on one damn pizza box and a ton of sex addict cats with a family tree seen more in a life time it's crazy

  • Pee pee Mc Gee
    Pee pee Mc Gee 15 days ago +2

    Why are your booing me?
    I'm right.

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez 18 days ago

    No need for vitamin supplements when you have Food and by food I mean nutritional food that has the actual vitamins in it

  • Soka
    Soka 18 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the guy biting a lemon?

  • Bryce Covell
    Bryce Covell 19 days ago

    For people who generaly don't get enought nutrition on a daily basis vitamins can help, but not cure certain diseases. 100% true

  • Vincent
    Vincent 20 days ago

    the title is misleading

  • Raf 'Guard' Leblanc
    Raf 'Guard' Leblanc 22 days ago

    We got to see all of this in class last year. If you want to read a book on how vitamins (and the rest of... everything) works, please consider buying "Principles of Biochemistry" by David L. Nelson and Micheal M. Cox. We use it in college, but it explains everything you need to know and it's actually pretty well written.
    (But you'll be reading a while. It has 1172 pages. Still, really, you should read it, it's nice to know.)

  • Averyzalia Sylvia
    Averyzalia Sylvia 23 days ago

    Misleading title

  • generic generic
    generic generic 25 days ago +17

    That Michael Jackson comparison is very dark now.

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    You do need vitamins, and you only need vitamin supplements if you have a deficiency or it is reccomended by a doctor like I should probably take a calcium supplement

  • Myotis Welwitschii
    Myotis Welwitschii 26 days ago

    Nowadays people have skorbut, because they only eat crap for months.

  • LazyGarbage10
    LazyGarbage10 26 days ago

    3:10 when you see your parents having sex

  • Anika Hart
    Anika Hart 26 days ago

    1:24 are you testing me?

  • Langagerskolen Team a
    Langagerskolen Team a 27 days ago

    Or bunnys bunnys are good

  • Xynziah Adisiaq
    Xynziah Adisiaq 28 days ago

    👩🏿‍💻Omg Prenatals!!! 😱

  • Caged Creature
    Caged Creature 28 days ago

    I've wasted so much money!

  • joe torres
    joe torres 29 days ago

    Funny that all his so call references came from The Atlantic not a medical journal. He never even mentioned a doctor or scientist to prove his theory.

  • wild_rose whistler
    wild_rose whistler Month ago

    So why are we recommending prenatal vitamins? Studies show they do not create some magically better outcome. You need you vitamins and all your nutrition from real Whole Foods!

  • Alexandre Kings
    Alexandre Kings Month ago

    Linus Pauling the only person in history that got 2 nobel prizes ? What about Marie Curie ?

    • Nordburg
      Nordburg 29 days ago +1

      He didn't say Linus Pauling the only person in history that got 2 nobel prizes. He said Linus Pauling the only person in history that got 2 SOLO nobel prizes.

  • Luke Cab
    Luke Cab Month ago

    Your fucking dumb

  • Sublimująca Drożdżówka

    "And the only person in history to be awarded two nobel prizes"
    **laughs in Marie Curie**

  • Limfomba
    Limfomba Month ago

    Me: huh interesting point I think I’ll trust a doctor though, let me see his sources.... OH WAIT

  • Initialhornet39
    Initialhornet39 Month ago

    I hate vitamins now. I don't have anything that has vitamins ever anymore. Those things suck.

  • I love Dogs [sub to PewDiePie]

    I’ve been overdosing on kid’s vitamins.

  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem Month ago +1

    "Normal food in normal quantities"

    *gives lemon*

  • Justin Buergi
    Justin Buergi Month ago

    I still take a basic multivitamin every morning. I eat like shit and get regular blood tests to make sure my levels are normal.

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice Month ago

    Scientific version of back to the Future reference 3:05

  • caleb williams
    caleb williams Month ago

    I enjoyed this alot more than I thought I would.....
    Edit: also Avocado means testicle in Aztec.

  • Zkream
    Zkream Month ago

    Vitamins can only be intake from its natural source otherwise its not nearly as effective

  • Bryan Ginting
    Bryan Ginting Month ago

    Why you ruins all

  • Grapes5e
    Grapes5e Month ago

    What if u have a deficiency?

  • PolarBro
    PolarBro Month ago


  • james dean
    james dean Month ago

    What about vitamin b and d. This is just about vit c

  • Ryan Yeager
    Ryan Yeager Month ago

    I still take multivitamins. I don't trust my diet I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. I do wish they did make multivitamin set only Supply you with 25% of your daily intake. That way if you didn't get it from food you would get from your multivitamin. And you wouldn't have too many vitamins in your system. When it comes to multivitamins I buy a bottle that has like 50 tablets I couldn't have it only take half a tablet today. It's a great way to not only save money but also make sure your absorbing your nutrients from the multivitamins. And I'm wanting only few people you'll ever meet that will take fish and krill oil because one I don't eat enough Seafood my diet I should but I don't I just can't afford to eat seafood everyday of the week so I like the idea of getting some omega-3 is in my body. And I couldn't tell for the longest time which one was better so I was like screw it I'll just take both.

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer Month ago

    I really dislike the way Adam frames his show, although factually accurate. Vitamin C does not cure the common cold, which is true, but there are studies that show it boosts the immune system. I feel like he should have mentioned that, but the edgy blunt tone of the show can sometimes get in the way.

  • Mickey Moose
    Mickey Moose Month ago

    All tho I normally really like this show, I do think it miss represents vitamins. It also doesn't do a great job at explaining what vitamins should be used for which is preventative care and deficiencies. While it's true vitamins don't cure anything (except deficiencies), you completely gloss over what a vitamin actually does in the body. Often it provides a building block that helps your body complete a system/process. While airborne can't cure the common cold, Vitamin C (ASCORBIC ACID) acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing unstable molecules that can damage cells. Mega doses often lead to constipation due to the fact that your body can't process or use it all, so mega dosing should never be utilized unless advised by your PCP. This video is extremely reckless, as it could make someone who has been advised to take iron supplements ignore the suggestion as they would think "Oh Adam said vitamins where a scam, so i'm not going to buy expensive iron supplements." What might this lead to you might ask? The person would become anemic and then possible die, and if they where breast feeding the child would also suffer the same fate.
    Side note: I know there is more to this video... but this is what was posted for public consumption and functions as a possibly fetal PSA... I agree vitamin cocktails are silly in most cases, but there are people who need to take them. This is about as responsible as the medical claims you denounce in the video.

  • mia bambina
    mia bambina Month ago

    Everything can kill you if you try hard enough. Vitamins included.

    • Friendly Fire Gaming
      Friendly Fire Gaming Month ago +1

      Yup. Gotta lova vitamin hypertoxia. (May have spelled that wrong.)

  • sajad rezaei
    sajad rezaei Month ago


  • Amir Hagit Einav
    Amir Hagit Einav Month ago

    You know I heard a story on the news about a kid who ate a lot of gummy vitamins, thinking it was gummy bears, and almost died from it.

  • Helena Brennan
    Helena Brennan Month ago

    Vitamins are healthy
    Vitamins are disgusting

  • PopcornEgg
    PopcornEgg Month ago

    Bruh Adam just keeps cutting him off and even when he lets him finish his sentence in like a second he proves him wrong

  • Laylah Fritz
    Laylah Fritz Month ago +1

    What if you're diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency

    • Table piN
      Table piN Month ago

      then do what your doctor says

  • Sylvie Friedman
    Sylvie Friedman Month ago

    2:17 that audience is a perfect representation of America rn

  • jburdman7
    jburdman7 Month ago

    Get nutrients from food? Where? Read a nutrition guide lately? The only things Americans get from their "food" is sodium and calories. Our "food" is GMO soybean oil, flavored with corn syrup. Our salad is grown on nutrient depleted soil. Sorry to 'ruin' it for you.

  • NoOneImportant :3
    NoOneImportant :3 Month ago +70

    Adam: what did you learn?
    Adam: I said, what did you learn?

  • Carly Edwards
    Carly Edwards Month ago

    Trying to convince my mother in law of this. She's trying to get me to give my 2 year old vitamins. He eats a fairly well balanced diet and a Dr hasnt recommended it

  • Eva Walsh
    Eva Walsh Month ago

    Tati is quaking

  • Dragon Ritterstein
    Dragon Ritterstein Month ago +2

    No one needs any Cats. Get a Dog if you‘re lonely.

  • KelseysWonderland11
    KelseysWonderland11 Month ago +1

    Thank you for including the part about the vitamins that can make you sick! I have IIH & I use to take vitamin A supplements when I was young (I didn't know any better,I thought it was good for my eyes & skin) & my Dr thinks that that's a small part of why I have IIH now (its caused by a lot of small things going wrong all at once).

    • pyromaniac37238
      pyromaniac37238 Month ago

      @KelseysWonderland11 was trying to make the point that you have to try REALLY hard to take enough vitamins to harm your body and you shouldn't just blanket vitamin supplements as harmful and a marketing ploy, but sure...what do med students know.

    • KelseysWonderland11
      KelseysWonderland11 Month ago +1

      @pyromaniac37238 It's like you rephrased exactly what I said to try to say something new. Lmao

    • pyromaniac37238
      pyromaniac37238 Month ago

      Emphasis on "a small part". Vitamins A D E and K can be stored in the body as fat. The others, you simple pee out. So yes, you can theoretically accumulate levels so high it can cause harm. You'd have to eat about x30 the recommended supplements everyday for at least a year. Tablets are usually around 2,500 mcg I believe? You'd need 10,000 per kilogram.

  • crazy J
    crazy J Month ago

    I once took 16 vitamins in one night and nothing good or bad happened. Thanks Adam.

  • Pink Animate
    Pink Animate Month ago +1

    I only eat vitamins because I don't eat correctly, is that still bad?

  • Im a Disappointment
    Im a Disappointment Month ago +4

    I need to take vitamins bc I don't eat well lmao 👌

  • Lilianne Silva
    Lilianne Silva Month ago

    what is dis

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    Ya i don’t care wether airborne works or not cuz it tastes good

  • soham das
    soham das Month ago

    Just eat food...

  • Daniel Roy
    Daniel Roy Month ago

    This video is acutely killing people , by telling them That vitamins are not vital. The United States of America has a chronic depletion in vitamin B12 which can and dose lead To numerous ailments and deadly illnesses.
    people are been lied to about it, by the government that’s meant to keep them safe.

    • Daniel Roy
      Daniel Roy Month ago

      xDrixxyz The 2nd I will with pleasure

    • xDrixxyz The 2nd
      xDrixxyz The 2nd Month ago +1

      If your doctor tells you that you need vitamins, listen to them. This video just talks about the majority of people who don't actually need them. Also, mind providing sources for that information you gave?

  • Jewish Rebel16
    Jewish Rebel16 Month ago


  • Snaipukas 165
    Snaipukas 165 2 months ago

    Vitamin c is to make you hungre

  • LazyBones
    LazyBones 2 months ago

    Vitamins are good or bad, it depends on it’s use.

  • Jailee Studio
    Jailee Studio 2 months ago

    So my immunity system was weak from birth?

  • DJ Power
    DJ Power 2 months ago

    Tati is shook

  • Jthejedigaming
    Jthejedigaming 2 months ago

    Ok try living without vitamin ,A,B,C,D,E,K,N
    If your so confident that they are bad for you

    • Dye Bling
      Dye Bling Month ago +1

      Jthejedigaming He never said vitamins are bad in normal doses, he even said"they are essential for living" what he did say was that vitamin megadoses won't do anything to help you when you're sick
      Stop trying to make Adam look bad with something he never said you only make yourself look worse

  • Dr. Superblazer
    Dr. Superblazer 2 months ago +25

    If your doctor recommends vitamins along with other tablets, then take it.

    • z ac.rolls.flips
      z ac.rolls.flips 8 days ago

      Mickey Moose well yes, but the message it was conveying is if you eat a fairly nutritious diet and aren’t prescribed them then you don’t need the supplements

    • Mickey Moose
      Mickey Moose Month ago +5

      This video is 100% irresponsible. Vitamins are not magic.... but they are needed for things like deficiencies, and other disorders. Vitamins also serve as a great way for preventative care, but he is right you shouldn't mega dose... However this video makes it sound like no matter what life style you live you never need vitamins... XD

  • Ykhraam
    Ykhraam 2 months ago

    but my hair grows faster after I started taking biotin.. Its not a placebo effect :o

  • Op urboitryhard
    Op urboitryhard 2 months ago

    If u don't have enough u might die if u have some might save ur life

  • Michael Andersson
    Michael Andersson 2 months ago

    But if you eat vitamins(not tablets) don’t you lower the risk of getting sick? I’m a bit confused about that in the video

    BHFFS 2 months ago

    Shouldn't the title be "The Weird Reason We Think Vitamin SUPPLEMENTS Are Good For Us (They're Not)" ...?

  • Tre Holt
    Tre Holt 2 months ago

    Who’s Todd

  • Lesego Jonas
    Lesego Jonas 2 months ago +1

    Hey Adam you’re wrong
    The Loch Ness monster is real
    Check yourself before you wreckity wreck your self

  • kians Drums
    kians Drums 2 months ago

    3:19 why does he sound like matt from studio C

  • Ong Kouk Yong
    Ong Kouk Yong 2 months ago +1

    Compared to other Adam episodes which went deep into the unknown facts of each topic, Adam did a real superficial and general denial about vitamin as a whole, ignoring the thousands of clinical studies that showed the effectiveness of megadose VitaminC to various infections.
    🤔sounds like sponsored by some pharmaceutical giant.

    • Ong Kouk Yong
      Ong Kouk Yong Month ago

      Useless...I have been prescribing it, amongst other nutrients for various diseases. Can you share your experience about the uselessness of VitaminC?

    • Dye Bling
      Dye Bling Month ago

      Ong Kouk Yong vitamin c CAN help you in some cases but you shouldn't depend on them most doctors even RECOMEND vitamin c to help your immune sistem but vitamin c by it self is essentially useless

  • Derek Alvarez
    Derek Alvarez 2 months ago

    Freddie Mercury: Triggered

  • Marlon Harris
    Marlon Harris 2 months ago

    Its not that we think vitamins cure the cold. What the real issue is that he breezes by is the fact that in many parts of the world they don't get enough of a certain vitamin in their food and that's when taking Vitamin supplements can prevent diseases.

  • Los Fantula
    Los Fantula 2 months ago +1

    Sorry Adam but I’m lack of vitamins as really don’t like fruits or veggies so those vitamin pills help me(sorry for bad English)

  • Blueberry shortcake
    Blueberry shortcake 2 months ago

    Are americans so fucking dumb?
    In Russia we study that shit in primary schools. But, i guess the big masses of the "first world" country are not that smart as we think.
    Also, i apologize in advance if that seems racist to you.

  • Alex Bolding
    Alex Bolding 2 months ago

    My grandfather lost his sense of smell because he took too many vitamins.

    • Carrot Standard
      Carrot Standard 2 months ago

      did he stuff them up his nose? Cause that would make you lose your sense of smell.

  • M1cr0wav3 BEEP
    M1cr0wav3 BEEP 2 months ago +8

    People: we don't have a cure for cancer
    Also people: *Let's eat more vitamins than we should have*

  • Massive Cow Breakout 755

    ‘Oh yeah I guess vitamins are useless so I’m going to stop having them’ (next day dies of scurvy)

    • Dye Bling
      Dye Bling Month ago

      Massive Cow Breakout 755 Why do so many people think he said Vitamins are usseless and to stop taking them? He said that Vitamins are essential for a healthy living in regular dosses, what he did say was that vitamin megadosses are usseless

  • *MoonLight Foxy Chan*
    *MoonLight Foxy Chan* 3 months ago

    I just need a lot of vitanam A I have poor eye vision rip