Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Wig Review (My First Time Wearing A Human Hair Wig)

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Hair Wig Review (My First Time Wearing A Human Hair Wig)
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    In today's video I review my first human hair wig and honestly I had no idea what to think. I have reviewed so many synthetic wigs that I knew what the best synthetic wigs looked and felt like but now that I can compare the best synthetic wig to a human hair wig I AM SHOOK. The difference between synthetic and real hair is pretty incredible. Its all in the texture, volume, quality, and of course price.
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    Wig Info:1B/99J 180% density Virgin Human Hair Straight Hair Lace Front Wigs with a Cap M(22-22.5inch)
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    Hair Color: 1B/99J
    Hair length:22inches
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