'Telescope' - A Sci-fi Short Film presented by DUST

  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
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    ‘Telescope’ - by Collin Davis (presented in 4k)
    Earth as we know and love it may become a thing of the past.

    That’s the starting premise of Collin Davis’s “Telescope.” This thoughtfully crafted short film follows a brave cosmic archaeologist as he travels back in time to capture photos of the once vibrant planet. As he travels further back in time, we learn that the galaxy and time he came from has a lifeless Earth with no organic life left on its surface. It’s hard to finish the film without feeling nostalgia for an Earth that is being taken for granted.

    Dust loves this short film for its obvious environmental overtures but especially for its longing for a home that was but no longer is. A fun fact is that this film’s lead VFX artist is none other than Wes Ball, the acclaimed director of Maze Runner and short film Ruin.

    Collin Davis’s heartfelt film is worth watching more than once and taking to both head and heart.
    Official filmmaker site: pqdavis.com
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Comments • 837

  • Mack Lee
    Mack Lee 5 hours ago +1

    Ok? Bit anticlimactic 🤷‍♀️

  • Iloveya Rocko
    Iloveya Rocko 9 hours ago

    crack heads will not travel time well they might but not on a spaceship

  • Lloyd Botway
    Lloyd Botway Day ago

    Since faster-than-light travel is impossible, we can't outrun the light rays from Earth and "look back" at them.

  • Xiccarph1
    Xiccarph1 2 days ago

    Interesting short. Humans were forced to leave earth, and after just a couple centuries, forgot what it was like, maybe even "when" life ended (otherwise why was this guy making multiple scan jumps?). This guy wanted to "find" Earth as it once was, the "telescope" is technology that can view and scan a target for organic life forms at any past time based on how many light years his ship was from Earth. No "time travel" was done, but he wanted to "scan" earth from whatever light-year distance would show a living Earth. The explorer is in 2183, so had to make jumps to find at what light-year point Earth was living. Looks like from the video it was 2007-ish before he shut down the drive, which meant he exited hyper-drive around a 2007 distance equivalent (~176 light-years) and the "telescope" viewed Earth as it appeared at that time. The short clearly shows how he was gradually jumping further from earth to find a distance/time date where his equipment detected life.

  • Acyutananda das
    Acyutananda das 2 days ago

    Nice and serene, this one.

  • Srinivasan Srinivasan

  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect 6 days ago

    Time is a concept, not a physical thing that can be modified.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 6 days ago +4

    Gorgeous analogue moog style '80's synth and arpeggio soundtrack . . . always suits sci-fi, even in this century.
    I'll say it again, great music, really loved it !!

  • Kamelhaj
    Kamelhaj 8 days ago

    One of my few favorite DUST shorts! The fact that he risks it all to glimpse the Earth coming alive through the telescope says it all!

  • WhipsterMobile
    WhipsterMobile 8 days ago

    As a scifi enthusiast the premise is fantastic. Never occurred to me warp travel would allow us to get so far ahead of the light from our own planet that we could look back and focus the light to see our world as it was in the past.

  • Vaibhav Aggarwal
    Vaibhav Aggarwal 8 days ago

    Wow amazing

  • Jeff Vader
    Jeff Vader 10 days ago

    At FTL speeds hitting any object would be like a nuclear bomb going off, he would be long dead.

  • keith courson
    keith courson 11 days ago +2

    Why didn't he just look up pictures of Earth in an encyclopedia or something?

  • Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill 11 days ago

    I'm watching Dust & starting to get dusty

  • kevin hacker
    kevin hacker 11 days ago

    Orang by 2100 Kevin ): 1 Tahun

  • INCH Ranger
    INCH Ranger 12 days ago +1

    2183 and they're still using Toggle switches from the 1960's and monochromatic screens? At least Star Trek the original show lead to the creation of Tablets and Ipads.. LOL

  • Greg Blesch
    Greg Blesch 12 days ago +3

    What would be cool would be a control panel with a typewriter instead of regular computer keys!

  • Ritchie fabulous
    Ritchie fabulous 12 days ago

    Dumb black guy. All he know is to hang out at 7/11 stores & roll the dice

  • GHOST intheshell
    GHOST intheshell 16 days ago

    Stupid as all hell!!!!!

  • Kal Random
    Kal Random 17 days ago +6

    WHY does everything have to be the Earth destroyed. It will live we will go away.

    • Kamelhaj
      Kamelhaj 8 days ago +1

      Because an Earth destroyed sells.

    • Jeff Vader
      Jeff Vader 10 days ago +1

      The Earth will die eventually, but not because of Humans, because of the dying sun.

      Humans will be long gone by then, not gone as in extinct, gone as in colonising the galaxy! (Or at least, I hope so)

    • Chidi Akara
      Chidi Akara 12 days ago +1

      maybe, maybe not.

  • lw216316
    lw216316 20 days ago

    If this is a call to take care of our planet then I agree. We should stop messing in our own nest.
    If this is a call for a New World Order with no more nations and all of Earth under centralized control, with a world leader then I reject.

    When Hitler had control of Germany and made war then there were other countries who loved freedom that were able to stop him. If an evil leader has control over the whole world then who will stop him and restore freedom ?

  • Cherie Erten
    Cherie Erten 21 day ago

    He should have stayed where he was. Nothing to find here but greedy, self-centered, not human beings. Once it is gone I hope no one comes looking for it.

    I AM KURGAN 22 days ago

    And they found...........AOC still trying to sell her green new deal.

  • arthur Me
    arthur Me 22 days ago

    One day the human race will look back at earth and say where not going back there are we

  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller 23 days ago +1

    The last person alive on Earth will be a black man. Yay! We finally overcame 😄😊😅😆

  • Ernesto Vargas
    Ernesto Vargas 23 days ago +1

    "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Elliot

  • Rahul Ravanan
    Rahul Ravanan 23 days ago


  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 23 days ago

    *3:19 Cool story/CGI on lil budget HOWEVER..(everyone's a critique right? lol)"seemingly insignificant" items can turn Good to GREAT! *Keyboard and ALL interior: was intention retro 80's aesthetic? if not then shoulda just shown actor typing and no keyboard shot. great example: Alien 1979 deleted scene (on YT) of crew hearing "Alien Transmission" first time; we hear Lambert typing but don't see it.
    ALSO...Astronaut is alone in deep space for pretty significant time
    ..but looks like he's on way to job at Abercrombie & Finch...and finds the time to shave goatee in stylish manner... LOLOL...I mean....again it's the lil things that matter.
    ..not just in short films.

  • Strakos0
    Strakos0 24 days ago +1

    Nooo it deserves the final soundtrackkk!...
    This time you have ruined it with your quick DUST outro. The ending thought was mesmerising, and somehow archeotypal.
    By the way, it corelates with the Bible.

  • Tyler J
    Tyler J 26 days ago +1

    those controls look pretty cool though, i like it, like something you'd find in a top notch recording studio from the 80s, but all brand new

    • Tyler J
      Tyler J 26 days ago

      at 4:42 you literally have tape reels on the left

  • nightvisionracing
    nightvisionracing 26 days ago

    that wasn't a Timex

  • Reverend Saltine
    Reverend Saltine Month ago

    I got past the annoying narrator by killing audio and reading subtitles. The rest of it was too BORING and TRITE to watch. Seen it all done better.

  • Don James
    Don James Month ago

    An interesting premise reversing the notion of 'Time Travel' ...

  • Mysticky Clips
    Mysticky Clips Month ago +1

    I always thought it'd be cool if some day some alien species billions of light-years away was just staring at us through a telescope watching our history.

  • Saksham Verma
    Saksham Verma Month ago

    You are awsm yrrr.....
    Love to watch your films

  • Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon

    If he’d taken his pants off he could have seen a black hole without the fuel consumption...

  • Shah Hassan
    Shah Hassan Month ago

    They sure did not waste any resources on the space suit

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee Month ago +1

    No other film shorts compare to DUST, I've mostly stopped bothering with the others as my time is very limited and DUST always seems to deliver the best.

  • j v
    j v Month ago

    steampunk starship. maybe deiselpunk. electropunk?

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks Month ago +6

    200 years into the future. Still using buttons and switches

  • Ricki Maulana
    Ricki Maulana Month ago

    that man is not fly? there is no oxygen.

  • Odin Allfather
    Odin Allfather Month ago

    That is powerful

  • Terrence Sobecki
    Terrence Sobecki Month ago

    Agree with comment about scientific nonsense. According to the film In 2065 there was no organic life. The earth is permeated with organic life in all of its environments, including some of the most inhospitable terrestrial and marine environments, especially microbial life. I’ve been to the Trinity test site: the desert vegetation is flourishing there. There would still be organic life present even after a cataclysmic event, such as meteor impact or nuclear war. Liked the films concept of substituting spatial distance for time( the whole light cone phenomena), but even as a vehicle to convey the films story the “no organic life in 2065” part ruins the films impact. This is supposedly science fiction, not fantasy.

  • Jamaa L
    Jamaa L Month ago

    That was deep

  • ipudisciple
    ipudisciple 2 months ago

    Who else is watching this in 2183?

    SHERMAN YOUNG 2 months ago

    Nice 👍,4 🌟

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 2 months ago +2

    I would be long gone by now. Anyone watching this in the year 2108 ? Did you guys make it this far ? I will always wonder. Clone me out. I authorize you. I want to find out.

  • Mark Mool
    Mark Mool 2 months ago +1

    So, is the history of a man stealing a spaceship ? i see a suspicious man trying to start the engine

  • txlish
    txlish 2 months ago +1

    75 light years away in an iron ship w/machinery and electronics made in 1975, I say it would take millions of years in the fastest ship to travel that distance if not billions

  • Camroc Ian
    Camroc Ian 2 months ago

    I honestly think DUST is very unrelated, I think its well preformed and the quality is outstanding!

    • DUST
      DUST  2 months ago

      Do you mean under-rated ;)

  • RestLessNessDrop
    RestLessNessDrop 2 months ago

    Your future is DUST!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

    If everyone was Edward Scissorhands, earth would be dead by then. Luckily those city slickers haven't succeeded in taking over even half of America, let alone the world.

  • Radha Vasam
    Radha Vasam 2 months ago

    From The Earth, we see past events of the Universe, ie when the light reaches the planet, which iss some light years back. My physics fundamentals are not clear, but that is how the scientists view the past.

  • Nostra J. Enriquez
    Nostra J. Enriquez 2 months ago

    Now that was awesome.

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 2 months ago

    Two question- why on RU-clip?
    Why not in Netflix or Amazon?

  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 2 months ago

    2:47 hadouken

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell 2 months ago

    I really like this Channel. One of the best kept secrets on RU-clip. hy doesn't it have more subscribers? I did my part and shared to everyone on my list. These short films are the very best! This concept of ending a space telescope out away from something faster than light in order to look into the past is mind-blowing, but conceivably it is possible. What an original idea! Like everything on this channel. It's all pretty innovative story telling.

  • polite critique
    polite critique 2 months ago

    Looks like jevvs Antichrist moschiach never came to earth lol

  • Pridish Raj
    Pridish Raj 2 months ago

    Nice work

  • top kek
    top kek 2 months ago +1

    *_why are they eating shit? showing a yellow earth by 2020... this is some alexandria ocasio cortez bullshit propaganda_*

  • Ivan
    Ivan 2 months ago

    Boring, untalented.

  • Valid 9
    Valid 9 2 months ago

    Damn the A.I has all the lines. Although this is science fiction its so well done. This film drives home a very solid narrative. Which I think is risking everything for a better future and/or exploration. I don't know bro. I just like DUST!! 😆 My future is DUST!!

    • Kamelhaj
      Kamelhaj 8 days ago

      … to DUST we shall return.

  • Abhilash Hegde
    Abhilash Hegde 2 months ago


  • Fj Francois
    Fj Francois 2 months ago


  • Thomas Tuohy
    Thomas Tuohy 2 months ago

    no dialogue pisses me off

  • Harshit Guptas
    Harshit Guptas 2 months ago +1

    I'm getting crazy after watching these short films .... Why did you hide these videos .... I am a fucking hard-core lover of SciFi ....... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • DUST
      DUST  2 months ago +1

      We aren't hiding :)

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 2 months ago

    Kubrick like feel

  • FacelessMan
    FacelessMan 2 months ago

    It hurts. Knowing deep into the future 350 trillion years from now. Our planet Earth will probably be nothing at all. Just empty space. And no one would ever know us human once have lived in a gorgeous blue planet.

    • Jeff Vader
      Jeff Vader 10 days ago

      Our descendants might remember, if we survive and can colonise our galaxy, to hold on to life for as long as we can.

      EARN ONLINE WITH THE MASTER 2 months ago

      because sun will run out of fuel then it will explode.

  • Navaprakash Singh
    Navaprakash Singh 2 months ago +2

    Why most of such films are always dark and depressing?

    • Dan Vol
      Dan Vol Month ago

      Didn't you know: "Dark" and "Depressing" are the 90th-percentile hipster equivalents of "Artsy." Always has been, always will be.

  • T Smith
    T Smith 2 months ago +49

    well he certainly has mastered that one facial expression.

  • horowizard
    horowizard 2 months ago

    Millennials and their silly gaming consoles..

  • Artico 360
    Artico 360 2 months ago

    Great message and I like the 80s aesthetic in the interior of spaceship. :)

  • Jatinder Patwar
    Jatinder Patwar 2 months ago

    One of best... That i Subscribe...

  • JC.M Account
    JC.M Account 2 months ago


  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 2 months ago

    Me encanto !!!

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 2 months ago

    That isn't how warp works.. ughhhh

  • Sarge Scum
    Sarge Scum 2 months ago

    Love Death Robots

  • MoralSingularity
    MoralSingularity 3 months ago

    did you notice the hidden word in the sky at the end? think color blind puzzles.

  • Murn Miller
    Murn Miller 3 months ago


  • Mesh Gaming
    Mesh Gaming 3 months ago

    There was a telescope so he could see

  • Mesh Gaming
    Mesh Gaming 3 months ago

    He used a time mechine to go back in time to be on earth again

  • Mesh Gaming
    Mesh Gaming 3 months ago

    Earth blew up

  • Mesh Gaming
    Mesh Gaming 3 months ago

    So here’s wit happened Incase I didn’t catch it

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus 3 months ago +10

    Cannot. Stop. Binge watching. This. Channel.

  • Joel Belanger
    Joel Belanger 3 months ago


  • Ted Stevens
    Ted Stevens 3 months ago +31

    I agree that humanity is so narcissistic that we would travel out into deep space just so we can look back at ourselves.

  • Julian Schecter
    Julian Schecter 3 months ago +1

    A very poetic and beautiful film! Well acted by Sébastien B. Lubin with just his facial expressions and body movement, and cool production value! Well done! :)

  • Solidarity1024
    Solidarity1024 3 months ago

    Great work.

  • sankar kumar
    sankar kumar 3 months ago

    Nice Concept but if he can travel faster than light he ought to also have the ability to travel back in time

  • Nick Rodríguez
    Nick Rodríguez 3 months ago

    Are you kidding? Such a big black hole just 75 LY away won't allow life on earth

  • ettanasf
    ettanasf 3 months ago

    Nope. You can’t have a vessel traveling that fast, seemingly many many many times the speed of light, and have no way of deflecting debris. Nope. Also to be able to resolve that kind of detail of the surface of a planet for so ungodly far, you’d need a light collecting surface Of several times the size of our solar system across, probably much more for as far as he must have been by the end. Sorry. Nope.

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity 3 months ago

      generate a multiphasic field around the ship, probably multidimensional, you will go right through stuff. But the energy required to go that fast would need several supernovas

  • Sherlock Shlome
    Sherlock Shlome 3 months ago +10

    That Bladerunner aesthetic though! Brilliant stuff. Loved the props and the soundtrack.

  • darth rias gremory
    darth rias gremory 3 months ago +1

    Where did he get anti-matter from?

  • winch harry
    winch harry 3 months ago

    Farer and fares away to can see the earth replenished with lifeforms...

  • Noel Aguilar
    Noel Aguilar 3 months ago

    No entendí nada

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 3 months ago +2

    i loved the antiquated equipment.

  • Momma Maria
    Momma Maria 3 months ago

    Nice visuals and special effects.

  • Шефард Сталкеров

    Чистая хрень!

  • Fatty Acid
    Fatty Acid 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does the main character look like a buff woman with facial hair? I am very confused.

  • Radio Free
    Radio Free 3 months ago

    We've watched several of these stories. They aren't complete. To get traction, they'll need to provide complete stories.

    • Tracy Cooper
      Tracy Cooper 3 months ago

      @Akilleus Possibly. But we no longer watch them for that very reason -- I guess our form of entertainment looks a little different ;D

    • Akilleus
      Akilleus 3 months ago

      That’s why it’s called a short story. Not every story needs a back story and wrapped tightly with a bow on top.