Top 10 Worst Things Disney Villains Have Done

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
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    These deeds are more than “Disney evil”. For this list, we’ll be going over some of the most heinous acts committed by villains in films animated by Disney and Pixar. Our list includes Scar Commits Fratricide, The Huns Raze a Village, Man Kills Bambi’s Mom, The Coachman Sells Children Into Slavery, Ursula Steals People’s Souls Using Contracts, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Done by Disney Villains.
    List Rank and Entries:
    10. The Coachman Sells Children Into Slavery
    9. Lady Tremaine & Her Daughters Mistreat Cinderella
    8. Ernesto Poisons Hector & Steals His Songs
    7. Hades Tries to Have Hercules Killed as an Infant
    6. Maleficent Tries to Murder Aurora & Phillip
    5. Gaston Extorts Belle Into Marriage, Rallies Villagers Against the Beast & Tries to Kill Him
    4. The Huns Raze a Village
    3, 2 & 1???
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  • RostyPlays Games
    RostyPlays Games 11 hours ago +1

    Ummm Coco is Pixar not Disney

  • KW 12
    KW 12 16 hours ago

    Quick list of some Disney villains goals:
    Queen Grimhilde: Tries to murder a young girl due to her envy on beauty.
    Malefica: Tries to murder a young girl because she wasn’t invited to her party.
    Hook: Revenge on a boy who chopped his hand.
    Coachman: Makes money with Kids traffic
    Ursula: Be the Ocean’s ruler.
    Bill Sykes: Will do anything to take back his money even kidnapping a girl.
    Ratigan: Tries to take over a Kingdom who by the way leaves a Young Girl abbandoned.
    Hades: Take over the Olympus
    Frollo: Genocide of a race and “clean” the city of it.
    Jafar: Be the most powerful man in the world.
    Turbo: Protect the world he took to keep being the center of attention.
    Facilier: Take over a City and money
    The Horned King: Destroy everything with an undead army or in other words a Zombie apocalypsis.
    Medusa: Sell a diamond to be rich, even if you have to take an orphan to sell it.
    Izma: Being the Emperor.
    Gaston: Marry the girl he “deserves”.
    Clayton: Capture Gorillas to get money.
    Stromboli: Money from making a living puppet work for him.
    Gothel: Kidnap a girl to “be” young forever
    Scar: Be the King of The Savannah even if you have to murder your family.
    Cruella: Murder a ton of puppies for a clothe.
    Lady Tremaine: Just a bitch that likes to abbuse of an innocente (and idiot) girl.
    Sheere Kah: Murder a child due to a trauma from his past with people.
    Of course there are some I missed

  • Mackenzie Collins
    Mackenzie Collins 3 days ago

    Here’s my pick
    1. Ato- wall-e. He almost killed him and in a deleted Sean he badly hurt EVE. Plus he betrayed his captain and the other humans and robots on the axem! What kind of programming did that A113 give him?! Kill anyone who stands in your way?! Gezz!😤😡

  • •FoxTato :3•
    •FoxTato :3• 3 days ago


  • vuyokazi sodinga
    vuyokazi sodinga 4 days ago

    I think the order is messed up. How is murdering someone less worse than attempted murder only for you to claim murder (fatricide) is worse again?

  • Dl. Fânutz
    Dl. Fânutz 4 days ago

    What about Jafar?

  • 28 stab wounds
    28 stab wounds 4 days ago

    Your forgetting about the beast from over the garden wall. He turns children into oak trees to get chopped down and fed to fire

  • Dwerd 11
    Dwerd 11 4 days ago

    If Pixar counts.... Smelly Pete not allowing Woody to return home is pretty bad

  • Abeera Khawaja
    Abeera Khawaja 5 days ago

    This prove Disney is 100% illuminati

  • Magicanimal176 Production

    Top 10 Worst Things DreamWorks Villains Have Done.

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S 5 days ago

    I think something that most people forget is that in Greek Mythology Hades wasnt evil like most portray him. They simply make him to way because he is the god of death, but he was not evil.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 days ago +2

    #1 Captain Hook manipulates Tinkerbell’s jealousy and imprisons her, attempts to kill Tiger Lily, tries to kills Peter and plants a bomb that could kill the Lost Boys.

  • Bookworm 707
    Bookworm 707 7 days ago +1

    What about Syndrome? He tricked retired superheroes into coming to his island home so that he could kill them with his giant robot. The main reason he did this was because he was jealous of their superpowers. Mr. Incredible turning him down as a sidekick caused him to be bitter and his bitterness fueled his rage against superheroes.

  • David Hileman
    David Hileman 7 days ago

    Frollo is definitely Hitler in a Disney movie.

  • Skylar Sky
    Skylar Sky 9 days ago +1

    When Disney goes dark it goes dark😶

  • idgy pigeon
    idgy pigeon 9 days ago

    Ok in the myths Hara throws him of Mount Olympus!!!!!!

  • Henry Kuhn
    Henry Kuhn 9 days ago

    They're evil alright.

  • Lunskawesome Gaming17
    Lunskawesome Gaming17 9 days ago +4

    "I see a stong, confident, beautiful young lady... oh look you're here too" Savage

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey 13 days ago

    The ultimate paedophile the coachman

  • Madeline Renteria
    Madeline Renteria 15 days ago +2

    I see a reoccurring theme: attempted murder. Uhh Disney anything you wanna tell us?? 😅

  • Fatima
    Fatima 17 days ago

    Fratricide - I guess you learn a new word everyday

  • Harry Red
    Harry Red 19 days ago

    They're villians, what did you expect?

  • Streem Monsters
    Streem Monsters 21 day ago

    I see coco

  • Aanjaleena K Sebastian

    I luv Maleficent😘😘😘
    She's badass 😎

  • Jacob Hunt
    Jacob Hunt 24 days ago

    I believe crulela divil should be in the list she tried to kill 99 puppies to make her own spotted coats

  • Martina Playz
    Martina Playz 25 days ago


  • Mob Hunter
    Mob Hunter 27 days ago +1

    The man that killed Bambi’s mom should have not been an honorable mention, it was just some guy going hunting and he is far from being a bad guy

  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 27 days ago

    Frollo should have been first because he kills Quasimodo's mother and lies to hi and said she abandoned him

  • Aidan Oestreich
    Aidan Oestreich Month ago +1

    3:36 Hades looks terrifying like in the thumbnail

  • CaptainM
    CaptainM Month ago +1

    3:48 She does that because Aurora's dad took her wings. She didn't become the dragon her pet Raven or maybe crow did. The prince's kiss didn't work, Malificent's kiss did.

    • Kitty Heart
      Kitty Heart 6 days ago

      That was the remake. Mojo doesn't like to talk about it much.

  • TBrown17
    TBrown17 Month ago

    0:43:Talk about the creep-o-meter of his evil crazed's going up! Reminds me too much of a Disney's version of the "devil's advocate".

  • dbnydnvn
    dbnydnvn Month ago

    #9 Lady Tremaine and daughters should be so lucky that the Time Trapper didn't one morning replace Cinderella with Joan Crawford when screaming for their breakfast.

    "You want breakfast? How about some eggs? (pop! pop!) Have some burnt pop tarts also! (thunk *girls scream*) Was that too hot? (splash) Don't forget the milk! (drags the cow in and sprays them) Oh, did I get your gowns dirty? (chases them with a screwdriver and a bottle of bleach)"

  • Ciara Rouege
    Ciara Rouege Month ago

    How is CHILD SLAVE TRAFFICKER the least bad?! 🙄 And if Cinderella's step-sisters ended up in a prison with the top eight baddies on this list, they better lie and say they at least shanked Cinderella or something because it IS NOT going to be a good time for them! Seriously, if you wouldn't be hit with federal charges for your actions, you shouldn't be featured in this video.

  • singalingalongaling

    How about The Horned King from The Black Cauldron for wanting the black cauldron to turn lifeless human skeletons into the Cauldron-Born to rule the world and wipe out all human beings?

  • Gwanda Studios
    Gwanda Studios Month ago

    Oh god he'll no

  • Krie Mora
    Krie Mora Month ago

    What about that time in bugs Life when Hopper gets closer to thumper with Dot, that pore girl was being traumatized?

  • Indrani Datta
    Indrani Datta Month ago

    We have disney villains murdering their siblings, abusing people, practicing slavery, stealing people's souls through contracts,etc.All of these crimes are awful but the most shocking crime of them all is Ernesto dela cruz murdering his friend Hector and trying to do the same to his great great grandson, Miguel. In my opinion, this should not be ranked number 8.Please change the order.

  • Gamespective
    Gamespective Month ago

    How is eternal child slavery trapped in a body of a donkey worse than having a mean stepmother? I mean it's slavery too for Cinderella but boy the child donkey slavery sounds worse.

  • Quinn Higgins
    Quinn Higgins Month ago

    It should of been dishonorable mentions

  • ShadowFireHime
    ShadowFireHime Month ago

    You forgot the horned king tries to raise an army of the undead to take over the world of the villain of Atlantis stealing kids in her crystal state after killing her father and by stealing her nearly destroys the people of Atlantis

  • Belladonna Noir
    Belladonna Noir Month ago

    10 should be number 1.

  • Monster Hanna
    Monster Hanna Month ago

    Gaston threatens to throw Maurice in the asylum, something that can only be stopped if Belle agrees to marry him. Geez, no wonder he's single.

  • Endernani8 and Rocky
    Endernani8 and Rocky Month ago +1

    3:55/3:56 I thought you said gay and not gate for a few seconds.

  • A Sushi
    A Sushi Month ago

    I expected Frollo at the top of the list, he was at the top of the list

  • Fire eater 9107
    Fire eater 9107 Month ago

    Pinocchio was freakin' scary, man!

  • TraciPeteyforlife
    TraciPeteyforlife Month ago +1

    Ok you lost me at putting the Coachman at ten. This slaver continued to do this even after the movie. That should be number one.

  • Jessica Mattes
    Jessica Mattes 2 months ago +4

    So Rapunzel and Cinderella having bad mothers is worse than selling children into slavery... makes sense

  • C Hewitt
    C Hewitt 2 months ago

    Poor Maleficent. I know what it's like to get snubbed from a party. Happened to me all the time.

    Also, Scar caused his nephew to develop a guilt complex by blaming him for Mufasa's death. That is repulsive.

  • MrWildcard531
    MrWildcard531 2 months ago

    What about Rourke from Atlantis, who is willing to kill off *an entire race of people* just for profit.

  • kaneywaney
    kaneywaney 2 months ago

    7:35 Not to mention, he also manipulated his nephew into thinking that he was the one who killed Mufasa

  • Kitkat player
    Kitkat player 2 months ago +1

    If you don't want to watch the whole video but want to see the ranking then click these free time stamps.
    Yep, I said free.
    #10. 30
    #9. 1:15
    #8. 1:58
    #7. 2:52
    #6. 3:39
    #5. 4:35
    #4. 5:19
    #3. 6:02
    #2. 6:52
    #1. 8:05
    Your welcome! I recommend watching the whole video though. I didn't include the honerable mentions because those are only for the committed viewers. Have a good day!!

  • AnnaMae41194
    AnnaMae41194 2 months ago

    That's not Quasi's mom. It's a gypsy that found him abandoned and decided to raise him. It's his adoptive mom.

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 2 months ago +1

    Why is this on MsMojo?

  • Sara Overkämping
    Sara Overkämping 2 months ago

    Wow, I am very proud of the clipmakers, because the hunchback of Notre Dam is such a unterradet movie, in spite of its such a great story line. But I guess the most bad thing a Disney character did was, when Kenai from Brother Bear killed the mother of his friend Koda. Because he just wanted to revenge the death of his brother Sitka and killed the innocent bear in his blind hate. It was such a great thing to do from the little cup to forgive the boy the greatest mistake of his life. But it's still a horrible thing, Kenai did and he was not older than a teenager... Just my opinion

  • GUIPA Games
    GUIPA Games 2 months ago

    The scene where mufasa dies would work really well with D.C’s “it’s called regicide” quote from count vertigo

  • samcap 156342
    samcap 156342 2 months ago

    U forgot that man (A.K.A the Hunter's) killed Bambi's mother and Snow Whites Step mom poisoned her

  • Jordany Fleury
    Jordany Fleury 2 months ago

    I don't agree with number 1. I think that should've been number 2. Scar killing mufassa should've been number 1

    TheARMY I LOVE BTS 2 months ago

    On a school survey they asked who was my favorite Disney character and I said Frollo

    • Faby Ana
      Faby Ana 2 months ago

      Lmao 😂😂

      TheARMY I LOVE BTS 2 months ago

      @Faby Ana no they sent me to the school social worker🤣🤣🤣

    • Faby Ana
      Faby Ana 2 months ago +1

      And what did they say 😂 sent you to the councillor?

  • Brooke Matson
    Brooke Matson 2 months ago

    There is also Atlantis. the lost empire. He was ready to kill an entire people for money.

  • Ian Brennan
    Ian Brennan 2 months ago +1

    I'm surprised the #10 spot didn't get any higher.

  • Lindsey Gerlach
    Lindsey Gerlach 2 months ago


    Don't forget emotionally abuses

  • Olivia Hood
    Olivia Hood 2 months ago +1

    Disney got the mythology in Hercules wrong. The real story is that Zeus had an affair with a mortal so Hercules isn't even a god. In jealousy, Hera try's to kill Hercules and fails. So later in life, Hercules was offered immortality. Hades simply had nothing to do with the story. Disney changed the story because there is to much blood and gore in the story so they blamed it all on Hades. Hades didn't even want to take down Mt Olympus.

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 2 months ago

    Ernesto De La Cruz

    LUCY SUKALSKI 2 months ago +2

    I was about to have a heart attack if Frollo wasn't number 1-- With what he's done, he deserves it.
    Also, utterly stripping children of their humanity so they literally can't talk and selling them into slavery while never getting caught should be MUCH HIGHER ON THIS LIST!

  • jarynexplores
    jarynexplores 2 months ago


  • dang 2543
    dang 2543 2 months ago

    Whats fratricide

  • Syed Shafi
    Syed Shafi 2 months ago +1

    My Favourite Disney Villain is SCAR but I hate him also because he killed Mufas

  • Alexis Milam
    Alexis Milam 2 months ago

    #1 no doubt!

  • rackstraw
    rackstraw 2 months ago +2

    Mother Goethal potentially has even more blood on her hands. How many lives could the flower have saved if she had not hoarded it?

  • Leeann Turner
    Leeann Turner 2 months ago +1

    What was really bad about Scar murdering Mufasa was that he then blamed Simba, who was devastated

  • loveheart
    loveheart 2 months ago

    If Frollo isn’t number one I swear I’m throwing fists
    Update: you’re lucky watch mojo, for now
    For now

  • Crystal the wolf
    Crystal the wolf 2 months ago

    Things Disney changed in The Hunchback of Notre Dame compared to the book (Spoilers): 1. Quasimodo was deaf in the book (because of how long he's been ringing those bells)
    2. The book had parts where a writer was one of the main character, Disney didn't show that.
    3. Both Quasimodo and Phoebus didn't have the same hair color they had in the movie as thy did in the book.
    4. Frollo succeeds in killing Esmarelda and vanishes into the night, leaving Quasimodo regretting ever trusting him as he actually goes out to find him to get revenge.

  • CartmanFrost11
    CartmanFrost11 2 months ago

    You forgot about the part where Gaston also tries to get Belle's father put into an insane asylum

    • Nancy O'Malley
      Nancy O'Malley 6 days ago

      No they didn't-that's what they meant be 'extorting Belle into marrying Gaston'

  • Domenica DP
    Domenica DP 2 months ago

    When Dr. Facilier kills Ray!!!

  • Jacob Bickley
    Jacob Bickley 2 months ago

    not to mention that scar blamed the diet of his brother on simba after filing to kill simba with his father

  • John Orellana
    John Orellana 2 months ago

    Japanese Anime characters and their creators do worse!!!

  • Kanadian Kropotkin
    Kanadian Kropotkin 2 months ago +7

    Lol, selling children into slavery is lower than being mean to your stepchild. What is wrong with WatchMojo?

  • Centennial Maniac
    Centennial Maniac 2 months ago

    me at 0:00 IF SCAR KILLING MUFASA ISN'T NUMBER ONE I'M GONNA SCREAM. me at 8:05 okay, sure...i guess thats worse

  • Irina K.
    Irina K. 2 months ago +1

    In the original book Frollo isn't a judje, but a priest. I think the stuff about the pedophile priest starts from him (Esmeralda was only 16).

  • Angel D365
    Angel D365 2 months ago

    Omg!!!these scenes r awful! Esoecially the coco one! That one got me in shock the most!!!along with Pinocchio! Pinocchio still scares me and is still hard to watch!! Oh and when gothel does alll those awful things, i went like ahhhh and was sooo mad at gothel!! Frollo deserves that spot!! That was just all awful!!!

  • Jack karlsson
    Jack karlsson 2 months ago

    Claud Frolo is my fav Disney villian

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 2 months ago +1

    Child slavery 10th on the list one of the most in human acts on the planet at 9 being bullied by someone who doesn’t like u. Who the heck makes these lists

  • Noah jarquin
    Noah jarquin 2 months ago

    I’m happy frollo dies in the fires of hell

  • Zenardo
    Zenardo 2 months ago

    The Cheshire cat trying to have Alice beheaded.- Alice in Wonderland

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 2 months ago +1

    I think yall should add one more information about frollo, he burnt down Paris and killed many innocent people

  • Ryan Boddy
    Ryan Boddy 3 months ago

    In realm mythology Herculeas mom tried to kill him as a baby sooooo hades was better then that

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra 3 months ago

    That’s not nearly enough reasons for Frollo

  • Leto85
    Leto85 3 months ago

    A very interesting list, but equally difficult pick; which order is from evil to even more depicalbe? I'd say that especially the ones who got away with it would need to go higher on the list, closer to number one. Selling children is definitely one of those things.

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller 3 months ago +1

    #10, selling children into slavery. but of course, far worse than that, #9 - being mean to Cinderella :((

  • H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5
    H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5 3 months ago

    does that mean that ursula is a literal devil? She takes people's souls in return for something they want...

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith 3 months ago

    Walt you forgot Ronno trying to kill Bambi and married Faline be forse. BAMBI and Bambi ll

  • tracey white
    tracey white 3 months ago +1

    Turning children into donkeys and selling them should be number one!!!! That dude is crazy. And the smile he does almost makes me faint!!!!!

  • Fourth_Wall _Broken
    Fourth_Wall _Broken 3 months ago

    Okay, anyone who had ever watched Hunchback of Notre Dame knew Frollo would be first, that's a given

  • Pyukyu3
    Pyukyu3 3 months ago

    One thing I HAVE to say. When the whole twist with Ernesto happened. I was SHOOK! I did NOT see that coming in all honesty!

  • Alabama Robinson
    Alabama Robinson 3 months ago

    What about Evil Queen? She sent a huntsmen to go and kill her 14 year old step daughter and bring back her heart... and when he didn’t she fricken POISONED her!!

  • Alabama Robinson
    Alabama Robinson 3 months ago

    Technically Gothel DID a kill Eugene/Flynn Ryder

  • GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295
    GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295 3 months ago

    How the hell is the Coachman so low on the list? That whole scenario was beyond fucked up. But Frollo does, without a doubt, belong on the #1 spot.

  • Kathy Ball
    Kathy Ball 3 months ago

    Yep its alright crualla kidnaped puppi3s

  • Sorrelpaw
    Sorrelpaw 3 months ago

    you forgot to mentioned he also convinced simba it was simba's fault for mufasa's death which, form a viewer's standpoint, was worse than just watching him die. We got to see the pain and self blame simba had until rafiki and nala came

  • Cody Boothe
    Cody Boothe 3 months ago

    I know how it feels to be like cinderella. Except i'm a guy