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  • Published on Jan 12, 2015
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    Hi guys! Thanks for watching this styling video I made for Liberty London using one of their iconic scarves! I love Liberty prints and scarves and so together we thought this combination would make the perfect styling video! The two turban tutorials I've showed you are my most popular looks, but have a go yourselves with a Liberty scarf and you'll see the hundreds of styles you can come up with!
    To shop Liberty scarves |
    To visit Liberty.co.uk | www.liberty.co.uk/?...
    If you’d like to have a look at the scarf I’m styling in the video just click the link below!
    Write to me :)
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    Royalty free music from www.purple-planet.com
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  • Samantha McDonald
    Samantha McDonald 5 years ago +1286

    I'm not a Muslim woman, but every time I see the hijab I think it's so beautiful. It really is a profound statement, and a gorgeous act of worship. You and all the women who wear them are all gorgeous. God bless you.

    • Reflections in the Bible
      Reflections in the Bible Year ago

      @Lea Marie 1 Chorinthians Chapter 11. Plus other books like Exodus mentions it with the wife of Moses’s son.

    • Reflections in the Bible
      Reflections in the Bible Year ago

      @nicee1829 Back in those days it seems the women wore more revealing clothes at home so when they went out they began going out with those clothes. That’s why they were told to cover also the chest with the scarf. Otherwise they are covering clothes that already cover.

    • Reflections in the Bible
      Reflections in the Bible Year ago

      Muslims are not the only religion to wear this style. Jews and Christians and Other religions as well.

    • The breakdown
      The breakdown Year ago

      Thank you, that's so kind and sweet of you.

  • Mari Berhijab
    Mari Berhijab 4 years ago +4

    _Looking amazing as per usual, mash'allah_ *L O V E Dina Tokio*

  • Linda Meek
    Linda Meek 6 years ago +239

    I think this would be so beneficial for all women dealing with chemo and losing their hair. You make this so attractive and more.

    • Deepti Saxena
      Deepti Saxena Year ago +2

      True! I got fed up of wigs and caps... this looks so attractive n beautiful.... I find it really beneficial for me♥️

    • Myredeemerlives Amen
      Myredeemerlives Amen 4 years ago

      That's just what I was thinking :)

    • wake up
      wake up 5 years ago +7

      So true. And it can be pretty. Not obviously fake and weird like some wigs:)

  • eizzil8900
    eizzil8900 7 years ago +3

    I totally just got so inspired by your tutorial that it grab a scarf and did it. I love how simple it was and it holds in place so easily. 1st time ever wearing a turban and i can't wait for another occasion. Keeps your head nice and warm on cold London afternoons. keep doing the good work. :)

  • Soumia Arif
    Soumia Arif 7 years ago

    Love love love the style of the video itself! Everything matches perfectly, the background music, camera shot and the transition between turban and ootd. So professional and ahhhhmayyyzing to watch! All the best :)

  • peoplemakenoise
    peoplemakenoise 7 years ago +1

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I'm going to try these out this weekend with your exact outfit! Love, love, love this style. More please! So chic!

  • Brett Barnard
    Brett Barnard 3 years ago +3

    Love your tutorials Dina! Always very interesting to see the literal hundreds of ways the hijab can be worn. Most importantly, and I think some of the commenters could take this to light, YOU wear it the way that YOU want to wear it. Let nobody else tell you otherwise.

  • Mohima Aktar
    Mohima Aktar 7 years ago

    Absolutely love this tutorial and your vintage look is perfect for the beautiful scarf! Would live to give it a go! #dinatokio #libertylondon

  • sweetsusy6
    sweetsusy6 7 years ago

    Such a beautiful print! I love it! Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  • Distance369
    Distance369 6 years ago +3

    You style your turban so beautifully. I'm inspired and can't wait to try this very chic look.

  • Gole Narges
    Gole Narges 7 years ago

    I'm in! I absolutely looove @Liberty London - they have the most gorgeous prints and fabrics! And @Dina Tokio ,the outfit which you matched with the scarf looked so classy and elegant x

  • KarYandell
    KarYandell 7 years ago

    that's a fantastic tutorial Dina! So simple yet elegant!

  • tiyang44
    tiyang44 Year ago

    Glad I came across this video again after so many years. I have the urge to start being more modest by covering my hair. I love the turban styles. Will be incorporating them into my dressing. Thank you, Dina.

  • Sweet.LoLa.Tea
    Sweet.LoLa.Tea 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Thank you for the styles! Trying them now!

  • Marita Rodriquez
    Marita Rodriquez 6 years ago +4

    Beautiful tutorial and I love your makeup as well

  • Fuzzy TURK
    Fuzzy TURK 7 years ago

    Dina love your style!!! Absolutely love libertys! It's like walking into a treasure trove. Absolutely love libertys I spend hours in there. Personally I can look at the rugs for hours. Love to win the scarf 😍😍

  • Areej Ahmed
    Areej Ahmed 7 years ago

    Absolutely love your makeup in this video

  • saaqia
    saaqia 7 years ago

    +Dina Tokio i just love the way you do your turban , its so simple but amazing and you made it look gorgeous.
    +Liberty London scarf looks amazing on you as its such a great design. Thank you, and loved the video xx

  • MirjaH Private
    MirjaH Private 7 years ago

    Thank you @Dina Tokio and @Liberty London for this tutorial, I am now inspired to try turban looks with square scarves also! :)

  • 74237fff
    74237fff 7 years ago

    Hi dinatokio I loveeeee love love all your videos especially this one with the turban tutorials.
    Absolutely loving the beautiful scarf by liberty London. I hope to win this!!
    Lots of love sistergirl ☺️

  • MishaArtistry
    MishaArtistry 6 years ago +11

    I'm still fairly new to hijab & am trying to master the turban style, you make it look so effortless Dina! xx

    • Rune
      Rune 6 years ago

      You're welcome! :)

    • MishaArtistry
      MishaArtistry 6 years ago +2

      Thank you (:

    • Rune
      Rune 6 years ago +1

      +MishaArtistry And you can still be modern AND modest! Some people forget that! Keep on trying gurl and you will master the turban any time! :D

    • MishaArtistry
      MishaArtistry 6 years ago +19

      +Hitlers TittyMilk If you're trying to help someone out, that isn't the way to do it. Everyone is at different levels on their faith, & people who constantly criticize others is what pushes them away from Islam. And this happens very often. After starting hijab, I'm more modest than I used to be, and I'm always looking to improve, but at my own pace. Eventually InshAllah I'll be even more modest in the future. Many hijabis end up taking it off out of frustration because people like to criticize about every little detail. Please just realize that no one is perfect, everyone is going at their own pace. And try to encourage rather than criticize. (:

  • Lauren Rinaldi
    Lauren Rinaldi 7 years ago +1

    MashaAllah, so pretty Dina! Thanks for the tutorials :) I pretty much only wear turbans and have been getting quite bored lately. I didn't realize you could do that second style with a square scarf so thanks! Still hoping to see your sister's scarf style sometime! Thanks for inspiring me yet again! You da bomb sista!

  • Zoya Salim
    Zoya Salim 6 years ago +6

    Over 1 million views, woohoo Dina! Looking beautiful as always 😘

  • Gigi Rodgers
    Gigi Rodgers 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I've been struggling for months to figure out how to EASILY do the honeycomb wrap (the second one you did). THANK YOU! PHEW!

  • Hanan Alnaiyd
    Hanan Alnaiyd 7 years ago +1

    Loved it , Thank you Dina and you look gorgeous as usual ♥️♥️

  • Aero Star Makeup
    Aero Star Makeup 7 years ago +7

    Fan-bloody-tastic turban tutorial by the ever gorgeous Dina Tokio with a liberty of London scarf! Your an inspiration Dina, thank you for being you!!! Xx

    • Aero Star Makeup
      Aero Star Makeup 7 years ago +1

      hates it when ppl delete their comment, now I look like im ranting to myself SMH :(

  • mathicaspi
    mathicaspi 6 years ago

    I tried the second look today. I really loved the way it turned out. I don't have a big scrunchie like Dina so I put a thick handkerchief over my bun and secured it with a hair elastic. It looks very similar.

  • MissJay
    MissJay 7 years ago

    Love these looks and the scarf ... @Liberty London scarfs are amazing ...such an exciting collaboration with @Dina Tokio

  • Afsana Ahmed
    Afsana Ahmed 7 years ago

    Love the scarves by libertylondon and
    The peacock feather scarf looks amazing on dinatokio

  • Nargis Behgoman
    Nargis Behgoman 7 years ago +1

    By far, one of my favorite looks on you! You're makeup is perf and this hijab looks gorgeous on you, mA!!

  • Ayesha Baig
    Ayesha Baig 7 years ago

    Love the tutorial Dina Tokio, can't wait to try it out! Liberty London's scarves are beautiful.

  • Sana tazeen
    Sana tazeen 7 years ago

    Dina this is a wonderful look using liberty scarves! I would love to try it out!!

  • Malaak al-lathkani
    Malaak al-lathkani 7 years ago

    Im loving the first tutorial turban style you showed! Really happy that you posted it! Its easier than it looks lol

  • Fiona McGregor
    Fiona McGregor 6 years ago

    Ah these look beautiful! I wish I could wear them! 💖💖💖

  • Tahmina Shakil
    Tahmina Shakil 7 years ago

    I loveeeeee how you styled it!!! Liberty london scarves are BEAUTIFUL! And you really make it work dina!! Love love love!

  • mingmangmung
    mingmangmung 7 years ago

    omg this has got to be my fav makeup look on you to date. STUNNING

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S 7 years ago

    The first turban look is amazing!😍

  • semt9
    semt9 7 years ago

    Looks so simple, can't wait to try it!

  • Annabil Ellaouzi
    Annabil Ellaouzi 7 years ago

    Thank you Dina Tokio for the video with the new Liberty London scarf, I love the print on the scarf so much and can't wait to go to the web site and see more. You have helped me so much in learning how to wear my hijib and enjoy it was well. Keep the videos coming ♥

  • Urszula Belmaati
    Urszula Belmaati 7 years ago

    @Dina Tokio love your style! Thanks for sharing @Liberty London scarves, absolutely love them!!!

  • Vela_Carina
    Vela_Carina 7 years ago +482

    Idk why everyone makes such a big deal about that tiny slip of hair. If you look at her overall she is a lot more modest than most women today, but you all choose to focus on the fact that she's showing her hairline. Idk why we hijabis are always bashing each other when we all know how hard it is to wear hijab. Why can't we just let each other be??

    • Chuis Allée
      Chuis Allée 28 days ago

      @Aaliyah Zubedi No, why?

    • Aaliyah Zubedi
      Aaliyah Zubedi Month ago

      @Chuis Allée are you a hijabi?

    • Aisha Ibrahim
      Aisha Ibrahim 4 years ago +2

      the burqa is not a command.... you need to brush up on your facts..... burqas were used due to sandstorms as a form of protection then eventually became culture. Not only is it cultural now, some people use it to feel closer to Allah.

    • Akmaral Orazgalieva
      Akmaral Orazgalieva 4 years ago

      dreamerof93 бпфй

    • Lana Gievski
      Lana Gievski 4 years ago +1

      dreamerof93 people forget that now the act of modest dressing draws more attention than ever before
      Sisters who continue to wear hijab ought to be praised, not critiqued

  • Ayza Za
    Ayza Za 7 years ago

    You look so beautiful here Dina, love your makeup! I'm not really a fan of the turban style personally but you look so elegant!

  • Lorraine
    Lorraine 7 years ago

    fab tutorial, I especially love how you styles it the second time!! I will def be trying these out! I would love to win a +LibertyLondon scarf, thank you so much for this opportunity +DinaTokio -xxx-

  • Salma Mahmood
    Salma Mahmood 7 years ago

    Ma Shaa Allah you look so beautiful in this video your make up, outfit & hijaab are just all on point @Dina Tokio . The scarf is so beautiful also Ma Shaa Allah it really stands out and the quality of it is seen a mile off, very good job @Liberty London
    P.S I love you xxx

  • Lynda Okeke-Okoli
    Lynda Okeke-Okoli 7 years ago

    Thank you for this tutorial. I would love to see a makeup tutorial for the look you're wearing. You look gorgeous

  • ladycavie94
    ladycavie94 7 years ago +7

    Wow such a pretty scarf Dina! Also you look freaking gorgeous in this video mashaAllah!! (:

  • Fumi U.
    Fumi U. 7 years ago

    ahhh I have found love!!! this scarf is beautiful! and what you are wearing is just so on point, especially the oversized asos coat! +dinatokio @Liberty London

  • marshmallowbubs
    marshmallowbubs 7 years ago

    What a beautiful scarf from Liberty London! Im in looooove! Thanks for sharing Dina Tokio :) xxxx

  • madstastic13
    madstastic13 7 years ago

    Gorgeous Liberty London scarf in a turban on Dina Tokio! Always happy to find more covering ideas :)

  • Green Green
    Green Green 5 years ago +24

    You are so beautiful! And the hijab is so beautiful! If I was a muslim, I think I would wear it, beacuse it also looks very pretty with arabic or middle-eastern features :D And it probably also has a nice symbol, but I don't know that much about that ^_^

    • H Oz
      H Oz 4 years ago

      Abigail Trumbo it is most importantly an act of worship and obedience to the One ☝🏼 who created us.

  • Glasgow Girl
    Glasgow Girl 5 years ago

    Thank you,I'm so pale & blonde & heading to warmer climate's! Perfect for protecting my hair & looks fab!

  • Aliyah S
    Aliyah S 7 years ago

    @Dina Tokio I love this tutorial I've watched all your videos and always keep up to date with you. Your a massive role model to me and this tutorial was very helpful. Thank yoouu. Love this hijab @Liberty London I'd love to get the same hijab and practice the turban style. xxxxxxx

  • Murjani Sowell
    Murjani Sowell 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing-- I want to try this soon.

  • zi416
    zi416 7 years ago +2

    Love this mash'allah the styles really suit you and you look stunning in them!!

  • MsJGingerbread
    MsJGingerbread 7 years ago +4

    I have no words for this, turbans look extremely amazing. I wish I could wear that.

    • MsJGingerbread
      MsJGingerbread 7 years ago +1

      @LadyOrchid47 Very informative, thank you

    • MsJGingerbread
      MsJGingerbread 7 years ago

      @***** i will then, thanks!

    • LadyOrchid47
      LadyOrchid47 7 years ago +5

      @MsJGingerbread : Hijab simply means veil, cover, or curtain. Each culture/religion has its own unique style of ornamentation for the head. Islamic observation of hijab requires a woman to cover all of body, with the exception of the face, the hands, and the feet -- to which extent is regulated by cultural perspective. Please note that headwraps are not limited to any religion -- history, people have worn head dresses for many various reasons outside of religion. So... wrap it up, dress it up, rock it just as hard as you want to -- and I hope that you enjoy yourself while doing so. The only people that will be offered by you choosing to do so are those who do not understand history/culture/religion, and they really aren't worth trying to appeal to anyways. Peace ;-)

    • MsJGingerbread
      MsJGingerbread 7 years ago

      @***** I'm not muslim, wouldn't it be inappropriate to wear hijab?

  • ayesha dar
    ayesha dar 7 years ago

    @Dina Tokio been waiting for this tutorial for aages and you look gorgeous (saw your snapchat pics too lol) and just recently went into @Liberty London and am just IN LOVE with the prints of the scarves :D

  • Maha
    Maha 7 years ago

    Thanks @Dina Tokio for this great tutorial cannot wait for the results of the giveaway, the scarf is sooo beautiful love the brand @Liberty London

  • Niyla Nawaz
    Niyla Nawaz 7 years ago

    Masha'allah you are stunning!😍 love the scarf styles 🙌

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 7 years ago +12

    Looking amazing as per usual, mash'allah

  • Samah M
    Samah M 7 years ago

    Amazing video as always Dina tokio you never disappoint me!!!!! And that Liberty London scarf is GORGEOUS!!

  • Don Ali
    Don Ali 7 years ago

    Dina Tokio +Liberty London The scarves are so beautiful!! Love them

  • First Last
    First Last 7 years ago

    Masha'Allah such a gorgeous young lady :) love this turban style!!

  • Zee A
    Zee A 7 years ago

    OH MA GOD! That outfit, that coat, those jewellery, the shoesssssssssss , they are the literal definition of outfit goals !!!! I adore the coat!

  • BubbleGumHijab
    BubbleGumHijab 7 years ago +11

    Love the tutorials n your skin is looking amazing

  • Nisreen Alghamdi
    Nisreen Alghamdi 7 years ago

    Dina you're such an amazing person and I love you I think you're hilarious and kind.

  • Sam
    Sam 7 years ago

    Gorgeous turban tutorial by Dina Tokio using an absolutely beautiful scarf by Liberty London.

  • maddi4u2
    maddi4u2 7 years ago

    Lovely scarf Dina and Liberty!!! Loving this 3 in one video!

  • Zareen A
    Zareen A 7 years ago

    your makeup and outfits have been so on point lately mA i'm so obsessed x

  • Yasmin Afzal
    Yasmin Afzal 6 years ago +6

    Very helpful video. I am considering starting to wear the hijab and will practice this style x thank you x

    • adwst dw
      adwst dw 5 years ago +1

      +Safia zhd her chin isn't covered fully, anwy, i can see clearly her skin under her chin, under ear.. dear

    • Safia zhd
      Safia zhd 5 years ago

      +dwi astiti I see her chin covered

    • adwst dw
      adwst dw 5 years ago

      but her chin isn't covered

    • Safia zhd
      Safia zhd 6 years ago

      +misa ayazawa her hair and nick are cover!

    • misa ayazawa
      misa ayazawa 6 years ago +2

      asalamu alaykum sister
      this isn't hijab. I'm sorry but allah won't except this. Allah said hijab has to cover your hair and neck and chest
      may Allah guide us all

  • Sidrah Azam
    Sidrah Azam 6 years ago

    Dina this design was really useful thanks ur awesome 😀

  • Sidrah Azam
    Sidrah Azam 6 years ago

    Dina this design was really useful thanks ur awesome 😀

  • Abdiya Iman
    Abdiya Iman 7 years ago

    I remember my dad taking me to libertys every time we went down to London as a kid, we would always go for afternoon tea :) and look around all the amazing furniture. And then also my mother had a sample book of fabrics that she made into beautiful cushions that we still have today :) i loooooove the fabrics and scarves! Never had one though. +dinatokio +LibertyLondon
    Xx Salams Dina xxx

  • Pinky
    Pinky 7 years ago +3

    Wow they're ridiculously expensive! But this scarf is gorgeous

  • sazara123
    sazara123 7 years ago

    Wow dina tokio is so generous in this london liberty scarf giveaway. Love the peacock pattern and the hijab styles.

  • While You Were Sleeping

    I adore your tutorial and your outfit

  • Ferrarisandsaris
    Ferrarisandsaris 7 years ago

    one) you are so beautiful mashAllah mashAllah mashAllah @Dina Tokio two) you rock the turban styles better than any hijabi I've found! three) that @Liberty London scarf is so so beautiful and unique! i would love to get my hands on one!

  • Anummmm
    Anummmm 7 years ago

    @Dina Tokio you look fabulous as always love your makeup and the way you style the scarf! These scarves are lovely! Definitely want one. Love the colours and patterns @Liberty London love your videos Dina! Keep doing yout thing! Love yaa xxx

  • Zubs
    Zubs 7 years ago +6

    I have literally tried the turban style over and over but I don't know why it's so difficult for me to ace! @Dina Tokio @Liberty London

    • Aero Star Makeup
      Aero Star Makeup 7 years ago

      @Eliana Tali I don't think its for some of us :( lol

    • Eliana Tali
      Eliana Tali 7 years ago

      @Aero Star Makeup
      Same here.

    • Aero Star Makeup
      Aero Star Makeup 7 years ago +1

      Your not the only one hun, ive tried so hard but i cant do it correctly either lol x

  • Rohma Malik
    Rohma Malik 7 years ago +1

    @Dina Tokio I've been seeing these turban styles everywhere and always wanted to know how to do it (just think they make a wonderful accessory for an outfit) and you made it look super easy so thank you.
    Plus that @Liberty London scarf looked amazing and as always your styling was awesome :D

  • Sabira Nouri
    Sabira Nouri 7 years ago

    Love love love!!! Love the scarf and the styles you did. You always make them look so easy but i can never do them as well as you :(
    Love tne white coat 👌

  • Sumhiya Sallay
    Sumhiya Sallay 7 years ago

    Loved the way you styled the Liberty London Scarf. The outfit looked simple but the scarf made it sophisticated and it all came together perfectly. Thank you for the tutorial Dina!!

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 6 years ago +66

    1million views!! YASS dina!! Show them how it's done 💞💞

  • Ifrah F
    Ifrah F 7 years ago

    @Dina Tokio I loved the tutorial been dying to find a nice square scarf to style. @Liberty London scarves are absolutely gorgeous i would die to have one.

  • mysticalcupcake
    mysticalcupcake 7 years ago

    I LOVE the first turban style! #libertylondon #DinaTokio

  • LavanderXXO
    LavanderXXO 6 years ago

    Thanks Dina Tokyo for the tutorial I really wanna win the liberty london scarf :) ... very inspired with the look!

  • ss08522580
    ss08522580 7 years ago

    Your make up looks flawless! What foundation are you using?
    Also amazing giveaway and beautiful tutorial!
    Entering from England! Xx

  • Laurie Bell
    Laurie Bell 5 years ago +35

    You have such a classy look about you. Really lovely.

  • Kristen Daniel
    Kristen Daniel 6 years ago +1

    I would love a #libertylondon scarf! great video!

  • Samira Cadan
    Samira Cadan 7 years ago

    dinatokio Yass I'm in love with the turban style! even more in love with libertylondon scarves 👌 Liberty London scarf + Turban Style = Perfection :)

  • Princess Kristy Sparkle

    These videos are great. No doubt I will wear lots of these styles once I'm married.

  • thameenah sasman
    thameenah sasman 7 years ago

    Oh how I wish this draw ends up in my favor😸 I haven't won anything internationally before...would be amazing!!! @Liberty London scarves are beautiful😻 cannot wait to receive my own✌😎 haha! And of cause the one and only @Dina Tokio always inspiring...always looking amazing!! love the scarve,love the style,live the tutorial.💖 #fingerscrossed

  • Kari D🌹
    Kari D🌹 6 years ago +3


  • Maryam A.H
    Maryam A.H 7 years ago

    I loved the tutorials I can't wait to try it on!

    • Maryam A.H
      Maryam A.H 7 years ago

      @Dina Tokio @dinatokio #libertylondon @libertylondon

  • Rabia Quadri
    Rabia Quadri 7 years ago

    Beautiful scarf by Liberty London and of course styled by Dina:)

  • Muminah Kosemani
    Muminah Kosemani 7 years ago +1

    Love love love love the turban look! Liberty London scarf -----> really nice but even better the various fashionable ways Dina Tokio shares on how to keep one's hair covered (wear hijabs) and still look totally fabulous while you're at it!! @Liberty London @Dina Tokio #LibertyScarves

  • toralei 160
    toralei 160 5 years ago

    I'm not muslim but i LOVE your videos.You are so good at making videos.😀

  • FerdiDG
    FerdiDG 7 years ago +6

    Hey, This turban look is so gorgeous. I just don't understand how that fits in with the hijab being about modesty. It is so beautiful that I think it looks even more attractive than hair would. How does that work? Thanks :)

  • kathleen locke
    kathleen locke 6 years ago

    I love Liberty of London prints and have enjoyed the tutorial presented by Dina Tokio

  • ola alkateb
    ola alkateb 7 years ago

    Liberty London and Dina Tokio
    Magnificent scarfs
    Love the look
    The makeup
    The outfit

  • Aisha Noor
    Aisha Noor 7 years ago

    Recently discovered Liberty London but I find their scarves really nice especially the one in this video! By the way nice tutorial, especially after the last video 😂