Change the Game VR Charity Challenge: Ep. 4 | Oculus Rift

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • In the final episode of the Change the Game VR Charity Challenge, Magnus Beasticus and Lemming go toe to toe in Creed: Rise to Glory to win $100K for charity. Visit for more info!
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Comments • 14

  • Coop
    Coop 5 months ago

    dude lemming cheated the whole time, one arm behind your back means one arm up not both

  • Midnight
    Midnight 5 months ago +1

    lol all of those guys are clearly forcing it and not passionate about VR. must be a price behind or a good pay chek. sucks.if i wanted to make a promotion show for oculus, i would make sure the hype isn't faked out and i would make sure the content and directing of the show is top notch.

  • cap1tiller
    cap1tiller 5 months ago +2

    Lemming: (gets hold one arm behind back) Cool, so during the match I'll do the exact opposite and just block my face with it the whole time.
    I understand there may have been some vr problems with that but if there were problems with it then why was it a choice in the first place?

  • BAMFKyle
    BAMFKyle 5 months ago +5

    VERY VERY staged and cringy.

  • pogo575
    pogo575 5 months ago +3

    I love the Oculus but this is cringe as shit. I wish marketing teams would give their consumers a little credit. Not to mention the mind numbing diversity on display here.
    Is facebook completely tone deaf on how to build up a mass market out of a hardcore seed? Vive is winning because they aren’t selling to soccer moms. Steam SDK appeals more to devs. More devs = more games. More games = more effing hardware sales.
    For the cost of this abysmal ad Oculus could have gambled on a small Indy to make an exclusive killer app.

  • Cole Hilton
    Cole Hilton 5 months ago +7

    The only reason I’m disliking is because lemming cheated and nobody called him out

  • datornado013
    datornado013 5 months ago +11

    The fact that he used the arm to block even tho it was arm behind his back really frustrated me.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 months ago +14

    >One arm behind back
    >Holds arm up to block entire fight
    K cool

  • minetuetle2003
    minetuetle2003 5 months ago +15

    the fact that he blocked with his one arm the whole time really infuriates me

  • Jubal Harmon
    Jubal Harmon 5 months ago +19

    wasn't lemming supposed to fight with only one arm?

    • malik lopes
      malik lopes 5 months ago +2


    • minetuetle2003
      minetuetle2003 5 months ago +3

      i was gonna comment the same thing. it said one hand behind back

  • Francisco Gallardo
    Francisco Gallardo 5 months ago +5

    You know why we're all here 🍑