Being an Introvert is a Good Thing. | Crystal Robello | TEDxStMaryCSSchool

  • Published on May 12, 2016
  • 50% of the American population is made up of introverts, however society has a negative stigma placed on the word. In her talk, grade 12 student Crystal Robello provides insight on the struggles of being an introvert in today's society as well as reasons to show there is nothing wrong with it. She challenges the negative asked aspects of introverts and tries to prove that's there are no negatives. Crystal hopes to inspire others to accept themselves for who they truly are.
    Crystal Robello is a 17 year-old grade 12 student at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. She has been playing soccer competitively for 5 years, but has been playing the sport since she was nine. Crystal is also involved in musical theater, as she was a cast member in this year’s production of Young Frankenstein at her school. As a returning member of her schools Ted-Ed club for the second year, Crystal is excited to share her opinions and experiences through her Ted Talk.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Sarah Hamdan
    Sarah Hamdan 15 hours ago

    I am an Extrovert, and I kind of feel attacked by some of these comments!😂

  • Sarah Hamdan
    Sarah Hamdan 15 hours ago

    I agree with everything that she said , but I don't think it is wrong to encourage introverts to speak up, Ghandi for example did speak up...

  • Czyrene Louise Dalisay

    But what if you are half extrovert and introvert type??
    Is that what you call ambivert...

  • Gary Lake
    Gary Lake Day ago

    Introverts are the power behind the throne, they also make up a huge percentage of the silent majority, just because you shout the loudest does not make you the voice of authority, it just makes you an authority of louder voices.

  • gemma edeg
    gemma edeg Day ago

    good speech to encourage teens

  • BurntFury
    BurntFury 2 days ago

    Never underestimate an introvert just because they might be quiet.

  • Paper_ Dreamer
    Paper_ Dreamer 3 days ago +1

    I wonder how youtube knew that I am an introvert 🤔🤔🤔

  • Shehzad Aslam
    Shehzad Aslam 4 days ago +3

    Introverts are not shy. They simply do not consider every discussion arguable. They think deep and interested in dealing with harder questions.

  • Nova
    Nova 6 days ago

    I honestly don't like being an introvert. How can I get a job if I can't even talk at school without my heart beating louder than a nuclear bomb siren.

    • Liberian Girl
      Liberian Girl 3 days ago +1

      sameee. can't even talk in front of my own classmate.

  • yash agarwala
    yash agarwala 7 days ago +1

    Being an introvert, I could say that, its the best gift of the nature as you don't need any person to make you feel happy and just surrounded by few but true people in once life. Introverts maynot express their love,idea verbally but they express this in their actions..

  • Eqinor
    Eqinor 8 days ago +1

    There's a misconception that introverts are shy, afraid to speak up, asocial, ... Those are problems and need to be dealt with. However, those characteristics don't make you an introvert.
    An introvert can function normally in a society, but they simply don't have the need to be in the center of attention, they don't feel the need to share things about themselves and they don't crave constant social interaction. A healthy introvert can socialize and communicate normally, they simply choose not to more often than an extrovert would.

  • Tonia P
    Tonia P 9 days ago

    For Gods sake are you an introvert? A shy girl recovering maybe. You have no idea what an introvert is.

  • Anu Baby
    Anu Baby 11 days ago +1

    I'm an introvert and I hate to have useless conversations with anyone. I talk only when it's necessary, only on things that matter and that's why I don't have any friends. Although I enjoy my own company sometimes I feel lonely.

  • Beena Daniel
    Beena Daniel 11 days ago +1

    Any extrovert people watching this?

  • Sara Hesham
    Sara Hesham 12 days ago


  • Vilas Pawar
    Vilas Pawar 12 days ago +1

    Last line...was that for me??..😊😊

  • Thảo Nguyên Hoàng
    Thảo Nguyên Hoàng 12 days ago +1

    I know I'm an introvert, and I kinda feel faulty, a bit.

  • Shaik Samreen
    Shaik Samreen 13 days ago +2

    I am an introvert and I don't have any single friend and I am that person who sits in the corner and always reads in the class

  • Sadaf Din
    Sadaf Din 13 days ago +1

    I'm having trouble identifying my true self. For sure I'm an introvert but people around me keep on pushing me to speak up to share my emotions with them. It really annoys me. So i decided to open up my self and turns out I couldn't. Trying to please other cause a crisis in identifying my real self.

  • krashna mehta
    krashna mehta 13 days ago

    One minute RU-clip knows that I am an introvert ? That's why it recommended me this .

  • Saurabh Mittal
    Saurabh Mittal 14 days ago

    Introvert becomes extrovert when no one is pointing a strong finger to introvert

  • Sanjeeva Kumari
    Sanjeeva Kumari 14 days ago

    My juniors used to think that I have a very high attitude because I don't talk to others very much... But I was to shy to talk to people and I don't even like talking much. I love spending time alone upto some extent

  • Senku Ishigami
    Senku Ishigami 14 days ago +2

    "Hi, my name is introvert."
    Hi, I am Dad!

  • Aryan Shah
    Aryan Shah 14 days ago

    I am always short of words, my views are not clear that's the reason people do not want to make any interaction with us

  • Geni
    Geni 15 days ago

    If it's that dark, I mean when I can't see the audience, I feel confident

  • aparna shukla
    aparna shukla 16 days ago +1

    Each and every one of my friend need to see this
    Soo.. that they can stop making fun of introvert like mee..

  • Blue eyed Eurasian
    Blue eyed Eurasian 16 days ago

    Here is a misconception about a misconception. Many are commenting introverts are not shy. Wrong! The original definition states introverts are quite, shy, reserved etc. Introverts can be both shy or bold.

  • Dhritiman Majumder
    Dhritiman Majumder 16 days ago

    More power to you my sister

  • nayaz corner
    nayaz corner 17 days ago

    Jordan Peterson: Really! really you think so?

  • Safeera km
    Safeera km 17 days ago

    She is very beautiful and nice talking😃

  • Sania Ansari
    Sania Ansari 18 days ago +6

    I cried because this has always been my story 😢❤ thank you for this!!!!!!

  • Angelo Bagnoli
    Angelo Bagnoli 18 days ago +1

    I'm an introvert person.
    As you said, we don't need to share always our opinions. But i must say: thanks Crystal!

  • Aksht Garg
    Aksht Garg 18 days ago +7

    Hey you "the introvert" reading the comments....u r good 💓 !!

  • Tech Triangle
    Tech Triangle 19 days ago +1

    I am an introvert and my only problem is my dad he doesnt get it and always force me to participate in family functions and that is start of the disaster.

  • Tvesha Sharma
    Tvesha Sharma 19 days ago

    i love this video and this girl did a great job!

  • Tabatha Staples
    Tabatha Staples 20 days ago

    Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

    DXAGON 22 days ago +1

    I am an introvert, and the reason that I rather not talk is that I feel like I waste my time talking to the people who are not worth it! not because I am shy!!!!!!

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 23 days ago

    if you're an introvert that can perform and talk in stage, then i must be an introvert of all introverts.

  • Jyothish KA
    Jyothish KA 24 days ago

    Hey, INFJ here!✌🏻😀

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 25 days ago

    "Hello my name is introvert."

  • Neverleans
    Neverleans 26 days ago

    okay, so I thought I was an introvert, but there is probably something else that troubles me. I want to get my first job and I had a great opportunity, I could've shared an experience in front of 2 classes and showed up at a local TV. That would've given me a lot of opportunities work-wise. But I just couldn't do it. Whenever I'm in front of an audience and try to speak my ideas or share experiences all I can do is stutter and I always try to make myself look like i'm in control or feel that way but it never works. So, there is something more than being just an introvert in this situation right? otherwise I would be able to face my fears and succeed. Because I really wanted to do it, but I just couldn't. Plus, I can never enjoy myself, whenever i'm at a party or something I just feel observed or whatever and can never do anything but sit down quietly so that hopefully nobody notices me and the day just ends. The worst thing is that I can never seem to shake off the feeling of anxiety in my every-day life, it feels awful. Anyways, any thoughts anyone?

  • Chi Hạ
    Chi Hạ 28 days ago

    Thank you for your speach, I'm an introvert. Sometime, I hate myself so much because I'm a shy girl and I cant talk in front of lots of people. This problem stops me to do many things. But now,it's different, I will do my best to improve all my weak point. Be proud when you are an introvert ❤

  • Dem Demetrius
    Dem Demetrius 28 days ago

    Having poor social skills doesn't make you an introvert. You are just social awkward. Stop flattering yourself.

  • JJ Burton
    JJ Burton 28 days ago

    You completely misunderstand the ideas if introvert extrovert. The idea of these classifications, if they are even true, has to do with how people best operate and function, alone or with others. If shyness relates to introversion, it's as a consequence of it (because they operate alone, they aren't as accustomed to dealing with people), never as a function thereof.

  • Amanda Fitri
    Amanda Fitri 28 days ago


  • Prathamesh Thakur
    Prathamesh Thakur 28 days ago

    Generally, most of introverts are from pieces gang

  • Geralt von Riva
    Geralt von Riva 29 days ago

    An introvert could never talk in front of so much people. Shut up.

    • Tash Watson
      Tash Watson 27 days ago

      @Geralt von Riva She has overcome her shyness.

    • Geralt von Riva
      Geralt von Riva 27 days ago

      @Tash Watson ok, whatever. For me she is 100% not introvert. She enjoys it waaay to much on this stage to be introvert.

    • Tash Watson
      Tash Watson 27 days ago

      @Geralt von Riva she is embracing of who she is. Plus she is not shy.

    • Geralt von Riva
      Geralt von Riva 27 days ago

      @Tash Watson Introverts dont like the attention of so much RANDOM people. She clearly enjoys it. She is not introvert. Not a little bit.

  • 李文静
    李文静 29 days ago

    I thought I was a shy , quiet girl before, but gradually found that it's because I haven't met the person I feel comfortable with.

    • 李文静
      李文静 21 day ago

      @vgmlover Not really, still waiting . Thanks 😆

    • vgmlover
      vgmlover 21 day ago

      Have you found them yet. If you have, congratulations. If not, I hope you find them soon.

  • C ME
    C ME 29 days ago +3

    Introverts are extroverted inside.
    Extroverts have an introverted inside.
    What I want to say:
    Introverts are RICH in true qualities.
    Extroverts are showy people without content

  • Manan Arora
    Manan Arora 29 days ago +1

    She has a bold voice.

    UNSOLVED HORROR 29 days ago

    I love my introverts!!!!!!!!!!
    We are lone wolfs

  • ¡MR.RABBIT! maouh
    ¡MR.RABBIT! maouh Month ago

    Omg... Am gonna share this to all my friend n say "dude dnt hate me... N dnt think youre the only smart one😇

  • Carlos d
    Carlos d Month ago

    Same as being an extrovert. Oh, and the sky looks blue

  • Susmita Sarkar
    Susmita Sarkar Month ago

    I'm a introvert 😭

  • Josip
    Josip Month ago

    Being an introvert is fine if you're a female, but it's at the very least suboptimal for men with all the expectations being on them to make things happen.

  • Vishal Goud
    Vishal Goud Month ago

    I've been an introvert all my life and let me tell you this I'm not shy.
    I may not participate in class or events that happen in front of a big crowd but when someone questions me in front of a big crowd I'll speak my mind out and I'll be confident about it, but at the same time lil nervous. Most people think that introverts are sad and that we don't have anyone to talk or we don't have any friends. Most people pity us for that. But for me I'm the happiest man when I'm with myself. I'll be observing things. I'll be talking to myself in my mind. But let me tell you this I'm not shy or I'm not sad. I love being myself. I love being an introvert.

  • Fri3nd's
    Fri3nd's Month ago

    5:25 School shooting :}

  • Teacher’s Pet
    Teacher’s Pet Month ago +2

    some comments: introverts are not shy
    me, a shy, anti-social introvert: o-oh..

  • Silent Eyes
    Silent Eyes Month ago

    ME: Reads the title and immedialtely think " um yes if it dosen´t make you socially isolated aka me.

  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson Month ago

    I Love to be an introvert