How to fly on a PRIVATE JET for £250!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • I took a flight on a private jet in Europe for just £250 on a scheduled flight that operates twice a week - and you can too! In this week's trip report I'll show you how I did it!

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  • W M
    W M 3 days ago

    I had to pause this video just to comment. Your content is fantastic and you're very likeable as a vlogger. You're in my top three of aviation vloggers (and I watch a LOT of these). Cheers mate.

  • MATRIX20215
    MATRIX20215 7 days ago

    What is the company name ? as i cant find it

  • Frank Schlaurer
    Frank Schlaurer 11 days ago

    I will also book this flight

  • Austin Lovesy
    Austin Lovesy 15 days ago +1

    Anybody else see a face in the clouds at 3:47

  • Michael Wootton
    Michael Wootton 24 days ago +1

    In Gta 5 you get 3 to 4 private jets you get a black one which I would count as a private jet one in airlines livery which I don't count, a smaller jet and a propeller plane although the propeller can be used for passengers.

  • pablop8bld
    pablop8bld 28 days ago +2

    5:58 Butter! (Comment if you watch Swiss001 and know what I mean by butter)

  • Explore With us
    Explore With us Month ago +2

    Great video buddy,,,what video editing software do you use 👍

  • Kilian
    Kilian Month ago +3

    Well, it is normaly around 600 so you got pretty lucky with that price.

  • Eve Smith
    Eve Smith Month ago

    So if no one books this flight, do they still have to fly

    • npturner
      npturner Month ago

      Eve Smith I would imagine so as he stated that they had to do 2 scheduled flights a week for their license.

  • Derpyderp
    Derpyderp Month ago +11

    I flew on a Cessena Grand Caravan, which seats 13, on an evening flight upto New Zealand's north est airport one friday last year. I was completely alone except the pilot and one other passenger - who happened to be the former MP for the region and one of NZ's most controversial politicians. 95 quid well spent.

  • LostScotsman
    LostScotsman Month ago

    If they have no booked passengers for the outbound and inbound flight. Do they still have to complete the round trip. Seems wasteful to enforce the trip being made if no one will use it. But great video, looks like it would have been fun for both you and the pilots.

    • npturner
      npturner Month ago

      LostScotsman I would imagine so as he stated that they had to do 2 scheduled flights a week for their license.

  • Terje
    Terje Month ago

    Cool. I had the same journey. It was amazing :D

  • GioGoiBoi1
    GioGoiBoi1 Month ago

    I managed to visit the cock pit on a flight to florida with my grandad when i was either 4 or 6 think i was 6 which would of been the year 2000 and we traveled on air 2000 it was awesome i won a contest on board it was like a questionnaire thing and i had to go collect my prize from the cockpit which was a mini pluto plush and i got to chat with the pilot’s we also think a stewardess rigged it for me to win as she took a shine to me 😂😂 but ill never forget it!

    PRATITH N SHENAI Month ago +1

    This airline operated Cessna Citation between Bangalore Mangalore route in India for few days back in May 2017. A ticket costed 11,000 Rupees.

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards Month ago

    Looked an interesting flight but stopped watching after a few minutes (Captain's briefing) as there was too much music.

  • My Aviation Addiction

    At 5:00 can anyone else hear a car alarm

    • Misha
      Misha Month ago

      it sounds before the engines switch on. safety feature to avoid acidents. they have the same alarms on most boats and yacht, as you are starting the engine, so that people dont get injured by the propellor

  • Mike Tendler
    Mike Tendler 2 months ago

    LOVE!!! I have to do this one day :-)

  • Cal
    Cal 2 months ago +2

    This is amazing, the fact that you could visit the open flight deck too is a real throwback. I gather from the comments that this is an older video - do you have any idea if this is still possible to do?

  • Daniele Regoli
    Daniele Regoli 2 months ago +2

    Amazing! Hahn Air has been on my radar for a little while now.... Great video! Thanks.

  • On The Spot Interviews
    On The Spot Interviews 2 months ago

    Was it a 1 way ticket ride?

  • blackdragon6
    blackdragon6 2 months ago +2

    Should have got a quick interview with the pilots and that chick in the beginning 😉

  • Mick Goodhand
    Mick Goodhand 4 months ago +2

    Wow great video. I’ve just started watching your videos,and wow what a great life you must have.

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett 4 months ago

    Great Video Noel! All the very best.

  • Real Life
    Real Life 4 months ago

    Thanks for this excellent video and information.

  • Chris Pick
    Chris Pick 4 months ago +1

    Nice video, but the ring light on your eye glasses was a bit disracting

  • leigh rensch
    leigh rensch 4 months ago

    once a week on a friday and monday ?

  • Jet Junkies Live
    Jet Junkies Live 4 months ago +5

    Awesome video Noel. Good to see you back to great health and making more videos

  • virularch
    virularch 4 months ago

    Are you gonna do more full flight videos????

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago

      I still create full flight videos but unfortunately cannot share on RU-clip. They are on our website though or you can access them as a supporter on Patreon or Facebook. Thank you :)

  • Vuelogs
    Vuelogs 4 months ago +2

    That's a great experience! I flew sort of private two days ago on a Pilatus PC-12 with Boutique air. Unfortunately I had to share the cabin with some other people unlike you. Great video and thanks for sharing that.

  • Erik
    Erik 4 months ago +1

    Hello, I'd have a full flight video request , my favourite route of all is LH511 From Buenos Aires to Frankfurt in the German winter time. Is it possible for you to make that one? The flight is done by a 747-8 and it's the longest nonstop Lufthansa flight. Cheers.

    • Erik
      Erik 4 months ago +1

      Awesome :) already looking forward to it.

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago +1

      Hey Erik, well you are in luck (almost) :) I just booked the other way, Frankfurt to Buenos Aires, with Lufthansa on the 747-8 in business class in September :)

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 4 months ago

    Enjoyed the video my friend

  • Bruce Sumter
    Bruce Sumter 4 months ago

    wow so cool lea jet look like i hope your family had a good new year 2019 RR :)

  • Derpy Yee
    Derpy Yee 4 months ago +1

    Have you been to wick airport before?

  • Revolutions88
    Revolutions88 4 months ago +15

    That was one attractive gate agent

  • emcc04
    emcc04 4 months ago

    When was this filmed, the Swiss Avros and AirBerlin planes confused me

  • Juan Amaya
    Juan Amaya 4 months ago

    Welcome back Noel!

  • Ryan Hearn
    Ryan Hearn 4 months ago +50

    Captain Joe in the CargoLux? lol

    • Ryan Hearn
      Ryan Hearn 2 months ago

      Cal true I completely forgot he flew for airberlin 👍🏻

    • Cal
      Cal 2 months ago +1

      I think this is an older video. But didn’t he fly for airberlin before? In which case maybe he was in one of those 🧐

    • jacob prescott
      jacob prescott 3 months ago +1

      i was thinking the exact same thing !

  • Alexis Richard
    Alexis Richard 4 months ago

    Cool vid!! I‘m from Luxembourg by the way

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett 4 months ago

    Very good is jet small to fly. Thank you

  • Dan boy
    Dan boy 4 months ago

    Can u still purchase this flight and if so how?

    • Ryan_LHR_27L
      Ryan_LHR_27L 4 months ago +1

      Yes just look.on expedia. Just tried myself now and it's there for £246

    • Smacky Wacky_
      Smacky Wacky_ 4 months ago

      listen to the video, it's all explained there.

  • TrainNutter
    TrainNutter 4 months ago

    airberlin lol

  • Progressive
    Progressive 4 months ago

    I've worked on this machine several times during my apprenticeship as an AET :)

  • Trone Hunter
    Trone Hunter 4 months ago

    WOW Beautiful video interesting and informative . You are very lucky flight with this private airplane . :) :D seats looks like first class seats . Good luck !

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez 4 months ago +1

    Hi! What song? Greetings from Spain

  • Keaton Wall
    Keaton Wall 4 months ago

    Soooo cool I’d love to go on that jet

  • XY Aviation
    XY Aviation 4 months ago +13

    RIP Airberlin

  • MrGriser
    MrGriser 4 months ago

    You talking about a flight you made nearly 3 years ago!

    • MrGriser
      MrGriser 4 months ago

      I really want you to upload another full flight video such as the Eastern Airways from Leeds/Bradford to Southampton and the Flybe flight from Guernsey to Southampton

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago

      Yep lol I kept meaning to edit it together into a trip report and it's taken until my recent sickness to actually get around to it :)

  • Jim McCuin
    Jim McCuin 4 months ago

    Now that was cool! Iv actually heard of Hahn. They have a 3 part video with two of their pilots picking up a new jet from Cessna in Kansas and flying it back to Germany. Very Cool Noel!

  • Grant Rennie
    Grant Rennie 4 months ago

    Get well

  • London Underground 978
    London Underground 978 4 months ago +1

    Hope your throat gets well better! :)

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 4 months ago +9

    Glad you're back Neil! Happy new year ☺️🎉

  • Moments In The Sky
    Moments In The Sky 4 months ago

    Excellent video..a real insight into how the other half live! Really enjoyed that

  • James Oates
    James Oates 4 months ago +5

    Wow how old is this video? There was a Swiss RJ100 at the gate! Can’t have been filmed after august of 2017

    • EinkOLED
      EinkOLED 4 months ago

      +Noel Philips: inflight Video I hope you are doing okay regarding the throat operation. Hope nothing is too serious N////

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago

      Yep this was a couple of years ago now. Been putting off the edit for a while!

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago

    Are you Paul Stewart?

  • Suursaadik
    Suursaadik 4 months ago

    First time in private jet?

  • Ryanairy55
    Ryanairy55 4 months ago +2

    Lol very cheap flight

  • Jack Jack Productions
    Jack Jack Productions 4 months ago +7

    How did you fly a Swiss RJ100

    • Jessboy 24
      Jessboy 24 4 months ago

      +Noel Philips: inflight Video very Interesting love it.

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago +2

      This was a couple of years ago. I kept putting off releasing it :)

    • Jessboy 24
      Jessboy 24 4 months ago

      This would have been recorded sometime last year.

  • Philipp Koziar
    Philipp Koziar 4 months ago +1

    Can not wait! Sounds Incredible! Thank you!

  • David Boccali
    David Boccali 4 months ago

    will you ever report on an Alitalia flight?

  • ZaBaHD
    ZaBaHD 4 months ago +8

    Empty legs:)

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  4 months ago

      Nope not on this one ;)

    • Ryan Olivas
      Ryan Olivas 4 months ago

      ZaBaHD yep, that's the main way. Unless your part of a shared Jet Membership, which is $5k+ annually just to start depending on which company.