Bombshell (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Bombshell - In theaters in LA & NY December 13, everywhere December 20. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Mark Duplass, Rob Delaney, Malcolm McDowell, Allison Janney.
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    Starring Academy Award® winner Charlize Theron, Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman, Academy Award® nominee John Lithgow and Academy Award® nominee Margot Robbie, based on the real scandal, BOMBSHELL is a revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time; Fox News, and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it. Directed by Emmy® Award winner Jay Roach and written by Academy Award® winner Charles Randolph.
    BOMBSHELL also stars Emmy® Award winner Kate McKinnon, Golden Globe® nominee Connie Britton, Emmy® Award winner Mark Duplass, Emmy® Award nominee Rob Delaney, Golden Globe® nominee Malcolm McDowell and Academy Award® winner Allison Janney.
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  • Fatima Khan
    Fatima Khan Hour ago

    i really love margot robbie's new roles in movies about scandals that have actually happened. I, tonya dragged me here and I'm watching this one too.

  • novamasc
    novamasc Hour ago

    Damn Charlize Theron is good.

  • Greg McCartney
    Greg McCartney 5 hours ago

    More wokeness. Box office suicide.

  • Mitesh Kumar
    Mitesh Kumar 11 hours ago +1

    The first trailer was so good and intriguing. This just looks shit, especially after adding a Billie Eilish song

  • Eric x
    Eric x 12 hours ago

    Weak link: Billie Eillish song.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 21 hour ago

    A bunch of elite liberal actors making a movie about a conservative news network that already has Golden Globe and Oscar buzz even though it isn’t out yet... no doubt that this movie will be 100% accurate and no biases will be portrayed on screen...

  • Rejected Letters
    Rejected Letters 23 hours ago

    This movie is going to FLOP in the most colossal manner.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations

    The whole plot sounds like complete garbage, what sort of degenerate would want to watch a movie about Megyn Kelly??

  • KnowstradamuS Ucka
    KnowstradamuS Ucka Day ago +3

    Does anyone else think this movie has political motivations? Cause wow lol

  • J. Dino.Supreme
    J. Dino.Supreme Day ago

    What's that background music?

  • Burrito Supreme
    Burrito Supreme Day ago

    More lazy ass movie ideas from Hollywood. Why would I pay $15 to see this movie when I already saw it like a year ago on the news for free?

  • Thanks for Trump CNN, MSNBC and Hillary

    Can we get a msnbc movie about Russia and Rachael Madow licking pussy?

  • Call me Emily KIM
    Call me Emily KIM Day ago +1

    Billie‘s song is perfect for this

  • uncle_jessie
    uncle_jessie Day ago

    No crazy dramatic music like other trailers. Just Billie Eilish...and somehow it totally worked for this trailer. Bravo.

  • Scott William
    Scott William Day ago +2

    Triggering pro trump pro Fox News people. I’m in!!!!!

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Day ago

    Beautiful blonde women using their looks and sex appeal to get jobs, and then getting pissed when men hit on them because they have looks and sex appeal. So brainless.

  • Robyn Golding
    Robyn Golding 2 days ago +1

    Is this isn’t the most iconic cast I don’t know what is ..

  • Adela Gluntz
    Adela Gluntz 2 days ago +1


  • Adela Gluntz
    Adela Gluntz 2 days ago +1

    YES QUEEEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 2 days ago

    Umm what is this even about it like gets to the point but doesn’t ever

    • Nikita Mohan
      Nikita Mohan Day ago +1

      The trailer made it obvious. It's about A HUGE SEXUAL HARASSMENT SCANDAL that exploded at Fox News few years ago. These women took down the top boss in power. And what Trump said about Megyn was true and it was a documented incident. Of course they have to make it entertaining for a movie audience instead of a documentary type film cuz not everyone would want to see that.

  • вава ывыв
    вава ывыв 2 days ago

    I'm at a loss: I love watching Charlise Theron work, and also I despise Megyn Kelly, a hack "journalist", with all my heart. Tough choice.

    • Nikita Mohan
      Nikita Mohan Day ago

      The movie is more about sexual harassment and just to encourage women to speak up and not put up with shit

  • Guadalupe Anguiano
    Guadalupe Anguiano 2 days ago +1

    Omg as much as I hate Fox news and all these bitches, I want to watch this sooooo badly! lmao what's wrong with me.

  • V Man
    V Man 2 days ago +1

    And these are the people that say it's Russia who tries to influence the American elections?

    This movie with mostly foreign leads is conveniently timed right around the election cycle.

    • Tim Evans
      Tim Evans 12 hours ago +1

      The election is November of 2020...

  • JoyFul Joyful
    JoyFul Joyful 2 days ago +2

    When they just naming movies after anything now 😭😂

  • Jared Faulkner
    Jared Faulkner 2 days ago +1

    R they sleeping with that old guy????!?

  • RIP 1776
    RIP 1776 2 days ago

    This type of stuff happens in every new station around the country and Fox News CNN and MSNBC he might as well be called WWF it’s all baloney Bs

  • MyNameIsNotImportant

    “You have to adopt the mentality of an Irish street cop, The world is a bad place, people are lazy morons, minorities are criminals, sex is sick but interesting. Ask yourself, ‘What would scare my grandmother or piss off my grandfather?” My God in heaven. Wow they are really trying to piss white folks off

  • Larry Seger
    Larry Seger 2 days ago

    A movie like this needed to be done. However there are many more left wing media organizations that have the problem. So this is basically political...

  • MaxKol
    MaxKol 3 days ago +1

    They keep trying to bring down Fox News, and it's bigger than ever. Lefty meltdowns are getting to be routine. Can't wait to see the tantrum they throw when Trump gets re-elected next year.

  • Roger Roger
    Roger Roger 3 days ago

    Won't see a movie about the allegations centered around Weinstein tho. Na, can't do that in liberal Hollywood.

    • Nikita Mohan
      Nikita Mohan 16 hours ago

      @Patrick Daniel So legally it is easier to make this film on him cuz if he was alive legally they might have had to get his permission or his team's permission and now they don't need to. Harvey is already 70 plus his case might come out in a documentary, film or show or some other format in a few years.

    • Patrick Daniel
      Patrick Daniel 16 hours ago

      @Nikita Mohan roger ailes is also already dead

    • Nikita Mohan
      Nikita Mohan Day ago

      They might make a movie on the Weinstein case after he dies cuz it will just be easier I guess

    • Leonel Jaramillo
      Leonel Jaramillo 2 days ago +1

      Roger Roger are... are you defending Roger Ailes? Or are you just a right wing snowflake that can’t handle reality? And I have no doubt there will be a Weinstein movie. Now go back to your Fox News channel.

  • gratefuljr
    gratefuljr 3 days ago +1

    Fox News viewers always the most misinformed.

    • Tomy9878
      Tomy9878 2 days ago

      And the most butt hurt

  • Christhopher Cruzflores

    So is a harvey Weinstein movie?

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 3 days ago +2

    they chose to prostitute their talents and then got upset when they were treated like prostitutes

  • Kelly Gibson
    Kelly Gibson 3 days ago

    Fucking Hollyweird thinks they are making a point. Why don’t they make a movie about the President who dumped his load all over the Oval office and an interns dress and disgraced the office of the Presidency and a Nation! Hollyweird prefers “Grab her by the pussy” better!

  • Googlesucks100 Ballsandshafts

    Megan Kelly is a sellout and a hasbeen now. Why the fuck would you make a movie about her? Remember, she didn't ask Alifantis any REAL questions.

  • FuckingNormieCunt I wanna die

    I’m having trouble figuring out the story line. This whole trailer seems like 3 different movies all compiled together

    • Momma’s Boy
      Momma’s Boy 9 hours ago

      Adela Gluntz because we don’t care. Life goes on. Btw trump 2020

    • Adela Gluntz
      Adela Gluntz 2 days ago

      I had to look up and study the storyline because my generation didn’t know this EVEN HAPPENED!!!!

    • Andrew Lewis
      Andrew Lewis 2 days ago

      What's hard to understand? It's not hard to follow.

  • Missy Rogers
    Missy Rogers 4 days ago +1

    Rachel Maddow's good friend, Roger Ailes

  • Deadly Feast
    Deadly Feast 4 days ago +1

    Oh goodie, another 'man-hating' movie. Didn't we get that trash fire HUSTLERS not long ago? Peoples, these types of movies is what sets us apart. Don't be brainwashed.

  • R S
    R S 4 days ago +2

    Where's the Harvey Weinstein movie about how Hollywood liberals sat around and watched him abuse women?

  • j wilkins
    j wilkins 4 days ago +7

    I trust President trump way
    Before hollywierd

  • J Wi
    J Wi 4 days ago +2

    What a shitty ass movie. Democrats made this shit. Its gonna flop

  • Brian Conner
    Brian Conner 4 days ago +22

    Now let's do a movie about Epstein Island where a creepy Bill Clinton flies in 26 times to screw underage girls.....

    • Tim Evans
      Tim Evans 12 hours ago

      @Inverted Reality The Royal Family is certainly not Democrat/Liberal - they are Conservative. Donnie boy over here is also clearly not a Democrat/Liberal. He's a Republican/Conservative. Pedophiles come in both Democrats/Liberals AND Republicans/Conservatives.

    • Inverted Reality
      Inverted Reality 17 hours ago +1

      Or NBC killing the Weinstein story.
      Or ABC killing the Epstein story.
      Will never get it if its about a Democrat/pedophile.

    • Burrito Supreme
      Burrito Supreme Day ago +5

      Is Trump included or does that not fit in with the narrative you’re pushing?

    • Andrew Lewis
      Andrew Lewis 2 days ago +2

      Unfortunately, it's likely there were pedos on both sides. That's why no news networks are focusing on ot.

  • YO mama
    YO mama 4 days ago +1

    NOBODY who made this movie gives a shit about Megyn Kelly or the girls at Fox.

  • Watch FRIENDS With Me

    I love the look Nicole gives at 1:59. She's the best, and this movie is gonna slay.

  • Michele Holloran
    Michele Holloran 4 days ago

    Wow, Charlize does Megan Kelly so well & that song is great for this moving trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TouchéPadre
    TouchéPadre 4 days ago +2

    I have negative levels of interest in this story/movie.

  • Billy Not Really
    Billy Not Really 5 days ago

    They painstakingly recreated the offices of Fox News using pictures of Fox employees' feet from foot fetish sites.

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 5 days ago

    Looks like a good movie

  • billy Crawford
    billy Crawford 5 days ago +2

    I bet this is a White lady's version of J Lo's Hustlers

  • Mark Zimmerman
    Mark Zimmerman 5 days ago

    This looks like such a typical trash hit job by the left and democrats in Hollywood on Fox News. I have no problem with this as long as they do the same for ABC and NBC for spiking the Epstein and Weinstein stories because they were both big Democrat party donors and friends with the Clintons so ABC and NBC refused to cover the story. That's not news, that's propaganda. It's Democratic Party propaganda. Intentionally not doing a story to protect the political party you align with because it will hurt that party is propaganda. Just like it's propaganda to only do a positive story that helps the political party you align with and omit negative stories about that party. You're intentionally pushing a false narrative and that's not news, that's propaganda, and the problem for the liberal mainstream media is that everyone in America has caught on to this now and that's why crap films like this will only appeal to the leftist Democrat base, which is less than 30% of the voting block of the U.S. elections. This kind of dishonesty is exactly the kind of thing that pushes people away from the left and democrats, it's why the liberal media's ratings are in the toilet, it's why so many democrats woke up in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and voted for Trump. It's one of the reasons Trump's approval ratings among blacks has skyrocketed and more and more blacks have walked away from the Democrat Party. This crap is killing the Democrat party, it's pushing people away from them and only the die hards, their base, remain hanging on. Hollywood and the liberals, the left, the progressives -- whatever you want to call them -- for a bunch of people who claim they hate Donald Trump more than anything, they sure as hell are doing everything they can to make sure he gets reelected in 2020. Thank you, Hollywood.

  • Kelly Gibson
    Kelly Gibson 5 days ago +2

    Heard the stories know the stories. Don’t care! Sexual harassment happens everywhere. Not just at Fox. As a male I’ve been sexually harassed by men and women. Life goes on. The left just hates Fox. Fox does not care. Sorry about Megan’s canceled show. Boo hoo!

  • uzefulvideos
    uzefulvideos 5 days ago

    Looks good, but that music...

  • Sport Longwood
    Sport Longwood 5 days ago +1

    Another epic Movie failure

    • Otogun
      Otogun 5 days ago

      The views and likes say different

  • mattcoach1
    mattcoach1 5 days ago

    Hilarious to think this is legit

  • Maximus Murphius
    Maximus Murphius 6 days ago

    TT Looks smokin.....

  • montanadoctor
    montanadoctor 6 days ago +2

    A worthless women’s lib movie. Thumb down.

  • Србомбоница

    Које срање од филма ,и ова Маргот везе нема са глумом,дрољетина

  • C
    C 6 days ago +1

    Looks like a total piece of shit of a movie good job

  • PhotoGeorge
    PhotoGeorge 6 days ago

    Bombshell is going to be a Bomb.

  • austin silas
    austin silas 6 days ago +1

    Fake News is just that. I don't watch it. It a show only pukes watch.