⚡ I meet Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat! Uncensored!

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • All filmed today in London.
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  • Rudy Bodnar
    Rudy Bodnar Month ago +1

    You are amazing. Best part is when Eliot starts filming you and you ask (3:30) how much he makes from NATO and he very smugly says "I've received nothing from NATO" which you follow up with "Eliot, do you work for the Atlantic Council? Do NATO fund the Atlantic Council?" Right after that he puts his phone away. Haha, wow. Great stuff Graham.

    • Rudy Bodnar
      Rudy Bodnar Month ago

      @Graham Phillips you bet. Very impressed.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  Month ago +1

      Thank you very much for that Rudy - glad you enjoyed it!!!

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Ask for evidence. Doesn’t let him speak.

  • Jonas Ark
    Jonas Ark 2 months ago

    God is a pedophile propagandist. For Jews it was 13 years old the Vatican hold the original Bible and stand accused Muslims its three months after first menstruation. Religion is that way.

  • RedBryn
    RedBryn 3 months ago

    If this propagandist functionary for Western imperialism ever ends up with a bullet in his head, I won't be mourning.

  • kiloscott
    kiloscott 7 months ago +1

    Thoughtful of them to hold this out on the lawn. The sheep were able to graze to their heart's content. Yum! Grass.

  • kiloscott
    kiloscott 7 months ago

    Who's the dork @1:55?

  • another youtube commenter

    idiot conspiracy theorist

  • Radiša Spasojević
    Radiša Spasojević 8 months ago +1

    Bravo Grisha

  • Skyrocket888
    Skyrocket888 8 months ago +1

    3:11 shaking like a little bitch lol

  • Skyrocket888
    Skyrocket888 8 months ago +4

    Great video !!!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco 8 months ago +1

    You are the guy !

  • Bounliang Yimlamai
    Bounliang Yimlamai 8 months ago +2

    Thanks Graham for your abilities in confrontation with moron and darth vader

  • robert ely
    robert ely 9 months ago +3

    About 20 journalists are there to record what he says.
    I can see only one trying to question him

  • Analfabeto Como governante não

    Great job this independent journalist bravo

  • Dennis Kuzma
    Dennis Kuzma 9 months ago +4

    a lesson in body reading " Bellingcat looks away crosses arms " he feels uncomfortable and attacked "

  • Dennis Kuzma
    Dennis Kuzma 9 months ago +1

    So you poisson Skripals with specifik nerve gas that points to you ? Sure 😁 irak has nukes " Bellingfat friends

  • Dennis Kuzma
    Dennis Kuzma 9 months ago +2

    Journalists ? deepstate propaganda puppets

  • Dennis Kuzma
    Dennis Kuzma 9 months ago +2

    Bellingtwat no mention of support from US Nato to Terrorists a nazi svoboda friend ...hes a scam first class with a anti Russia disorder and a friend of terrorists .

  • Lord Humungous
    Lord Humungous 9 months ago +3

    I love this!!!

  • jimmi hotdog
    jimmi hotdog 9 months ago

    Britix the Vote was democratically successfully done to LEAVE the Zionist EU.

  • jimmi hotdog
    jimmi hotdog 9 months ago

    EU is a Zionist contruct, Divide
    and conquer (cause mayhem) is the Zionists plan using Israel to push
    their Plan for never ending Wars. they LIED abut Iraq, LIED about Libya
    .Lied about , Syria LIED about , 911 LIED about Afghanastan and they
    wouldn't LIE about Iran ....
    Will we all wake up and stop them anytime soon?

    "Israel war strategy ~ Onwards American soldiers" "with lies we make Wars"

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 10 months ago +1

    Great work

  • yuri Lemming
    yuri Lemming 11 months ago +1

    fantastic Graham, Higgins propagandist spreading his Nato paid for bullshit.

  • Geoffrey Oates
    Geoffrey Oates 11 months ago

    Graham Philips, you are, without doubt, the most obnoxious Asshole that has ever walked the Planet. Worse, you are from my City of Nottingham in the UK!!!. . you make me ashamed to be British!!! . . . . NATO, for your information, is a Defensive Organisation, which is DIFFERENT to the Red Army, which you support!!! .
    I hope, with all my heart, that one day, you will be in the sights of my coss hairs, and I will not miss !!!

    • RedBryn
      RedBryn 3 months ago

      Rattled your cage, didn't he? :-)

  • Gaza West
    Gaza West 11 months ago +2

    Nice one mate, we need more of you!

  • Paulina Maksymiak
    Paulina Maksymiak 11 months ago

    The same what NATO did with Libya, Russia did with Ukraine. So NATO = Russia, the same evil.

  • Сергей Давыдов
    Сергей Давыдов 11 months ago +1


  • Rocks-to-Earth-SPInner
    Rocks-to-Earth-SPInner 11 months ago +1

    good go Graham!! thanx

  • Brian Holleran
    Brian Holleran 11 months ago +1

    Who was that fat cunt wanker that kept obstructing the man asking valid questions?

  • D'lish Donut
    D'lish Donut Year ago +3

    Look at his hand shaking trying to hold the phone, you got him SHOOK!

  • Desire the Right
    Desire the Right Year ago +1

    Fuck Nato !

  • Redbaron9495
    Redbaron9495 Year ago +2

    If the Russians were really into assassinating traitors and critics......I would have thought that an idiot like Eliot Higgins would be very near the top of the list!

  • Andrii UA
    Andrii UA Year ago

    Як цього грема хуїсосять Британці)))) щось в нього погано виходить "вещать" )))

  • Steve Hayes
    Steve Hayes Year ago +1

    Where is Sergei Skripal? Good question. The British state disappears the Skripals and apparently Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey and no one (in the elite anyhow) seems to even notice, let alone care.

  • Shaun Train
    Shaun Train Year ago

    London: Debate - MIT professor accuses ‘independent’ citizen journalist web site Bellingcat’s Higgins of enabling war criminals to walk free in Syria - 21 Oct 2018 xenagoguevicene.com/2018/10/22/london-debate-mit-professor-accuses-independent-citizen-journalist-web-site-bellingcats-higgins-of-enabling-war-criminals-to-walk-free-in-syria-21-oct-2018/

  • Анна Иванова

    Лайк Грэм. Правду говорить легко. Фильм Брат 2. "В чём сила брат?" ...ответ: " Сила в правде, у кого правда тот и сильнее"
    ________ В конце вас спросили. "Что вы думаете об этих людях" (кто-то по-русски спросил) вы ответили "Ганд...н" ( я аж засмеялась! острый язык :)))...)

  • RakhmanovRecords
    RakhmanovRecords Year ago +1

    North Atlantic Terrorists Organisation.
    Good on you Gram! Молодец, брат!

  • 26monk
    26monk Year ago +4

    AAhhaaahaa… Graham, you ARE the man! When the Russian dude asked who you thought that guy was, and you said "gandon"... That was awesome! Keep fighting the good fight, friend, the world of journalism needs more of you! Thank you for telling the truth to the people in the West. God speed.

  • Spiritual Braces
    Spiritual Braces Year ago

    clearly this guy is psychotic and paranoid

    • TheEagle
      TheEagle 10 months ago +1

      Like NATO. How can he be paranoid if he's only exposing the Naked truth? Asshole

  • Влад Мир
    Влад Мир Year ago

    Только когда плывёшь против течения , понимаешь чего стоит свободное мнение. Грэм, это как ссать против ветра ! Заметил, что тряслись ручонки у одного пиджачка. Это на память ему будет о Вашей встрече. Слово " ГАНДОН" нецензурное. Так нельзя отвечать людям незнакомым или посторонним . Большая вероятность что , это будет воспринято как не уважение и не желание общаться. Или бескультурье , что тоже может исключить продолжение разговора. А ещё мне это напоминает битвы ДОН КИХОТА с ветряными мельницами. Желаю тебе чаще общаться с людьми , которые тебя понимают. Не мечи бисер перед свиньями

  • Marek De Marko
    Marek De Marko Year ago +1

    That retarded botanic with laptop takes the cake in the video.

  • ИМ
    ИМ Year ago +1

    Грэм, ты несёшь позицию которую я тоже поддерживаю, не ходи один, создай команду, которая будет работать на тебя, эта информационная война, которую ты один не осилишь, создай группу которая приследует твои интересы, будь умней.

  • Anders Stöök
    Anders Stöök Year ago +2

    Amazing to see all those so called "journalists" worship their "golden calf" in the shape of Eliot Higgins.

  • Juan Miguel Octaviano

    I saw this on the telly!

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill Year ago +4

    Well done Graham, wake up the sheep and make those worms Squeal

  • Atlanta Bill
    Atlanta Bill Year ago +1

    Graham, this was my style some years ago. I've come to believe that bystanders are more impressed by what's portrayed as sober documented facts. You could have enumerated your sources for Higgins' links to NATO, the Atlantic Council, George Soros, etc. I once witnessed an intervention in which this was done in a casual manner by someone quoting from a list he'd brought with him, quite dead pan. It was more impressive for the rest of the audience than the dozen-or-so hecklers in the audience, including myself, notwithstanding how well-informed we were. Often, ordinary people are intimidated by enthusiasm. This is not to distract from your obvious courage.

    • Peter Chopyk
      Peter Chopyk Year ago

      Why don't you read their report and say something constructive on the matter.
      Investigation was carried out by real journalists in UK and Russia, (not Kremlin idiots like Graham Philips), who risked their lives while investigating this.
      Talking crap about Soros is all you idiots can

  • Jo Hickey
    Jo Hickey Year ago +2

    wow good effort Graham :)

  • argo nut
    argo nut Year ago +1

    @graham Phillips An addendum - ru-clip.com/video/v-bRk7Ize-I/video.html

  • ШАМА Аварский

    Грем, разнес =))

  • Michael Sanderson
    Michael Sanderson Year ago +3

    Brilliant journalism!!,Elliott Higgins is a name to be remembered as the man who played his part in starting a war which will claim the lives of millions of people!

  • 1974silverboy
    1974silverboy Year ago +2

    Unbelievable attitudes. Especially from the laptop goon

  • lubilu43
    lubilu43 Year ago

    Elliot, how much have you received from Soros? Silence Elliot. how much have you received from NATO? I've received nothing from NATO :-)

    • lubilu43
      lubilu43 Year ago +1

      Shut it idiot.

    • Peter Chopyk
      Peter Chopyk Year ago

      What has it got to do with investigation carried out? Myself and many others transferred funds via crowd funding to support work of true journalists who risked their lives in Russia to investigate Skripal poisoning and uncover true identity of the suspects.
      When you have nothing constructivec to say on the matter, you start talking bollocks about Soros, NATO and all sorts of garbage.
      Read the report and then question it's substance and details

  • Maria Engström
    Maria Engström Year ago +4

    lol! I totally missed this one. Great work, but please be careful Graham. You thread dangerous territory here.
    Look at Eliot's hands from 3:07 onward when he tries to film Graham by the way, either he's really scared or really angry, because he's shaking like mad.

    FCB FTO Year ago +1

    Comment from Serbia:Now u see my friend how we fought those sharks in 90's and how they make SRB look bad in world,they are exposed in last time and truth coming on sight to all.Keep fighting brother for justice and truth.Strength and honor!

  • Incorrigible Delinquent

    no doubt the "Internet Research Agency" is driving most of this channels traffic. also if you have to establish 18/minute that "you are in fact a journalist" maybe you're just some twat with a camera?

    • TheEagle
      TheEagle 10 months ago

      @Graham Phillips You're the best!! Ice cold!

    • TheEagle
      TheEagle 10 months ago

      @Graham Phillips LOL 😂😂😂

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  Year ago +1

      Lol nice trolling 😂😂😂

  • Ye Olde Sausage Machine

    Fucking brilliant! LOL

  • Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed Year ago +1

    Amazing. The fat pussy was shaking.

  • argo nut
    argo nut Year ago +2

    Don't underestimate Ukie involvement with Bellingcat or the Skripal case.

  • MrMcdanger
    MrMcdanger Year ago

    Good job, i sub for your courage.

  • ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia

    Graham I think that all of those fuckers don't have the balls you have!