BEST UDON NOODLES! Udon Noodle Tour of Tokyo Japan!

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • I've done a lot of videos on different types of ramen, but I haven't paid much attention to the cousin of the ramen, Udon.
    The first place, Shin Udon, has incredibly fresh and chewy noodles, and if you get the cold udon, the dipping sauce has a great umami flavor to it. The tempura here is amazing as well, very tender, crunchy, and juicy.
    For the second place, I defiantly recommend Godaime Hanayama Udon. The Oni-Himokawa noodles at Hanayama Udon are unique. It's not the regular udon noodles you would typically get. It's a lot wider and flat. Now, I thought the first place has great umami flavored dipping sauce, but if you get the hot udon bowl, it has a very robust umami broth, which blew me away.
    #ramen #udon #japan
    ✧ Shin Udon
    ✧ Godaime Hanayama Udon
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  • Doomer Flame
    Doomer Flame Day ago

    Dem *T H I C C* noodles

  • VioletUnicorn 918
    VioletUnicorn 918 2 days ago

    OMFG STOP SAYING “RIGHT NOW” MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Hearnsberger
    Kyle Hearnsberger 6 days ago

    Dude, no lie - I dig your videos. I’ve never had any authentic Ramen, but hope to try it someday. I’m hilariously stuck with the store bought kind, lol. I enjoy sushi, but the main kind I get - I can’t think of the specific name, but it’s a rolled bunch of sushi rice and inside that’s the nori sheet rolled up and inside that is whatever fillings. Good stuff.

  • Logan Alcala
    Logan Alcala 12 days ago

    Mike how do you do it to stay in shape bro. You can eat! I envy how you can maintain your figure. Thank you so much for sharing your videos. ☺️

  • Veronica Boerks
    Veronica Boerks 15 days ago

    Those first secs of this video are pure food porn.

  • Arden's Arcanum
    Arden's Arcanum 17 days ago

    Its not a bear, its a tanuki: Raccoon dog

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png 19 days ago

    ....and I am here, comforting myself with a bag of lays....

  • fudo della montagna
    fudo della montagna 21 day ago

    4:22 carbonara giapponese🤣👍

  • Jeden Carl
    Jeden Carl 22 days ago

    Damn it is can't go to japan i don't have enough money to go there 😭

  • Star The Taco
    Star The Taco 25 days ago

    I love how Mike's eyes grow wide when he eats really good food, it's like he's going 'Oh god this is beautiful, I am so glad that food exists.'

  • Elizabeth Patel
    Elizabeth Patel 25 days ago

    Still waiting............?

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    Rene Rivera 26 days ago


  • Marc Tran
    Marc Tran 26 days ago

    Ha, only just realised at 3:14 laowhy86 pops into the frame!!!

  • Kelkel 5577
    Kelkel 5577 27 days ago

    Omg yes udon ;)

  • Ngangoc Ly
    Ngangoc Ly Month ago

    Thanks Mike! Looks so yummy. May I please have the addresses of these udon restaurants?

  • DariusQ
    DariusQ Month ago

    The "bear" is a tanooki, so closer to a racoon. They are often looked upon as woodland spirits. Think like Totoro.

  • bayu mahendra
    bayu mahendra Month ago

    That crunchy sound when eating vegies, strong enough to made my stomach roar

  • GMGCubing
    GMGCubing Month ago

    Technically, the egg you called a soft boiled egg is a Poached egg

  • Sergio Carrillo
    Sergio Carrillo Month ago +1

    Looks good looks good

  • BurogVlog TV
    BurogVlog TV Month ago

    10:16 sorry for laughing. 😂

  • Art Jimin
    Art Jimin Month ago

    Your food shots this time were extremely delicious and mouthwatering.
    Thank you for making me crave for things I will never get :D

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    Lee Wharmby Month ago


  • Archangel_Omega
    Archangel_Omega Month ago

    Damn you should record the omurice one too as a bonus clip

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    Charlie Newman Month ago +1

    Your vids are so dupe and the 7 11 videos are so cool and it’s weird that you can buy video games in the Store 😂

  • Dtay
    Dtay Month ago +7

    Going to japan in september. FIRST STOP is shinn udon after checking into hotel

  • I Don't Know Elisa
    I Don't Know Elisa 2 months ago

    can you do a video on vegan food places in tokyo

  • I Don't Know Elisa
    I Don't Know Elisa 2 months ago

    idk why but i love noodles so much

  • Maximina Urrutia
    Maximina Urrutia 2 months ago

    the first place the hotr noodles look like he was eating alfredo pasta

  • Banana Swag
    Banana Swag 2 months ago

    Italy : we make the best noodles
    Japan : hold my ramen

  • Banana Swag
    Banana Swag 2 months ago

    How does this guy stay fit

  • abraham kim
    abraham kim 2 months ago

    Udon carbonara?! (Swoon)

    SF2TOKYO 2 months ago

    Thr worst thing is, flying all the way to Japan, finally getting to eat at the restaurant you've been researching for months, and then end up sitting next to white people.

    THEBREAD THEBREAD 2 months ago

    It does not show u swallowing!!!

  • Rachel Olvera
    Rachel Olvera 2 months ago

    Love his expression! Now I feel like eating some.

  • Wei Hao Huang
    Wei Hao Huang 2 months ago

    Bruh they use bare hands

  • Janny Chang
    Janny Chang 2 months ago

    This vlog is like my #1 favorite because I like udon noodles and tempura. I never had wide noodle before, except lasagna noodles. My initial thought about the omelet, "was it at Kichi Kichi?"

  • roy petr
    roy petr 2 months ago

    how are you not diabetes / stroke yet

  • Christopher Aguilar
    Christopher Aguilar 2 months ago

    I wonder Everytime when you nod no to show you like it. Do the workers think you hate it

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    How do you eat so much food without gaining an inch? I love watching all the food you eat but I wonder how you do it. It seem impossible to eat that much in one day. Your health got to crash

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    knuckle brawler 3 months ago

    that's it, I'm going to make my .35cent top ramen, beef flavor

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  • Julie Ng
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    What's the name of the Omurice place that was near Godaime Hanayama Udon?

    SUMIT 3 months ago

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    Omg 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤watching ur vid before going to bed is a bad idea 🤣🤣 it's making me wanna grab some ramen or something anything eatable xD 15:37 that sounded like a faaaarrtt xD hahaha

  • one two
    one two 3 months ago +1

    Thicker cousin eh?

  • Extremely Asian
    Extremely Asian 3 months ago

    Is the thumbnail talking bout you or the udon?

  • Steamwings .65
    Steamwings .65 3 months ago

    4:50 ... that's just basically an... Udon carbonara. damn.

  • Sun Umbrella
    Sun Umbrella 3 months ago

    I just had my lunch but already feel hungry due to watching your video, Mike-san^q^

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    Abdullah Zalzala 3 months ago +1

    Does anyone else think that he looks like Jackie Chan??

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  • looking for THOTS ON YOUTUBE

    when I ate udon noodles they were slimy I ate them at *KING BUFFET*

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    I now want to go to that first place when I am in japan :D But the Rice at the and looks good to.

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    Jessica 21'4 4 months ago


  • Cassandra Purcell
    Cassandra Purcell 4 months ago +1

    Tried Udon for the first time today! I love watching your videos, they make me crave all the food you eat. A Japanese fusion restaurant opened recently in my town, and I was finally able to try Udon! I have to admit jealousy about how much you can eat though, I ordered gyoza (6) and beef udon, had to take home half of each 😂 at least I have leftovers for a couple days!

  • Ruger
    Ruger 4 months ago

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