Donnie Darko - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
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    This art-house darling has a lot of people wondering, is this a deep classic or pretentious slosh? Can it be both? Nostalgia Critic gives his thoughts on Donnie Darko.
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    Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction film written and directed by Richard Kelly. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell, Katharine Ross, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Stu Stone, Daveigh Chase and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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Comments • 4 449

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  5 months ago +602

    So, is Donnie Darko a deep classic or a pretentious slosh?
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  • Lans Primal
    Lans Primal Day ago

    10:58 yes

  • PhazonOmega
    PhazonOmega 2 days ago

    I appreciate that shirt in the advertisement. A lot of heart went into that.

  • Edward Oberon
    Edward Oberon 3 days ago should take over USPS

  • Purplexzin
    Purplexzin 5 days ago

    What an absolute moronic convoluted shitfest of a film

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith 6 days ago

    Where’s the Spirited Away Joke?
    Ps. Freaking love this review.

  • Lapidot 4 ever
    Lapidot 4 ever 6 days ago

    Doug guessed the twist in spider-man far from home. He must prediction.

  • J C
    J C 6 days ago

    Mysterio’s origin story?

  • Patrick Small
    Patrick Small 7 days ago

    Someone please explain this movie to me

  • Ben McAshea
    Ben McAshea 8 days ago +1

    Always thought he was wearing a Deranged Bunny Fetish Mask.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago


  • Full Clock
    Full Clock 9 days ago +1

    Never heard of

  • snackfan
    snackfan 9 days ago +1

    Donnie Darko is quite possibly my favorite film. The only movie close to it is The Sisters Brothers.

  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo 10 days ago +1

    critic how the hell you spoil far from home before it even come out!!!

    • Halloweenman33
      Halloweenman33 4 days ago

      It's not a spoiler. Anybody who is familiar with the character in any way (even from video games) knows he's not a hero

  • Prismatic M
    Prismatic M 10 days ago +1

    The biggest take away from this video is Dougs shirt is fucking adorable.

  • Jason Reitz
    Jason Reitz 11 days ago

    Tbh this movie is so fuckin weird

  • George Hislop
    George Hislop 11 days ago

    4:48 very funny XD

  • Ikhwan Arif
    Ikhwan Arif 11 days ago

    This movie is overrated.

  • Great Lake Films
    Great Lake Films 12 days ago +1

    11:59 are there any real schools that aren’t run by dumbasses

  • V TV
    V TV 12 days ago +1

    8:52 That would have been a perfect moment for another Colm Wilkinson "home"

  • Noah Da. Ark
    Noah Da. Ark 13 days ago

    Actually Donnie Darko isn’t all that deep it’s really the origin of Mysterio

  • Philip A. Stephenson
    Philip A. Stephenson 13 days ago

    The painting was CLEARLY OF PATRICK SWAYZE.

  • Kerri Lamothe
    Kerri Lamothe 14 days ago

    That fucking Avatar shirt! I love it!

  • Ryan Lawler
    Ryan Lawler 17 days ago +1

    Gotta love how that speaker decided to pitch a book about how shitty teens are in his opinion to a room of teens. You'd think there'd be easier ways to pitch to grown adults.

  • Ryan Lawler
    Ryan Lawler 17 days ago

    What is it with famous movies and Daveigh Chase? This and the titular character in the Lilo and Stitch franchise. Weird coincidences or maybe she got this role because of her famous Disney role?

  • Tony
    Tony 21 day ago +1


  • James Praddick
    James Praddick 21 day ago

    Diveigh chase was in three films in 2001
    19 January 20 September 21 september

  • Obair n/a
    Obair n/a 21 day ago


  • Oddsie
    Oddsie 22 days ago

    god what is that song at the start of the video? 0:51

  • mystery
    mystery 23 days ago

    Nostalgia Critic I noticed something. If this video was published Feb 20, 2019 then how did you get a picture of Mysterio? A character who's design, as far as I know, was revealed after Avengers End Game which came out a full 2 mouths 6 days later. The previews for "Spiderman Far From Home" (I might be wrong on this part), weren't even playing at first after the credits of End Game. I have two theories on how you managed to get the picture. One, you know the secret to time travel and went to the future and got the picture. Or two, you have vary good inside connections with the people that make the Marvel movies. I think either could be true.

  • Trey Mixon
    Trey Mixon 23 days ago

    Advertisement for stamps...thumbs down

  • Albeit_Jordan
    Albeit_Jordan 23 days ago

    Eh, I reckon Donnie Darko is pretty average and bland, but I can certainly see why it would induce a good dopamine rush in those who aren't necessarily exposed to or regularly exercising profound thinking otherwise.

  • Jukebox Owens
    Jukebox Owens 24 days ago

    Only okay with advertisements when they're done by Doug.

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 24 days ago +1

    This movie inspired "bad bunny Morty" from Pocket Morty.

  • Kelli Vincent
    Kelli Vincent 24 days ago

    This must be the alternative earth Mysterio came from

  • Krysten Cabbage
    Krysten Cabbage 24 days ago

    The bunny suit always freaked me out, like even just seeing the clips in this video made me uncomfortable. I don't know why, but Frank genuinely scares me.

  • Ducking Around
    Ducking Around 24 days ago +1

    Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

  • L K
    L K 26 days ago

    13:16 His shirt is the key to world peace

  • L K
    L K 26 days ago

    God's not dead 4?? When was there a 3???

  • Hello There
    Hello There 26 days ago


  • Theforcer 1
    Theforcer 1 26 days ago

    There is no T in Gyllenhaal

  • Norris Vaughn III
    Norris Vaughn III 27 days ago

    I actually think this movie is one of the best films I've seen, but I was surprisedby your arguments...and no, I am not one of those art house buts who try to act superior to everyone else, I just like the movie yet found your arguments compelling

  • Ash of Eden
    Ash of Eden 27 days ago

    I think it's all meant to be how Donnie sees the world. He thinks the dumb jocks are the types of people to say "i like your boobs" so that's what he hears.

  • Dick Simmons
    Dick Simmons 27 days ago +2

    I hit fast forward five seconds ever time I heard and only heard
    Edit: **

  • Shadow Werewolf6
    Shadow Werewolf6 28 days ago +7

    The man said "Why are you wearing that man suit." Which was led up with a great Nostalgia Critic quote, "Spoken like a true furry."
    I'm not against furries for I am one. Don't judge me.

  • Eyes2Seek
    Eyes2Seek 28 days ago +2

    Gyllenhaal or GyllenThaal? mispronounced on purpose?

  • Ludwig Ziffer
    Ludwig Ziffer 29 days ago +34

    "DC Cinematic reboot of Bugs Bunny"
    Yep, shouldn't have been drinking anything during that line.

  • David The Awesome
    David The Awesome 29 days ago

    666K Views?! THE DEVIL!!!

  • Yuriy Chizhov
    Yuriy Chizhov Month ago

    *embracing my inner hipster*. Some movies are novels in prose, some are poetry. This might not be the best directed movie, but it has enough heart and sincerity to pull it off. The plot is abstract, it has no meaning; the imagery - both visual and conceptual is what makes this movie a spiral into a self reflection. So the biggest mistake is to approach it as a science fiction movie - it is not. It is not a movie about time travel, but about mortality, sacrifice and an existential comedy that is the search of meaning; a wanderlust that is ultimately pointless... or is it?

  • MrOverCritical1989
    MrOverCritical1989 Month ago

    Oh boy.

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat Month ago +2

    guy: so do you have any 'bunny outfits' ;)
    me: oh yeah I do!
    guy: put it on
    me: *comes back dressed as Frank*

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda 29 days ago

      Don't be surprised if they're into it all the same

  • DJ Beezy
    DJ Beezy Month ago
    This is by far the best explanation.

  • SnakeGeo
    SnakeGeo Month ago

    When I watched this movie I was 16 and couldn't understand how somebody could enjoy it. I still feel the same.

  • ultra gamer20
    ultra gamer20 Month ago +7

    The ultimate weapon to kill Frank the Bunny....


  • Bruno Ribeiro
    Bruno Ribeiro Month ago

    wait,Seth Rogen was on this film ? whaaaat

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker Month ago

    My son just called me a bitch.
    Where is this son of a whore?

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Month ago

    we are just.....really passionate about art.. (not cringy art)

  • Freaky Fred
    Freaky Fred Month ago

    At this point anybody who likes this movie is a dumbass millennial and they will like anything. Hope to fuck none of them become actors..

  • Noirblanque
    Noirblanque Month ago +1

    4:18 is that the new Billie Eilish song?

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat Month ago

    honestly I say we should replace the easter bunny with Frank, I'd kill to see this!!

  • josht27ffx
    josht27ffx Month ago

    Is it just me or is this movie just not lit very well

  • Spark
    Spark Month ago

    That damn rabbit looks like a black springtrap

  • Austin Love
    Austin Love Month ago

    24:05 cool

  • Gabriel Beam
    Gabriel Beam Month ago +1

    I didn't know they made a FNAF 3 movie.

  • Hunter Webster
    Hunter Webster Month ago

    This is one of those movies I want redone so it's better. I think it brings up good points on socialism and philosophy, but it's distracted by poor direction.

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. Month ago

    *G Y L L E N T H A A L*

  • Ririn Collin Wing
    Ririn Collin Wing 2 months ago

    The Movie that deku probably saw that made his first hero outfit

  • William Beal
    William Beal 2 months ago

    Those bedroom eyes

  • Johannes Berg
    Johannes Berg 2 months ago

    people think this movie is better than it really is bc of the cool looking bunny, nothing more

  • Hessed3712
    Hessed3712 2 months ago

    So did the girlfriend really die?

  • Just Call Me Ace
    Just Call Me Ace 2 months ago

    I live in Australia so I don't understand what do stamps do I'm quite confused by the ad

  • Roxy Woodward
    Roxy Woodward 2 months ago

    Yeah I know it's not really fair, since you're reviewing the actual movie, but I'd seriously recommend the director's cut of Donnie Darko. The editing is a LOT less awkward, all scenes just linger a little longer, so it's less of the 'super mario feel' you were talking about. Also, it's a lot clearer what actually goes on in this film.
    Donnie Darko is one of my favourite movies of all times, but saying that, I'm pretty much referring to the director's cut. The editing really bugs me in the theatrical version.

  • Daemic
    Daemic 2 months ago

    Holy shitttt breaking the 4th wall like tha so subtly during the intro was masterful

  • Ciaran Foster
    Ciaran Foster 2 months ago

    cinema venom did a expose doc on u and im starting to beleave him ads ads ads how much u getting paid mate

  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that thought this movie was just pretty good. Like, yeah. It was kinda clever and kinda cool and I liked what it did but that's the key word. Kinda. I liked it. It was pretty good.
    But mind blowing? I dunno if I'm just being super hipstery never struck me as THAT deep. Like I guess it's pretty deep for a movie this mainstream's like level 3 artsy ya know.

  • Stuart Habeger
    Stuart Habeger 2 months ago +1

    Who's gonna count off your head at night
    One asks who.
    We know He is not human.
    It's Donnie darko

  • Tynox 01
    Tynox 01 2 months ago +1

    2:45 good taste lady, i literally just finished IT today, ITS pretty damn good

  • altarush
    altarush 2 months ago

    Do the Incredible Mister Limpet : the Don Knotts movie.

  • Gloomy Fish
    Gloomy Fish 2 months ago +10

    "I guess I missed the part where they went from name-calling to multiple homicide"
    Hoooo boy I am getting some Jeff The Killer flashbacks...

  • Sid TheFilthyBastard
    Sid TheFilthyBastard 2 months ago

    Why didn't you talk about the soundtrack??? It has one of the greatest soundtracks ever.
    By the way, i love the movie, not because it's deep. But because of the phylpsophical nature of it. And i feel like Donnie is one of the greatest characters ever written. And also preatty relatable for any person with phsychiatric problems. It feels like if a bunch of emos from the 80's and 90's decided to make a film; all about depression, anxiety, and other phsychiatric stuff, and a lot of sad romance (that that's basicly what this movie is about); just like fugazi, rites of spring, or i hate myself.
    I think that if this movie came out in more resent years it would have been praised a lot, because of all the 80's vibe. You know, this trend of 80's vibe with since fiction and stuff .
    So yeah, i love Donnie Darko, but not because of the reasons people mostly Say it's cool or not. And i'm not trying to be unique, i'm just trying to show the other side of this movie (that really has a fucking awesome soundtrack)

  • Inter Sans Historia
    Inter Sans Historia 2 months ago +1

    Only Nostalgia Critic can make a stamp sales truly amusing and interesting.

  • Travis-Colt Gray
    Travis-Colt Gray 2 months ago

    Do Armageddon

  • Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

    i dont think you're commited to Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle motion

  • Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

    movie schools are often full of dumbass's or assholes, JUST LIKE MY SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Davies
    Matthew Davies 2 months ago

    This is the only video I've not watched from series 12 & without getting onto it too much I'm going to say it's one of the best films ever & one of my favourite movies

  • Jennifer Carmack
    Jennifer Carmack 2 months ago

    Fuck all of y'all. This movie is amazing.

  • Alexis Dennis
    Alexis Dennis 2 months ago

    Guys rember danny darko dantdms evil ego

  • Pinestraker
    Pinestraker 2 months ago

    Where did you get that Avatar t-shirt?!?

  • naterpler
    naterpler 2 months ago


  • Drawyoursword420
    Drawyoursword420 3 months ago

    You're right critic promo code nostalgia because......stamps? Why not have an ad for betamax? But I WILL take the free scale

  • Odd Freaks
    Odd Freaks 3 months ago +25

    “He looks so much like Lola Bunny-“
    *two sudden claps*

  • C M
    C M 3 months ago +2

    2:47 coincidentally, also the ending of another film featuring Jake Gyllenhaal...

  • Jinhunter Slay
    Jinhunter Slay 3 months ago

    I've never watched this movie before, but any movie that references the Smurfs (the FRIGGIN of the most garbage franchises out there!) and uses it as if it's some kind of meaningful line is clearly NOT SMART. In fact, it's downright cringe-worthy!

  • Wesley Darnell
    Wesley Darnell 3 months ago

    11:38 The hell did Donnie say?

  • lcyw20
    lcyw20 3 months ago +2

    Where did you get your Avatar/Captain Planet T-shirt?

  • lcyw20
    lcyw20 3 months ago

    The rabbit looks a lot like the rabbit masks used in the Arkham series of games for the Mad Hatter portions.

  • BlueVelvet116
    BlueVelvet116 3 months ago

    Tbh, I think DD was one of the first movies that tried to somewhat copy a David Lynchian type of filmmaking while attempting something lighter in terms of character and atmosphere. Nowadays there are just so many of them, even shows like Maniac did this. I mostly agree with the critic, parts of it come out hollow and pretentious despite, yet other parts are memorably good. It's the one sub-genre I can't quite put my finger on. On one hand, it is indeed thought-provoking which is a huge achievement in the era of countless reboots, but on the other hand, I'm like "Well, this could mean anything, much like anyone can make a movie that is intentionally weird, what's the guarantee there's an actual original concept behind it"? Gyllenhaal was also in Enemy - now that's a great surreal movie in my eyes, but I wouldn't be appalled if someone doesn't really find it all that great.

  • CrackedReality
    CrackedReality 3 months ago +1

    Lyle McDouchebag also did a video on this and well...
    Seth... A car is coming...

  • Hessed3712
    Hessed3712 3 months ago

    Wait... what? The bunny was a dude he killed from the future? And then his girlfriend dies, and his mom and sister get stuck in a time loop/vacuum/ timy whimy things and crash into his room. Killing him and resetting the timeline? But why? How?
    My head hurts. I’m going to watch a review of Green Lantern.

  • Viraemia 096
    Viraemia 096 3 months ago

    Dude seriously your sense of humor is worst than leonard part 6 director's sense of humor