The Day After

  • Published on Feb 23, 2012
  • Documentary about Heaven's Gate.

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  • David Smith
    David Smith 10 days ago

    That Song at 16:50, I can listen to that all day. Anyone know the name and Artist?

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist
    Milquetoast Eugenicist 2 months ago +1

    Rkkody was a totally tortured soul. He joined up for eventual Earth Exit, that's for sure.
    But he contradicts his Older Member a bit. I never heard Do call Earth anything but a, quote "Beautiful Garden," and a "Training Ground" or "Proving Ground," for taking the steps in your transformation from Human to the Kingdom Level Above Human.
    All people here are souls inhabiting vehicles or plant bodies as you must on Earth in order to learn. Without your vehicle, you can't learn the message that Ti and Do left for us...or do anything at all, really.
    These plants were planted by the Next Level. Some of those plants have souls that can be of great service the Next Level if they are honed enough and by consciously making the effort to shed all human ways to the best of their ability, for in the Kingdom of God there are no human ways. No thoughts of self, no faults to see. Only the ways of space.
    There's no slap on the back, no good job, no outstanding performance, no hubris, no complaining, for you rejoice in your service. The only pleasure in the Next Level is the pleasure of unwavering and unending SERVICE!
    There's no wants, just needs. No food, only sunlight as fuel. No talking, only telepathy. No addictions, just tasks. No food, just nourishment. No gambling, no money. Only Crew-mindedness. You are not special, nor an individual. You are part of a hive mind, a servant in the Kingdom of Heaven. You respond only to the instruction of your Older Member. Work _is_ play. It's all one could ever want or hope to do.
    Now don't misunderstand me. The Group _did_ have some contempt for how this Earthly civilization had turned out (this isn't the first human civilization on Earth according to Do) and Planet Earth was nothing compared (or IS nothing compared) to TELAH - The Evolutionary Level Above Human, in the eyes of anyone with a Next Level Mind or even a piece of Next Level Mind.
    That Next Level Mind could be a newly honed mind/spirit/soul as it would be in a sincere and hard working member in Ti and Do's classroom. It could also be a Mind suffused with Next Level information due to the Older Member's spirit inhabiting it and its vehicle as a sort of "body snatcher."
    Please understand that Marshall Applewhite was not Do and vice versa. Same for Bonnie Nettles and Ti. Somewhere around the early 1970s (~1970 to ~1974) the body that held the soul of Marshall Applewhite was quite literally taken over by the spirit of Do - Our Older a Member and one of the MANY members of TELAH. Ditto Ti. So Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles stopped "existing" (as they had before at least) in the early Seventies and became two new people. Literally a new creature was born in each of them.
    For Ti and Do this happened almost immediately. I'm not saying that they didn't do any work to get there, as they likely screamed to their Heavenly Father for the truth and the truth was then infused into them. The didn't receive a message of what the truth was, they BECAME the truth. They became truth itself.
    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they loved Earth. Do _did_ speak of their human vehicles/plants/suits of clothes/bodies or whatever you want to call the vessel that the soul operates through as being primitive and having desires that were "abhorrent" to the soul, desires that they didn't want to fulfill. The vehicle's desires didn't "jive" with the newly awakening souls.
    So the strongest amongst them (those being the ones that stayed till Earth Exit in March 1997 began to tell the body that they were in control now. Your vehicle may be craving a decadent meal but these people would tell the body "Shut up, be quiet! You'll get what _I decide_. to give you WHEN I decide to give it!" You want a hot fudge sundae? Too bad. Food is fuel only and is not designed to be savoured or enjoyed. Meal time should be like slowly gassing up a car. They put good fuel in their vehicles that would serve them well and it saw them through to the end. If you notice watching the Student Statements Before Earth Exit (copyright TELAH, please obey copyright law) video, they're all thin and fit for the most part. They have different shapes and sizes, sure. But did you see an obese student? An incredibly ill student? A student smoking or drinking? No. They'd become so crew-minded that they even dressed similarly (usually those awful neon blue/green and highlighter pink/yellow windbreakers from the 80s and 90s with turquoise and purple and whatnot all over it) and they'd become so androgynous that it was difficult to separate the men from the women because they all looked pretty alike, all had their hair short, wore loose fitting clothing, etc.
    Anyways, I'm digressing. Human ways and thoughts of self and mammalian faults were seen as clutter and background noise that took you off the Straight and Narrow path that Ti and Do set out for us to follow. But calling this planet "hideous" when there are birds chirping and sun shining and everything else beautiful about Earth seems totally at odds with Do's message.
    Discarding one's vehicle because they hate this place is FOLLY! Without a vehicle there can be no growth. One needs to be READY and WILLING to drop that mammalian body which you used in the Proving Ground, the Training Centre, the "STEPPING STONE," that Earth serves as and must only Exit that body if they are sure that TELAH is reaching out to them, offering them LIFE.
    It seems that this would require an incarnate (living on Earth) Older Member receiving instructions from their Older Member that "the time is now" and the marker (for the HG class circa 1997 the marker was Hale Bopp) is here.
    You didn't miss the boat to go to TELAH. March 1997 was not the last "boat" out of here. There are many ways to enter into TELAH but each one requires a flesh body to grow and learn with making Earthy existence in a flesh body not only good, but essential for moving up to the Next Level.

  • kingair001
    kingair001 3 months ago

    self murder is sin......satan wants every human to self murder themselves. Doe was satan manifested. Don't listen to satan. Enjoy life, repent of your sins, believe John 3 and 1 Corinthians 15, and enter into eternal life PROPERLY.

  • Phalanx Stone
    Phalanx Stone 3 months ago +1

    Death awaits everybody

  • weerobot
    weerobot 5 months ago +1

    When Trekkies go to far...!!!

  • Valium Vincent
    Valium Vincent 5 months ago

    Clocks ticking bitch gotta deliver some pizzas!😲

  • Jills Mcfarland
    Jills Mcfarland 5 months ago +2

    If only they would have used their vehicles instead of cutting them off.

  • Jills Mcfarland
    Jills Mcfarland 5 months ago +1

    The happiest suicides I know of.They were thrilled to eat applesauce in their bunk beds.

    • mr Nohax
      mr Nohax 4 months ago

      With a one big fat bowl of magic crystals to smoke before sweets xD

  • ProjectFlashlight612
    ProjectFlashlight612 6 months ago

    "Wow...uh...we let an obvious madman kill our loved ones just so he could have suicide partners for his terminal cancer. We are fucking idiots. Um...yeah..."

  • DrVelvetProductions
    DrVelvetProductions 7 months ago

    Who produced this documentary?

  • Cathy Schwartz
    Cathy Schwartz 7 months ago

    Listened to Glynn Washington about heavensgate which led me to this. Listening to Do, he does not make sense and contradicts himself. Maybe he is speaking to the class members who remain. I don’t understand why you have not killed yourselves in order to join bopeep since you are not recruiting for bopeep. Why do you choose the devil’s world.

  • fightthepower07
    fightthepower07 7 months ago +2

    Things would have been so different if Bonnie had let him have some 'Bum fun'...

  • 3spm
    3spm 8 months ago +2

    When marshall (DO) met Bonnie (TI) he and she did not "hit it off". In fact what he told me as one of his students for 19 years was that he had nothing in common with her except for a strong love for their Heavenly Father. He also said, she said she recognized him but wondered why he didn't recognize her. He also said at first he wondered if she was hitting on him and had no attraction to her, but very soon in 1972 knew they had something to do together he could not deny and felt he must follow through with, so they started their first organizations to explore what they were to do. It wasn't until January and February of 1973 that they both individually got the same information as impressions in their heads that indicated they, their souls had both come from what was really A physical Evolutionary Level Above Human, from the same organization that designed the planet and all it's life forms, said in the religious records as the Kingdom of God and literal kingdom in the heavens where members have physical bodies and physical transportation in what humans would classify a UFO.

    • KiNgerZ
      KiNgerZ 2 months ago +1

      3spm you do realize it’s all horse shit right? Like complete and utter nonsense? Do was nothing more than a deluded head case that dragged innocent impressionable people to their graves.

    • jimmy moz
      jimmy moz 4 months ago

      @3spm Thank you for getting back to me Sawyer. I can see there are still so many people interested in learning about Heavens Gate and it is kind of you to take time to write back . Did you spend much time with TI and Do to get to know them personally or did they not spend much time one on one with the class ?

    • 3spm
      3spm 5 months ago

      @jimmy moz - yes, there are a number of former students and new students of Ti and Do's teachings that I know about who tell me they believe in Them. But how active they are in that belief, I don't know that much if at all about and it's not important to me anyway as there is no new legitimate group though requests for one. The Older Members have exited with their first and at least the start of the second wave of students, some of which joined in 1994 and one in 1997.
      DO provided the understanding that there could be more to follow and how it was up to each who feels they recognize DO's Mind to become as active a student as they can using the materials They left behind for us as the guide that includes believing they were the current Representatives from the Creators Kingdom Above Human, who created the earth and all it's life forms. The other minimum to be active is to "Stand" for Ti and Do and all they taught and maintain that stand until we each exit our vehicles, however that happens. This signals the Next Level to "save" those souls for a future opportunity for their next best opportunity to grow closer to their own graduation after the recycling when an Older Member performs the "classroom" task again. That may be what's depicted in the records as after the 1000 years in Revelation chapter 20.

    • jimmy moz
      jimmy moz 5 months ago

      @3spm Hey Sawyer, it is very interesting to read your writings. Are there any active members who still practice the heavens gate teachings and plan to join the next level above human ?

    • I am just me
      I am just me 7 months ago

      @3spmNice to meet you Swyody.

  • brutallyhonest123
    brutallyhonest123 9 months ago +1

    Jesus... That song is awful

  • Elhud
    Elhud 10 months ago +2


  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia 10 months ago

    Anyone know the same of the song faintly playing in the background at 34:24-35:00

  • Dewayne Prince
    Dewayne Prince 10 months ago +6

    Could've done with out the horrible music

    • 45 Jugga
      45 Jugga 3 months ago

      Dewayne Prince really

  • justmadeit2
    justmadeit2 11 months ago +5

    If Nettles had lived it may never have turned out in the way it did.

    • Cathy Schwartz
      Cathy Schwartz 7 months ago

      3spm went to your blog. Delusion. No documentation of things happening that they predicted. Some useful meditations stolen from Buddhism

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +1

      that's not at all the way I see it. Some make it sound like DO changed after TI left her vehicle but the facts show he didn't in any significant way. Go to my blog and search for Pineapple to see the many ways I've documented to show how Do didn't change and how Ti was never a hypocrite and neither were manipulative and that Ti did instruct DO not to tell Terri about her death and lots more. Many misconceptions with these two and their group.

    • wheelinthesky300
      wheelinthesky300 10 months ago

      Nettles preached the same thing as Applewhite.
      In fact, she was the senior partner in that relationship.
      They believed both Ti and Do were
      the Biblical Witnesses and would be murdered.
      Except up until the 1990s, the belief was that
      the Class could go to the next level
      without dying first.
      Although there was always some debate on that point.

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden 11 months ago

    Guy did the world a favor by getting rid of suicidal psychopaths.

    • wheelinthesky300
      wheelinthesky300 10 months ago +3

      Psychopaths would indicate they were dangerous
      to others, which they were not.

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden 11 months ago

    What’s up with the 20 other missing people? Is Applewhite a suspect in their disappearance? I don’t understand the relation.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +2

      I was one of the 20 from Oregon in 1975 and there were actually 34 who joined because of the Waldport meeting and I knew all who stayed around for years after while most left early on. But no one was harmed ever.

    • wheelinthesky300
      wheelinthesky300 10 months ago +1

      What 20 other missing people?

  • Brett Werner
    Brett Werner 11 months ago

    Sounds like another csi science project that went well for them. They are masters of mind control and Jim jones and these people and god knows how many other tests they did before 5G is the biggest one!

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago

      If we only knew how all humans are mind controlled. These were the only ones teaching to take control of our own minds.

  • Jess Mann
    Jess Mann Year ago

    I'm confused because on the wiki page for heaven's gate it says there's only 2 survivors that didn't commit suicide but in this documentary there's technically 3????
    Edit: okay now there's more than 3 survivors????? I'm confused.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +2

      Wiki is only as good as the people they allow to update it. They wouldn't let me update is because I'm not an academic. It's controlled information. I know of over a dozen who dropped out before they left in 1997.

    • HuMan Being 34/7
      HuMan Being 34/7 11 months ago

      Jess Mann Maybe Wikipedia doesn’t know Everything

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate Year ago +1

    A lot of gayness

  • Bill Walsh
    Bill Walsh Year ago +3

    He should have made a rap video to get people to join.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +2

      They never wanted to entice people to join like ALL the other cults, traditional or not. They didn't need any of us to join. We had to prove to them we wanted to learn from them.

    • nils holgerson
      nils holgerson Year ago

      Yeah, that rap music will get the youngsters interested!

    • DCM88
      DCM88 Year ago

      Star Trek was his idea of being neet.

  • Montana Lumm
    Montana Lumm 2 years ago +2

    my heart hurts for them

  • wheelinthesky300
    wheelinthesky300 2 years ago +12

    Seems like a relatively high percentage of the class
    were gay/lesbian in their human form.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago

      no, not really. I came to know of Jmmody and Glnody and dncody (who is the main person talking in this video, who has long since died) re: those with male vehicles who leaned toward attraction to males and as far as females I know less but not that many. Some felt no sexual desire or leaning anymore.

    • Starman
      Starman Year ago +1

      self hatred can wreck havoc

  • SilverStar40
    SilverStar40 2 years ago

    Hopefully that bald guy that still believed dumbass doe was Jesus got his head out of his ass. If he would read the Bible he would figure out real quick doe was NOTHING like Jesus.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago

      crude condescending talk means nothing. I happen to have wrote a book that shows hundreds of scriptural evidence that these two were The Father and Jesus returned. TI took a female vehicle - the woman in Rev 12, the Father (sun) and DO the moon in that chapter. They were the Two witnesses, both christs in Rev 11. Do came public as the returned "Jesus" in a new incarnation as was planned in the 1990's hence the Rev 6:2 "white" horse. Bush was the red horse endless war. Obama the black horse financial crisis - further creation of the new world order that continues to date. Trump is the green horse. My book is free on my blog but can be purchased. It's very large and goes through all Jesus prophecy and most of the Revelation, named, "TI and DO The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses".

  • Roman Lumpkin
    Roman Lumpkin 2 years ago +1

    crazy what weak minded people looking for something to believe in or justify their existence will do, The world has been corrupt, its not more corrupt now then it was 1000 or 2000 years ago, now there is just reporting and tv talking about it, im sure shit may have been much worse when there was no one around to tell about it. Fucking wakkkoooooooooos, coookooooo coookkooooooo

  • BGF in the chest.
    BGF in the chest. 2 years ago +2


    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +1

      yes but hasn't done anything public since around 2007 when I was last in touch with him.

  • BGF in the chest.
    BGF in the chest. 2 years ago

    What happened to all the woman who said they were going out with this nut?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 years ago +14

    Sorry but this cult contains a disproportionately large number of gays and lesbians, wtf? So is that the real glue of this group - people who despise their homosexuality to the point of mental illness? It's really bizarre that this aspect of the story is never discussed. CLEARLY that is the overwhelming bond shared by most of these people - even though it's never spoken. Christ, what a waste.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago +1

      being gay has nothing to do with bonding anyone in this group. What bonded the ones who stayed the course, in this respect was "non-sexuality". DO said that homosexuals had overcome their gender consciousness but that didn't mean they had overcome their sexual consciousness. I talk about this all the time and am in many of these home movies, so ask me if you want to know the truth that I provide many examples of.

    • cubdoge 1981
      cubdoge 1981 10 months ago

      Life Deucelow it didn’t mean they were gay lol alot of them did it because they didn’t want to have sexual feelings towards the opposite sex. I guarantee the majority were not homosexual in the real world or even closeted. I’m sure a few were but guarantee most were not.

    • cubdoge 1981
      cubdoge 1981 10 months ago

      Life Deucelow a large portion of the group were not homosexuals. As you can see the two people in the video who were homosexuals had left the group.

    • cubdoge 1981
      cubdoge 1981 10 months ago

      The HG Group wasn’t basing their belief system according to their sexuality is what I’m saying

    • cubdoge 1981
      cubdoge 1981 10 months ago

      wheelinthesky300 wasn’t just sexuality it was alot of other things he wanted his followers to overcome. Drugs and alcohol being one. No matter how many LGBTs they had it wasn’t based on that lifestyle.

  • Jamesharay Ray
    Jamesharay Ray 2 years ago +3

    What is the name of the song in the beginning?

    • 3spm
      3spm 6 months ago +1

      @blokeyface - My bad as I guess I didn't notice this comment was in regards to the day after video. If he is referring to "living on borrowed time" lyrics sang, I don't know who sings it.

    • blokeyface
      blokeyface 6 months ago +1

      @3spm wtf the dude only wants to know who sings that song at the beginning

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago

      Their names TI and DO came from the Sound of Music they felt the Next Level stimulated to become a big movie/musical. But the song was the "lesson plan" to evolve by willpower out of human behavior and ways. Ti referred to all the lessons as a "piano roll" and compared the classroom to Old McDonald's farm song in how one adds to each lesson - repeating all the lessons (notes) before to grow one's Mind towards graduation.

  • michael monahan
    michael monahan 2 years ago


  • Channelingus Llcix
    Channelingus Llcix 3 years ago +19

    "Among the dead was Thomas Nichols, brother of the actress Nichelle Nichols, who is best known for her role as Uhura in the original Star Trek television series"

  • Hotpocket Moutaindew
    Hotpocket Moutaindew 3 years ago +2

    how romantic. Bonnie and he met and retire by starting a cult. Makes you wonder. Heavens Gate? Or Donald Trump.

    • brutallyhonest123
      brutallyhonest123 9 months ago

      Jesus you people cant get Trump's name out of your fucking mouths. He really owns you

    • AlexanderBogdanow
      AlexanderBogdanow 2 years ago

      Right... The Homo-Story is also bullshit.

    • Starmartyr D
      Starmartyr D 2 years ago +2

      Even Heavens Gate cult didn't verbally and physically attack others who did not agree with them. These were people that utterly destroyed themselves in more ways than one however..

    • Starmartyr D
      Starmartyr D 2 years ago +7

      Or the cult of Hillary Clinton, who currently destroy cities and violently attack others who did not vote for their 'leader' in the name of 'love'... : /

  • Flabbergasted
    Flabbergasted 3 years ago

    really glad this is shared here, but is there any way to get a larger image to fill most of my screen instead of this tiny box? Kind of getting a headache trying to focus on this.

    • Der Mann
      Der Mann 2 years ago

      Flabbergasted lol do you even PC 😂😂

  • Kevin H. Pilgrim
    Kevin H. Pilgrim 3 years ago +4

    Columbus was looking for a new way to India.
    Just saying.
    America was discovered by accident, you might say.

    • 3spm
      3spm 8 months ago

      The US was the location planned for the Kingdom of God to return to. Jesus spoke about not coming back to Jerusalem upon his return.

    • brutallyhonest123
      brutallyhonest123 9 months ago

      Wow. What an exciting new concept. I'm sure it hasn't been disproved... Moron

    • Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon
      Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon Year ago

      Alan Constantine who is old chris?

    • Alan Constantine
      Alan Constantine 3 years ago

      Japan and China discovered America first plus there is evidence to suggest old Chris didn't even exist, there's even evidence to suggest that the vikings found America too.

  • Brian Wagoner
    Brian Wagoner 3 years ago +4

    lol token black guy at 44:40

    • Sooner Than Later
      Sooner Than Later 3 years ago +5

      @Johan van den Berg Go chew on some baby foreskin you fucking disgusting Jew rat.

    • Johan van den Berg
      Johan van den Berg 3 years ago +6

      Napalm death - nazi punks fuck off

    • Sooner Than Later
      Sooner Than Later 3 years ago +2

      +Brian Wagoner Yeah, it's too bad more didn't join.

  • Daniel Cassidy
    Daniel Cassidy 4 years ago +21

    mental illness.

    • Bridge
      Bridge 3 years ago +1

      An adulterous rich man for Caesar? Everyone claims to know God but really many worship money, flags, and guns.

    • Daniel Cassidy
      Daniel Cassidy 3 years ago

      @DrStrangel0ve2 lmao.

    • Bridge
      Bridge 3 years ago +1

      Donald Trump and ISIS

  • A-Square
    A-Square 4 years ago +24

    To be castrated and To kill ones self...
    To become a eunuch and to die at your own hand...
    To end your own life...
    Is to remove ones-self from the evolutionary process.
    And is the definition of suicide.

  • Anson Bath
    Anson Bath 4 years ago +6

    28;28 Marshall at his best

  • TheProphet VLo
    TheProphet VLo 4 years ago

    Is that a young Bas Rutten at 4:48 ?

  • Tom Harris
    Tom Harris 4 years ago +8

    lol, crazy americans

    • wheelinthesky300
      wheelinthesky300 10 months ago +2

      The United States from day one has been a haven for religious dissenters, those of both
      Puritan and revisionist varieties.
      Religion is not ossified in the USA.
      It is more dynamic here.

    • john finck
      john finck 2 years ago +3

      Yeah, and what about the crazy Americans who flew planes into buildings on 9/11...and gassed the subway in Tokyo? Those were some crazy-ass Americans.

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 2 years ago +3

      Yeah, remember when all those crazy Americans did the bidding of that cult leader who told them to torture and murder 6 million jews? Remember all those death camps in Los Angeles, Cleveland and New York, and the American laws that turned jews into a slave class? What was the name of the American lunatic who did all that? TOM HARRIS, YOU ARE A DUMB FUCK. Please die soon.

    • angermgt1
      angermgt1 3 years ago +7

      +Tom Harris cults are in no way exclusive to america . but yes those were some crazy Americans , or at the very least very very confused

  • qoaa
    qoaa 4 years ago +7

    Crazy that the black chick that played Lt Uhura on Star Trek, her brother was a member who suicided

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 2 years ago +2

      Oh man, how much would they have loved to have her in their stable. But the fruit Applewhite would've immediately tried to destroy her femininity, which I don't think she would've gone for - thank God.

    • qoaa
      qoaa 3 years ago +2

      Yep, She tried to get her brother out of the cult but couldn't. She even nearly joined herself she had mentioned in a few interviews.
      Here's 1 old news article it's nice 3 pages in detail from 1997:
      Quote from above article:
      The brother of "Star Trek" star Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura, joined too, immersing himself in a mystical theology that offered believers the chance to cast off their clunky earth-bodies and transform into extraterrestrial angels ascending into a "Kingdom of Heaven."

      Nichelle Nichols Wikipedia:
      Quote from Wikipedia:
      Nichols' brother, Thomas, was a member of the Heaven's Gate cult. He died on March 26, 1997 in the cult's mass suicide that purposely coincided with the passing of the Hale-Bopp comet. A member for eleven years, he identified himself as the brother of Nichols in the group video tape prior to the event and left a final message saying: "I'm the happiest person in the world."

    • RcUniverseGuy
      RcUniverseGuy 3 years ago +1

      +qoaa is that true? i didnt know that, thats fuckin crazy.

  • welder trevor
    welder trevor 4 years ago +50

    Imma bout to smoke a joint and get to the next level! :)

  • Danielle G.
    Danielle G. 5 years ago +20

    Men? Weren't there women too? But they probably looked so bad with those I know I wouldn't want to be referred to as a man when I leave this earth haha😳

    • 3spm
      3spm 7 months ago +1

      They had grown to be genderless in mind and in appearance as their vehicles were simply their needed tools to use to build their Minds by outgrowing stereotypical preoccupations with appearances. The Next Level vehicles they each graduated to receive are genderless but are beautiful looking refined vehicles that are no longer mammalian.

    • Selfish Stockton
      Selfish Stockton 2 years ago

      You are too attractive to be confused for anything other than all woman ;)

    • RcUniverseGuy
      RcUniverseGuy 3 years ago +2

      +Danielle G. yea i would guess the haircuts.. and being dead. and well looking like inbred autism kids.

      CH1CK3NxSALAD 4 years ago

      It was my spirit helpers

    • Virolaxion
      Virolaxion 4 years ago +1

      @Mike Green I have a feeling you're going to shoot up a school when you're older.